365 Day Traffic-Free Cubbon Park - it’s our Central Lung Space & Natural Heritage

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Cubbon Park is a prominent piece of natural heritage in Bangalore, and its the single largest public lung space in an increasingly polluted city. Its #Biodiversity, #Trees, #Birds, #Flora are dying . Cubbon Park as a public space is precious & special to its citizens in many many ways. It is critical that we declare Cubbon park as No Traffic Zone which facilitates only pedestrians, cycling, electric golf carts & promotes events & community etc.  In order to protect this incredible green and beautiful piece of biodiversity , we have no choice but to curtail traffic here. There are increasing situations of noise pollution, tree damage , loss of bird habitat, rash driving and heritage space being damaged. Soon Cubbon Park will become a barren, full fledged thoroughfare, increasingly encroached by buildings & vehicles and dotted with only a few token trees.

Our other magnificent Public Park, Lalbagh is also closed to public thoroughfare . So, why isn’t  Cubbon Park ? Yes, many of us will have face inconvenience as we have to take a longer way for getting around, but surely saving our city natural heritage  for its future & our children would be worth it ? We understand the Government may find this uphill & try , given that the park is so close to heavy thoroughfare at Vidhana Soudha , MS Buildings and Govt offices. Even the move to declare Cubbon Park Traffic free on Saturdays & Govt Public Holidays ( in addition to existing Sunday’s) was not immediately implemented by Traffic Police despite the Chief Secretary’s go ahead .

However,  if the Govt does not put skin in the game and demonstrate how important tree cover, park heritage  , air quality & biodiversity  is to to them , we will have a city where we have #NoRightToBreathe