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   Tv media plays an important role in everyone's life. It has high impact on the society. There are people who consider media personnel as a role model. But the small screen, all languages daily soaps(Serials) are the one which has the capacity to reach people with larger effect. But, in recent days these serials are setting bad example to the society. they  have both positive and negative aspects, but negative things are out growing the positive effects. Decade ago, tv shows were so progressive,but now a days serial makers shows maximum number of negative things. Good concept serials are very rare. Serials have wide negative impact on the mind and thought of the people.

Today in television media,concept of child marriage,child widow, 2 wives, extramarital affairs,superstition believes, child kidnapping , contract marriage ,divorce  are rampact which may have huge negative impact on the family , in turn to the societal relationship. TARGET RATING POINT (TRP) game has turned these entertaining channels and producers as unethical.  many serials are showcasing the same concept.

Serials in colours kannada channel, kinnari(6 pm-2 wives and illicit relationship), kulavadhu (6.30 pm- kidnapping new born child and exchanging, blackmailing), puttagowri maduve(7 pm-child marriage,2 wives and in human attempts to kill the heroin), lakshmi baramma(7.30-2 wives,kidnapping girl child and blackmailing, trying to snatch the property illegally), agnisakshi(8 pm-kidnapping girl child and blackmailing the family, full of illegal concepts), radha ramana(9 pm-kidnapping girl child,  drugging her and making mentally unstable).
zee kannada- jodi hakki-(6pm-kidnapping an old lady from many years.

Star Suvarna-Neeli(8.30p.m -kidnapping girl child,superstitious beliefs).

The best examples of the 2 wives and illicit relationship serial is, 'kinnari’ in colours kannada telecasted at 6 p.m. It is one of the deeper negative impact serial in colors kannada. In this serial hero has 2 wives, and has a girl child from first wife. She was seemed to be dead and later re appeared. But in the present scenario, she is projected as a negative character, who is  trying to snatch money from the family. Her own daughter ignores her. The child always humiliates her own mother,husband also humiliates her.Here first wife is shown as villain which is dangerous for the ethics of society.
minor girls are the soft target..
Kidnapping minor children, that too girl children are being soft target of these channels and there by playing with the emotions of the viewers. Girl child is  used as a tool to increase their TRP. children are being in captivated in the dark room and mentally tortured, to increase their TRP.

Recently a seven year old girl child set herself on fire after watching a ‘nandini’ kannada serial in udaya tv.The child died due to severe burn injuries.The incident took place on November 11 at harihara town in davanagere district. 

state child right  trust have already raised objection about these issues,but it's in vain. Since these are being telecasted in the private channels, it's just falling on the deaf ears.efforts are still on
No law?
Cinema have a censor board but tele serials does not come under their purview. Serial makers are spreading,conveys and portrays many bad messages to the society. It totally motivates negative and bad things,and innovating new evil ideas in minds of people.

Our Indian culture is very rich and bonded by family values. people live in the family bondage which lasts forever, for which India is known for.  But these tele serials are ruining these core values and breaking our family and society apart in turn.
in wider perception, even the national entertaining channels , hindi serials like Sarah nibhaana saathiya, yeh rishta kya kehlata hai,swaragini,pavitra rishta,sasural simar ka,balika vadhu etc are going in the same lane. It has no proper storyline,pointless serial.


a new step
Let’s move on the new campaign. let us join hands and fight again these unethical serials and strive to bring a change . we will demand to ban these unethical story line of these serials. please join hands by signing this petitions, commenting your views in the comment section. together we will bring a change for the betterment of the society.