Justice for Jayaraj and Fenix

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Two men (father and son), Jayaraj and Fenix in Thoothukudi district, Tamilnadu, were brutally beaten by the local police. This was done because they had their shop open for longer than the time limit during lockdown. They were completely stripped till naked and were kept under a lockup for two days and were continuously beaten. This was done even after knowing the information that Jayaraj was a patient with diabetes and heart problems.

After two days, these two innocent men were pronounced to death. In order for the punishment, the two policemen were transferred from that place, which cannot be  the right justice for this case.

1) This petition is to bring to the notice of the higher police officials, Tamilnadu High Court and Supreme Court for bringing justice by getting these two policemen trialed. This issues cannot be satisfied by just providing compensation money to their family or transferring the policemen.

2) This Petition is also to demand for the implementation of PCA (Police Complaints Authority) in Tamilnadu.