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100k Against Stoppage of RH

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It took 14 long years to pass the Reproductive Health Law in the Philippines, thanks to the crude delaying tactics of selfish individuals in the government, which in turn were fueled by the bullying and bigotry of the local Catholic Church. However, in 2012, the President finally certified that the RH Law was urgent, and the legislative bodies have finally passed it. In fact, we already have the Implementing Rules and Regulations (IRR) for the law at this moment. Now that we're so close, will we really let the Supreme Court stand in the way of our rights? 

The Supreme Court petitions against the RH Law stand on shaky legal ground. Why does the Supreme Court stand in the way of saving the lives of mothers, of ensuring a more decent quality of life for Filipino families, and of paving the way for a much better country? The basis for these petitions is shoddy at best, and downright invalid at worst. Why the SQA order?

To the justices of the Supreme Court of the Philippines, please lift the Status Quo Ante Order against the Reproductive Heath Law. Give Filipina women the right to their own bodies. Give Filipino families the chance for a more equitable future. Give the Filipinos a law that enables them to make informed decisions about their own reproductive health. Show them that your work is truly for the interests of the people, clamoring as they are for a better, more humane way to live.

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