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Petitioning The Learning Channel

End LGBTQ fear mongering by the Duggars.

Update: The Duggars have thrown massive amounts of money to repeal this law so business owners and land lords can evict and fire people solely over gender idenity and sexual orientation!  They need to be taken off the air!  Michelle Duggar of TLC’s 19 Kids and Counting is warning Fayetteville residents that transgender people are child predators and that the law will somehow protect that predatory behavior.  Her recorded robocall says: "Hello, this is Michelle Duggar. I’m calling to inform you of some shocking news that would affect the safety of Northwest Arkansas women and children."  "The Fayetteville City Council is voting on an ordinance this Tuesday night that would allow men – yes I said men – to use womens and girls restrooms, locker rooms, showers, sleeping areas and other areas that are designated for females only. I don’t believe the citizens of Fayetteville would want males with past child predator convictions that claim they are female to have a legal right to enter private areas that are reserved for women and girls. " Duggar words reek of ignroance and fear mongering. Just because someone is transgendered doesn't mean they are a child predator or a rapist. The claim that this ordinance would provide predators with access to women's restrooms in order to assault or leer at girls or women is nothing more than fear-mongering and spreading ignornace and hatred.  Transgender people — who are far more likely to be the victims of harassment and violence if forced to use a bathroom that is inconsistent with their gender identity or expression— deserve to have the ability to use the bathroom in peace and safety. Josh Duggar has also taken a position at the so called "Family Research Council". The Family Research Center is such a hate-filled, anti-gay organization that the Southern Poverty Law Center in 2010 labeled it a “hate group” for its “dissemination of false and demonizing propaganda about gays and lesbians.” The Learning Channel & Discovery Networks need to seperate themselves from this bigotry and put an end to the Duggar's show. 

Jim Wissick
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Petitioning TLC's "Cake Boss"

Publicly apologize to the transgendered community.

On June 11th, 2012 - TLC aired an episode of their hit show "Cake Boss". The episode was named, "Bar Mitzvah, Beads & Oh Baby!" featuring special guest, Carmen Carrera. Carmen is best known from the show "RuPaul's Drag Race" on Logo and has since become an activist for the Transgendered community (shortly announcing her transition after a special episode of "What Would You Do?" on ABC). In the "What Would You Do" episode, Carmen speaks out about transgendered people and the struggles they encounter on a daily basis.  She is also appearing at the San Fransisco Pride Parade as the Grand Marshall due to her work as an activist for the LGBT community. The plot of the episode was to use Carmen to lure one of the bakery's employees to flirt with her as a prank. Before filming, Carmen educated producers on what terms to use and what phrases would not be offensive, i.e. "Carmen was BORN male" or "Carmen is a transgendered woman". Producers AGREED to respect her wishes, however, when the show aired it was a blatant "THAT'S A MAN" moment - very reminiscent of (trashy) shows like Jerry Springer or Maury. Carmen's intent was to promote acceptance of trans women and make it ok to flirt or be attracted to someone who has changed his/her gender. This type of ignorance should not be allowed. There are people around the world who kill themselves because of gender identity disorder. There are people who are bullied, tormented and feel indifferent every single day. This episode brought Carmen Carrera to tears because she does NOT want any part of a program that promotes such ignorance and miseducation. Please, fight for the rights and the RESPECT of PEOPLE. Not just the trans community but for everyone, equally.

Angellino Carrera
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Petitioning 21 Laps, Netflix, Atomic Monster, TLC, LMNO Productions, New Line Cinema, Jerry Bruckheimer Television, NBC, Cartel Pictures, Shudder , Broadway Video, SYFY, CBS, Playmaker Media, Will Packer Media...

Young Hollywood Against Georgia Heartbeat Bill

A women’s right to choose is under attack – and we must defend it. Last week, as part of a nationwide push to limit women’s reproductive rights, Georgia’s House of Representatives passed 6-week ‘fetal heartbeat’ bill that bans most abortions. The bill, titled HB481, or the Living Infants Fairness and Equality (LIFE) Act, would bar women from terminating their pregnancies after a fetal heartbeat is first detected, which can be as early as around the six-week mark. That is a point prior to which most women are even aware they are pregnant. If signed into law, this legislation would be one of the most restrictive abortion bans in the U.S. and an affront to a woman’s constitutional right to an abortion. Right now, we are waiting to see if Georgia’s Governor Brian Kemp will sign this attack on the Constitution into law. Given his history on reproductive rights, it’s all too likely it will happen. Hollywood is helping Georgia thrive, bringing production and dollars to a place where women are day by day losing their control over their own bodies. According to the MPAA, the film and TV industry is responsible for more than 92,100 jobs and nearly $4.6 billion in total wages in Georgia, including indirect jobs and wages. We ask that those considering to bring their productions to the state boycott Georgia until legislation changes. The following studios and production companies are currently shooting in Georgia. We ask the community, and them in particular to donate to Planned Parenthood, specifically Georgia Planned Parenthood Southeast. This will fund the clinics in Georgia, making reproductive health accessible, and will contribute to their legal fight against HB481 in the courts should it is signed into law: Stranger Things, 7 Little Johnstons, Conjuring 3, Council of Dads, Creepshow, Deputy, (Future) Cult Classic, Insatiable, Labour of Love, Power Star Live, Reckoning, Say Yes to the Dress, The Baker and the Beauty, The Heart of Life, The Liberator, The Outsider, The Real World, Legacies, Star, Dynasty, MacGyver, Doom Patrol, Bad Boys For Life, The Act, Pudget Sound, Ambitions, The Glorias: A Life on the Road, Zombieland 2, Lodge 49, Dish Nation, Iyanla: Fix My Life Season 6,  Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, Live to Tell, Mama June, The Aquarium, Stargirl, Intolerable with Nancy Grace, Jumanji 3, Power Star Life, Reckoning, The Liberator, Star Crossed, Lost and Found, Cipher, Greenleaf, Untitled Marsha Blackstone Project. This donation means that your production stands by their female cast and crew, even if they are shooting in a place that endangers their constitutional rights. If the bill passes, it will be one step closer to shutting the Planned Parenthood doors, which more people from your production have walked through in a time of need than you could imagine. We are also adding our names to the list of people urging Brian Kemp to NOT sign the HB481 bill into law. Spearheaded by Alyssa Milano, include Alec Baldwin, Amy Schumer, Gabrielle Union, Ben Stiller, Don Cheadle, Mia Farrow, Rosie O’Donnell, Patton Oswalt, Sarah Silverman, Essence Atkins, Uzo Aduba, Christina Applegate, Sean Penn, Atlanta native David Cross, Colin Hanks, Bradley Whitford and Amber Tamblyn, we are joining them in the fight to block this bill.  Many other Young Hollywood Organizations already support this petition, please join us in adding your name to the list and donating whatever you can to help keep Planned Parenthood running. Once you've signed your name, please consider donating any amount you can here! In Solidarity with: Young Entertainment Activists  Women Wednesdays  NEXT STEP The Femlist  Camel Assembly Boy's Club QXX

YEA Women Wednesdays
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Petitioning Petitioners, TLC, Education System

Help Alessandro Margaretha from TLCs' 90 Day Fiance

What is 90 Day Fiance?  The reality show, "90 Day Fiance" currently airing on TLC shows several couples within a season. Out of each couple, one person is a foreigner hoping to become an American citizen by marrying an American citizen out of romantic interest. These couples are challenged with the K-1 Visas' restrictions and requirements. One main challenge within the K-1 visa that these couples face is getting to know each other and deciding whether to get married or not. They are required to make the decision 90 Days before the foreigner is required to be deported. Hence the name, "90 Day Fiance".   Who are Eric & Leida? Season 6 of 90 Day Fiance features a very controversial couple, Eric and Leida. Eric Rosenbrook is a recently divorced 41 year old man who is an avionics technician. He has 3 children from his ex-wife. According to the show, they are 11, 19, and 21. Leida Margaretha is 29 years old and from Indonisia. Shes from a very well to do (wealthy) family in Indonisia. She was previously a Medical Assistant in Indonisia and shes now here in America hoping to become a Doctor. She was previously married for a brief time and had a now 5 year old son with her ex husband, Alessandro.  Controversy with Eric & Leida Leida had demanded that Eric make her his priority. This means that she is above anyone in his family and that her expectations need to be met, or else shes going back to Indonisia. This mentality of hers has led to her expecting and demanding Eric to stop paying Child Support (1,000 a month). Her mentality has also caused Eric (out of fear of Leida going back to Indonisia) to kick his 19 year old daughter, Tasha out of the apartment because his fiance, Leida was hysterically upset about the messes she left. Leida also wanted her to leave so that Alessandro could have her room. Tasha was visibly distraught and later Eric felt the same after speaking with his father about how family always comes first.  Rumors (Tasha) There are currently rumors circulating about how Leida is now harassing (trying to contact) Erics' daughter Tasha; 19. Tasha and her mother have pressed charges against Leida. As a result, Leida and Eric have tried to press charges of harassment and defamation of character against Tasha. Rumors (Jennika) There are also now rumors about Leida verbally abusing Erics' 11 year old daughter, Jennika. Leida has told Jennika that a mole on her body is cancerous, that she could die and that she should get it checked out. Jennika has had the mole checked with her mother and the mole wasn't cancerous. Leida also tells Jennika to shower everytime she visits Eric and Leida because she smells like her mom and wants the sent washed off. As a result of the verbal abuse, Jennika has told her mother that she no longer wants to visit the apartment. Her mother has decided to not allow the kids to visit Eric.  Main Reason for Petition Throughout Eric and Leidas' segments in "90 Day Fiance" and rumors circulating, we feel Leida is a very unfit parent for her son, Alessandro; 5. When Alessandro is featured, he can not seem to speak very well or he talks very little struggling to say a single word. He has only been seen speaking one word under the influence of his biological Father. He is more often seen babbling, Leida spoon feeding him, and treating him like he is 2 years old. There are arguments saying that he babbles because he does not know English or because his development was stunted by a wealthy upbringing with nannies and maids. However, a child at 5 can normally speak full sentences and they speak at lot at 5 years of age... especially in their first language, which would be Indonisian or Malay. Leida has also been recieving death threats on social media because of her behavior on 90 Day Fiance. She has recently stated that Alessandro has been recieving death threats as well. She has not provided proof. She is very selfish, reprehensible, and irresponsible for putting her son in such an unsafe situation.    We also suspect that Alessandro may not be attending school because of how frequently hes featured on the show and on social media around Leida and in the apartment. His future and well being is never discussed in the show. Leida is showing to be a neglectful mother.  Leida has also been shown to be verbally abusive. Possibly unfit to raise a mentally stable child. Here are brief examples of abusive and unsafe behavior: 1.) Threatens to leave Eric for Indonisia if her needs and expectations are not met. 2.) Forces Eric to kick his daughter Tasha; 19 out of the apartment because of the messes she leaves. 3.) Lies to Erics' daughter, Jennika; 11 about her mole being cancerous for malicious reasons. 4.) Tells Jennika; 11 to shower when visiting because she smells like her mother (Erics' ex-wife).  5.) Lying about Alessandro receiving death threats on Social Media. Goal of Petition We hope that this petition gets enough attention that Leida accepts that something about Alessandros development needs to be addressed and that there needs to be changes. If she does not accept this, we hope that someone appropriate intervenes. We are concerned and heartbroken that this young boy is being neglected developmentally.  PLEASE BE RESPECTFUL

Kaitlyn Ross
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