Save 12,000 Year Old Hambach Forest From Climate-Killing Coal Mine!

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Germany’s 12,000 year old Hambach Forest is home to ancient hornbeam trees and over 140 wildlife species, including critically endangered bats, woodpeckers, and other EU-protected animals. But the last remnants of this beautiful, vitally important forest habitat are slated to be permanently destroyed within weeks for the sake of expanding an enormous open-pit mine for lignite coal – the single most polluting energy source on Earth!

Right now, energy giant RWE is sending police to evict peaceful protesters in order to destroy what remains of this majestic old growth forest. Their goal is to expand their massive and "horrifying" Hambach mine, which is already one of the largest sources of carbon emissions in all of Europe. On RWE's behalf, the police have reportedly threatened activists at gunpoint, physically attacked protesters, and are detaining members of the press and confiscating cameras to prevent media access.

Lignite emits more Co2 emissions than any other fossil fuel, and German leaders know that continuing to mine and burn it is simply incompatible with plans to halt global climate change. A federal “coal commission” is currently discussing a plan to quickly phase-out coal energy – a widely supported move which analysts say poses no threat to Germany's energy security. But while other firms are scrapping plans for lignite expansion, RWE doesn’t want to wait for social consensus. Their goal is to quickly access and burn filthy coal that Germany doesn’t even need in order to export the energy for profit, even though the increased emissions will fuel deadly climate chaos around the world.

If RWE gets their way, they’ll being clearing the final 200 hectares of the Hambach forest on October 14th, when a court-ordered stay expires. The world has until then to stand with the forest protectors and demand that German leaders save the Hambach Forest, their country’s reputation, and our global climate from being destroyed by RWE’s greed!

Brave activists have camped out in the Hambach Forest for 6 years in an attempt to block RWE's bulldozers and chainsaws. But they can’t block this climate-killing mine forever. Only a massive global outcry can save Hambach Forest and halt the mine expansion once and for all.