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TACO BELL: Don’t let animals suffer. Go cage-free!

Taco Bell is one of the top restaurant chains in the US, expanding into the breakfast business early last year. With new menu items like the Waffle and Biscuit Tacos, Taco Bell is staying competitive with the nation’s breakfast retail leader, McDonald’s. But there’s one area the Taco Bell breakfast menu falls short of the competition: cage-free eggs. On factory farms, egg laying hens are kept in tiny, barren battery cages, unable to express natural behaviors like nesting, dust-bathing, and foraging. Each hen has less space than a standard sized sheet of paper. They may never experience natural light or fresh air, and will never leave their cages until they are gathered for slaughter. Just a few weeks ago, Taco Bell’s main competitor, McDonald’s, announced it was going 100% cage-free, and set a timeline to phase out cruel battery cages from its egg supply chain. Burger King and Starbucks have set deadlines for their cage-free pledges, as well as the food service giants Compass Group, Aramark, and Sodexo. Several states have already banned battery cages. Compassion in World Farming has worked with some of the world’s largest food businesses such as McDonald’s, Walmart, and Unilever to create and improve policies for higher animal welfare. Consumer demand for better treatment of farm animals is here, and many companies have already stepped up to the plate. Taco Bell has already acknowledged its customers care about animals, by introducing a new certified vegetarian menu. The time is now to switch to cage-free eggs! Please sign the petition to ask Taco Bell to purchase only cage-free eggs for its restaurants, and set a deadline for the transition. You are a voice for animals!

Compassion in World Farming
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Petitioning Greg Creed, CEO

Why is Taco Bell supporting SeaWorld animal abuse?

As a Penn State student, Taco Bell is located in the heart of our college town.  It’s always my latenight recommendation when looking for a yummy quick option, since it’s open till 3am.  After learning of Taco Bell’s promotion of discounted tickets to SeaWorld, I decided it no longer will be my night time restaurant recommendation. And I’m going to spread the word to as many friends as I can to tell them to reconsider going to Taco Bell, until they stop promoting SeaWorld. What’s wrong with SeaWorld? SeaWorld keeps dolphins and orcas captive in an environment resembling nothing near their natural environment. While in captivity, the lifespan of these intelligent creatures is shortened, and they live in stress to perform tricks that are unnatural to them. The conditions are so dangerous to people that the Occupational Safety and Health Administration says SeaWorld cannot have trainers in the water with orcas anymore. The documentary Blackfish exposed me to SeaWorld’s horrifying practices towards animals. When I learned of the mistreatment of orcas by SeaWorld, I showed the film to friends on campus and wrote letters to SeaWorld board members requesting that they end their cruel practices.  I was saddened of their terrible treatment of animals, and wanted to do everything I could to stop their practices. But I was even more appalled to learn that Taco Bell is promoting SeaWorld. ‘Yo Quiero’ Taco Bell to stop promoting SeaWorld.  I’m changing my late night restaurant recommendation to avoid Taco Bell until they end their ties with SeaWorld.  And I’m going to tell as many Taco Bell customers to spread the word to avoid going there as well. You can help end the captivity of animals at SeaWorld by sharing this with your friends.

Laura Morse
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Petitioning Taco Bell, Brian R. Niccol

Taco Bell: Please create a vegan menu

Making the menu of a fast food chain more vegan-friendly may seem trivial at first glance, but major corporations have powerful influence over people and society by establishing norms. It is a certainty that consuming animals and animal products is not only unsustainable and devastating to our planet, but also detrimental to human health, as well as cruel to animals in all respects. Fast food restaurants have the power to make veganism more common, thereby benefiting animals, people and the environment. In order to eat at Taco Bell, vegan customers have been taken advantage of by paying for ingredients that were never received. According to the company's website for example, to make a Crunchwrap Supreme vegan, add black beans and remove beef, sour cream and cheese. This will cost the same as an unmodified Crunchwrap Supreme despite receiving 2 less ingredients, meaning the restaurant benefits by saving product, thus increasing profit. The unofficial vegan Crunchwrap Supreme is 1 of 7 vegan menu items for which Taco Bell overcharges. So why not just call it a Vegan Crunchwrap Supreme and discount the price? To show their customers appreciation of the profits they've provided the fast food chain, we propose that Taco Bell add more appropriately priced vegan options to the menu. Although the company has already taken steps to attract vegan customers, their menu only offers 2 items that do not need modifying in order to be considered vegan - the rest require the removal of ingredients. What's more, these numerous customizations not only increase the likelihood of error, but can also negatively impact employee attitudes toward the customer. This can leave the customer feeling guilty and uncomfortable for ordering vegan at Taco Bell.    We suggest creating a separate vegan menu, possibly beginning with the 9 existing options, and adjusting accordingly the prices of the 7 items which involve modifications. Taco Bell could even offer meat alternatives such as Soyrizo, soy curls, tofu, tempeh, and other plant-based protein, as well as vegan cheese. The vegan population is steadily growing, and we are confident that restaurants will gain more customers and increase sales if they offer more 100% plant-based menu items.

Christopher Stasney
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Petitioning Taco Bell

Taco Bell, please introduce vegan meats into menu items!!!

Veganism and plant based diets have become exponentially more popular in the past few years due to health benefits, environmental benefits, and the animal cruelty of factory farming.  As a result most vegans live mostly on home cooked meals and select restaurants that serve plant based meals. But many have started going to Taco Bell and ordering Al Fresco because it is the most vegan friendly fast food items around. But we think you can do better. Plant  based ground meats seasoned in the same seasoning as ground beef, have identical taste and texture as the ground beef you are using now but without the animal cruelty, environmental consequences, or poor health effects of eating beef. Taco Bell, although it would be ideal to replace all of your ground beef with a plant based ground meat, we are asking you to provide menu items and combo items with plant based ground meat.  This will benefit your company with a massive influx of vegan customers as you will be the only fast food chain serving vegans.  Thank you for your time.

Christopher Ellingsworth
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Petitioning Taco Bell

Dont Take the Naked Chicken Chalupa Away!!

Please, for the love of god, dont take the naked chicken chalupa away from us. I have gone and checked in at least a dozen times to share its glory, to let my fellow foodies know the wonder, to make sure that no child was passed over by its fried, delicious grace. Dont take this from us Taco Bell, for some of us its all we have left..

Jesse lindsay
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Petitioning Taco Bell

Taco Bell please come to the Netherlands!

Dear Taco Bell, Recently I moved here to study. Everything has been going smooth. The Dutch people are nice. I'm starting to feel comfortable, almost as if I were at home. But there's only 1 thing missing.. Yes, you!! Please open at least 1 restaurant here. I can assure you 100% that you're going to make a lot of money. There's even this whole page on Facebook dedicated where people who miss you come to share their thoughts. I just hope that one day I'll be able to eat your quesadilla here.. ~~> Taco lovers: give it a share :) we can do this!!

Jad Hallab
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Petitioning Taco Bell

Make Taco Bell Naked Chicken Chips A Permanent Item

The Naked Chicken Chips at Taco Bell are just too good to get rid of. Make them a permanent item. If you are not completely on board yet, go to Taco Bell and order these triangles of heaven drizzled with cheesy nacho sauce. If you still aren't on board, God help you. 

Jonah Ward
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Petitioning Taco Bell

Bring back the rolled chicken taco!

So many people love the rolled chicken taco, it needs to be a permanent menu item. Stop discontinuing it and bring it back!

Tara Ruring
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Petitioning Taco Bell


Because we as consumers are tired of this injustice Taco Bell is handing out through their drive through windows!!! We only want what's rightfully ours !! HELLO, TACO BELL ... YO QUIERO TACO BELL it's suppose to be THE CURE FOR THE COMMON MEAL MADE JUST FOR YOU because it's the FRESH FOOD PLACE but nooo they don't want to LIVE MÁS or SPICE UP THE LATE NIGHT with the GRANDE TASTE ,LOCO VALUE of the oh so delicious CHILI CHEESE BURRITO ....I want to make a RUN FOR THE BORDER to GET IT AT THE BELL so I can THINK OUTSIDE THE BUN but until they bring back my delicious mouth watering chili cheese burritos I cannot do so :(    TODAY BEING MY BIRTHDAY THIS IS MY WISH ..... TACO BELL GODS PLEASE BRING BACK MY CHILI CHEESE BURRITO'S ... It's been to long !  #BRINGBACKCCB

Shannon Jones
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Plastic bottle deposit scheme in the UK to encourage recycling

Many countries have a bottle deposit scheme. This means you pay a small deposit for the bottle packaging at the shop and, if you return the bottle later, you can get that deposit money back again. It works a little bit like the 5 pence charge on plastic bags, except, in this case - you can get the money back if you recycle! I experienced this when I lived in Germany and it works for a number of reasons: 1. It encourages recycling. In 2017, of the 38 countries that have this scheme, return rates were as high as 95%. (See: 2. It's great when you get a little money back! 3. Homeless people and anyone strapped for cash help out. Though I hate to think people are using this as their main source of income, it does work towards solving the environmental issue. People would actually come up to you and offer to recycle the bottle for you.  4. Supermarkets get customers coming back to their stores because often the bottle deposit machine is placed inside their stores.   5. It stops plastic bottles entering our oceans which is better for marine life and also for your beach holidays. So why don't we have this in the UK? I'd like to know because, Greenpeace shares, 35 million bottles get discarded every day in the UK.  Please sign this petition to create change and stop waste. It's easy to be sceptical about how much a petition can really change things but: - this petition will be shared with many politicians, courtesy of  - this petition will also encourage the University of Nottingham to trial and showcase how a plastic bottle deposit scheme could work for the rest of the UK. - If you want to see some examples of petitions that were successul in creating change, go to: I also encourage sign Greenpeace's petition on the same topic, to create double the impact:  After researching the pros and cons of this scheme in other countries, I have developed a list of solutions to potential problems the UK may face when developing this scheme. Hence, this petition:  1. Does not support the collection of the bottles by any means that is not sustainable. (I.e. they must, for example, be collected by cars powered by electric made by a renewable source, or, by cycling couriers) 2. Supports including an option to give to charity on the machine. Upon every return machine there is a button which you can press which gives the money to charity instead of to yourself. For this, you don't get a reciept. They have a system like this at a university in Scotland and this lessens the amount of receipts printed. (see: 3. Supports having a receipt-free machine. Rather than a receipt, this petition supports the money coming directly from the machine to stop wasting paper. 4. Supports a policy whereby those companies which are contributing highly to plastic waste, they must account for the cost of the deposit the customer would usually pay themselves.  I.e. If company wants to sell their product in a completely non biodegradable plastic, they cannot demand that the consumer pay the deposit. Then, the customers simply get extra pocket money for recycling it. For every apparent problem, there must be a way of finding a solution! I'd love to hear other people's suggestions. :) Cheers for reading!  

Finola Billings
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