1. Zero rate tax on cancer drugs and medical equipment. 2: Free Cancer Essential drugs

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Many patients after being diagnosed with various types of cancer are left with no hope of survival due to the VERY high cost of cancer medicines and treatment regimes.

It is not right for a citizen of Kenya to resign themselves to death, it is not right for citizens to lose hope In life because they cannot afford the medicines and treatment to cure the disease due to the high cost of buying them. 

Medicines and treatment are a HUMAN RIGHT!

HELP us fight for Kenyans ,from the catastrophic financial costs of cancer treatment, low funding towards cancer prevention and treatment as well as the lack of adequate cancer diagnosis and treatment facilities in our country. 

We are loosing over 100 people to cancer every day, due to lack of treatment, misdiagnosis due to lack of proper diagnostic equipment as well as recommendations on the previous  NCD report that haven’t been implemented to date.

This can be achieved by Zero rating cancer medication n medical equipment.Majority of Kenyans living in the slums cannot afford to leave the country to go seek care. 

We as LIMAU and Citizens of Kenya- refuse to loose our loved ones again to cancer,and demand that Cancer patients be made “ A PRIORITY “. Sisi Ni Wa Maana” - Cancer Patients Lives Matter.