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Petitioning United Airlines , U.S. Department of State, Department of Defense

United Airlines, please help military families ship their big dogs!

United Airlines has been the industry leader in shipping animals globally. They recently restructured their service in response to safety issues, and have announced their new policies to improve safety. It was courageous for them to still be willing to offer any pet shipping service, that frankly speaking, can generate massive negative PR when it goes wrong, and provides only a tiny fraction of the company's total revenue. Thanks United for coming back, sincerely. However, within this change, they have implemented a new pet travel policy that bans large dogs, due to the maximum height for kennels being set at 30 inches. Labrador, Golden Retriever, Husky, Sheepdog, etc. will no longer be accepted . Also affected are Pit Bulls, Mastiffs, Malinois, and other dogs deemed to be "Strong jawed". This affects Military and State Department families deployed outside the USA, as they now have no way that fits their budgets to bring their pets home when they receive orders for Permanent Change of Station. Historically, United has been the only affordable option for big dogs, as other airlines cost up to 3-4 times as much. For example, sending a Golden Retriever from Seoul, Korea to San Francisco in a "700" crate used to be about $850 on United. Other Airlines cost is about $2,200 (After all additional fees are added). We are asking United to make an EXCEPTION for United States Military families, Department of Defense Civilian families, and State Department families that are being deployed abroad or back Stateside. This petition serves to show solidarity with the families affected, as we ask United to see how deeply appreciated their previous service shipping large pets was, and how desperately they are needed. Without this change, Military and State Department families face some very difficult choices, that could have painful consequences.For years United PetSafe has been a trusted way to move animals around the world, and I personally hope that they continue to serve the public with their excellent standards. US Service members and their families deserve better!  United announcement:  My in-depth analysis:  

Leo Mendoza
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Petitioning President of the United States, United States Department of the Interior, Department of Energy, Department of Justice, United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), U.S. Department of State, Dona...

KEEP AMERICA GREAT! Protect America's National Parks Now and Forever!

Imagine a country without National Parks. Imagine a land with oil fields instead of geysers, mountains littered with construction equipment, the greatest trees in the world laying, stricken from their roots. Imagine a country with no Grand Canyon. Or Yellowstone. Or Yosemite. Recently, the new Republican government has paved the way to opening up these sacred lands to be sold and/or used for drilling or development. This is one of the most solemn moments America has ever seen. Donald Trump has already signed executive orders which, if passed, will revive the Keystone XL and Dakota Access pipelines. Along with censoring the EPA and the National Park Service, these movements could lead to many lands, and the Parks themselves, being sold off to companies and developers, letting them be turned into pipeline sites, real estate, or mining sites for gas, coal, and oil. This would turn our National Parks to nothing more but dumping grounds and building sites. Stand up. Speak up. Don't let this continue! Don't set a precedent letting the government butcher our lands and drain them of their beauty! Sign to ask the President and all other names mentioned to do this: Reverse this Ease to Open the National Parks to Businesses.  In the words of President Theodore Roosevelt himself: “Here is your country. Cherish these natural wonders, cherish the natural resources, cherish the history and romance as a sacred heritage, for your children and your children's children. Do not let selfish men or greedy interests skin your country of its beauty, its riches or its romance.”

Sproutogether Inc
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Please Help Bring My Dad Back Home to His Family

My father Francisco Javier Adin was born in Jalisco, Mexico. In search of a better life, he immigrated to the U.S. about 20 years ago. Ever since he's been in the United States, as a matter of fact... for as long as he has lived, he as been an incredibly hard worker, a devoted man of Christ, and the most caring individual possible.  On August 26th, he was provided with the opportunity to the path of legal immigration. He had been approved, with a waiver, to come to Mexico for his scheduled immigration interview. At the interview is when things took a turn for the worst... He was punished for his illegal entry with a permanent bar from entering the United States. This is a punishment that could not have been more harsh and undeserving. He has been indefinitely separated from his family and his business that he has owned for 10+ years. This has created the most extreme hardship for my family and the employees that he has led for years.  My father has done nothing but good in his life for his family, friends, and the restaurant. He has never been in any trouble, not even a traffic ticket, he has paid his taxes in this country, and done everything that an American citizen should do although he's not. He has sacrificed so much in order to give our family, including my mother and 17 year old brother the best life possible. He has raised us to be grateful, humble, and a Christian family. For anyone that knows my father will always say the same thing which is that he is the most positive, humble, caring, and kind person. My brother now has to grow up without the loving support that my father provides, and my mother has to spend double the time at the restaurant to make up for my father not being able to be there which has put my mom's health in jeopardy. There is nothing bad that you could say about a man who has an extraordinarily strong faith in Christ, who puts his family before himself, and is selfless in an opportunity to help others no matter the expense. My father exemplifies every trait of a person who belongs in this country.  He owns and operates The Hut Restaurant in Somerville, TN which is a landmark restaurant in that area. He has been the backbone of the restaurant which employs more than 11 employees. This has left my mother with the responsibility to completely run the restaurant with all that it entails which has been the most physically and mentally demanding action possible. We have all, as a family, pulled together to try to keep the restaurant running as it was while my father was there which has proven to be difficult for everyone. The customers, employees, and citizens of Fayette county have known Javi (his nickname) for years and know that this is something that needs to be fixed.  This is an opportunity to take a step towards proper immigration reform. Signing this petition can help fix this tragedy that we have been going through. This is an unjust situation that my father has to endure and we ask, as a family, that you help take action in bringing him back home to his family and his business that he owns. Please take a few minutes out of your day to sign now and pass this on wherever you can.  - The Loving Family of Francisco Javier Adin

Lex Nunez
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Petitioning Претседател на Република Македонија, Влада на Република Македонија, Собрание на Репулбика Македонија, President of the Republic of Macedonia, Government of the Republic of Macedonia, Assembly of th...

Декларација #НиеСмеМакедонија Доста беше / Declaration #WeAreMacedonia Enough is Enough

Македонска Декларација Macedonian Declaration Ние, Македонците од Дијаспората и Македонци ширум светот и во татковината, како и пријатели на Македонија и Македонскиот народ, го известуваме Македонскиот народ во Република Македонија, дека во недела, 14ти Јануари, 2018 година, пред Амбасадата на Република Македонија во САД, протестиравме против Владата на Република Македонија и пратениците на Собранието на Република Македонија, и ги известуваме дека дијаспората започнува масовно движење на Македонците во светот, #НиеСмеМакедонија #НашетоИмеЕМакедонија, со единствена цел зачувување на засебноста на Македонецот како рамноправен и почитуван член во светското семејство, без нарушување на македонскиот иденитет, јазик и култура, и унитарноста на државата. We, the Macedonians from the Diaspora and Macedonians throughout the world within and outside of Macedonia and allies of Macedonia and the Macedonian diaspora, inform the Macedonian people in the Republic of Macedonia that on Sunday, January 14, 2018 in front of the Embassy of the Republic of Macedonia in the United States, we protested against the Government of the Republic of Macedonia and the MPs of the Assembly of the Republic of Macedonia, and we informing them that the Diaspora has started a massive global movement of the Macedonians in the world, #WeAreMacedonia #OurNameisMacedonia, with the sole purpose of preserving the individuality of the Macedonian people as an equal and respected member of the world family of nations, without hindrance upon our Macedonian name, identity, language, culture, and unitary territorial integrity of Macedonia. Ние Македонците во светот, We Macedonians in the world, најостро ги осудуваме тековните разговори со Грција околу името на Република Македонија. најостро го осудуваме неодговорниот и незаконски чин на пратениците во Собранието со изгласувањето на неуставниот закон за јазици. најостро го осудуваме разнебитувањето на унитарноста и суверенитетот на матичната држава. најостро го осудуваме редефинирањето на историјата на Република Македонија постигнато со потпишување на така наречениот договор за "добрососедски односи" со Бугарија.   strongly condemn the ongoing talks with Greece over the name of the Republic of Macedonia. strongly condemn the irresponsible and unlawful act of the MPs in the Macedonian Assembly by passing the unconstitutional law on languages. strongly condemn the constant attacks upon the unitary territorial integrity and the sovereignty of Macedonia. strongly condemn the redefining of Macedonia's history by signing the so-called “good-neighborly relations” agreement with Bulgaria. Декларативно, користејќи ги сите алатки кои ни се на располагање, како и уставно загарантираното право на глас како Македонски граѓани и горди Македонци јавно изјавуваме дека дијаспората цврсто стои во одбрана на вековното македонско битие што ни е оставено во наследство од минатите генерации Македонци. Нашата цел e одбрана на идеалот за кој низ историјата го положија својот живот многу патриоти и бранители на Македонија.- суверена и независна Македонска држава на Македонците и сите малцинства што живеат во државата, а не федерализација или бинационализација на единствената држава ширум светот што Македонците ја нарекуваат своја татковина. Declaratively, using all the tools available to us, as well as the constitutionally guaranteed voting right as Macedonian citizens and proud Macedonians, we declare publicly that the diaspora firmly stands in defense of the centuries-old Macedonian struggle that has been left to us by the legacy of the past generations of Macedonians. Our goal is to defend the ideas by which many patriots and defenders of Macedonia have laid their lives in history for a sovereign and independent Macedonian state of Macedonians and all minorities living in the country, not the forced federalization or binationalization of the only nation-state in the world that Macedonians call their homeland. Притоа бараме: We demand the following: Итен прекин на разговорите околу името на државата што Владата на Република Македонија ги води во тајност под покровитество на ОН, и неменување на уставното име – Република Македонија, и поднесување резолуцијата во Генералното Собрание на ОН за признавање на истото, Повлекување на противуставниот закон за јазици од понатамошнен процес во Собранието на РМ, Oрганизирање попис под мониторинг на реномирана меѓународна организација на територијата на Република Македонија во период не подолг од 6 месеци од приемот на оваа декларација, Неменување на историјата на Македонија, статусот на МПЦ – ОА и интензивирање на грижата за Македонците во соседните држави. Доколку Владата на Република Македонија не е способна да го стори горенаведеното, тогаш повикуваме на итно самораспуштање на Собранието на Република Македонија и организирање на непосредни избори каде што и на македонските граѓани од дијаспората ќе им бидат овозможени свои претставници во новиот парламентарен состав, според принципот на пропорционалност.   Immediate withdrawing of the talks on the name of Macedonia that the Government of the Republic of Macedonia are conducting secretly under the auspices of the United Nations, and no change to the constitutional name - the Republic of Macedonia, and submitting a resolution to the UN General Assembly for its recognition under such name, Withdrawal of the unconstitutional law on languages from further process in the Assembly of the Republic of Macedonia, Organizing a Census, under strict monitoring of a reputable international organization, of the entire population in Macedonia within a period not longer than six months from the receipt of this declaration, No change to the history of Macedonia, the status of the Macedonian Orthodox Church, and intensifying the fight for equal human rights for the Macedonians in the neighboring countries. If the Government of the Republic of Macedonia is not capable of doing the above, then we call for immediate self-dissolution of the Assembly of the Republic of Macedonia and organizing elections where the Macedonian citizens from the Diaspora will be able to exercise their right to elect their own representatives in the new parliamentary composition, according to the principle of proportionality. Движењето #НиеСмеМакедонија #НашетоИмеЕМакедонија под кое се застанати Македонски организации и здруженија од светот, АКТИВНО и ЈАСНО ја изразува својата декларативна заложба дека активно ќе ги искористи сите средства со цел да го оневозможи најголемото разбитување на Македонскиот народ и понатомашното уништување на унитарноста на државата. The Global Movement #WeAreMacedonia #OurNameisMacedonia, under which the Macedonian organizations and associations, and all Macedonians throughout the world stand by, ACTIVELY and UNEQUIVOCALLY express their declarative commitment to actively use all means in order to prevent the biggest human rights attack upon the Macedonian people and the further destruction of Macedonia’s unitary territorial integrity.

United Macedonian Diaspora
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Petitioning U.S. Department of State, Department of State

Allow my husband to come home for the birth of our child

 In 1999, I was an American attending college in Lagos, Nigeria. Little did I know I would meet the love of my life while studying in that wonderful country. We got married last year, and are expecting a baby at the end of this month. It’s a story for the study abroad catalog, certainly. But our love story has become a bureaucratic nightmare. When we got married, I filed an I-130 petition to bring my husband to the U.S. so we could start our life together here. Everything was quickly approved on the U.S. side. But when my husband went for his interview at the U.S. Embassy in Lagos, they claimed they didn’t see enough evidence of a real marriage between us and put our petition in “administrative processing.” We have been together for 15 years, and our relationship is well documented. We have provided them proof of all of this, yet they refuse to hear us. I have a c-section scheduled in a few weeks. My husband will not be present at the birth of his child, or to help me recuperate, if we cannot convince the embassy to end this unnecessary processing. The U.S. has approved his visa. We have furnished every shred of proof we have of our true and loving relationship, and all other documents requested. Please, demand that the adjudicator at the U.S. Embassy in Lagos take my husband off administrative processing and allow him to attend the birth of his baby. Due to high blood pressure, I have been unable to work during this pregnancy and am quickly running out of money. But in order to even see my own husband, I have had to scrounge the funds to fly to Nigeria three times in the last months. I can’t afford to keep doing this. And now, new developments with the Zika Virus and Lassa fever make further travel to Nigeria a non-option out of fear for the baby’s health. Our relationship is being strained because of this separation. And I truly don’t know what I will do without my husband here to help me after my surgery, with a newborn.   This delay is cruel and unnecessary, and threatens to tear a family apart. Please help me call on the U.S. Embassy in Lagos to end my husband’s administrative processing and grant him his visa, so he may join me immediately for the birth of our child.

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Petitioning U.S. House of Representatives, U.S. Senate, U.S. Department of State, North Carolina State House, North Carolina State Senate, Panther Creek High School, Dr. Hedrick

Wake County Walkout to End Gun Violence

"We are the students, we are the victims, we are change, fight gun violence now! High School students across the U.S.A., the way to fight back is here. Ther has been too much complacency on the part of politicians when it comes to gun violence. The time to act is now!" - The National School Walkout petition. On February 14th, a high school shooting took place in Parkland, Florida and resulted in the premature deaths of 17 innocent teachers and students. Still, the government has failed to act and to adequately protect our generation. The National Student Walkout is meant to empower the voice of teenagers. Most of us cannot vote and so our voice is silenced and marked off. Yet, we are the victims of these awful and mindless crimes. Enough is enough. It is time for us to speak out and take matters into our own hands. We as Wake County students are protesting the violence in solidarity with all of our brothers and sisters across the nation. We are protesting the same violence that occurs at the places where we are supposed to learn and grow. We are protesting the same violence that results in the average of seven children and teens in America being killed with guns every day ( We are protesting the same violence that has not had any laws put in place to address it. We are protesting gun violence. The Plan: Wednesday, March 14th: On the one-month anniversary of the Parkland Shooting we the students of Wake County are going to join in the National High School Student Walk Out. We are going to walk out of school at 10:00 AM promptly and voice our opinions for 17 minutes. We will wear orange to symbolize our unity and protest online and in our communities. Sign this pledge if you are willing to support the cause to protect your life and the lives of those you love.

Sheel Patel
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Petitioning U.S. Department of State

Se clasifique al FSLN como una organización terrorista

El FSLN (Frente Sandinista de Liberación Nacional) es una organizacion con ideales comunistas/socialistas, que tiene actualmente el poder gubernamental en Nicaragua de forma dictatorial.  Este gobierno desde abril 2018 ha estado siendo señalado, a través de pruebas gráficas y demás testimonios, como un gobierno asesino y criminal, responsable hasta el 26 de junio de más de 280 asesinatos en Nicaragua, crímenes cometidos para impedir protestas pacíficas en el país y que son respaldados por la corte Suprema de Justicia, policía nacional y porsupuesto el ejército de Nicaragua, además de sus fanáticos y empleados del estado. El FSLN hoy día, cuenta con innumerables fuentes de ingreso, todas ilegales, como por ejemplo vínculos con grupos armados paramilitares venezolanos y colombianos y su trasiego de drogas, lavado de dinero procedente de Venezuela y sus líderes gubernamentales, descalfe de las instituciones públicas incluidas el INSS (Instituto Nicaraguense de seguridad Social), miles de dólares de ingreso a través de ALBANISA y sus filiales (es una empresa de dudosa procedencia creada con fondos venezolanos que nadie audita su comportamiento) siendo la más llamativa la que comercia con petróleo, por lo que las ganancias de la venta de combustible en Nicaragua se presume entra a las arcas del FSLN de forma totalmente ilegal, vendiendo a precio de usura sin ningún ente que se encargue de regular tal actividad Esta organización a través de los años, y con el capital antes mencionado, ha comprado canales de televisión, todos y cada uno de las autoridades policiales y del ejército, todos y cada una de las instituciones del estado, así como personas naturales que trabajan para el frente de forma indirecta promoviendo la persecución de pobladores, vigilancia en todas las ciudades y colaboración de varios grupos que ejecutan acciones terroristas contra ciudadanos nicaraguenses Actualmente tiene adeptos en todo el mundo, así como vínculos con Estados terroristas como Siria, Isis, Al-Qaeda, FARC, ELN, Hezbola, constantemente le echa la culpa a los Estados Unidos de todo lo malo que acontece en la economía del país, siendo potencialmente peligroso para los americanos y para el mundo entero, que este gobierno siga en el poder y continúe fortaleciéndose economicamente, cabe señalar que en Nicaragua se pueden venir a esconder terroristas internacionales sin temor a ser extraditados, pues son protegidos por el gobierno, la policía y el ejército, y puede ingresar cualquier producto al país sin ser revisado, como por ejemplo armas de destrucción masiva.  Logros esperados al ser considerada una organización terrorista?  - bloqueo de fondos de todos los países que conforman ONU, OEA, UE - se detienen las colaboraciones y domaciones internacionales a ese gobierno - Aislamiento internacional - promueve la acción armada internacional para la eliminación de esta organización terrorista  

MANUEL Sandino
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Petitioning U.S. Department of State, USAID

Ask: Department of State and USAID, release a congressional report on the Girls Count Act!

Dear Administrator Green and Secretary Pompeo,  Safe spaces are critical for girls to thrive. One of the first steps to ensuring girls have access to safe spaces is birth registration. Even though most countries do have birth registration laws, approximately 25 percent of children under five have never been officially registered, according to UNICEF. When a girl is denied a birth certificate, she is invisible to her government. A lack of documentation can prevent a girl from going to school, getting a job later in life, and accessing health and social services. A lack of formal education often relegates girls to work in the informal sector, which can be an unsafe environment both physically and psychologically. In June 2015, the Girls Count Act was approved unanimously by Congress and subsequently signed into law by former President Barack Obama. The bill authorizes the Department of State and United States Agency for International Development (USAID) to coordinate their efforts with multilateral organizations, the private sector, and civil society organizations to support the counting of girls in developing countries. Documentation is required to obtain property rights, social security, home ownership, land tenure security, inheritance rights, access to education, and economic and entrepreneurial opportunities. Though this bill has been passed by Congress, we will not know the impact of the law until a report has been released by the Department of State or USAID. Section 5 of the Girls Count Act sets forth the following requirement: “The Secretary and the Administrator shall include in relevant evaluations and reports to Congress the following information:                         (1) To the extent practicable, a breakdown of United States foreign assistance beneficiaries by age, gender, marital status, location, and school enrollment status.                 (2) A description, as appropriate, of how United States foreign assistance benefits girls.         (3) Specific information, as appropriate, on programs that address the particular needs of girls.” If you agree that the Department of State and USAID should prioritize a report to Congress on the impact of foreign aid on women and girls, please sign this petition and share it with everyone you know. The longer this report is delayed, the longer women and girls will be unable to benefit from formal economic, legal, and political sectors in their countries--rights that originate with registration at birth.    

Kirsten Foster
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