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2 Tour Iraq Veteran killed by Police in his home without a warrant, as son watched

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We, the undersigned, demand an independent  and impartial external investigation into the circumstances leading up to the untimely death of Denis Reynoso; an unarmed Iraq war veteran gunned down by Lynn police in his own home on September 5, 2013 in front of his 5 year-old son.

The police were investigating a "disturbing the peace" call and it is still unclear as to why they ended up in Denis's home without a warrant or probable cause (as of this date).  Three Lynn police officers were at the address on the day of Denis's untimely death, and Denis's home had no illegal drugs or weapons found inside.  

The Essex County DA’s office, the Lynn Police Department or any other directly affiliated public entity are clearly interested parties in this investigation. We must demand that an indpendent investigation be conducted into Denis's death to ensure the impartiality of the investigation and to make sure that justice is served.

We plead for new policies to ensure transparency, sensitivity and accountability to the families and communities that lose members due to fatal law enforcement force. These straightforward guidelines will ensure a tragedy like the one on Sep. 5th, 2013 never happens again in our community!

The Lynn Police Department must set up new procedures that ensures officers do not enter anyone's home for a simple violations like disturbing the peace. There needs to be clear guidelines as to what level of offense warrants an invasion of a citizens home by an officer of the peace.

The Lynn Police will not draw a firearm inside someone's home, unless threatened by a firearm.

The Lynn Police Department should disallow "lunging for a gun" as a valid reason to kill someone. These weapons have (or should have) holsters that protect officers' guns from being snatched from someone in front of them. If such holsters do not exist in the Lynn Police Department, then they should purchase them. Additionally, many less-than-lethal alternatives exist which every effort should be made to utilize prior to an officer using deadly force, or discharging his/her firearm.

The Lynn Police Department should retrain officers on how not to have this happen again through Fourth Amendment education, diversity training, and establishing and specifying specific procedures for investigating misdemeanors and serious crimes.

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