No Kumbhalgarh National Park without community rights and involvement!

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The Kumbhalgarh National Park has been notified without proper process. According to the IUCN (International Union for the Conservation of Nature) National Parks have to take into account the needs of indigenous people and local communities, including subsistence resource use, in so far as these will not adversely affect the primary management objective.

But although 41 villages in Pali district have formally raised objections to the District Collector, their voices are not being heard.

Especially, Raika pastoralists and their camels, sheep and goats have been part of the Kumbhalgarh eco-system. Their eviction will destroy their livelihoods, lead to animal suffering and further decline of Rajasthan's state animal, the camel. Camel milk from Kumbhalgarh has benefited hundreds of people with health problems. Wildlife too - leopards and wolves - depend on herd animals as prey. Without the Raika as guardians of biodiversity, the ecology of the Kumbhalgarh area will unravel.

Farmers too, especially those practicing organic agriculture and depending on organic manure are also affected. The famous Nari cattle and the local buffaloes too depend on access to the forest.