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You've Been Ignored - Now What?

Alex Smith
Durham, United States

Nov 1, 2017 — Dear supporters,

Firefox 57 is slated for release on Tuesday, November 14, 2017. On that date, support for XUL-based extensions will officially be dropped from the main Firefox release channel.

Despite the best efforts of many community members to get them to reconsider, Mozilla has forged ahead with this plan since they first announced it, leaving many of us wondering how we'll manage without the customizable, user-respecting browser we've had for so long in Firefox.

If, like me, you still rely on XUL-based extensions in your daily workflow, what are your options? Here are a few that I'm aware of:

- Waterfox ( A Firefox fork that's pledged ongoing support of XUL-based extensions. 100% of your current Firefox extensions should work with this browser, and it's my personal choice to replace Firefox.

- Palemoon ( Another Firefox fork. Most of your XUL-based extensions should work with this browser, although a few (i.e., Tab Groups) don't work as well in Palemoon as they do in Waterfox.

- Seamonkey ( A kitchen-sink browser based on Firefox with a plethora of built-in features like an email client, text editor, etc. A very fun, old-school experience!

- Vivaldi ( Although this browser has more in common with Google Chrome than Firefox, I mention it because its' the spiritual-successor to the classic Opera browser and has many awesome features baked-in, like the ability to place your tabs along any side of the screen as well as into "groups" or "stacks." Note: This browser is currently *not* open source.

You can view more alternatives here: Note that I do *not* recommend Firefox ESR as it buys you about 6 months at best, at which time you'll need to investigate other options anyway. Better to bite the bullet now and start supporting some of these other projects.

Long story short: Firefox 57 is a faster but less useful version of Firefox for many of us. If you find that Firefox is moving away from you as a user, maybe it's time to look into alternatives.

But please, whatever you do, don't switch to Google Chrome. Despite their disappointing conduct and treatment of users, Mozilla *is* dedicated to an open internet, a vision Google seems to share less and less.

This is my last update. Thank you for your passion for Firefox and for your support of this petition. I truly wish you the very best!


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