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Temperatures are normally in the 20's and yet here in Corinth, Maine there are 2 remaining of 3 emaciated/dehydrated dogs tied up in a shed, insulated with only some hay. These dogs were found by a friend of the owner after dropping off a trailor at the residence, he went out back to visit the pups just to find a shed of starving and cold dogs, ONE OF THREE WAS ALREADY DEAD AND HAD BEEN DEAD FOR AWHILE. The owners admitted that one dog had been sick, and needed extra food and care, which they did not provide. They let their sick dog die by "natural causes because its cheaper than the vet" and "so what if we do things differently than you guys", so the owners daughter said. There is so much wrong in this case, they truly think they are caring for these dogs, and we really need the attention of the country. With no foot paths in the snow, it's evident that these dogs were left alone for days without food or water in the harsh Maine winter weather. The family members have defended that they feed the dogs a mere 2 cups a day, NOT NEARLY ENOUGH, especially considering they live outside and need more meat on their bones to help them stay warm. Their water would freeze in these temperatures, and their bodies cannot stay warm. These dogs are being severely neglected,being forced to live outside in the cold, hungry and alone. The family claims the hounds are "TOO BIG TO BE INSIDE dogs" and have admitted that they "cannot bring them inside" due to space limitations.**Animal control has made a visit out there and made requirements for improvement to be met by this sunday, but this case needs to be addressed and charged to the fullest extent possible. It is a Class D crime to let your animal go without proper shelter, medical attention, and food in Maine... This family did ALL of those things, and are being given another chance for the other 2 dogs. These dogs deserve a chance to live healthy, happy.. indoors, with full bellies! Please, call 207-947-7382 and make a claim, ( be calm, be respectful, we need results!) then ask to be directed to Animal control officer Noel Sirabella, he has 6 dogs himself and should be doing something about this! Stress that we cant let this happen. Justice must be served. Please help us!Again, The owners name is David Hallett. 3 hound dogs, 1 dead, 2 in desperate need. A case is started already, if everyone joins together we can save these dogs and maybe teach these people a real lesson on how to care for animals.

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