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2017 Massachusetts Sunday Hunting Initiative

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We, as hunters, hunting supporters, resident and non-resident (for those that come to the state and pay out-of-state licensing fees) present to you this Sunday Hunting Initiative, and respectful request to make legal in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts HUNTING ON SUNDAY.

As you know, Sunday hunting and crossbow hunting are the two main issues of the people right now. By people, I mean the thousands of people that buy sporting and hunting licenses every year. Through social media sites we can now more clearly hear the voices of the hunting community. It is the purpose of this petition to bring those voices together, and present them to you, by copying and pasting every single concerned hunter we can.

Last year we presented this petition to you, and there was not one negative submission, and nearly a hundred signatures. This year we hope to double that.

There are a couple viewpoints that we would like to present to you. First, we realize this is not a cut and dry issue. Some people support archery only on Sunday, while others would like the opportunity to gun hunt as well.

The main issue we have seen, putting this together, is that it comes down to the working man, or the working person. The taxpayer. During deer season, the working person only has one day a week to hunt, and that day has to be split with kids, work around the house, and appointments one can’t make during the regular work week. Sunday hunting would allow that working person to put some extra meat in the freezer for their family. And in this economy, that goes further than one may think. This year, that means 11 days. 11 Sundays. Last year only 10.

Secondly, this is a very old ‘Blue Law’ from days gone by. Most all other states allow Sunday hunting. Massachusetts has been last in line since the blackpowder days of smooth bore only, which in hindsight was another piece of legislation that took a long time without reason to come to fruition, yet when it did, dovetailed with our hunting traditions as smoothly as the Sunday Hunting Initiative should.

Attached to this document you will find copies of names and statements from hunters and hunting supporters specific to this legislation. Please hear our voice, and grant our request to move forward with the legalization of Sunday hunting in Massachusetts.

We thank you for your time and consideration.


Leonard A Kahle

Hunting Western Mass

Hunters and Supporters,

Please make your statement of support in the initiative as clearly as you can. Be specific if you support Sunday archery only, or Sunday hunting all together. Remember, we are a powerful coalition if we choose to be.

If you want to make a difference, now is the time to speak up. Please be respectful, and remember your comments are not only being presented to Senator Stan Rosenberg and the appropriate political departments that will be making a decision, your statements will also be reflective of the hunting community as well.

Let’s take this opportunity to make a difference for what we love.

Thank you all.

Len Kahle

This petition is done in conjunction with several other petitions. If you sign this petition, please do NOT sign the petition on the Hunting Western Mass site.

Thank you.

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