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Starbucks Corporation, doing business as Starbucks Coffee, is an American global coffee company and coffeehouse chain based in Seattle, Washington.

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Starbucks, we know you can make a #BetterCup

Our names are Mya and Eve and we are 11-year old students in Grade 6 attending school in Calgary. A science project of ours on single-use disposable cups revealed shocking facts and we think it’s time to act. We surveyed 167 people from different backgrounds to know how many single-use cups they throw away. Our findings indicate that on average, 155 cups get thrown in the trash per person, per year. We also did some research and found that 430 billion single-use disposable cups are thrown in the trash each year around the world, this is about 140,000 each second. We also found that every year, Starbucks distributes over 4 billion single-use cups to customers, which means that 1 million trees are cut down to provide the paper. Most people think that these cups are recyclable, but that’s not always true. In Canada alone, over 1.5 billion disposable coffee cups are thrown away each year. These numbers are extremely concerning to us. The waste adds to the landfill and much of it gets incinerated which contributes to climate change. We asked people to bring their own reusable mugs; however, when we look around, many people are still purchasing their coffees without bringing their own mugs. We urge Starbucks to lead the way towards a more sustainable future. We know you can do this! We join other organizations, including Stand Earth, and citizens from around the world, to ask you to: Recommit to 100% recyclable cups. In 2008, you had the goal to serve a recyclable cup by 2015. That did not happen and today, billions of your cups still go straight to the garbage. The plastic lining inside your cups makes it almost impossible to recycle with regular paper. We ask you to please develop a cup that can be recycled across North America and around the world with the existing technology in recycling facilities. Recommit to 25% reusable cups. Reusable cups are the most responsible approach, but currently, we have found that you serve less than 2% of your hot drinks in reusable mugs. Please create more incentives and engage more people in this project. Commit to 100% recycled. Currently, 90% of the paper in each Starbucks cup is made from trees that are cut, used once, and then thrown away. We know you can change this. On the path toward 100% recycled/tree-free cups, Starbucks has the opportunity to be a leader and shift toward more sustainable fiber certified by the Forest Stewardship Council. Please sign this petition to support our initiative.  For the sake of our forests, our climate, and the only planet we have, it’s time to #BreakFreeFromPlastic and make a #BetterCup. We love our earth, our home. Thank you!

Gina Ko
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Ban plastic cutlery and straws in fast-food chains to protect our oceans and marine life.

Globally, we throw away 500 million straws a day and according to, we dump 8 million tonnes of single-use plastic in our oceans yearly. Plastic cutlery and straws have an incredibly short usage time, yet take several 100 years to break down and decompose when they end up in our oceans. No marine species are safe from the toxic impact of the plastic that is heavily polluting our oceans. Straws and cutlery often end up in the digestive systems and in the noses and throats of our marine life, ultimately killing them and contributing to the depletion of already struggling species of fish and marine mammals. Multiple studies have also shown that we too are consuming the plastic fragments ingested by fish. Starbucks, McDonald's and Subway are giants in their fields. They have the power to lead the way in industry-wide change when it comes to the wasteful and toxic throwing away of hundreds of millions of pieces of single-use plastic DAILY. When they make the change, others will be encouraged to follow. If smaller, independent coffee and fast-food stores are able to use paper straws and biodegradable alternatives to plastic cutlery, huge companies like Starbucks and McDonald's most definitely can too. It is thought that if we continue on our current trajectory, by 2050 our oceans could hold more plastic than they do fish. We have to make a change NOW. 

Kirstie Brittain
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Petitioning Starbucks

Starbucks: Stop Supporting Chicken Abuse!

Starbucks is supposed to stand for more than just coffee. It claims to care deeply about its community and social issues. Yet Starbucks doesn’t extend this care to the millions of egg-laying hens suffering in its global supply chain. Starbucks refuses to end its support of farms that confine hens in tiny, filthy cages. These cages are so small and packed with birds that the hens can’t do anything that is natural or important to them. Often, their body parts are caught in the caging, which results in fractured or broken bones, deformities, and severe feather loss. Some hens, exhausted or unable to move, are trampled to death by their cage mates. Hundreds of companies around the world are ditching cages. Global commitments to end cruel cages are being made by some of the largest companies in the world, including General Mills, Unilever, Nestle, Lidl,  Aldi, Wyndham Worldwide, InterContinental Hotels, Aramark, Sodexo, Mondelez, and Compass Group. Even low-end fast food companies and US prisons are moving away from this horrible practice. Starbucks, however, has failed to join this movement towards better treatment of animals globally. In its mission statement, Starbucks states: “Now we see that our responsibility – and our potential for good – is even larger. The world is looking to Starbucks to set the new standard, yet again. We will lead.” Starbucks has fallen behind on animal welfare. The world is now looking to Starbucks to meet basic animal welfare standards and to lead the global restaurant industry in abolishing some of the worst factory farm abuses. Please sign this petition to tell Starbucks that you won’t be purchasing any of its products as until it stops supporting this egregious animal abuse.

The Humane League
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Petitioning Starbucks

Replace Plastic Straws with Biodegradable Paper Straws

Plastic straws are one of the most pervasive forms of plastic waste, and incredibly destructive to our oceans and environment. So why are stores like Starbucks giving out straws which get used once, only to end up lodged in a sea turtle’s throat? We live in South Florida and for a recent school project, Davis (13-years-old) and I (Davis’ mom) volunteered on a beach clean up where we saw just how devastating plastic waste is on our shores. In the last 25 years, over 6 million straws and stirrers were removed from beaches during annual cleaning events. We’re asking Starbucks to lead the way and transition away from single use plastic straws. Starbucks has built its reputation as a company concerned about its environmental impact. They recently invested $10 million in designing a more environmentally-friendly cup, and now straws seem like the next logical step. As one of the largest fast-food companies worldwide, it could lead the industry in protecting our oceans. If it's expense that's keeping the company from doing what's right, then we’re sure their customers would be happy to pay an extra 5 cents to ensure that their plastic straw doesn't end up lodged in a sea turtle's throat. During our beach clean up, it seemed like the sandy trash was endless. We need to take better care of our planet to leave a home for future generations – and we’re asking for Starbucks’ help.

Diana and Davis R.
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Petitioning NIKE

Tell These Companies: It's Time To Dump Trump!

Donald Trump's brand is bigoted bullying. His commentary has been increasingly reckless and racially charged -- and his conduct has been exposed as predatory. For example: Trump bragged about sexual assaulting women, claiming that he can get away anything because of his celebrity. Trump attacked Mexicans, calling them "murderers" and "rapists." Trump endorsed and encouraged violence against Black Lives Matter as well as other anti-Trump demonstrators Attacked female critics in the media by suggesting that they were having their period or by explicitly calling them ugly. Said that he would seriously look into getting rid of all the Muslims in the United States. Several weeks after saying that, he put out an official policy that called for banning all Muslims from entering the United States. Trump's conduct has gotten so extreme that even mainstream and venerable news outlets have started comparing his conduct to fascism. Many of Trump's major business already cut ties with him. NBC and Macy's as well as many other companies that do business with Trump ended their relationship over the summer. It's a good start. But there's more work to do. This petition is targeting remaining Trump business associations: 1) Did you know that many of the Trump buildings are not actually owned by Trump? They're actually owned by other property companies and they pay Donald Trump to license his name and put it on the building. These companies should stop paying Trump to use his name and remove his name from their buildings. 2) Over the years, Donald Trump has bragged many times that Gucci and Nike placed their flagship stores in Trump buildings. He's very proud of these stores and these business deals. Donald Trump uses Gucci and Nike's brand recognition to legitimize his bigoted bullying. Gucci and Nike should no longer allow for Trump to do this. They should reconsider their business deals with Donald Trump and begin exploring relocating their flagship stores. 3) Starbucks has coffee shops in Trump properties. Trump's brand is wildly inconsistent with Starbucks' brand. Not only that, but recently Trump actually called for a boycott of Starbucks, claiming that Starbucks was engaging in a war on Christmas. Starbucks should reconsider its business arrangements with Trump and pursue relocating those stores, 4) Kitchen Aid is the named sponsor of the PGA Senior Golf Championship. Donald Trump spent many years lobbying for a major golf tournament and was awarded the 2017 Kitchen Aid PGA Senior Golf Championship. Trump is very proud of this. Kitchen Aid should not allow for Donald Trump's dangerous bigoted bullying to be rewarded. Accordingly, they should push to move the tournament to another location (as many less prestigious golf events have already done). Follow The #DumpTrump Effort On Facebook:

Angelo Carusone
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For Starbucks, Costa and Cafe Nero to add baby change facilities in the men's toilets.

I love being a dad but one of the things that frustrates me is that whenever I go out and about it’s often so hard to find a place to change my baby’s nappy. In many places I try, I am told that the only facilities were in the female toilet and that I couldn't use them. The lack of changing facilities in men's toilets means that I have sometimes had to think twice about where I went out with my baby alone. I have been forced to change my baby's nappy in dirty toilets without a clean surface and publicly on restaurant tables, picnic benches and even in the boot of my car.  Three years ago I decided to try and change things and launched a campaign calling for change and we won -- Strada, the Italian restaurant, pledged to add a baby changing unit for everyone (not just mums), in every one of their UK branches! Sadly no-one else followed in their footsteps so everyday dads who want to look after their kids have to make the choice of leaving their child in a dirty nappy, asking a stranger to change their nappy or trying to change in an unsafe way. I’ve created a community of dads called TheDadsnet and we hear, all the time that others haven’t had access to safe and clean places to change their baby’s nappy when out and about in public, including some of the world's biggest coffee shops. Here’s an example: “When we arrived at the hospital my son needed a nappy change. I checked the men’s and disabled toilets for changing facilities to find none. I asked at the information desk where baby changing was and was told it was only in the ladies. I asked where dads were expected to change their babies and was told to ask a nurse to use a side room but not to bank on them allowing it. I ended up changing my son’s nappy on the floor in a corridor.” Dadsnet Member. This isn’t OK - it’s 2019! It’s time for other big companies to follow in Strada’s footsteps and do the right thing - by making gender-neutral changing facilities in every public restaurant, coffee shop, shopping centre, cinema, cafe, pub, sports centre. I’ve created this petition to start with four of the coffee shop giants to install a baby-changing unit in every one of their male toilets across the UK. Please join me….

Al Ferguson
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Petitioning Rocco Princi


Princi è uno fra i più rinomati forni milanesi, la cui fama è arrivata anche al di fuori del paese natale. Oltre alle sei location nel cuore di Milano, Princi si è espansa in Europa nella città di Londra ed è persino sbarcata oltreoceano, con aperture a Chicago, Seattle e Shanghai. Nel 2017 Princi ha stipulato un accordo con il colosso americano della caffetteria Starbucks, che ad oggi serve i prodotti di Princi nelle prime quattro location italiane in piazza Cordusio, Corso Garibaldi, San Babila e Malpensa. L’azienda si propone come sinonimo di eccellenza e qualità, e si rivolge ad un pubblico raffinato ed amante della tradizione. Sul proprio sito inglese, l’azienda dichiara di agire con “passione, perfezionismo, e la ricerca di ingredienti straordinari”, e aggiunge che la materia prima è “ottenuta senza compromessi”. Sulla pagina aziendale si trovano costanti riferimenti alla ricerca appassionata degli ingredienti migliori da parte del fondatore Rocco Princi, il quale “è ossessionato con la perfezione degli ingredienti utilizzati”  e “viaggia per tutta l’Italia per conoscere di persona macellai, artigiani, agricoltori e casari”. Una ricerca un po’ più approfondita all’interno del sito però non rivela alcun riferimento all’effettiva provenienza degli ingredienti, ed in particolare al tipo di uova utilizzate per l’elaborazione delle colazioni e dei numerosi prodotti di pasticceria presenti sul menù. Dallo scorso settembre 2017 Il dipartimento di sensibilizzazione aziendale di Animal Equality ha cercato di instaurare un dialogo con Princi al fine di iniziare una conversazione circa l’importanza di impegnarsi pubblicamente a prendere le distanze dall’utilizzo di uova provenienti da galline allevate in gabbia. Nonostante le nostre richieste,  Princi non ha ancora pubblicato il proprio impegno a non utilizzare uova di galline allevate in gabbia.  Crediamo che il totale disinteresse da parte di Princi a prendere posizione circa un tema fondamentale come quello della sofferenza estrema delle galline ovaiole allevate in gabbia costituisca una grave negligenza ed anche una deludente mancanza di trasparenza nei confronti dei consumatori. Chiediamo a Rocco Princi, amministratore delegato di Princi, di dimostrare coerenza con le dichiarazioni presenti sul sito aziendale, pubblicando il prima possibile il proprio impegno a non utilizzare uova provenienti da galline allevate in gabbia entro una data precisa, ricordando anche che Starbucks ha già reso pubblica la propria politica aziendale circa l’approvvigionamento di uova in cui dichiara che entro il 2020 si rivolgerà esclusivamente a fornitori che non costringono le galline in allevamenti in gabbia. Condividi la petizione con tutti i tuoi contatti su WhatsApp! Supporta questa campagna con semplici azioni online iscrivendoti subito alla squadra dei Difensori degli Animali di Animal Equality!

Animal Equality Italia
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Petitioning The Hon Melissa Price MP, Gabrielle Upton MP, Australian Packaging Covenant Organisation Ltd, Starbucks, McDonalds, 7-Eleven

Warnings on takeaway coffee cups

Over a billion single-use coffee cups end up in landfill each year in Australia and most of the cups that don’t make it into landfill, end up in our environment. Landfill’s greenhouse gases are one of the major factors for climate change and global warming. Coffee cups which don’t make it to landfill end up in our oceans, killing fragile marine life like turtles, dolphins and even whales -- washing up on shore dead with stomachs full of plastic waste. Our waste situation is in crisis and if we don’t do anything about it, it’s only going to get worse. The trouble is that most coffee cups are not recyclable due to a plastic waterproof lining and there is mass confusion about what to do with them. The first option is to avoid this altogether by bringing our own keep cups. Many cafes have signed up to offering a discount if you bring your own cup. But take away coffee cups (and other single-use cups) still persist everywhere. We need clear warnings on these 'so-called' disposable cups. Warning of the danger to the environment, like you see on cigarette packets about cigarettes endangering our health. Warnings on cigarette packaging have worked very well in reducing the rate of smoking which is not considered cool any more. We need the same for takeaway coffee cups. Please, let's have appropriate labelling on takeaway coffee cups now, to inform our behaviour before it’s too late!

Anna Warren
58,540 supporters