UK Government: Urgent support for Ukrainian refugees

UK Government: Urgent support for Ukrainian refugees

1 March 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Bel Trew

The people of Ukraine are in urgent need of our help – and the time to act is now. 

I'm Bel Trew, international correspondent for The Independent, reporting from Ukraine. I am proud to announce we are launching this petition.

Since being here, I’ve met countless people who have been forced to flee their homes. 

I have watched families walk 50km through the snow to the border. Many are battling through freezing conditions, carrying their children, their pets and scant belongings; all to try to get to safety.

Thousands have already spent days fleeing different parts of the country, now under ferocious bombardment.

In the central train stations, families are split up. Male citizens over the age of 18 – fathers, brothers, uncles – who are unable to leave the country, are forced to bid tearful goodbyes to their loved ones, not knowing when – or if – they will see them again. 

I have spoken to teenagers and to children who were separated from their parents in the chaotic efforts to flee, who are now making the terrifying journey to safety – alone. 

I have spoken to people stuck in the cities under bombardment, who are unable to get out and are now struggling to find food, water and shelter.

Every single one of them pleaded for the world to help.

Because of this, The Independent is calling on the UK government to be at the forefront of the international community offering aid and support to a nation in need. 

We are calling for urgent help in two ways: 

The UK government must provide more supplies of food, clothing and shelter to care for Ukrainian refugees. This should be sent to countries that neighbour Ukraine to help those who have been forced to abandon their homes.

The UK government must also do more to make the UK a safe haven for refugees – and ensure we take in Ukrainians who want to find safety here.

The Independent has a long history of standing up for those fleeing war and violence. Please join our campaign to help a nation in need. Add your signature and declare: Refugees Welcome. 

 Thank you for your support.

The Independent is also raising money for the people of Ukraine, if you would like to donate then please click here 

To find out more about the Independent’s Refugees Welcome campaign click here

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Signatures: 265,826Next Goal: 300,000
Support now