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Petitioning Toyota Motor Company

Ayuda Contra el Cáncer, necesito traslado y apoyo economico para mi tratamiento médico.

Hola! soy Osvaldo, tengo 25 años, soy egresado de la Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, donde aún no me he podido recibir debido a mi condición de incapacidad médica. Busca en Facebook,  como apoyarme economicamente. En Agosto 8 del 2018 me realice un trasplante de médula ósea, con la finalidad de salvar mi vida de una Leucemia Linfoblástica Aguda. A día de hoy,  febrero de 2019, seis meses después recibo la  terrible noticia de sufrir una recaída en la enfermedad. Mis esperanzas de supervivencia son muy escasas. Siendo así pues, que la única posibilidad se encuentra en un nuevo tratamiento de modificación genética, conocido como ¨CAR T CELL¨ (Así indicado por médicos oncólogos como paciente del Instituto Nacional de Cancerología en México), por eso dirijo mi petición a las aerolíneas locales para que me puedan brindar el traslado para ver si soy apto a dicho tratamiento.  Desvalido de siquiera poder llegar a trasladarme busco la forma en que puedan conocer mi historia en México. Mi lucha consiste en conseguir recursos para poder llegar a dicha terapia en el MD Anderson Cáncer Center, en Houston Texas de USA. Le pido a las autoridades de salud del país, y a la aerolíneas nacionales que me ayuden a llegar para poder cumplir mi tratamiento médico.  ¿Me ayudas con tu firma?  Conoce mi historia

juntos contra mi cancer
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Petitioning Donald J. Trump, President of the United States, Council of the European Union, United Nations Security Council, United Nations, Honeywell International, Angela Merkel (CDU), UK Parliament, FOX New...

Place full economical sanctions on South African government for violating human rights

The United States gives South Africa approximately 9.4 Billion Dollars in US aid. There is no record of where this money is directed. The South African Government vote 99% against the US in the UN, have violated the AGOA agreement by deliberately breaking every human rights law by changing their constitution to take land from the white minorities without compensation. They have further broken the international law and the Geneva Convention laws with this act. The South African government has openly threatened the US government and is in full support of Iran. They also support and have been hiding ISIS and other Muslim training camps within the country. Furthermore the South African Communist Party (SACP) an affiliate of the government ruling party demonstrated outside the US Embassy in Pretoria South Africa calling for the death of American Citizens.  (One bullet one American) The removal of Apartheid 25 years ago and with a newly elected ANC government in 1994 has seen a massive decline of law and order.  United Nations (UN) stats from 2012 state that South Africa has the highest murder rate of half a million people since 1994. The rape & corruption rate is the highest in the world. The South African Government has placed approximately one hundred and sixty four (164) laws discriminating against all minorities in the country mainly whites. We ask again why were Bill Gates, Ex-president Obama, Oprah Winfrey, Richard Branson, Henry Kissinger, EX-Prince Harry, Meghan Markle, George Soros and the Clinton's doing there when the US gives South Africa 9.4 Billion in AID while they murder an average of 60 people a day and rape a female of any age every minute. The deliberate call for the killing of farmers by the South African politicians especially Julius Malema, Elias Ace Magashule, Andile Mngxitama and the denial by Cyril Ramaphosa (President) that this was the case, resulting in which has seen massive increase of torture, rape and murder.  (One bullet one Boer (Farmer)) This inciting of murder lays all the blood spilled upon these political parties namely the EFF, BLF & ANC. The overwhelming evidence of massive corruption and the refusal of the government to arrest said party members.  We demand full economic sanctions be placed with the immediate stop of all US aid to a country that has violated every human rights law known to modern man.  We feel the African National Congress (ANC) government with their affiliates the South African Communist party and United Trade Union movement need to be removed by any means possible. They have failed the people of South Africa and the world due to their criminal activities and human rights violations. The US Ambassador to South Africa Lana Marks needs to be recalled for supporting this evil agenda. EVERY PERSON IN THE WORLD WHO BELIEVES IN THE GOOD OF MAN, ALL EX- SOUTH AFRICANS NOW IS THE TIME NOT TO TURN YOUR BACK ON YOUR LAND OF YOUR BIRTH IN ITS TIME OF NEED. SIGN THIS PETITION AND GIVE US A MANDATE TO REMOVE THIS EVIL ONCE AND FOR ALL. 

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Petitioning Richard J. Durbin, Reddit, SM el Rey Don Felipe VI, American Red Cross, Roy Blunt, Amber Rudd MP, Rick Scott, Rahul Gandhi, National Rifle Association, Don Young, Zoe Lofgren, Roberto Fico, ESPN, A...

Nominate Iranian Women for Nobel Peace Prize for courageously arising for Women's Right

  For the last 43 years, women in Iran have lost their basic human rights.  This includes social, economic, legal as well as basic cultural rights.  Not only are they treated significantly inferior to men, the simple thought of standing up for their rights literally means endangering their very lives.  Indeed, the teachings of some of the major and influential clergy in Iran sees women as "animals" created purely to serve men and their needs and wants.  Women's plight in Iran Recently, the hijab (full head covering) has become an important  symbol of this oppression of women in Iran.  This demand by the Islamic Regime of Iran and its clergy has been violently enforced through beatings, vehement pulling of their hair, dragging them on the ground by their hair, rape and other atrocities and clear violation their basic human rights.  The enforcement is devastating for any human being at anytime in human history but it is exponentially more devastating for every citizen of the world to think that it is happening now, this day and this moment as one reads this, in 2022. During the last few months, multitudes of courageous heroines of all ages and backgrounds rose up in Iran, risking their lives, risking their personal safety, facing the risk of rape and gross sexual abuses and detention under inhumane and horrible conditions to demand their rights to be able to simply choose to wear the hijab or not.  Although many of the social, economic, cultural, marital and other oppressive laws and practices in Iran are severely enforced today supported by their ideas that women are less than men, all the Iranian women are demanding is the simple right to choose to wear the hijab or not.  The patience and fortitude that the Iranian women have shown over the last 43 years under great oppression and the courage that they have shown in the last few weeks literally in the face of possible death, beating and rape should be an example to all the women and girls throughout the world for many generations.  If their life endangering, self sacrificing stand against oppression for their basic human rights today is not worthy of the Nobel Prize, I don’t know what can ever be.   Jane Addams, the American heroine won the Nobel Prize in 1931 for her wonderful work towards women’s rights in United States.   Aung San Suu Kyi won the Nobel Prize in 1991 for her pro-democracy work in Myanmar. Rigoberta Menchú won the Nobel Prize in 1992 for her advocacy work of Mayan rights and culture. Nadia Murad, Yazidi activist from northern Iraq who escaped enslavement by theIslamic State and led campaign against sexualviolence as a weapon of war won the Nobel Prize in 2018. The heroines in Iran in 2022, together risking their safety and their very lives, have courageously stood up for women’s rights, have collectively raised their voices for democracy, have fearlessly arisen for their national rights and culture, and have selflessly stood against the use of sexual violence as a weapon by oppressor for themselves, for their countrymen and most importantly for future generations of Iranian women so they are not born into a society systematically designed to oppress women.   Today, there is no more fitting and deserving recipient for the Nobel Prize and we humbly request that the Iranian women in Iran collectively be considered to be honored for their sacrifices and for their fearless actions.

Nassim Bayat
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Petitioning Deutscher Olympia Sportbund, International Olympic Committee, Nationaler Olympia Komitee, Heiko Maas, Bundesregierung, Thomas Bach, European Parliament, Samsung, Intel, Toyota Motor Company, Volksw...

Genozid an den #Uiguren: Boykott von Winter-Olympia 2022 in Peking!

DE / EN Seit 2017 ist laut UNO bekannt, dass mindestens eine Million Uigur:innen willkürlich in Westchina in der Provinz Xinjiang gegen ihren Willen und ohne richterlichen Beschluss gefangen gehalten werden. In den sogenannten Internierungslagern werden die Uigur:innen zu guten und sozialisierten Chines:innen erzogen. Kurz und knapp: Sie werden politisch und kulturell indoktriniert, weil man ihre Identität und Ethnie vernichten möchte. Es findet somit ein kultureller Genozid statt! Hierbei handelt es sich bei den Betroffenen nicht nur um Uigur:innen, sondern auch um Menschen die dem muslimischen oder christlichen Glauben angehören oder Minderheiten, wie den Kasachen, Kirgisen und Hui-Chinesen. Maßnahmen wie Sanktionen sind von der EU und anderen Nationen zwar erteilt worden, fallen jedoch zu milde aus.  Deshalb fordern wir vom Deutschen Olympia Sportbund den Boykott der Winter-Olympia 2022 in Peking! Wir möchten verhindern, dass unsere Sportler:innen für wirtschaftliche Zwecke instrumentalisiert werden und somit indirekt die Menschenrechtsverletzungen in Ostturkestan (Xinjiang) unterstützen. Seit 2019 berichten Augenzeugen und Betroffene von ihrer Zwangssterilisation sowie Schwangerschaftsabbrüchen, Foltermethoden und von Suizidfälle in den Arbeitslagern. Kinder werden von ihren Eltern getrennt und in Internate und Pflegefamilien gesteckt. Viele Uigur:innen im Ausland haben seit längerer Zeit keinen Kontakt mehr zu ihren Verwandten und Bekannten in Ostturkestan (Xinjiang). Anfragen über den Vermisstenstand und der gesundheitlichen Situation von Familie und Freunde blockieren die chinesischen Behörden ab und weisen sie zurück. Uigurische Zwangsarbeiter:innen sind zudem bei der Produktion von großen internationalen Firmen eingesetzt. Durch hochmoderne Überwachungstechnologien werden Minderheiten in der Provinz identifiziert und ausfindig gemacht, um sie dann in Internierungslager zu stecken. Wir sind Sabrin und Torhan und stellen eine klare Forderung! Als Studierende der Sozialwissenschaften haben wir uns in einem Seminar für Politische Soziologie kennengelernt und schnell gemerkt, dass uns die Situation der Uigur:innen in Ostturkestan aus humanitären/pflichtbewussten Beweggründen sehr am Herzen liegt. Aufgrund unserer Geschichte tragen gerade wir als junge Generation die unverzichtbare Verantwortung die Menschenrechte zu verteidigen! Wir dürfen nicht zulassen, dass Berlin 1936 zu Beijing 2022 wird. Wir tragen die Verantwortung! 

Sabrin & Torhan von "Loud For Uyghurs"
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Petitioning Ben and Jerry’s, Target, Walmart, PetSmart, Walgreens, Toyota Motor Company

Justice For Chavis Carter

 Chavis Carter and his family deserve justice after a long eight years.  Chavis Carter was the last of three people detained by police on July 29th, 2012 in Jonesboro, Arkansas. After the police searched his friends car, as well as searching all three individuals, the officers found paraphernalia under one of the passengers seats, and 10 dollars worth of weed in Carters pocket. They also discovered Carter had an outstanding warrant in Mississippi for violating his probation. In 2011, he admitted to one count of selling marijuana. Even though the two officers on scene (who were white) found paraphernalia under the passengers seat where his (white) friend was sitting, while his (white) friend was driving, they only detained Carter.   Originally, Carter was placed into the back of the cop car while not being cuffed. Shortly after, the two officers on scene conducted another, more in depth, body search. Findings of a small hand gun were never mentioned. They placed Carter back into the backseat of a Jonesboro police car, but this time, they double- handcuffed him.   According to the police report, Carter was in the back seat of the car for about 15 minutes before they heard a gunshot. He was found dead, with a gun shot wound to his right temple. They also discovered a small .380 caliber cobra semi-automatic firearm.    The individual, Jamie Anderson, who called the police on Carter’s friends car because they were driving around the neighborhood with their lights off, was one of the same witnesses who claimed the police were outside of the car when Carter was shot. Her friend within the neighborhood, Jason Parmenter, was also one of the witnesses after Anderson called him and friends. All witnesses were white, in a highly racist town. Carter’s mother also claims her son was left- handed, making it very hard to believe her son shot himself in his right temple, while double hand-cuffed in the back of a cop car.      This strange occurrence led to outrage in the city, and Carter’s family demanded justice, only to be dismissed by U.S District Judge Kristine Baker. Both officers on scene, Kieth Baggett and Ronald Marsh walked away charge-free. They are still walking around free, while Chavis Carter’s family, are walking around without him Carter. Please sign to bring justice to him and his family. This case needs to be Lreopened and there needs to be chargers made to both officers.

Alicia Torres
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Petitioning Toyota Motor Company

Hold Toyota Accountable for 2008-2022 Tacoma Super White peeling paint

Toyota Motors REFUSES to acknowledge and make right a paint defect of SUPER WHITE CODE 040. Tacoma owners have been dealing with this as far back as 2008. Thousands of disgruntled Toyota Tacoma owners have been stuck holding the bag after their paint has begun to peel off on their brand new or used vehicles. Specifically paint code "SUPER WHITE" or "040" only to be met with a combative TOYOTA DEALER and an especially combative headquarters located in Plano, Texas.  To give one context: You buy a new or used vehicle estimating between $30,000-$55,000. You are happy with your purchase. 5,000 miles later, your new vehicle begins to flake paint off to the primer right before your eyes. Your first response is to contact the dealer. The dealer tells you that there are several vehicles manufactured in the same facility that have the SAME problem. You get excited because that means Toyota will take responsibility. You come to find out every single vehicle model with the paint code 040 is covered under their campaign.. except yours. You plead with toyota to help you. They tell you "We have not gotten enough complaints to care about this". You feel tossed aside. They do not give you external resources to help you. You are now not only responsible for overpriced monthly car payment, you are responsible for a botched paint job that costs $5,000 to fix. Mere pennies for a conglomerate yet a massive amount of money to you. Does this seem fair?     For years, certain Toyota, Lexus and Scion vehicles have been plagued by peeling white paint, a problem resulting from exposure to sunlight over time. The Japanese automaker is aware of that and calls it a “manufacturing defect,” but no real action was taken and customers whose paint warranty has expired are out of luck. Many have complained, though, and now things have changed. EXCEPT FOR TACOMA OWNERS According to CBC, letters sent by Toyota to car owners mention a new "warranty enhancement program" that covers the following years and models of vehicles with the original Blizzard Pearl or Super White paint: 2008-2009 Lexus GX 4702008-2017 Toyota Avalon2008-2017 Toyota Camry2008-2017 Toyota Camry Hybrid2008-2017 Toyota RAV42009-2018 Toyota Corolla2010-2015 Toyota 4Runner2011-2015 Scion xB 2012-2015 Scion iQOwners who have received or will soon receive a letter by mail (make sure Toyota Canada has your valid address) can schedule an appointment with their dealer to have the necessary repairs done at no cost. My Toyota Tacoma was manufactured within the same date as the above vehicles, it was manufactured in the same facility, it even has the same color code 040 as the: "Toyota White Paint Recall (CSP) ZKG Coverage for Peeling of Factory-Applied Paint Remedy" cars included in said program. Why is Toyota refusing to accept responsibility for a factory issue they caused? Why are we being treated like an enemy instead of a customer, and furthermore, why is it this difficult to be heard over a $5,000 problem that is massive to the general consumer yet incredibly small for the conglomerate giant Toyota? We should refuse to spend hard earned money on a company that refuses to acknowledge a problem that they caused and can easily fix.   I truly hope Toyota takes the proper steps to act like the brand they were once seen as: Great. For the time being, we are met with mediocrity and malice.          Since a new thread seems to pop up every week here are the links to the existing threads on issues with the Super White 040 Paint failures: 2017 paint peeling off Paint flaking off my 2017 Tacoma Paint Flaking Off WHITE PAINT TACOMAS Super White 040 Super White Paint Peeling Paint Peel Super White 2017 Super White Paint Problem 14 Tacoma SuperWhite 040 Peeling WTF, PAINT FLAKING OFF?!? Anyone else? 2017 Paint Issues Is A Paint Recall Coming? 2017 Super White clear coat fading Bad paint job on my 2017 Tacoma Toyota Customer Support Program ZKG Additional Resources: The list is fairly thorough but will add more as they arise. There is also a poll so we can get a feel for how widespread this issue is.   

connor maggzz
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Petitioning Portland Winterhawks Sponsors:, Toyota Motor Company, American Family Insurance Group, Boeing, Bud Light

Retire the Racist Logo/Mascot of the Portland Winterhawks Hockey Team

The Portland Winterhawks Hockey Team continues to use offensive images portraying a Native American mascot for their logo and branding purposes. In February of 2020, the Winterhawks partnered with Adidas to create an alternate crest and jersey featuring the side profile of a hawk. This alternative logo manages to promote the team without using offensive portrayals of Native people as mascots, however the team continues to use the outdated racially offensive branding and offer this alternative as the “third jersey”.  Throughout the Nation, over the past several months we have witnessed sports teams change their names and drop the continued misuse of mascots portraying those in the American Indian/Alaskan Native community. As we move forward and work to dismantle these systems of oppression, our country’s collective consciousness is growing around how misrepresentation of minoritized communities leads to real-life implications that can often have detrimental impacts on our people. According to the American Psychological Association, “the continued use of American Indian mascots, symbols, and images have not only negatively impacted American Indian youth by harming their self-esteem and social identity development, but can also have detrimental effects on the education of all community members by perpetuating one-sided stereotypes.”  Despite this larger shift in our Nation’s awareness of the issue, the owner of the Portland Winterhawks has continually refused all attempts made by the Portland Indian Leaders Roundtable (PILR) and the NAYA Family Center to engage in a dialogue about the racist logo, so we have decided that it is time to bring this issue to the public and hold those responsible accountable.  This petition (addressed to the sponsors of the Portland Winterhawks) requests that the Portland Winterhawks retire their racially offensive logo by: - Immediately implementing the alternative third option logo as the only available imagery for all jerseys for sale. If the team were to agree to cease the creation of new merchandise with the outdated logo this would also be an acceptable alternative. - Updating their social media branding, website and skating center to display only the new logo featuring the hawk profile. - All sponsors ceasing to create merchandise or use branding featuring the outdated imagery.  Thank you to Whitney Johnson for starting a similar petition that helped inspire much of this one.

The NAYA Family Center
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