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United Airlines and United Express operate an average of 5,341 flights a day to more than 360 airports across six continents.

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STOP BREED BANS-Airlines Must Create An Expert Animal Health And Care Advisory Board

**UPDATE*** The Airlines NEED expert animal counsel BAD. More HORRIBLE decisions coming down. Delta recently announced a ban on Pit Bull type dogs, including service dogs and emotional support dogs effective on July 10th, 2018.  This will be extremely damaging for Veterans, those with disabilities and all anyone who relies on their dog's for physical and emotional support.  We need these airlines to get their ACT TOGETHER. All of these issues can be avoided if they would listen to advocates, animal professionals and owners alike.  Sign our petition to get the airlines to recognize they need our help NOW.    -------------------Trending Recent News- Dog Dies In Airline Bin Dog Mistakenly Flown To Japan The recent news of this dog dying due to poor advice from airline staff just solidifies that airlines need expert advice in how to handle and care for the pets that fly with them. Airlines need expert advice on how to handle pets, where they need to stay, how they need to be cared for and more.  Our proposal is to create a travel coalition of the top leaders in the world on pet health and safety. We will then work directly with the airlines to create safe environments for pets that travel so that there are NO MORE DEATHS. is volunteering to start and spearhead this coalition for the well being of all our pets. Sign the petition below to show the airlines that they MUST have better protocols in place to ensure the health and safety of our pets.
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Request to United Airlines for free air travel for dogs rescued from meat trade in S.Korea

Room for a little one? Request to United Airlines for free air travel for dogs rescued from meat trade in South Korea!   To: Directors, Management, Staff; and Captains and Crew!  A little help can go a long way, and we are hoping to get a ‘flying start’ with a little help from your airline.  In the fight to end the dog and cat meat trades in South Korea, bit by bit the volunteers involved are managing to get many dog farms shut down.  Bit by bit they are saving these animals from the appalling lives and even more hideous deaths that they would otherwise be facing in the name of a ‘cheap’ meal: one with no animal welfare commitments or responsibilities attached to it. The steps taken to end this trade, and the rescues of these dogs is all being done by the inspiring success, hard work and determination of those caring volunteers in South Korea, who personally negotiate with the farm owners, and the authorities, and who personally rescue these animals in the face of unimaginably distressing scenes and physical danger. And, are they going to stop? No! But, United Airlines, here is where we need your help:  there is a limit to the number of homes that the volunteers can find in their shelters in South Korea, and they will soon need to arrange transportation out of that country, to others, where new homes can be found for these rescued animals.  Can you help them by providing free air space on any of your planes that fly out of South Korea?  Each place offered will be a life saved.  Additionally, your company’s willingness and help will be seen as a clear and important message, to those who are still trying to carry on with this unacceptable meat trade in South Korea, that more and more Korean nationals, and more and more people across the world, will not ‘look the other way’, but are willing to do right in this fight against animal cruelty. Can we tell the world that you will help with this ‘Flight for Compassion’! ------------------------------------------ For information about rescue mission of Nami Kim and her team visit:

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We demand the resignation of United Airlines CEO Oscar Munoz

Under Oscar Munoz's watch, United Airlines employees forcibly and violently removed a doctor from United flight UA3411. Despite the doctor's insistence that he needed to be at a hospital the next day to attend to patients, security officers forcibly pulled the doctor from his seat and to the floor of the cabin. His face was slammed against his arm rest, which broke off of the seat. He can be seen bleeding from his mouth as he is dragged down the aisle. After public shock and outrage, Munoz delivered a non-apology apology where he stated “I apologize for having to re-accommodate these customers.” United claims that the doctor was chosen at random to be removed from the flight, which United overbooked. Had they not overbooked it, or had they offered higher rates for volunteers, or even had they avoided the brutal use of force, this incident could have been avoided entirely. In addition, Oscar Munoz's United Airlines defended a sexist decision two weeks ago in which employees forced two teenage girls off of a flight to Minneapolis for wearing leggings. The company claimed that the decision was made because the girls did not meet their dress code for pass riders, despite the fact that no issue was raised with the girls' dad, who was also a pass rider but wore shorts. This double standard cannot be tolerated. CEO Oscar Munoz's actions endanger the safety of passengers, and he must resign.  

Eugene Belinski
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UNITED AIRLINES should fix the Pet Cargo Rules in Favor of Some Breeds and their Owners

United Airlines was the ONLY airline in the US that traveled certain breeds that Delta or American have banned for years. Now they have decided to join those same regulations. Some of those more than 17 breeds are the sweet Boxer, the curious Boston Terrier, the smart Pekignese, the world famous American Bully, the lovely Shih Zhu, the Pitbulls and other breeds.  There are too many families that own these breeds that are ad will be affected Worldwide, but Specially in US and they Territories. And they need from United to ship their pets. They have also limited the kennel size to a 30 inches height, that means no Great Dane, and many German Sheperd, Husky, Golden Retriever, Labradors and big dogs will never fly again.  Not mentioning  dogs breeders and shipping companies thet also will be afected. United have been their carrier for years.  We know the risks and danger that travel in cargo have. We as owners are the only responsible people of making a decision to ship a pet or not in cargo. Some of us will need to move from State to State or to other countries either for Work, Studies, Armed Forces Duties, Medical Treatments and those dogs are part of our families. They need to be with their owners too. United was the only Hope we have. We know thousands of shippings done worldwide in United all with a positive ending. Please help us to use Pet Safe for our loved ones. One bad inccident cant compare to thousands of good positive shippments.  We agree to sign any contract or waiver making only us the owners the responsible person of choosing Cargo for our dogs. United and anyone that handle our dogs are Not responsible for any accident, issue or death in transit or after. We are the ones choosing to ship via Cargo even if its a Risky decision. We are willing to do anything to make things happen. We want to decide over the future of our dogs, hopping always the best but also with knowldge that they could be as risk in cargo.  We only ask for a few open windows, for a time frame in year that people can take their loved ones. Example from October to March is a great time. Or from November to February just to give a example. Those are not hot months. But please help us to see a little Hope. Take a week in a month to ship big dogs in giant or 700 series crates but dont let those dogs behind. United  is the only Airline that f9r years have helped those breeds and owners to re unite.  No pet should be left behind. 

Noris Mendoza
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Allow Hedgehogs and other Small Exotic Pets as Carry-On Pets

Overview: Hedgehogs, along with several other exotic animals were recently banned from being allowed as service or emotional support animals (ESAs) onboard major US airlines including American Airlines and United Airlines because they are considered to be a "safety and/or public health risk."  Moreover, these animals and any other animal that is basically not a cat or dog will not be permitted onboard even if they are secured in a pet carrier at all times.  Although, some airlines will permit small domesticated birds or bunnies/rabbits and American Airlines still allows miniature horses onboard as service animals.  My Mission: To convince major airlines to lift the ban on hedgehogs and other certain small exotic animals, regardless if they are an ESA or simply just a beloved pet, and allow them onboard with their owners as a carry-on as long as 1) they are secured safely in a pet carrier at all times during the flight, 2) they don't need to be taken out of the carrier to be given food or water or otherwise cared for during the flight, 3) they are not smelly, noisy or otherwise disruptive to other passengers and crewmembers, and 4) they are healthy, parasite free and safe to fly with as documented by a recent letter or affidavit from a licensed veterinarian.  Please read on and sign this petition if you would like to help me urge major airlines to allow small exotic animals/pets, that meet the 4 guidelines above, onboard with their owners instead of just banning them entirely.  #LetHedgiesFly **The carrier must comply with all airline safety and size restrictions but be large enough for the comfort of the animal and small enough to be either held in the owner's lap or placed safely under the passenger seat in front of the owner. **Animals that are venomous, poisonous, diseased or illegal within the US should obviously not be allowed onboard at all. Background:ESA laws allow people to have "any animal" onboard airlines outside of a pet carrier at no extra charge as long as the owner has the proper paperwork or documentation including, but not limited to, a letter from a licensed mental health professional stating that the animal is needed for the emotional and/or psychological well-being of its owner.  According to the US Department of Transportation, airlines are able to exclude certain animals if they are deemed to be too large, too heavy, a direct threat to the health and/or safety of others, or a disruption.  Additionally, "airlines are never required to accept snakes, reptiles, ferrets, rodents, sugar gliders, and spiders."  Some exotic animals do not fall into any of these categories, so airlines have been allowing them onboard as ESAs in the past and, not surprisingly, this has led to a huge increase in animal related "incidents" because, unlike service animals such as seeing-eye dogs that receive years of specific behavioral training before being matched with their owners, ESAs "are not trained to perform tasks or recognize particular signs or symptoms" and are not required to have special training in order to be classified as an ESA which basically makes them not much more than pets.  Although, some airlines specify that ESAs must be "trained" to behave properly in a public setting and follow the owner's direction upon command.  However, they do not require documented proof of this training except merely a signed form on which the owner confirms that their ESA is "trained."  Airlines also state that if the animal shows aggressive or disruptive behavior in any way, then they will not be permitted onboard or will be removed from the aircraft entirely, but this policy doesn't exactly help other passengers and crewmembers if the animal misbehaves after the aircraft has already taken off. Obviously, allowing any animal, exotic or otherwise, onboard any type of public transportation outside of a pet carrier is a potential "safety and/or public health risk" and will cause problems one way or another because animals perceive their environment differently than humans and will act upon their instincts to protect themselves and/or their owners as evidenced by a news article published last year about a man who was "mauled" by an emotional support dog on a Delta airline flight.   Furthermore, most cat and dog breeds produce a lot of dander and are therefore more of a "public health risk" to passengers with allergies than a hypoallergenic pet that produces little or no dander.  And yet cats and dogs (with certain breed restrictions of course) are still permitted onboard most airlines as a pet or ESA.  Even some larger dog breeds are permitted onboard as ESAs without having to be muzzled or made to wear booties to cover their claws as a safety precaution. My Experience: I personally love all types of animals but am unfortunately allergic to cats and I'm not permitted to have a dog in my small apartment, so I decided to adopt an African Pygmy Hedgehog not just because they are extremely adorable and compact in size but especially because they are hypoallergenic, nonaggressive and very low maintenance.  My hedgehog's name is Peter Quill (Instagram: @littlestarlord_quill) and he is a sweet little fur baby that sleeps all day, because hedgehogs are nocturnal, but when he is active, he makes very little noise except for the sound his tiny paws make while running on his exercise wheel.  I was hoping to visit my best friend this year in Louisiana, which is only a 3 1/2 hour direct flight from JFK to MSY, so I emailed several airlines (Delta, JetBlue, Southwest, United and American) requesting permission to bring him with me onboard so long as he was secured in a pet carrier but they all denied my request.  Extremely disappointed, I even considered taking Quill with me on a 30+ hour train ride instead, so I emailed Amtrak the same request, but was again denied. Conclusion: Responsible exotic pet owners should be able to travel with their pets on airlines, especially if they are clearly less of a "safety and/or public health risk" than a cat or dog.   I wholeheartedly and sincerely hope that major airlines will take this petition under consideration and realize that lifting the ban and permitting certain small exotic animals onboard their aircrafts secured in a proper pet carrier would make a lot of their customers extremely happy and most importantly, it would also greatly reduce the number of animal related "incidents" that they are experiencing, especially if they also require that small emotional support dogs and cats be safely secured in pet carriers and larger emotional support dog breeds be required to wear a muzzle and paw booties, not just for the safety of others but for the safety of the animal and its owner as well. Disclaimer:  The beliefs and/or opinions stated in this petition, including those listed below, are solely mine and were not influenced or solicited by any outside parties, groups or organizations. **All animal/pet owners are responsible for ensuring that their animal is legal to have wherever they are travelling to or from.

Heather Luti
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United Airlines: Devuelve nuestros tickets a Australia - Return our tickets to Australia

Carta abierta a SCOTT KIRBY presidente de UNITED Airlines.An open letter to Scott Kirby, president of United Airlines.El 26/3/2018 United Airlines vendió pasajes a Australia a muy bajo precio y luego los canceló. Canceló las vacaciones de familias, ilusiones de niños, viajes de boda, viajes de amigos, visitar a familiares queridos, regalos y cientos de historias. -- On March 26 2018 United Airlines sold tickets to Australia at a very low price and then canceled them. They canceled family vacations, children's dreams, wedding trips, trips of friends, visiting beloved relatives, gifts and hundreds of stories. --¿United Airlines no respeta sus compromisos? ¿United Airlines desea tener a miles de personas diciendo que NUNCA ELEGIRÁN SU COMPAÑÍA antes que guardar silencio y HONRAR SU PALABRA? Todo parece indicar que sí...No sólo cancelaron los tickets, ahora están desapareciendo las reservas de su sitio web sin dejar rastros. ¿Qué ocultan? ¿Cuál es la ética de su compañía? ¿Cómo podemos confiar en la seguridad de una empresa que  desconoce lo más mínimo de la ética?EXIGIMOS QUE UNITED AIRLINES HONRE SU COMPROMISO Y RESPETE LOS TICKETS EMITIDOS.---- Does United Airlines abide by its commitments? Does United Airlines want thousands of people complaining that they will NEVER CHOOSE THEIR COMPANY ? Everything seems to indicate that the answer is a "yes" ... Now these booked reservations and purchased tickets are being removed from their website without leaving any traces. What are they hiding?What kind of the ethics does this company have?Can we trust a company whose commercial ethics leaves much to be desired ? WE DEMAND UNITED AIRLINES STAND BY THEIR COMMITMENT AND KEEP UP THE TICKETS ALREADY ISSUED.

Christian Milillo
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