Re-open the Kendrick Johnson Case.

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Kendrick Johnson was a 17 year old, African American who’s body was found rolled up upside down in a gym mat. Although, the parents of Kendrick Johnson suspected that his death was a cover up, and not an accident. Kendrick Johnson’s body was not found until a full day later, Kendrick had left his belongings in the mat because he did not want to pay for a locker, this was something that was common for other students as well. The black and white gym shoe Kendrick had been reaching for was lying on top of a pool of blood, but the shoe did not have any blood on itself. The blood was tested by investigators and was not Kendricks blood they had stated that the blood had been there for a while, there was also traces of blood by the wall near by. The death was not an accident, a private pathologist was hired to carry out a second autopsy, Kendrick suffered a hemorrhaging on the right side of his neck, this would indicate he had died from blunt force trauma. This was a brief summary of the Kendrick Johnson case, with all that is going on right now, no justice has been served for him sign the petition to get this case solved!