Repeal 70 FR 21844, Final Rule (sounding of the locomotive horn)

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Repeal 70 FR 21844, Final Rule (sounding of the locomotive horn)

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1200 New Jersey Ave. SE, Washington, DC Federal Railroad Administration (FRA)

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Started by Vickie Novak

The final rule is ruining millions of American lives.There is a better solution than blasting the locomotive horn.this rule leaves it in the hands of local governments to spend millions of dollars to make the upgrades that essentially makes the crossings safer with 4 quadrant gates and the like.Local governments that are struggling when the railroad companies thanks to the high price of gas are flush. Hey government get your hands off my freedom.The Train Horn Rule has required that train horns be blasted at 96-110 decibels for 15-20 seconds at all crossings since 2010.

hearing loss,
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder,
increased stress levels,
lack of sleep,
loss of property value,
loss of peaceful use of one's own yard,
mental de-compensation,
physical disorders,
loss of income due to leaving home frequently.

WHY do we need to hear a train from 2 miles away, where it cannot strike us?
We're not a motorist or pedestrian and we don't have a clue where the crossing is, YET WE HEAR THE INCESSANT HORN BLOWING.
The FRA, U.S Dept. of Transportation, Railroad Companies, Representatives, Congressmen, City Councils have all indicated that this is NOT THEIR PROBLEM.

OUR HOMES, where we have the right to converse, relax and sleep;
OUR PARKS, where people go to relax, camp, meditate, and commune with nature;
OUR SCHOOLS, where children have a right to focus and learn;
OUR BUSINESSES, that are already struggling to maintain customers;
OUR COMMUNITIES, that used to be much more peaceful;
OUR CHURCHES, where people go to connect;
OUR NURSING HOMES, where our loved ones spend their last days, ALL DAY;

We believe the Final Rule violates our basic human rights.

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This petition had 11 supporters

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