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Remove online reviews of doctors!

Doctors and other healthcare providers are reviewed on online review sites, similar to other businesses.  We, however, are not like those other businesses.  These online reviews are an open forum to the public written by patients, who are allowed to share their stories and photos explaining their experiences that they had with their doctor.  Often these reviews are negative and accuse the doctors of complications or mismanagement from medical visits, treatments and procedures that they have had.  Unlike other businesses, we, the doctors, are not allowed to respond, to defend our case or share any facts or photos to the public because of HIPAA and medical privacy laws.  We, the doctors, find this extremely unfair and unjust.  If patients are allowed to review us, then we should be able to defend the review and be able to state publicly our side of the story.   This is a clear cut prohibition and violation of our rights to defend ourselves and to protect our names and reputations. These reviews that are often one sided, impact our livelihood and medical practices. They also cause emotional distress to the doctors, who cannot explain their side of the story that is out in the public forum for others to read and believe.   Also, many doctors fearing poor reviews will overprescribe and overtest just to "satisfy" patients.  We, the doctors, should not be pressured to do things to get good reviews.  We want to provide medical care not customer care.  This affs the care to our patients and society as a whole.   We ask for immediate withdrawal of ALL doctors and providers, who are affected by HIPAA and medical privacy laws, from being reviewed on these online review sites. Until we can defend ourselves, a review should not be posted to which we cannot respond.

Physicians Working Together
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Tell Yelp It's Time To #SuckLess And Help Fight Straw Pollution

Americans use more than 170 million plastic straws every day. After one single use, those straws will take 200 years to decompose. Many straws will end up in the ocean, where they will injure or even kill the marine life they come in contact with. Using plastic straws has become such a habit that most restaurants hand them out with every beverage, without even asking their customers. It’s time to stop this habit, and change the culture around single-use plastics. For the sake of sea animals, it’s time to #SuckLess. Yelp, we the undersigned are asking you to help us with this mission: Please add a ‘straws upon request’ label to your restaurant listings. This will encourage restaurant owners to voluntarily change their straw-dispensing habits, and it will empower your users to make an ecologically friendly choice when selecting a restaurant. Most importantly, it will encourage people to think before reaching for a straw – which we hope will reduce the amount of harmful plastic waste that ends up in our oceans every year. For more information on our request, please visit:   ABOUT SEAL AWARDS The SEAL (Sustainability, Environmental Achievement & Leadership) Awards is an awards-driven environmental advocacy organization. Our core beliefs maintain that our environmental progress requires true leadership, leadership deserves recognition, and recognition is a form of accountability. The SEAL Awards organizational pillars are our: Business Sustainability Awards - 2018 winners included Apple,, Nike, and Patagonia Environmental Journalism Awards - representative past winners include journalists from Guardian, New Yorker, New York Times, and Washington Post Environmental Research Grants - grant program has provided funding for researchers at leading institutions like Duke, Marine Conservation Institute, MIT, and UCLA

SEAL Awards
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Yelp: Change Your Review Terms and Allow Small Business to have say

Petition Against YELP I am petitioning to have Yelp remove slander/allow positive review/allow rebuttal from small businesses on their reviews. I am a small business owner who provides emotional support, therapy and service dogs to families in and around New York City and State. My business selects the best dog for each family given the needs they have and the use of the dog. I am a canine behavior consultant and absolutely love what I do and animals.  My Story: About eight or nine years ago I hired a marketing company to broadcast my business which connected my business on Yelp as well as many other sites. Unbeknownst to me a customer who was declined a dog from me in 2017 because I did not feel he was a good fit for one of my dogs left a bad review in spite on Yelp; he left the exact same review on Google, Facebook, BBB and I am sure elsewhere that I have not seen. I did not pay mind to this review at the time because I have a myriad of actual customers that are tremendously satisfied with my business practices who have posted reviews on the BBB, Facebook, and Google as well as other sites. In this negative review the so-called customer claimed dogs died in my litter which is why he did not get a puppy and that they died from over-breeding which was a complete lie (FYI over-breeding does not cause puppy death, but could be harmful to the dam and furthermore an non-spayed female dog is always at risk as every heat cycle puts the dogs body in harm but less harm if they are actually bred and conceive). Furthermore there is no verifiable data to prove this customers statements by any means, he was merely trying to bad mouth and complain because he was denied a puppy from a reputable breeder. Now of course I can see that but any customer who uses Yelp and sees that review and not the positive reviews that depict the amazing stories of happiness and success creates an unfair platform for a business.  Yelp Fails Yet Again: Howsoever Yelp also received many reviews for my business from actual customers who had purchased a dog from me who left positive reviews and excellent detail in their stories that really made my business sparkle on Yelp as it does on the other social networking sites as it was a true depiction of their experience. However Yelp deleted those positive reviews after having them hidden for months possibly years. Yelp deleted all of the positive reviews and left only the one bad review visible to the public from the customer who was declined, they also recently allowed another review that was bad which was of the same nature, a customer who was declined a dog from my program because they were unfit.  Why Yelp would remove positive reviews and allow negative reviews only? Well possibly because I no longer pay the marketing company who likely paid them to have my business on their site. I suppose if they are not getting some of my money I will not be getting a fair review of my business.  Upon doing my research and reporting Yelp to the BBB as well as blasting every truth about them on social media I took note that this issue is omnipresent which concerns me as clearly this company has a bad reputation and Yelp is likely only airing dirty laundry of decent small businesses because they have not paid them to air positive reviews.  My request in this is to gain as many signatures as possible to make a strong attempt to at least force Yelp to allow small businesses to respond to their customer reviews or remove those containing slander or unverifiable data, Yelp should be forced to make customers report the experience with certifiable data such as photographs or email correspondence such as what the BBB does. Again my request is that together we can force YELP to publish ALL reviews AND at least allow a business owner to respond to their reviews (Like Google, the BBB and Facebook do). I will quote Yelp's words in reply to flagging that post: "As long as a review appears to reflect the reviewer's personal experiences and opinions, while describing a relevant consumer experience, we'll allow them to stand behind their review." so regarding the wording here in this actual words of the email they sent back to my business Yelp had no right to remove any positive reviews and leave only negative ones.  Or better Yet- SHUT YELP DOWN! But I assume that is harder than writing this petition... So Join me and fellow Small Business Owners in the Fight Against Yelp and their Inaccurate Review allowances! Because this affects us all and our communities! Thank you, Stacy Lynn Parks Fleming, M.S., Dip. CBST, CBCC_KA, ABCDT  President of Golden Beauties Driven to Doodles, LLC References: Photo used from:  Ban Together To Not Use Yelp. (2019, May 24). Retrieved from

Golden Beauties Driven to Doodles, LLC
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