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SAVE AUSTRALIAN ANIMALS/MARINE LIFE IN DANGER. Revise harmful Invasive Animal Legislations

  To the Australian Politicians, Main Issue 1 a Your Environmental control systems are fragmented. See the big picture and have you ever witnessed so many animals get killed all over this country Australia! by Invasive Animals Australia. Is it not obvious that each territory is running a killing havoc with our precious animals and marine life.Its completely unnecessary and abnormal in forms of addressing these issues for farmers and their natural surroundings. Farmers can capture these animals in more humane ways, using traps then rangers taking these animals to zoos and sanctuaries, animal carers & WIRES. Main Issue 1 b. Can you please tidy up a reckless situation which includes MP Barnaby Joyce in the National Party for Australian Agriculture, (current update in December 2017...MP Barnaby is no longer in charge of the agriculture & water portfolio. Current update Feb 2018: Joyce have finally resigned to the back bench), KIAA. Kangaroo Industry, Primary Industry, Shooters Party, NPWS, NPWS rangers and shooters, OEH, Bio security legislations and Invasive animal legislation involving animal cruelty Marine life cruelty, Australians like their animals and marine life.These people have use excuses to protect farmers, but in reality, they are killing for a meat industry, skin sports industry. What is this NSW Environment, climate change & water ?, what is this National Parks? your 'Handbook for Kangaroo Harvesters'. (YourHandbook for Kangaroo Harvesters - · PDF file)4 Handbook for Kangaroo Harvesters Introduction DECCW has prepared this handbook to help kangaroo harvesters meet the NSW Government’s requirements Primary Industry cannot label all these animals as invasive species then use that as an excuse to market their dead meat for selling commercially. How dare your government mass murder our Native kangaroo species to grind into PET FOODS, fox baits, wild dog baits, export human consumption to 70 countries. This is downright wrong, its virtually stealing and robbing our wildlife native animals that belong to this COUNTRY ' AUSTRALIA'. These animals do not belong to politicians, or shooters, or pet food suppliers! Absolutely NOT! and this True Native Kangaroo Wildlife is not for export for 70 countries on your target list including Russia, Korea, China, USA, human consumption, skins for sporting accessories, you virtually stole WILDLIFE, you downgraded these special animals so you can treat them as invasive! then KILL! PROFIT. March 3rd 2018 update: Primary Industry and OEH under Liberal Party continues their slaughter on Kangaroos in NSW using excuses of drought. Meanwhile they are intentionally increasing the kangaroo industry targets.  May 2018 update: ACT Labour Party and Greens Party continue their slaughter on ACT Kangaroos increasing another 1000 from last year. Ring your local Labour MP's and Greens MP's complain how tragically ruthless they are exploiting your Tax payer funds. Hired Shooters can get paid huge sums of TAX PAYER FUNDS per DEAD KANGAROO! Its about MONEY!! and interconnected with people that approve the violence!  Dec 2018 update: I spoke to Kangaroos at Risk, I was alerted that things have become worst for the Native Kangaroos. Main Issue 1c. Have politicians tried to listen to comments made by Australians & an international community about animal cruelty. Politicians were voted in to represent all, not just Primary Industry, Bio-security and Invasive Animals Australia, using unending excuses to slaughter our animals. The Greens Party and National Parks NPWS, have also used unending excuses for vegetation damage and labelled all these animals including Brumbies (wild horses) FERAL! taking advantage of government grants/funding to eradicate Australian animals. This is so corrupt it needs an internal review. It was these same groups that oppose hunting when previous NSW Liberal Premier Barry O'Ferral reversed the conservation policies to allow hunting inside National Parks and Conservation Parks, Weirdly these groups have since joined INVASIVE ANIMALS AUSTRALIA to eradicate most of the animals by NPWS rangers and shooters. ALL EXTREMELY HYPOCRITICAL! Game hunting inside National Parks should be banned. As well as pouring poisonous chemicals into rivers!. Do you understand how bad the government has behaved by allowing mining in the nearby reefs! Knowing the Great Barrier corals are dying and climate change action is needed.The Governments supporting this mine reflects how desperate politicians are to cash in and prepared to destroy Australia's most famous REEF! Affecting tourism and marine life! As much as you use tax payer funds to do your government jobs, there are many more ways to resolve this form of culling other then downright murdering our animals, birdlife and murdering our marine life. 1. Rabbit haemorrhagic disease (RHD), also known as rabbit calicivirus disease (RCD) or viral haemorrhagic disease (VHD), is a highly infectious and often fatal disease that affects wild and domestic rabbits of the species Oryctolagus cuniculus. The infectious agent responsible for the disease is rabbit haemorrhagic disease virus (RHDV), or rabbit calicivirus (RCV), genus Lagovirus of the family Caliciviridae. Do you accept there will be lawsuits should pet rabbits die from politicians delegating to bio-security for allowing these viral disease to be spread by mosquitoes, fleas, flies? Our cities do not need these viruses RHDVK5, contain it in your farms! Provide an adequate vaccine by vets for the defence of these human spread viruses now. 2. Snowy Mountain Brumbies, How many horses are slaughtered! Why is the entire control especially Primary Industry NSW run by the Shooters Party? Their scientists are all game hunters! There is no fair votes inside these organizations! Hundreds of wild horses slaughtered in abattoirs! Shame again on Invasive Animals Australia, for passing policies that allow them to label wild brumbies as pests!. Have you politicians wondered it could be more financially viable to build dams or ponds for these Brumbies to drink water from, There are endless reserves to relocate these Brumbies. Public land belongs to all taxpayers! Public land is not owned by politicians! Update: March 2018, Hundreds of Brumbies in Victoria are in danger of being culled soon. Please ring your Labour Party MP's to stop this cruelty and please re home ASAP! Update: May 21st 2018, Snowy Mountain Brumbies will be saved by NSW Liberal Government.You can read updates on latest news. Update: Dec 20th 2018, Hunter Valley Brumbies have been targeted by shooters via aerial culling, the NSW govt have been pressured by their so called top scientists to cull them. Wild Horse numbers also suffered losses in Clinton Island, dead rotting carcases left lying from aerial culling. Be watchful for every brumby in the wild throughout every state,  they are not safe no matter what these creepy corrupt politicians say. They are locked in with primary industry and shooters. Australia's shame! I saw hunters/shooters advertising their game hunting on their utes driving around the streets of Sydney in the NSW premiers electorate. I went to her electorate's council to complain. They said they are not responsible for organisations advertising wildlife hunting on their cars. So what the HELL is going on?,  Brumbies dead, hunting inside our National Parks! Elections are in March.....please be very careful with your votes, I don't trust the politicians when they team up with animal shooters/hunters. Update: Jan 10th 2019, mass brumby cull found near Santa Teresa, Northern Territory, further culling plan to continue using excuses of starvation and heat stress. Basically, the Northern Territory is an area that is subjected to extreme heat, why have these animals survived previously then ?. This rotten excuse to continue aerial culling is a LIE. (They can truck livestock but they refuse to help wildlife horse relocations). Australian regional landholders with adequate fencing can seriously help adopt Brumbies Australia wide. Information is provided here how to adopt your Brumbies The Australian Brumby Alliance has registered members country wide that are volunteer groups rehoming these beautiful animals. Save a brumby, adopt a brumby, sponsor a brumby 3. How many Koalas are still being culled, (they culled over 900 Koalas in Victoria under Liberals, now under Labour, they stated they would continue to cull). Have they planted more eucalyptus trees to feed the Koala population? Reference to Great Ocean Road in Victoria. Currently approved in NSW, Why are you politicians from NSW Liberal party allowing the Koala Habitat clearance to make way for the NSW RMS project when there were alternate routes?. Currently approved in NSW, why are you Liberal politicians allowing the logging in Port Macquarie?. You are harming most Koalas inside these habitats. Currently there is an emergency volunteer Koala hospital and a volunteer Koala Ambulance in Port Macquarie from the destruction and harm. 4.  Is Eco tourism important to politicians?,  Australian Primary Industry is now making Australia FAMOUS for SLAUGHTERING AUSTRALIAN ANIMALS, MARINE LIFE, BIRDLIFE.  Read the petition comments from a world wide audience please. Your Environmental policies which labelled most animals feral, invasive, pests is wiping out this sector. Governments policies are not only harmful, many Territory and State government policies in this category are damaging to the extremes. Governments are ever changing and each will alter policies and whilst in government, why not make a difference to a healthy environment! History will always be around to remind. What is the responsibility/role of an 'Environment Minister' and 'Tourism Minister'?  Some Australian MP's are given two, three portfolios with conflicting cases which has become counter productive in its planning. (Example: Environment & Energy, Tourism and Trade, Environment, Planning, gaming). Q. What is eco tourism? A. Tourism directed towards exotic natural environments, intended to support conservation efforts and observe wildlife. Encouraging these activities does provide endless jobs for the communities. (Wildlife Science graduates coordinating research programs, wildlife educational activities for visitors and school children, the list is endless). 5. Should Australia be well known for slaughtering animals, birdlife and marine life? Animals/marine life/birdlife are part and parcel to our environment. 6. Australia has endless raging bushfires yearly during the summers, these native animals they label PESTS to be slaughtered inside our National parks using excuses for vegetation damage is false! The raging bushfires are from overgrown vegetation and these animals help trim the overgrown vegetation. Its time you politicians see the advantages of having animals inside National Parks and conservation Parks. Stop labelling animals PESTS so your partner political parties have access to shoot them dead! or poison them DEAD! 7. The Great Barrier Reef is Australia's most important natural asset and you all turned a blind eye to the problems facing this asset. Instead of saving it, you allow mining in this nearby reef. EVERYONE KNOWS THIS IS A SADISTIC INHUMANE CRUEL ACT OF IGNORANCE! THE GREEDY POLITICIANS QLD LABOUR PARTY NEED TO RISE ABOVE YOUR ILL MISTAKES AND REVERSE THE DAMAGE IMMEDIATELY and DO NOT ALLOW MINING NEARBY THE GREAT BARRIER REEF!  ITS AN UGLY HOLE, UGLY EYESORE OF A PROJECT THAT SHOULD NEVER EVEN HAVE BEEN GIVEN APPROVAL! THIS IS SO CORRUPT. Update: May 2018. The Liberal Federal Government will be allocating 500 Million Dollars to try save the Great Barrier Reef from polluted waterways pouring into this reef, including various activities. (Why not ban the mines?) There are more job prospects in tourism then digging in mines. More GST revenue collections from tourism!!! Update: Dec 2018: Adani protests across the country by school children, families, everywhere. CSIRO is finally disputing the use of water from one of its rivers and its back to the drawing board for Adani. 8. STOP POURING POISONOUS CHEMICALS INTO THE RIVERS! BARNABY JOYCE FROM THE NATIONALS PARTY WANTS TO MASS MURDER CARPS  Why don't you make way FOR FRIENDLIER ENVIRONMENTAL GOVERNANCE THAT DOES CARE for Australia's natural assets, animal, marine life & birdlife, natural land/marine environments without polluting it further with poison chemicals. Update: Dec 2018 In Western Sydney, dead perch fishes by the hundreds were found dead and floating, no known reasons for their death. These marine life fish were poisoned. Update: 10th Jan 2019 Environmental Disaster occurred in the Menindee Darling River/Lakes whereby millions of 100 year old cods, native fish, fish found floating and dead.  Update: 14th Jan 2019 Further additional millions of fish deaths Update: 27th Jan 2019 Further additional millions of fish deaths Update: 31st Jan 2019 In regards to the millions of fish death in the Murry-Darling rivers & lakes, the SA royal commission outcome states a maladministration, negligence by the MDBA authority creating an environmental and ecological disaster. 9. STOP THE KANGAROO CULL AUSTRALIA WIDE and Canberra by SHOOTERS and territory government councils,  STOP IMMEDIATELY, you people that shoot innocent animals are so disgustingly barbaric its out of control in NSW, Canberra, OLD, WA, VIC. STOP IMMEDIATELY! The reasons for this slaughter in not justified! its a dated program that should be immediately terminated. These KANGAROOS are not on private pastures, its public land and they are living innocently in their own habitats. These animals belong to Australia, they belong to our natural environment, Primary Industry and Invasive animals Australia do not own our animals! Therefore have no right to do as they please towards our animals! Update: Dec 2018, I spoke to Kangaroos at Risk and was alerted that things have become worst for our native roos. Please keep up the fight for these animals because they have NO VOICE.  10. Why is Tasmania culling native Wombats, issuing culling licences to kill these animals! Has this COUNTRY GONE ABSOLUTELY MAD? STOP LISTEN to the PEOPLE! 11. Looking for more animals to kill, NPWS,  Invasive Animals Australia, Invasive Animals NSW, next review is the DEER on their pest list pushed by the GREENS!, sweet innocent harmless DEERS Yes BAMBI, they now want to murder our DEERS! Shooters and farmers don't listen to INVASIVE ANIMALS AUSTRALIA! Shooters and farmers, don't listen to the GREENS PARTY! (Under Greens party, over 50,000 Deers are eradicated, culled by hunters in Victoria), using excuses of trampling, the road dirt trampling's are from your four wheel drives digging into the mud, yet blaming the innocent Deers. Update: Primary Industry NSW has decided to not label Deers Invasive leaving it to be hunted for game shooters in NSW, GREENS PARTY ARE ANGRY because they want 'Deer' to be labelled PEST! what is right with you people? sick?, Humans have become the pest in society wanting to label every animal a pest, shameful humans, shameful politicians. Update: Dec 2018, I saw hunters/shooters advertising hunting deer's on their utes and driving around Sydney. 12. Mass shootings by the Shooters Party in conjunction with Victorian Labour Party, how dare you wipe out waterbirds and wild ducks in your full weekend of shooting in the wetlands!. You destroyed beautiful natural wildlife to the extremes leaving thousands of birds mass buried. UGLY sight!       Farms need to build safer greenhouses for their crops and seedlings. In Bio-diversity every animal co-exist. Foxes attack their cattle if the rabbit population is non existent. Farmers can protect their private farms! Why bring viruses into the city park reserves, we don't breed herds in the city to feed the population. Brumbies are part of the Snowy Mountains environment, they have been living there well over 180 years. Its turning into a Wild Horse Meat Industry by Primary Industry. Primary Industry should support farmers by subsidizing adequate fencing for predators instead of pouring a constant amount of their tax paid funds into repetitive pesticides and poisons. What are you doing for farmers?     Koalas were brought into Great Ocean Road to become a tourist hotspot, then its all very hypocritical to cull them using excuses of starvation. Why have the rangers and environmental conservationists not replant eucalyptus trees for these Koalas! Why have you allowed the RMS to clear massive native vegetation to make way for the Pacific Hwy Road Extension when there were alternate routes available that doesn't require logging of eucalyptus tree habitats! Did you sell the timber from all this logging ? The public needs all the details! its public environment!.  25th June 2017, In Australia Wide ABC with Yasmin, Phillipa McDonald reported the NSW government is logging in Port Macquarie, Coffs Harbour. You should not be harming the Koalas in Port Macquarie. You are logging right in the Koala Territory. STOP THIS HABITAT DESTRUCTION NOW!. This is contradictory to your protection policy for Koalas. Due to Koalas endangered status, you allow the habitat destruction and place new plans to allocate millions of dollars funding to map new Koala habitats for conservation therefore why destroy in the first place.    Government run agencies, NPWS, Invasive Animals Australia call themselves environmentalists, scientists, their excuses about saving bio diversity: save mosses, native plants, cattle pasture competing with tiny rabbits eating few pieces of grass!  What are you doing to the environment! Your actions are hypocritical! These agencies should retreat and make way for new agencies/councils that co-ordinate Australia wide re-homing of animals that farmers trap, remove humanely, transfer alive to local zoos, wildlife carers, wildlife organisations.    National parks NPWS, can't even tidy up the overgrown shrubs inside their reserves, its the tiny rabbits, deers and native animals that are helping them lawn their overgrown national park reserve shrub, weeds!. Animals help reduce bushfires from trimming vegetation.     Its a national disgrace! 'Dead bunny rabbits', 'Dead Waterbirds & dead Wild Ducks',  'murdered Kangaroos', 'murdered Brumbies', 'murdered Koalas', 'murdered Wombats', 'murdered Ponies', 'murdered Donkeys', Deer slaughters and other affected wildlife/birdlife/marine life poisoning and blowflies spreading RHDVK5, spreading Cyprinid herpesvirus 3 into lakes and rivers. several millions of dead fish floating in the rivers and lakes. Mining pollution from future mining operations near the Great Barrier Reef!. Update: Dec 20th 2018, hundreds of birds including parrots, galahs have fallen off trees in South Australia, cause not known, they appear to have suffered poisoning, reports by ABC news. The birds guts were exposed, this appears to be internal haemorrhage. STOP clearing Habitats destroying all the trees, Koalas are hanging on roads and fences, birds have no more flight paths to land they are flying on road highways. Wallaby's hopping around road underground tunnels and suburbia because their natural environments were stolen by the greedy humans.  # The country is going backwards in 2017  # STOP KILLING OUR WILDLIFE  in 2018  # The World is watching and they are alarmed!  # The spotlight is shining on those that commit violence on innocent defenseless animals   # ENOUGH IS ENOUGH # Politicians are more interested in getting back into POWER to USE and ABUSE. # VOTE CAREFULLY in your NSW March elections in 2019 #  STOP THIS USE OF 1080. Many local councils have been exposing 1080 baits in our local parks and National Parks.This poison is banned in most countries except New Zealand and Australia.  1080 poisonous pesticide is manufactured in NZ.

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Reduce processing time for 887 PR visa to 7 months

This petition is a voice of onshore skilled migrants, who are transitioning from SC489 (skilled provisional) to SC887 (permanent residency) visas and currently are being hit with painful processing delays. We have witnessed published estimated processing times for SC887 balloon from 7 months to 21 in the last year, with some of us waiting for two years and longer for a visa decision. We are in quite a predicament, with our original visas expiring whilst we are waiting in the queue for our permanent residency. A lot of us are now on bridging visas, putting important life’s decisions on hold and unable to move on. For us it spells uncertainty, cancelled travel plans, inability to visit aging parents overseas, delaying university applications for children, etc – we are all still waiting “to be accepted”. Great job opportunities pass us by, as employers will not consider us while we are on provisional and bridging visas. No lender will offer us a mortgage or allow to finance a car, unless with ridiculously high interest rates and insurance premiums. We made Australia our home, yet we will be classed as "foreign buyers" if we are to buy a property.  Our families are not entitled to help from the government, discounts for childcare and older children’s university fees – yet we are paying taxes, just like citizens and permanent residents. In order to transition to 887, we all have satisfied conditions of our provisional visa, i.e. settled and worked full time in designated/regional areas for a set period of time. We have done the hard yards and became a part of this country. We are ready to develop further, continue to enjoy Australia and contribute to the nation’s wealth. Instead, we seem to be suspended in a never-ending limbo with not many rights but obligations. Uncertainty is mentally exhausting. Seeing constant extension of processing times, monthly advertised on the immigration site, makes it hard to maintain a positive mindset. Ever changing visa processing rules and new tentative legislation proposals add to anxiety.  We understand that there are reasons for most visa subclasses processing delays, but it is the solutions we are seeking. We are already paying hefty fees for visa applications, in return we would love to enjoy good customer service and reasonable processing times. If this means further increase in application fees, so be it – small price to pay for the right to finally move on with our lives, have children knowing there is future for them in this country, apply and be accepted for better jobs, being able to buy family homes and travel the world freely. Most importantly, we want to feel like we finally belong. Please help us by taking measures to reduce processing times for 887 PR visas back to maximum 7 months wait for 90% of all applications.

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The National Emergency Medal a muddled medal volunteers deserve more

Dear Prime Minister, The National Emergency Medal was established in October 2011 by the Gillard Government and is an award of the Australian honours system given for sustained or significant service during a nationally significant emergency. The criteria for award of the National Emergency Medal has been criticised as not honouring the efforts of many volunteers. Due to safety issues, many volunteers were rotated out of disaster areas after as little as five days and unable to spend the required amount of time as on the ground in the disaster area to qualify for the medal. The timeframes that have been established by the NEM committee and maintained by the committee are unrealistic and not in keeping with community expectations for the sustained service section of this award. Lucy Kippist, writer at The Punch described the "confusing, disorganised and grossly unfair way the National Emergency Medal was put together in the first place. Thousands of volunteers across the country also expected to be on that list." She also stated that after announcing the creation of the new medal, the "Prime Minister neglected to mention that most of the volunteers who served in those regions were completely ineligible for the award. (see attachment for the full article) Prime Minister Julia Gillard when announcing the new medal, quoted that the medal is "an award for the many, not the few." This statement has since proved to be incorrect as most emergency services volunteers, even those who were involved in all three relevant national emergencies, i.e., Victorian fires, Brisbane floods and Cyclone Yasi, are ineligible for the award. Apart from this, issues arise with people who may have spent five days in Victoria, five days in Brisbane floods and another five days involved in Cyclone Yasi, a total of 15 days in national emergency areas but still not able to qualify for the medal, even though seven days is enough for Victoria alone. The statistics speak for themselves and can be obtained from ‘It’s an Honour” web site. Only 70 medals have been issued since the introduction of the award, only 3 specific events have been listed as national emergency disasters (all from the original set up) even though over 10,000 volunteers and paid emergency service members attending those events only less than 0.01% have been awarded a medal. Since that time in NSW alone there have been two of the most devastating East Coast lows and many emergency’s declared in NSW, Vic, SA and WA with none of these events being added to the list of applicable national emergencies, even though they were larger, longer and required more assistance from interstate and overseas emergency services than the original three. The stats don’t lie they indicate the medal is just not working or fulfilling its original role. As a NSW SES Volunteer and a task-force member who travelled to Cardwell after Cyclone Yasi to assist the local community start to recover from such as massive disaster it was devastating blow to know that myself and about 10,000 other emergency volunteers that put their lives and jobs on hold to travel vast distances and face uncertain conditions to do the right thing and give a mate a hand would not be recognised in the meaningful way that the National Emergency Medal was peddled to do by the Government of the day as ‘an award for the many, not the few’. I like a lot of my fellow volunteers believed the words of the Government of Prime Minister Gillard, that we would be on that list of recipients for this recognition. I also believed and assumed that the following governments would be by-partisan in their approach to making sure the medal would be fit for purpose and reviewed so the emergency volunteers and others who hold this country on their shoulders when the sh*t hits the fan and get it back together and running again would be honoured and recognised with an award for the many, not the few. So I am calling on you to fix this broken National Emergency Medal medallic system in the following ways: 1.       Reduce the sustained service requirements for volunteers to 5 days (including travel) a day being calculated as 6 hrs and if more than 6 hrs is being worked in a 24hrs than the total hours worked will be divided by 6 hrs for the purposes of allocation of days. 2.       Make the reduced sustained service requirements retrospective back to the introduction of the medal. 3.       Ensure that the sustained service requirements are always in keeping with the WHS legal requirements for working in disaster sites and in alignment with the deployment timeframes as they are applied by each state to emergency service personal deployed to identified disasters. 4.       Change the makeup of the National Emergency Medal award committee to include a yearly rotating member of the SES, RFS (or equivalent), preferably an emergency service volunteer. Allow the representation for those services to be rotated between states and don’t make the committee so out of touch with community expectations. 5.       Allow the state Premiers to nominate new national events to an included on the roster of national emergencies for the medal including events that have happened since the original three at establishment. 6.       Have some hast in imitating these changes as the rightful recipients of this award should not have to wait longer than the 6 years they have to be recognised by the Commonwealth and peoples of Australia as the unsung heroes they all are. Prime Minister, you are the political leader of this country so as my representative and the representative of the attached signatories please take notice of our voice’s and all the Australians who expect a fair go and some real honouring of our emergency services volunteers. These people who have placed their lives on the line day after day for the community far and wide and always seek nothing for their efforts but respect and some measure of recognition. Please recognise them not just with words but finally some action, give them a National Emergency Medal finally. The signed, Australian volunteers and our supporters, the Australian public. Attachment 1. An article from ‘The Punch’ A muddled medal: Our volunteers deserve more By Lucy Kippist (1st Feb 2012) In Grantham and beyond, they searched for bodies in battered houses and hot, swampy fields. Clearing debris from footpaths, roads and yards. Eighteen months before, they’d fought the inferno in southern and central Victoria, fighting fires, saving lives, and making endless cups of tea. They’re Australian volunteers - thousands of them - who left jobs and families to lend a hand to the natural disaster recovery efforts that swept across our eastern states in the past three years. Their work saved lives and homes. Comforted hearts, and made towns livable again. Actions fit for a reward of huge proportions. But here’s what they got instead. A muddled up medal with serious eligibility issues and a confusing criteria that ignored the efforts of thousands of others. And a bungled up awards ceremony. Seem unfair to you? Well, here’s how it happened. As we all know by now, despite what occurred at The Lobby on Australia Day, the ceremony had a very clear objective: to honour 26 Australians recognised by the government for their civic efforts during both natural disasters with the new National Emergency Medal. That is admirable. Each one of those 26 Australians deserved recognition for their efforts. What we didn’t know, however, was the confusing, disorganised and grossly unfair way the National Emergency Medal was put together in the first place. Thousands of volunteers across the country also expected to be on that list. As one Punch reader informed us this week, after the PM was seen at several disaster sites by a number of volunteers during the Queensland floods spreading the word about a new national medal, volunteers were left with the distinct impression they were eligible for the award. In this regard, the PM was right. The National Emergency Medal fills an important gap. While organisations like the SES, and rural fire services have their own system and a number of awards for recognising the efforts of their volunteers, there has never been a national award. In fact, New South Wales volunteer Kendall Thompson received the American Benjamin Franklin award last year for his efforts during the Queensland floods. And even went to the US to receive it.  But what the PM neglected to mention was that most of the volunteers who served in those regions were completely ineligible for the award. Although rumoured to be as a result of a three hour commitment “on the ground”, the National Emergency Medal award recipients needed to have spent quite a bit longer. At least we think, because the government website isn’t so clear. Here’s what it says:  The minimum duration of service that a person is required to have completed to qualify is: • paid service on 14 days, including at least two days in the period beginning on 7 February and ending on 14 February 2009 • unpaid service on 7 days, including at least one day in the period beginning on 7 February and ending on 14 February 2009 Problem is, volunteers are only permitted to spend up to 72 hours in a disaster site – for their own safety.  Inspector Ben Shepherd of the New South Wales Rural Fire Service, told The Punch that in that amount of time volunteers in both Victoria and Queensland disaster sites had been exposed to the most severe conditions they’d ever experienced. For this reason, they were rotated on a very regular basis and usually given directions to return home to families and paid jobs, after a maximum of three to five days on site. As another Punch reader told us, some volunteers in the Queensland/Yasi disasters, chose to spend several days on each site. Clocking up five days here and five days there. Yet they still remained ineligible for the National Emergency Medal. Why? According to Inspector Shepherd volunteering organisations were overwhelmed by the energy and motivation in all three disaster sites. Commitment he describes as nothing less than selfless, given the situations they found themselves in: “It’s not just the sheer loss of human life. There were hundreds and hundreds of cattle and the broken, desolate towns. They all had an effect,” he said. As Milanda Rout explored in a very powerful recent piece for the Weekend Australian, that can have devastating long term impacts on the volunteers and their families. Even though all voluntary organisations we spoke to offer their volunteers extensive counseling and support programs. Bottom line is this: these volunteers deserve more. Starting with a national medal with clear and fair criteria, one that reflects not only the situations in which they found themselves, but also the capacity in which they worked and the time, that as volunteers, they could have realistically given to an incredibly important cause.

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Restore our sacred Murray-Darling rivers: return the waters

For the First Nations of the Murray Darling Basin, rivers are the living lifeblood of  Country. Our great rivers once nourished a vast complex of interconnected wetlands, forests, lakes and cultural landscapes. Next week, before the 8th May 2018, the Australian Senate will vote on a plan to cut the volume of water that must be restored to our rivers by 605 billion litres. First Nations have watched as the sacred waterways of the Murray-Darling basin have been dammed and degraded by over-extraction, pollution and corruption. We've all seen the rorts and cover-ups exposed on the Four Corners program last year. Now governments want to take more precious water away from our rivers.  If its successful, this plan means more steel and concrete structures, designed to 'replicate' natural floods with less water. It means cutting the amount of water for the environment by more than the total volume of Sydney Harbour. It means the cultural values of Traditional Owners along the Murray, Darling, Goulburn and Murrumbidgee rivers (just to mention a few) will be at greater risk.  We can't risk letting more water be taken from our rivers. We need key decision makers, Federal Water Minister David Littleproud and Labor Water Spokesperson Tony Burke, to commit to restoring our sacred rivers.  Minister Littleproud and Tony Burke can work with all stakeholders to fix the mess and restore the rivers to health. All Basin governments must Secure enough water so that the Murray, Darling and Murrumbidgee rivers can flow across their floodplains and all the way out to the sea Guarantee the delivery of the additional 450 GL of water for our rivers, wetlands and floodplains that was promised as a part of the Basin Plan negotiations Ensure any projects that justify taking more water from the river will not impact cultural values, unequivocally benefit communities and wildlife and meet the requirements of the Basin Plan Remove physical barriers and rules that stop water getting to wetlands Restore water rights to First Nations, to support our cultural, economic, environmental and social wellbeing.   

Murray Aboriginal Nations MLDRIN
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Please Help to Prevent Older Australians from Financial Hardship in their Late-lives

The Government announced Tightening of Residency Requirements for Age Pension and Disability Support Pension Eligibility effective from 1st July 2018. The New enhanced residency requirements for the Age pension & disability support pension will require claimants to have up to 15 years of continuous Australian residence requirements, instead of 5 years continuous residence together with 10 cumulative years residence, 3 times as long as the current continuous residency requirements. One of Our Compelling Stories: My parents have started helping me to look after my child since my child was 3 months old in order for me to do full-time work in financial field. My parents subsequently became permanent residents in 2007. After they have looked after my child for a considerable number of years, now my parents are going to turn 78 and 82 years of age in 2018 respectively. My parents would qualify for the age pension in 2019 under the current residency requirements, but will no longer qualify under the new tighten proposal until after further 10 more continuous years in 2029. The proposal has not recognised the value and contributions that these Older migrants have brought to our community, to the stability of society. Older Migrants often play a crucial unpaid role as carers for their grandchildren in family networks. their contributions have enabled their children who are often taxpayers and Australian citizens to concentrate on work, to contribute to the national economy and reduce the need for childcare funding from the government. Under the tighten proposal, it will have a real the biggest financial hardship on that Older people Primarily Older Migrants especially in their middle of 70s age will not able financially live at an adequate basic standard of living & in their dignity in the very late of their lives. these Elderly seniors may not have much longer time to meet the new proposed residency requirements to qualify for the age pension. It is unfair changes to these Seniors in their middle of 70s. Please help Elderly Senior Australians by Signing my petition calling on the Turnbull government to get Elderly Seniors aged 75 & above on 1st July 18 to EXEMPT from the New Tighten residency requirements for the Age Pension & disability support pension in accordance with the humanitarianism, and as for COMPASSIONATE GROUNDS for Ministerial Discretion. Please sign & share this petition & play your part in preventing Elderly Australians from considerable financial hardship. Read More: 1. Tightening Residency Requirements for Age Pension & Disability Support Pension eligibility in Federal Budget Review 2017-18: 2. Labour opposed to these changes. 3. FECCA (The Federation of Ethnic Communities Councils of Australia) has raised concerns that the measures will disproportionately impact migrant Australians.  FECCA believes that migrant Australians should not be punished in their older age or because they require support for living with a disability. FECCA concerned about impact of key budget measures on migrant Australians:        

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We demand a sustainable Climate Action Policy from the Australian Federal Government

Climate Change is THE defining issue of our lifetime; for both we Humans and our Planet Earth. We are already committed to worldwide changes to our Climate. The severity of Climate Change we endure will depend on how we act now, in this Australian Federal election. We can all make a difference! “This is a collective action problem, this isn’t an individual behaviour problem” “We need to change a system; we need to change an economic system and we need to change a political system” Professor Emeritus, Will Steffen, Australian National University. View our video:  But what can I do? 1)    View our video:  2)    Sign our petition with a click and pass it on to those you care for. 3)    Consider next voting preferences. Compare the parties: 4)   Too young to vote? We can all do something about Climate Change! Get the facts: Get active:  Find out who to vote for: More facts:  Start a petition: Share and show this video with anyone who will watch. Have a 'Catastrophe' party! Join our school strikers:  And take to the streets. Even more facts: Share 'Catastrophe' Talk to your local butcher, hairdresser, workmates and your neighbours about Climate Change. Take a stand. Join a movement. Volunteer with a Climate responsible political party. Lobby your local political representative about their Climate policy. “Like Indie, I’m worried about our future and our generation; and everybody else’s generation. We’re all kind of moving away from the big issue in our world and we’re not noticing what’s happening………and I feel very concerned about that” Matilda age 9

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Dear Mr Prime Minister & Respected Members of Parliament First and foremost, we thank you for all the efforts that you have put in to control the spread of COVID-19 in Australia and for supporting the Australians through these unprecedented times. We want to bring your attention to another group of Australians needing your urgent attention with a desperate hope to go back to home. As you might be aware there are about 3000+ Australians currently stranded in India due to COVID-19 flight restrictions. Unfortunately, the majority of us here were caught off guard by Indian Government implementing a curfew with less than 12 hours’ notice and had no option to arrange flights back home. As you might be aware there are many Australians still stranded despite the latest efforts by an independent group of Australians and Australian High Commission organizing few flights last week. The reasons for this are many being unable to afford the high prices, travel long distances (20+hours) by road due to lock-down in India at short notices or travelling with infants or children. There is a lot of resentment out there as people are running out of money and the outgoing such as rents and mortgage payments are accumulating back home. With no source of income and no clear indication of a recovery plan, every Australian stranded in India is just hoping for some kind of assurance & plan on how they will reach back home safely. We know that we can count on you and you wouldn’t leave any stone unturned in bringing us home. We would like to share the possible workable options that may or may not have been reviewed by the government as yet.  Option 1: We would like to urge you to review if mercy flights could be arranged at a reasonable price as done for rescuing Aussies from UK and US. Or Option 2: Could it be possible for your government to reach out to Indian Government to open a dialogue to arrange few mutually beneficial flights to bring Australians from India and allowing Indians to depart Australia on the same aircraft resulting in more affordable airfares. We understand these options may be more complicated than it seems on the paper and we are vary of the logistics, it would call for in terms of immigration, ground staff at the airport, health professionals and the cost of providing 14 days stay and food for compulsory quarantine at the arrival ports but we really need your support to bring us back home. We are putting our faith in you and all Members of Parliament and we know you won’t let us down. We all take a lot of pride in what Aussies stand for ‘They always look after their mates’ Hoping for a swift and favorable response. Thanks & Warm Regards, Australians stranded in India

Manpreet Singh Arora
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