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3 Girls Sexual Health Worker Sara Rowbotham to be recognised for her services

I recently watched the TV programme 3 Girls about Sara, the sexual health worker who was fundamental in collecting evidence involving the Rochdale Grooming Gangs.

As a mum of 6 I was disgusted by the way these young children were abused, and believe that Sara is a hero for standing up for them.

The evidence she collected, along with statements from the brave survivors of the abuse, was dismissed time & time again by Greater Manchester Police (GMP) and the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS).

Years later some of the men were jailed because of this evidence, without a doubt without Sara & her team this prosecution would never of happened.

Sara was not only removed from her role as a Sexual Health Worker with young children she was later made redundant from her post.

The very lady who believed these children, supported these children, never once dismissed or gave up on them was then tossed aside!

No member of the GMP or CPS were ever held accountable for failing the children in Rochdale. Sara and her team paid the price for their failings, first they were excluded from further involvement of cases and then finally lost their jobs.

Sara and her team should be applauded, not only GMP & the CPS but the Government and Crown for her services for young people. Along with recognition for their work Sara and her team should be the highest advocates for future national guidance surrounding the grooming of children.

The children of Rochdale were failed time and time again along with Sara and her team!

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