Harsher penalties for people who commit animal cruelty and abuse

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For far too long animals have been treated as a commodity, and it’s time to make a change. It’s time to recognise animals no matter what size or breed as a family member, a friend, something to be loved and treated with respect. It’s time for people to understand and recognise that abusing an animal isn’t a lesser crime than abusing a human being it’s the same thing. A pet is a family member and it’s time to tell people it’s wrong. This petition is designed to show support to punish people who for too long have got away with inflicting pain and neglect on creatures that have no say and it’s time to speak on their behalf. It’s time to have a proper punishment for animal cruelty. An animal has a heart, feelings and thoughts and they don’t have the voice to defend themselves so it’s time we stood up for them and protected them and their lives. The two animals pictured on this petition spend their lives behind bars as though it’s their crime they committed when in reality one was thrown out of a moving car and left to rot, the other abounded as a puppy through no fault of her own. Their owners left without punishment. It’s time to change this and make owners accountable for their crimes.