30% Reservation for Youth in Indian Parliament

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Today the average age of Indian Population is 27 years, while the average age of an Indian MP is 57 years- a difference of 30 years between the average of the Indian Population and average age of an Indian MP. This age difference is of more than a generation. 

While the younger ones have new demands, new vision, new ideas, new age thinking and new solutions to the existing problems along with better education and increased potential; these people have no representation in the formulation of policies and setting goals for the progress of the nation. 

While our generation has a focus on gender equality, climate change, poverty, unemployment, over population etc.; we are still dealing with age old issues of casteism, religious intolerance etc. 

Often the generation gap which we experience at our homes, is today, being widely seen across the nation among the Indian Population and Indian Parliament. 

To bring in new ideas, new vision, better potential to work for the progress of India; it is very necessary to reserve a certain number of seats for the youth in the Parliament and involve them in the process of policy making etc.