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Petitioning Toyota Motor Company

Ayuda Contra el Cáncer, necesito traslado y apoyo economico para mi tratamiento médico.

Hola! soy Osvaldo, tengo 25 años, soy egresado de la Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, donde aún no me he podido recibir debido a mi condición de incapacidad médica. Busca en Facebook,  como apoyarme economicamente. En Agosto 8 del 2018 me realice un trasplante de médula ósea, con la finalidad de salvar mi vida de una Leucemia Linfoblástica Aguda. A día de hoy,  febrero de 2019, seis meses después recibo la  terrible noticia de sufrir una recaída en la enfermedad. Mis esperanzas de supervivencia son muy escasas. Siendo así pues, que la única posibilidad se encuentra en un nuevo tratamiento de modificación genética, conocido como ¨CAR T CELL¨ (Así indicado por médicos oncólogos como paciente del Instituto Nacional de Cancerología en México), por eso dirijo mi petición a las aerolíneas locales para que me puedan brindar el traslado para ver si soy apto a dicho tratamiento.  Desvalido de siquiera poder llegar a trasladarme busco la forma en que puedan conocer mi historia en México. Mi lucha consiste en conseguir recursos para poder llegar a dicha terapia en el MD Anderson Cáncer Center, en Houston Texas de USA. Le pido a las autoridades de salud del país, y a la aerolíneas nacionales que me ayuden a llegar para poder cumplir mi tratamiento médico.  ¿Me ayudas con tu firma?  Conoce mi historia

juntos contra mi cancer
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Petitioning Toyota Motor Company

Tell Toyota and other automakers to protect the climate

Hi, I'm Kathy, a three-time Toyota owner who's been very happy with all of my Toyotas. I started this petition with the Union of Concerned Scientists because, when my 2019 Camry Hybrid was sadly totaled this summer, I initially thought I'd just replace it with the same car. After all, I’d just gone through the car-purchasing decision for it eight months earlier. The car drove well, earned top safety ratings (no one was hurt in the accident) and got great gas mileage.  But soon after the accident, I was surprised to learn Toyota hadn’t joined four other major carmakers in supporting California’s efforts to protect vehicle emissions standards. And went on instead to side with the Trump Administration’s efforts to go *backwards* on clean car standards – which I know are a key to fighting global warming and reducing harmful air pollution. This – from a company that’s done so much eco-conscious branding! Sorry, Toyota, but I just bought a replacement car (with equally good safety ratings) from a different manufacturer!  Your car frame protected my daughter -- but your emissions policies won't! Please change your tune and do the right thing for our children’s future. Support strong vehicle emission standards, not the Trump Administration’s climate-backwards policies! Join with me in calling on Toyota and all other carmakers siding with the Trump administration to end their attacks on our health and climate and do the right thing! Sign on to send the following letter: “I strongly disapprove of your company’s support of the Trump administration's illegal and dangerous attack on state authority, clean air, consumer savings, and climate progress. Your company picked the wrong side – lining up against what’s best for my family’s health, our planet, and my wallet. Now is the time for your company to reverse course and reject President Trump's misguided attempt to roll back the clean car standards.  We call on your company to immediately withdraw from the litigation against state clean car standards and invest in innovation instead of litigation. We need cleaner cars—not Trump’s indefensible and dangerous rollback.”

Union of Concerned Scientists
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Petitioning GENERAL MOTORS, Mary Barra, Toyota Motor Company, Chrysler, fca

Boycott GM, Toyota, And FCA!

General Motors, Toyota, Chrysler, Dodge, and Jeep are in favor of more pollution from the vehicles they build. Tell them to stop endangering the health of all Americans.  Cars and trucks that burn gasoline and diesel spew carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. They also emit nitrous oxide and fine particulate matter -- pollutants associated with high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, and pulmonary disease. In other words, the emissions from these vehicles not only contribute to global heating, they make us all sick and can lead to premature death.  These companies refuse to support regulations that would lower all forms of pollution from their products. General Motors is the worst offender. It accepted hundreds of millions of dollars from the federal government 10 years ago and promised to support stricter emission rules.  Now it is earning billions in profits but refusing to honor the commitments it made to secure the bailout money it got from the government. This is a slap in the face to American taxpayers. These companies would willingly sacrifice the lives and health of American citizens -- harming their own customers -- in pursuit of short term profits. They make no pretense of operating in a moral or ethical fashion.  What can you do? It's simple. Boycott General Motors, Toyota, Chrysler, Dodge, and Jeep products. Go into their showrooms and ask to speak to the general manager. Tell that person you refuse to buy a Chevrolet, Buick, Cadillac, Toyota, Chrysler, Dodge, or Jeep until they commit to honoring the promises they made to reduce harmful emissions from the cars and trucks they manufacture.  These companies are making America noncompetitive in world markets by building vehicles no other country will allow on their roads. Americans should not be forced to buy such shoddy products. Tell GM, Toyota, and FCA you refuse to buy their products until they build vehicles that meet the highest emissions and pollution standards. 

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Petitioning Hyung-koo Yeo, Hee-beon Lee, Jae-youl Kim, Moon Jae-in, omega, McDonald's, General Electric, Panasonic, Procter & Gamble, Samsung, Toyota Motor Company, Visa, Dow Chemical, Bridgestone, ATOS, Aliba...


I am asking everyone to boycott all Worldwide Olympic Partners and Official Partners and Official Sponsors of Pyeongchang 2018 Winter Olympics in South Korea, until they disassociate themselves and withdraw their sponsorship from these Olympics, because of the horror of the illegal Dog and Cat Meat Trade in South Korea.  In illegal and crude slaughter-houses, markets, breeding farms and their "festivals", dogs and cats, some of whom are stolen pets, are routinely and horrifically tortured by severe beating, hanging, electrocution, grilling, torching, stabbing, limb amputation while still alive, and boiling and skinning alive and finally murdered! All this takes place in full view of other captured and terrified animals, knowing that it will also happen to them! All this is in the name of greed, financial gain and also "fun" when it takes place at the "festivals". It doesn't matter whether the animals are stolen pets, street animals or bred for the specific purpose, they all have the same feelings of fear and pain, something to which the South Koreans (and certain other Asian denominations) are quite oblivious, unfeeling and uncaring! The Worldwide Olympic Partners are as follows: COCA-COLA, OMEGA, MCDONALD'S, SAMSUNG ELECTRONICS, PANASONIC, VISA INTERNATIONAL, TOYOTA, PROCTOR & GAMBLE, GENERAL ELECTRIC, DOW CHEMICALS, ATOS, BRIDGESTONE, ALIBABA GROUP. Official Partners of Pyeongchang 2018 are: LG ELECTRONICS, KOREAN AIR, THE NORTH FACE, POSCO, LOTTE, KOREA TELECOMMUNICATIONS, SK. Official Sponsors of Pyeongchang 2018 are: SAMSUNG LIFE INSURANCE, SAMSUNG FIRE AND MARINE INSURANCE, SSANGYONG, NAVER, HANWHA, AGGREKO, EF. Obviously some of these companies will be better recognisable than others. It is worth mentioning that COCA-COLA AND OMEGA HAVE ALREADY REFUSED TO WITHDRAW THEIR SPONSORSHIP "BECAUSE IT WOULDN'T BE FAIR TO THE ATHLETES AS THEY HAVE WORKED HARD TO GET TO THAT POINT"!! DO THEY THINK IT FAIR TO THE POOR VICTIMS OF THIS HORROR THAT THEY SUFFER AND DIE FOR THEIR SPORT?!!!! I THINK NOT - AND MY GUESS IS THAT THE ATHLETES WOULD BE OF THE SAME OPINION IF THEY KNEW ABOUT THIS! HOWEVER, THEY ARE PROBABLY NOT AWARE OF THIS HORROR AS IT IS BEING "SWEPT UNDER THE CARPET"!!!! We must do all we can to tell these companies and South Korea itself that we mean business and will continue with these actions and more, until they permanently end this horrific trade and festivals in South Korea and elsewhere! PLEASE, PLEASE SIGN, SHARE AND COMMENT AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE. LET US HIT THEM ALL IN THE POCKET AS THIS SEEMS TO BE THE ONLY LANGUAGE THAT THEY UNDERSTAND OR CARE ABOUT!!!!  THANK YOU!   Janice Aedy

Janice Aedy
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Petitioning Toyota Motor Company, General Motors, Vantage Mobility Corporation, Braun mobility Corporation, Chrysler motors, Ford Motor Corporation, Richard Burr, Thom Tillis, Walter Jones

Help Grant get a handicapped minivan in 2018!!

In early 2014 I was stricken with the H1N1 bird flu. It quickly turned into severe double pneumonia. After 2 days at our local hospital I was flown by Medivac to a larger teaching hospital for intensive care. I was placed in a coma for 3 weeks as my body battled for my life, as my organs started to shut down from sepsis. I survived but with some serious life altering changes. The sepsis had destroyed my kidneys, and has left me with permanent nerve damage to my legs and arms. I now have to have dialysis 3 days a week for 4 hours a day. I have been wheelchair bound from the nerve damage and passing out if I stand for more than 15 seconds or so. Because of this I have the need of a mini van or SUV with a ramp or lift so I can take my power wheelchair out of my home and go places most people take for granted, like the grocery store or church. I want to take some of the burden off of my wife and son who take care of me.  This petition is to bring attention to my plight, and get these manufacturers to donate a vehicle with a wheelchair  ramp or lift. It need not be new, and I have no preference to make or model. I would give anything to make this dream a reality!! If a company wanted to advertise with the van like putting signs on it, that would be great. I just really need this to happen.  If you would like to make a small donation to help fund my dream, you can go here... Thank you and God bless you for signing my petition and showing these manufacturers that you're watching to see what they do. 

Lowell Cassity
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