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1st Amendment Rights for Freedom of Speech

Reinstate Patricia McAllister's position as a Substitute Teacher. She is not anti-semitic, she is just a very honest person. Ms. McAllister honestly believes that the Zionist Jewish bankers of the Federal Reserve Bank, should transfer the control of the printing of America's money over to the Congress.  The Federal Reserve Bank is illegal, because the Constitution states that the Congress is the only entity that should print America's money.

Also, on Thursday, Ocober 27, 2011, Ms. McAllister discovered that she was also fired from her second teaching position. For six years, Ms. McAllister also worked for the Los Angeles Office of Education. She taught in juvenile camps and halls.  Many of those youth are locked up for murder, robbery, and other such crimes.


Ms. McAllister's 1st Amendment Rights for Freedom of Speech has been violated.

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  • Superintendent Los Angeles Unified School District
    Mr. John Deasy

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