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Whisk My Band Away On The 311 Cruise?

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Dear 311 & Co,

Hello! It's me, Jeff Rosenstock writing in. How the hell are ya? I recently saw that you released a live 311 Day album recorded with an orchestra (which, by the way, is fuckin' sick) and thought this would be as good a time as any to ask if my band can play the 311 cruise.

For the past decade or so, I played in a band called Bomb The Music Industry who did a lot of international touring all off the simple idea that our music will be free and our shows will be accessible to all. I am releasing a solo album next year just in time for this cruise. I asked the label, "HEY LABEL, HOW CAN I GET ON THE 311 CRUISE?" They told me to write a fact sheet but I thought I'd write this letter instead.

Although we don't play the same style of music necessarily, I think we share the same vibe which is having a great time rocking out with your friends and sharing that love and positivity with the fans! Since I was a kid, 311 was the band everyone in my school could get down with and as a touring musician, it brings a smile to everyone in the van's face when we're blasting 311 with the windows down. We've even listened to long 311 Day bootlegs on long drives.

In closing, I think we'd be a great fit for the 311 cruise. We will play as many times per day as needed. I can't draw very well, but below is a picture of me in the future playing the cruise.

Peace, love & unity,
Jeff Rosenstock

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