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If we look for different results, let's perform innovative actions.
(Inspired by Albert Einstein)


An innovative project of large-scale promotion of peace, for the prevention and reduction of violence at local, national and global levels.


We are at the beginning of the 21st century, a century with many social and technological expectations, which can be a historic step of Humanity.

Fortunately we have the knowledge, the resources exist, and now we need determination.

"External" technologies are in our favor. We travel the universe, and within nano and micro organisms. We are interconnected by wireless communication systems of high quality and capacity, low cost and widespread use.

Today the "internal" technologies, the relationship between Humans and the environment, are the goal to be achieved.

Insecurity is present and is constantly on the street, in homes, airports, tourist attractions and entertainment places. Experts say that we will have, in the coming years, 1,000,000,000 environmental refugees.

We can avoid much suffering using the knowledge and wisdom available in the amount and intensity needed, and avoid major tensions and conflicts, if we learn to live together and share.

Small adequately funded and organized groups, caused a global decline of great magnitude, since the September 11, 2001.

Since 2016, for example, with funding and proper organization, the more than 70,000,000 Pacifists and Educators for the Culture of Peace, who signed worldwide, Manifesto 2000 of UNESCO, will be able, with 1% FOR PEACE, to do projects and educational programs promoting peace, for the prevention and reduction of violence at local, national and global levels.


Initially, with only investing 1% of security budgets in Education for Culture of Peace, we could significantly reduce the current violence in local, national and international society.

For example, in the international area, according to SIPRI reports (Stockholm International Peace Research Institute) Humans spend annually U$ 1,700,000,000,000 in violent handling of conflicts (security and wars) . With 1% of that value, U$ per year, we could invest US$ 7,083,333 PER MONTH, in each of the 200 countries worldwide in Education for Culture of Peace and Peaceful Resolution of Conflicts.

That means, that with a little more than US$ 2 per year for each Human Being (7,000,000,000 x 2 = 14,000,000,000) we could expand and accelerate the process of teaching and practicing the principles and values ​​underlying the Universal Right to Peace.


We need to evolve treatment of violent conflicts towards peaceful resolution.

To generate large positive changes we long at this time, a useful tool as Education for Culture of Peace, will need to become a priority of every citizen, organization, business and government.


1% FOR PEACE is a project of Collective Intelligence and Collaborative Intelligence.

Initially, the programs and actions of local, national and international prestigious Pacifist and Educators for Peace, registered in an online CROWDFUNDING FOR PEACE, will receive the investments.

Prestigious institutions in the education, ICT and management area, will develop the necessary tools; and will follow online, along with citizens, the functioning of the project and its results.

The investment will be made directly by the public and private sectors: municipal, state and national governments, and businesses, organizations and citizens.


1% FOR PEACE is a project of immediate, short, medium and long term development.

A worldwide EDUCATION FOR PEACE’s CROWDFUNDING tool , would be a quick and effective start.

Direct investment will be made in a global online database, so investors can choose which programs and actions to support. Generating a great Social Responsibility Program of public and private security sector.

Each local, state and national government, and especially its suppliers of the security sector, will invest 1% of their security budgets (POLICE, PRISON, ARMY, INTELLIGENCE SERVICES ETC) directly supporting local, national and international projects of Education for the Culture of Peace.

Every company, organization and citizen may also invest 1% of its budget on security (INSURANCES, CAMERAS, GUARDS, ALARMS ETC) directly supporting Education Projects and Actions for the Culture of Peace, locally, nationationaly and internationally.

Auditing the results of 1% FOR PEACE for 5 years, in 2021, we can move to the next stage, continuing the restructuring of the culture of war in Culture of Peace in the 21st Century.


The great advances of Humanity were first challenging Ethical Utopias. The end of slavery and independence of nations, are recent examples.

Humanity has accumulated enough knowledge to pass in the 21st Century from the violent treatment of conflicts, to full peaceful resolution of the same.


Victor Hugo said that "There is nothing more powerful in the world than an idea whose time has come."

A major international announcement will be made during the X World Peace Forum, in Florianópolis - Brazil, from 21st to 25th September, 2016, precisely 15 years from the morning of September 11th, 2001.

1% FOR PEACE is one of the results of the international research , initiated by Jorge Carcavallo in Sao Paulo , Brazil, during the attack of September 11, 2001 .

One of the first actions was to participate in the meeting Ethics In Business, held on September 21, 2001 , as part of the first International Day of Peace for the 21st Century , at the FGV-SP Fundação Getulio Vargas de São Paulo, Brasil, organized by international benchmarks of Education for Peace and the business sector . Among the speakers were Ervin Laszlo from the Club of Budapest; Antonio Angarita from FGV School of Law; Tamas Makray and Simone Ramounoulou of Antakarana - Willis Harman House ; Oscar Motomura of Amana -Key ; Guilherme Leal founder of Natura Cosmetics; Luis Ernesto Gemignani President of Promon and Ricardo Guimarães of Thymus Branding.

The Antakarana-Willis Harman House was the first seat of the investigation. Converging organizations such REDEPAZ Education for Peace Globalnet, URI United Religions Initiative, IONS Institute of Noetic Sciences, WBA World Business Academy, TNS The Natural Step, among others.

From February 6th, 2004, the investigation continued from Buenos Aires, with the support and participation of Cristina Posada, who was in Argentina, one of the first 100 signatories of the United Nations Global Compact.

For 15 years we collaborate and interact with about 2000 social, academic, business organizations, as well as local, national and international agencies from 25 countries organisms, through its various thematic networks. We act on issues such as innovation, environment, indigenous peoples, human rights, disability, sustainable development, press and communication, education for peace etc.

The concept 1% ​​FOR PEACE was created by Jorge Carcavallo in November 2007, during a trip to Israel and Palestine, organized by the Fundación Río de la Plata and Fundación Tesa. During the various visits and meetings, such as the Ministries of Foreign Affairs in Jerusalem and Ramallah, we realized that it was easy to know war spending, but it was difficult to find investment in Education for Culture of Peace.

Inés Palomeque, president of Mil Milenios de Paz, is pioneer in incorporating the initiative. She proposed it within the program Cities Committed to Peace, to municipal governments, that adhere and incorporate 1% FOR PEACE, in their government programs.

Dominicus Rohde, chairman of Schengen Peace Foundation, and Dulce Magalhães of UNIPAZ, joined the project 1% FOR PEACE in February, 2016, during the presentation of the World Peace Forum 2016, in the Chamber of Deputies of Argentina.

We are currently scheduling and performing meetings with government, business and strategic media from different countries.

With the participation of all, the innovative 1% FOR PEACE will move to another scale the promotion of peace, for the prevention and reduction of violence at local, national and global levels.

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