We want more Joy Ride sequels/movies. It's time for Rusty to come back.

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Fans like myself would like to see the series continue with Rusty Nail himself coming back and geared up to inflict more terror to those who cross him a.k.a. get on his bad side. But, this time with more action, violence, horror, gore, and terror than ever before. And have Rusty face-off for the first time with another badass trucker. Ken Kirzinger would be awesome as Rusty Nail again, since he played him in the previous one/third film. And get somebody like Michael Gross or Fred Ward, or even another awesome actor as the other badass if such a film gets made with Rusty having a duel/battle with the other trucker while going on his killing spree. But, if not, we'd still like to see the series continue with Rusty going on his never-ending rampage anyway. But, we hope you guys see this and start making decisions on bringing out more Joy Ride films and keep Rusty's legacy alive.                                                                                                                      Anyway, thanks for listening. And we all hope to hear from you soon.

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