Make A Glee Reunion Movie Happen!

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2019, marked the 10th Anniversary of the hit teen comedy-drama musical tv series, Glee, and 2020 also marked 5 years since the show ended. When Glee started airing in 2009, it has became a very popular show around the world, and the show was big. The songs hit charts, and the covers sold very very well on iTunes. A lot of fans of the show want to see more from the Glee characters like Will, Rachel, and many more. While Chris Colfer, who plays Kurt Hummel doesn't want to be in a Glee reboot, Lea Michele would love to be in one. And with Ryan Murphy hired by Netflix in 2018 for a period of 5 years, with the show The Politician. Even though Ryan and Netflix are working together from 2018-2023, we want to see 20th Century Studios (formerly know as 20th Century Fox), Disney & Ryan Murphy as well as the Glee cast to do a Glee Reunion movie for Gleeks all over the world. There's a lot of fans of ended shows that want reunions, and Glee is one of them for sure. And to be honest, i wouldn't mind the Glee reunion film to be a theatrical release, shown on the Fox channel, or even a Disney+ release, but mostly, it should be a theatrical release so Gleeks can enjoy the film on the big screen in theaters. Even if we don't get a Glee revival, at least we can see the show one last time, but as a movie with all the actors from the show returning for a Reunion film to add to the Glee Show Canon. We could also see what the characters are up to in their lives since after the finale episode of the show, "Dreams Come True", and reunite with all the New Directions Alumni members, as well as new members too. And we could also see new Glee cover songs as well. For all Gleeks out there. Let's make a Glee Reunion happen!