Prom for 2020 graduates at JRHS

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Due to Covid-19 our school John Rennie has decided to cancel both prom and our graduation ceremony. We do understand the severity of the situation of the pandemic but to cancel our prom and graduation ceremony is drastic. We believe that after 11 long years of school it is our right to have a graduation ceremony and prom. For this reason we believe prom should not be cancelled but postponed, where we can all celebrate our youthful years together at a time where Covid-19 is no longer a major global crisis. Please everyone put yourselves in our shoes. We have all been dreaming of our graduation and prom since we started kindergarten. Many other schools in Quebec have decided to postpone their prom instead of cancelling it right away. This petition is so John Rennie can see how important Graduation and Prom is for the seniors, and postpone those activities to a further date rather than cancel them all together.