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     We have started this petition because we are getting large number of request from medical students of different courses for cancellation of EXAMS due to COVID19 EFFECT. 

    As everyone is aware of doctors and every staff related to health science are risking their lives for the sake of better health of society in this tough situation of COVID19.

    Everyone values their life too. As per the latest update technical education minister has already taken his decesion to cancel all University exam except final year examination which is to be reconsidered on June 20.

    Medical students too are afraid of this virus. They are not immune to it and don't have proper study material to prepare for examination.

    This is our request to our Education minister Shri Amit Deshmukh sir to please consider harshness and severity of this situation. As all exams are getting Cancelled we too request to cancel all medical exams, if possible or atleast cancel intermediate semester exams so that we too get some relief from unnecessary stress on our mind.

     To achieve this goal I request all Educational bodies and all students in Maharashtra to support this petition so that it reaches to it's destination and all medical students get relief.

    So many students are working side by side with doctors to benefit humanity and are in so much stress due to high health risk.

   In India cases are rising exponentially so in Maharashtra. The decesion to take examination doesn't seems to be logical as it shows high health risk for future doctors.

    Please share this petition as much as you can because with this number we want to be heard. Everyone I request to you to make effort from your side by sharing and signing this.