3 Lanes on Bremer, For Safety, Bike Lanes, and Yes, Efficiency Too

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Circumstances have changed since city council last voted this down. 

1st, even though the old council claimed a lack of public support, a Freedom of Information Act request showed that approximately 50% of public comments favored the change. (I've tabulated the data for this and will gladly share it).

2nd, With the new bypass for the city, traffic concerns should give way to safety and commerce concerns.

3rd, We have a mostly new council. 

I'm not going to lie, there is a lot of opposition to this move, but looking at the competing petition, I saw a remarkable amount of misunderstanding and misinformation.

In addition to the great safety reasons found in the DOT study, here's what I see as the compelling arguments for the change (or countering other claims).

1. The simple truth: What we have now is a sometimes crappy, 2-lane road, not an always four lane road, as when anyone stops to turn left YOU are forced to stop, OR weave in and out of traffic. *Single lanes with nobody turning from them will almost always be more efficient (and safer) across town. It's not rocket science. The DOT study confirms that travel times across town will not be affected.

*edit for clarity

2. Why do people not trust the Iowa DOT assessment despite their 30 years of experience with 19 successful, similar projects, and mounds of data to back it up? This isn't national politics. The Iowa DOT are our neighbors, family, and friends. They have our best interests in mind. 

3. Why are we the only town without bike lanes? My family drove 3000 miles across the mountain west for vacation this year. Practically every town (I estimate around 80%) with updated roads had bike lanes, towns both bigger and smaller than ours; and they had people using them (even in the hot sun). 

4. The DOT is paying for it! And will change it back if we don't like it after 6 months. They made the same offer to 20 other cities, that all accepted by the way, and only once were they asked to change it back. 

Here's the original study done by the DOT 

Here's what we need to do: 

1. Sign this petition

2. Show up to the hearing. Monday the 16th in the Civic Center at 6pm. Be there if you care.

3. Share this with all your friends on facebook.