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The safety of our riders and drivers is the highest priority for Uber; not only for the rides we enable in New Delhi and across India, but also for the millions of trips taken on our platform around the world. The tragic event in Delhi was a deeply sobering reminder, that we must always be vigilant in the endeavor to achieve best-in-class safety. Our teams have worked tirelessly in the past month to re-verify all safety aspects of our operations in India. These include document verification, driver-partner background checks, rider feedback and all service support processes. In more than 260 cities in 53 countries around the world, we sincerely believe we have built the safest transportation option. And in India too, we are working hard to integrate unprecedented transparency and accountability to make Uber the most trusted way to ride around cities. Our teams have been working around the clock to develop new safety programs, implement global best practices and strengthen existing features and processes so the women of India have the reliable and safe transportation option they deserve and can rely on. Driver background checks are of prime importance to our riders and something we take very seriously. In India, Uber has always partnered exclusively with commercially licensed and insured driver-partners who are already required to be police verified as part of the transport licensing process. This unfortunate incident has highlighted challenges in the systems due largely to non-digitized record keeping and the lack of a centralised database for criminal offenders. To ensure verifications are legitimate and reliable, more needs to be done at the ground level. We also know that we can do better, and we are holding ourselves to that promise. Going above and beyond required industry-standards, we are introducing the following measures: 1) Background checks: We’re engaging local and global experts in this field to evaluate and implement the most effective background screening solution across India; pilot programs are already running in select cities, including Delhi. 2) Police Verification: Re-verifying and ensuring that all Uber driver-partners in Delhi and across India have an authentic and valid police verification. 3) Document Verification: A local team of specially-trained safety experts to detect fraud, verify and authenticate driver / vehicle documents and test the validity of our screening 4) Incident Response Team: A local and dedicated customer support center that will specialise in resolving critical issues for our rider and driver community in India 5) In-App Safety Features: Building on the existing ShareMyETA button which has always allowed you to send your complete trip details (including live GPS tracking, driver name, vehicle type and license no.) to your loved ones, the enhancement now also lets you send the driver’s photo. This is the first improvement in many new integrated Uber safety features coming to India. As a global company, Uber’s vision for safety is clear and firm; here’s a note from the Head of Safety at Uber on his vision for safety ( and roadmap for the coming year. Our teams continue to explore opportunities to work together with government, authorities and organisations leading the way in women’s safety and empowerment to get you moving again safely. We also want you to know that we are listening, and we’re seeking your suggestions for improvements, partnerships, and ideas that you would like to see from us. Please share your suggestions with us at We have appreciated your help and words of encouragement; we will repay that support with action and live up to the trust that you have placed in us. Sincerely, Deval Delivala, India Safety Lead, Uber Technologies Read more

9 years ago
Uber, Travis Kalanick
A 25 year old woman was raped by one of your drivers. This driver was a repeat offender and had spent seven months in Tihar jail in a sexual assault case. This is outrageous! If your company had run a background check and got police verification done, this crime could’ve been avoided. What's worse, you have a three step background check process in the US but not in India. These are double standards. I started this petition because I want you to stop the double standards and mandate a 7 year background check for all Uber drivers in India like in the US. Sign my petition. Uber has a strong policy on background checks in the US. On your website you have boldly explained this policy: “All Uber ridesharing and livery partners must go through a rigorous background check that leads the industry. The three-step screening we’ve developed across the United States, which includes county, federal and multi-state checks, has set a new standard. These checks go back 7 years. We apply this comprehensive and new industry standard consistently across all Uber products, including uberX.” Why do you have these double standards then? Why aren’t the Indian Uber drivers subjected to the same process of background checks? I am calling on all fellow Indians to sign my petition so that we can create public pressure and let Uber know that we will not tolerate their double standards. Uber, your image is on the line and you must take the safety of your Indian customers seriously. Sign my petition and share it with your friends. Uber, you must make a public statement and mandate a 7 year background check for all Uber drivers in India.   Pic Courtesy: the daily beastRead more

Alina TiphagneNew York City, NY, United States
Gobierno de la Ciudad de México
Hace unos meses éramos decenas de miles de personas las que nos unimos ante la amenaza de que el servicio de Uber fuera prohibido en la Ciudad de México. #UberSeQueda fue nuestra bandera, y la idea era buscar una regulación sin que afectara ni a los usuarios, ni a los choferes y socios de Uber. Y lo logramos. Sin embargo las cosas acaban de cambiar… El pasado 11 de enero la comisión que tenemos que pagar los socios a Uber incrementó al 30%, y dependiendo de cuándo nos registramos en Uber y otros factores, la comisión puede oscilar entre el 20% y el 30%. Si tomamos en cuenta que con la introducción del servicio de UberPool las tarifas disminuyeron para los usuarios, nosotros, los socios y choferes, salimos perdiendo. Por eso estamos pidiendo que la comisión que nos exigen disminuya a 15% y, para ello, necesitamos la intervención del Gobierno de la Ciudad de México dada la falta de respuestas por parte de Uber. ¡Necesitamos una regulación justa! Si tuviéramos otro tipo de apoyos por parte de Uber, la historia quizá sería otra, pero la realidad es que las nuevas políticas sólo los benefician a ellos como empresa, mientras que es inviable económicamente para quienes facultamos el servicio, y esos somos los socios y conductores. Por favor, ¡te necesitamos para que trabajar para Uber sea una buena opción!Read more

Daniel G. S.México
Uber, ola
Petition to have a woman driver only option on Uber/ola and a woman passenger only option for women drivers. I just wanna combine our unemployment problem with our safety issues. Here’s the thing, many parents like mine are skeptical about letting their daughters travel alone by ubers/olas because most of us still aren’t completely confident in the safety standards. While I think it’s miraculous how much these cab services have tried to make it safe for us, we’re still skeptical. I strongly believe that having a woman driver only option would change this. This would not only help with employing more women but also make it safer for us. I also think it’s essential for each woman driver to have the option of only picking women passengers to ensure their safety as well. I’d really appreciate if you shared this and made this something that goes ahead and gets someone big to implement it. I have faith in the power of social media and I’d love if you helped me. Read more

Mokshaa ShivlaniMumbai, India
Transport For London, Uber, TFL, Sadiq Khan, Boris Johnson, Jeremy Corbyn, Taxi driver, Keir Starmer, Lyft, Free now, Kapten , Social equality
Your private hire drivers need your help now. For countless years we have offered our valuable services 24/7, risking our lives in the pandemic, getting people home safe from nights out. Right now, our livelihoods are at risk because of new English language rules created by TfL. On the 1st October 2021, TFL introduced a new way to assess a private hire driver’s ability to meet the English Language requirement. PHV drivers are now required to pass two separate assessments;  a Safety, Equality and Regulatory (SERU) assessment and a new speaking and listening assessment. The new assessments will be computer-based exams. We have already all passed an English language requirement and hold millions of conversations with passengers every year.  Not only are they completely disregarding the livelihood of these drivers, but they have also slapped a fee of £36 to complete these assessments. Why not offer provisional English classes to help and support drivers so we can work together to improve standards rather than focus on repercussions and sanctions? Is that not a more positive approach? Department for Transport statistics show total licenced taxis and private hire vehicles decreasing by 15.9% since 2020. This number will continue to decrease as livelihoods are threatened if drivers fail to pass these assessments.  What happens to those that fail the assessments and end up losing their jobs? Please share this, until this message reaches Mayor Sadiq Khan, who can make a change. We now need your help, help us in this fight to protect our livelihoods. Read more

Waleed Al-AminUnited Kingdom
Mayor Mitch Landrieu
It's important that our city does not get in the way of allowing a quality business like UBER to come to New Orleans. Preventing UBER from doing business in New Orleans sends a bad message to the rest of the country about how we do business here. Do the right thing and let UBER come to New Orleans. #NOLAneedsUBER City leader threatens transportation company with arrest, fines if it brings business to NOLARead more

Joe CorbettSimsbury, CT, United States
Currently the app shows car plates and driver pic but at night, both are hard to see. Also if the pickup is on a busy street there is usually a rush.I think if Uber added a smart barcode to the app that would auto generate a unique match barcode for each driver reservation, then when the car stops to pick up, the passenger can use the app to quickly confirm the reservation. I don’t know how they would do it, could be a barcode sticker on front of car or even a QR code generated by the app for both driver and passenger. I’m not a developer, I’m just thinking of an outside the box solution. I do know a solution is possible.I’m a busy entrepreneur and a mom and I Uber a lot. A young lady died last week, but it could have been me or a lot of folks out there because we are always so rushed we just jump in. I sometimes confirm the car model but on busy streets or night, it’s harder to confirm. I think we need to fix this now. Use technology and the developers to find a match solution to protect driver and passenger.Read more

Shaula HolzWashington, DC, United States
Uber, Lyft, via, Passengers , Drivers, Shareholders, law enforcement, U.S. Government, UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT, State Government, Law Makers, Senate, U.S. House of Representatives
Due to recent violent events involving passengers and drivers I'm asking for your help in signing this petition to provide drivers with the same protections that are given to passengers. As rideshare drivers we are at risk the same risk as passengers of being hurt or possibly worse, below are a few concessions we as drivers are proposing to help keep us safer while preforming our job for the general public. Every single ride share driver must provide a driver's license, social security number and a photograph.  The passengers do not. Many cases of passengers attacking Uber and Lyft drivers (and no I am not forgetting about it being the other way around) and it's getting out of hand. I personally know 2 drivers who were sexually assaulted and Uber and Lyft did nothing.  As a driver we have no idea who we're picking up and I am proposing the following: 1) Uber and Lyft require a government issued Photo ID with information for law enforcement in the event of an incident. This is mandatory to use the platform. 2) Uber and Lyft require a social security number from riders to perform a soft credit check to verify the name and information on provided identification match what is on the credit file.  A soft credit check does not impact your score or show details of your credit file. 3)  Uber and Lyft prohibit using the account to request rides for other people as their identity has not been verified.  Everyone can get a prepaid debit card and obtain their own accounts. 4)  Uber and Lyft prohibit violent felony offenders from using the platform as drivers are. 5) That uber and Lyft no longer allow use of prepaid debit cards or gift cards as identification of passengers cannot be verified in a manner where proper identification can be made by law enforcement should incidents occur  I will name only a few incidents of attacks on drivers but the information is out there. On or about May 28 in New York City a Lyft driver was severely assaulted in the head because he would not speed up to the Emergency room: "Before Madiedo even had a chance to pull over, the video shows him getting pummeled behind the wheel, punched repeatedly while still driving. He loses his glasses as he continues to drive, yet somehow is able to keep control of the car until he pulls over. The suspect runs off and Madiedo calls police." (Source: On or about January 16, 2019: Two young men who last week allegedly attacked an Uber driver after the man refused to give the pair a ride were arrested by Las Vegas authorities Tuesday. (Source: A driver in Los Angeles was attacked by a rider for failing to follow directions and he had to install a camera in his vehicle to feel safe doing his job. "Edward Caban said he installed a camera in his vehicle because he felt increasingly unsafe in his Uber vehicle."  (Source: These are just a few of many incidents where drivers have been attacked or even killed and ride share companies need to take ownership of driver safety and start verifying identity of the riders even at the risk of losing business. The bottom line is, drivers have NO IDEA who they're picking up and Uber and Lyft expect us to deal with everything including laying down our life. When a driver dies they say some canned statement "We're deeply troubled by the events..." and when a passenger dies they're calling the FBI.  As a driver, an owner of a vehicle that Uber and Lyft DO NOT OWN I have a RIGHT not a privilege to know who is getting in my car and I also have a right to know that the company paying me has done what they can to insure that my safety is covered to the best of their abilities in order to get the $3 payout.  Ride share companies need to vet their customers to protect their liability and the safety of the drivers since the drivers are the ones doing all the work while they live in their mansions and do who knows what.  On a second note, drivers need to be finger-printed because a ton of drivers don't actually meet the qualifications in my book and many other books to be doing this job. This is a business transaction and it needs to be kept as such. NO more drivers with violent criminal backgrounds that were not detected by a level one background check, no more drivers who are drunk, stoned, do drugs and allow other inappropriate behaviors in the car. This is a business transaction and both drivers and riders need to feel safe. I have attached a video giving one example of an attack on a Rideshare driver. It is clear that Uber and Lyft have very little concern about the drivers that keep them in business and a ton of concern about the passengers bringing in the money and clearly this type of behavior may not have happened if the rider knew his/her information was on file. Drivers make peanuts for wages they shouldn't have to feel unsafe going to work. Read more

Scott WeberLargo, FL, United States
Uber - Provide female drivers the option of driving only female passengers, and allow female passengers to also be able to opt for female drivers.  This movement is inspired by many recent articles about horror stories faced by women working for or using Uber services. You need to be better, you need to do more now, and you have a long way to go to start repairing your reputation regarding treatment and protection of women. Let’s keep women safe and start to break down some of the barriers keeping women from driving for your company. If you don’t do it, someone else in the market will. And I’ll gladly give them my money. Please act now!! Read more

Sarah VOttawa, Canada
Terima kasih kepada UBER yang telah memberikan lapangan pekerjaan kepada kami. Kebutuhan keuangan kami terpenuhi dengan apa yang UBER berikan. Sebelumnya, kami sempat berfikir tentang pendapatan kami yang hanya dihargai Rp. 1.000/km + Rp. 100/menit, mengingat rata-rata konsumsi motor kami (bahan bakar) memerlukan setengah bahkan lebih dari terif tersebut. Namun dengan adanya skema JAMINAN PENDAPATAN PERJAM yang diberikan, kami tidak mempermasalahkan hal tersebut. Baru saja (17 Juli 2016) kami melihat pada applikasi kami, ada pemberitahuan mengenai skema yang kami anggap "penyelamat" akan diganti besok (18 Juli 2016) dengan skema bonus x 1.5. Apa bisa kami harapkan dari skema baru tersebut, kebanyakan dari kami, terutama yang memang menjadikan UBER sebagai penghasilan utama, merasa bingung dan payah. Terlalu jauh perbedaan penghasilan yang bisa kami terima dari perbandingan SKEMA JAMINAN PENDAPATAN PERJAM dan SKEMA BONUS x 1.5. Contoh sederhananya: SKEMA JAMINAN PENDAPATAN PERJAM ONLINE pukul 05.00 - 22.00, melakukan trip sebanyak 11 kali. Estimasi tiap trip Rp. 10.000 (8-9km) Maka pendapatan perhari Cash = 10.000x11 = Rp. 110.000 (30.000x 4)+(18.000x7)+(30.000x4)+(18.000x2)= Rp. 402.000 Dengan asumsi, setengah dari cash adalah biaya bahan bakar maka pendapatan bersih adalah 402.000-55.000= Rp. 347.000 SKEMA BONUS 1.5 dengan trip sama seperti diatas. ONLINE pukul berapapun, melakukan trip sebanyak 11 kali. Estimasi tiap trip Rp. 10.000 (8-9km) Maka pendapatan perhari 110.000 x 1.5 = Rp. 155.000 Pendapatan bersih 155.000-55.000= Rp. 100.000   Untuk mengejar pendapatan seperti SKEMA JAMINAN PENDAPATAN PERJAM, maka perhitungannya akan seperti ini. SKEMA BONUS 1.5 ONLINE pukul berapapun, melakukan trip sebanyak 27 kali. Estimasi tiap trip Rp. 10.000 (8-9km) Maka pendapatan perhari 270.000 x 1.5 = Rp. 405.000 Namun pendapatan bersih adalah 405.000-135.000= Rp. 270.000, atau SKEMA BONUS 1.5 ONLINE pukul berapapun, melakukan trip sebanyak 11 kali. Estimasi tiap trip Rp. 24.500 (18km+65menit) Maka pendapatan perhari 269.500 x 1.5 = Rp. 404.250 pendapatan bersih 404.250-134.750= Rp. 269.500.   Persoalan selanjutnya adalah, pengeluaran perhari akan bertambah seiring dengan bertambahnya trip/jauhnya trip yang kami lakukan, serta pengeluaran tiap bulan yang harus kami bayarkan (lebih sering servis motor, ganti oli, dll). Kemudian, apakah kami mampu menjalankan trip 240km (8km x 30 trip), atau melakukan trip selama 715 menit (65menit x 11 trip) konstan perhari? Adalagi, apakah jumlah RIDER (penumpang) saat ini sudah banyak dan bisa memenuhi peehitungan tadi?   Mohon pertimbangkan ulang, keputusan yang UBER berikan, kami rasa tidak adil. Kami adalah PARTNER, kami rasa - kami berhak menyuarakan apa yang kami fikirkan dan rasakan.   KEMBALIKAN SKEMA JAMINAN PENDAPATAN PERJAM KAMIRead more

huda latifIndonesia
There are about 285 million people in the world that are blind or visually impaired.  Majority of  which are not able to obtain a drivers license due to their visual acuity.  It is utterly unfair that a blind or visually Impaired person is forced to pay the same amount as a person who is perfectly capable of driving.  I am asking that Uber provides a fair discount to those of us who are not able to commute like others do. Im a 19 year old boy from Toronto.  I’ve watched as most of my friends got their drivers license throughout high school.  For me, having Stargardts,  I either get my parents to drive me everywhere I go or I take Uber.  Uber is amazing and I am glad to be living in the 21st century, however, I only have so much money, working part-time while in college.  I quickly spend majority of my my paycheque on Uber rides.  I would no doubt buy an old used car if that was an option, but unfortunately for me and many others, it isn’t.Read more

Andrew TToronto, Canada