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Starbucks Corporation, doing business as Starbucks Coffee, is an American global coffee company and coffeehouse chain based in Seattle, Washington.

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Stop Supporting Factory Farm Cruelty

Starbucks is supposed to stand for something more than coffee. They even have an animal welfare policy that claims to opposed cruelty to animals. So why is Starbucks supporting intensive confinement of animals? Battery cage farms cram egg-laying hens into tiny wire cages. With less room than a sheet of computer paper to live in for virtually their entire lives, these poor animals are unable to spread their wings or engage in any of their natural behaviors. This outdated agricultural practice is so cruel that it is already illegal in the entire European Union and several states in the US. Thankfully, we've also seen lots of movement away from battery cages in the private sector, too. In the last few years, some of the worlds largest restaurant chains and food service providers—places like Aramark, Sodexo, McDonalds, and more—have made commitments to phase out this horrible practice from their supply chain. Despite this progress, Starbucks sources the vast majority of their eggs from cruel battery cage farms. Please, sign our petition and let Starbucks know that consumers do not want to be supporting this kind of extreme animal cruelty with their dining dollars. It's time for Starbucks to do the right thing and end their support of farms that still use outdated battery cage systems.

The Humane League
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Petitioning NIKE

Tell These Companies: It's Time To Dump Trump!

Donald Trump's brand is bigoted bullying. His commentary has been increasingly reckless and racially charged -- and his conduct has been exposed as predatory. For example: Trump bragged about sexual assaulting women, claiming that he can get away anything because of his celebrity. Trump attacked Mexicans, calling them "murderers" and "rapists." Trump endorsed and encouraged violence against Black Lives Matter as well as other anti-Trump demonstrators Attacked female critics in the media by suggesting that they were having their period or by explicitly calling them ugly. Said that he would seriously look into getting rid of all the Muslims in the United States. Several weeks after saying that, he put out an official policy that called for banning all Muslims from entering the United States. Trump's conduct has gotten so extreme that even mainstream and venerable news outlets have started comparing his conduct to fascism. Many of Trump's major business already cut ties with him. NBC and Macy's as well as many other companies that do business with Trump ended their relationship over the summer. It's a good start. But there's more work to do. This petition is targeting remaining Trump business associations: 1) Did you know that many of the Trump buildings are not actually owned by Trump? They're actually owned by other property companies and they pay Donald Trump to license his name and put it on the building. These companies should stop paying Trump to use his name and remove his name from their buildings. 2) Over the years, Donald Trump has bragged many times that Gucci and Nike placed their flagship stores in Trump buildings. He's very proud of these stores and these business deals. Donald Trump uses Gucci and Nike's brand recognition to legitimize his bigoted bullying. Gucci and Nike should no longer allow for Trump to do this. They should reconsider their business deals with Donald Trump and begin exploring relocating their flagship stores. 3) Starbucks has coffee shops in Trump properties. Trump's brand is wildly inconsistent with Starbucks' brand. Not only that, but recently Trump actually called for a boycott of Starbucks, claiming that Starbucks was engaging in a war on Christmas. Starbucks should reconsider its business arrangements with Trump and pursue relocating those stores, 4) Kitchen Aid is the named sponsor of the PGA Senior Golf Championship. Donald Trump spent many years lobbying for a major golf tournament and was awarded the 2017 Kitchen Aid PGA Senior Golf Championship. Trump is very proud of this. Kitchen Aid should not allow for Donald Trump's dangerous bigoted bullying to be rewarded. Accordingly, they should push to move the tournament to another location (as many less prestigious golf events have already done). Follow The #DumpTrump Effort On Facebook:

Angelo Carusone
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Petitioning Starbucks, CEO Howard Schultz and COO Kevin Johnson

Starbucks: Give paid parental leave to dads

I am so disappointed to learn that Starbucks doesn’t offer dads any paid parental leave. Starbucks offers 6 weeks paid parental leave to new moms as well as to adoptive parents - but leaves out birth dads. That doesn’t make any sense!  I'm a new dad, and I love Starbucks. After my son was born, we spent countless afternoons cruising our neighborhood together. We have a regular route, and it always starts with dad getting a little treat at the nearby Starbucks. The staff were always so nice to us, and it was a warm and welcoming environment for a new dad who was often in a sleepless haze.I am asking Starbucks to update its policy to catch up with the modern standard for paid parental leave and include dads.I think of Starbucks as a forward-thinking and modern company - one that would recognize that all parents should be able to be there when a new child arrives. As a father, I know that taking time to bond with a new child is critical for families.As one of the largest employers in the country, I’m asking that Starbucks update their paid parental leave policy to include dads - because it’s good for families, and they’re a great business who has a chance to be even better.If you want to read more about the paid family leave practices at the largest employers in the country, check out the new report by PL+US.

Matt and PL+US
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Petitioning Mr. Howard D. Schultz

Starbucks and Coffee Bean: Support the fight to end the dog and cat meat trade worldwide

Please join me in asking Starbucks and The Coffee Bean and their top executives to help put a stop to the cruel dog and cat meat industry worldwide. Every year millions of dogs and cats are beaten, boiled alive, skinned alive, and dismembered before slaughter. This is done while all the others, starved and dehydrated, wait terrified in nearby filthy cages. There is a belief that the adrenaline released by the animals makes the meat tastier and gives it health benefits. This is barbaric that anyone would even entertain torturing another living being for such a purpose. Lets ask Starbucks and Coffee Bean to help. They have businesses located all throughout the world; including China, South Korea, Vietnam, Cambodia and other countries that participate in this shameful industry. These two huge companies can put political, economic and social pressure on their governments to put a stop to this and enact laws protecting these helpless animals. Let's also encourage Starbucks and Coffee Bean to help give incentives for these dog farmers and butchers to possibly go into the coffee and tea business instead.

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Petitioning Starbucks, Kevin Johnson, Luigi Bonini, Chris Carr, Adam Brotman, Aimee Johnson, Rosalind Brewer

Starbucks: Take the Next Step and Offer a Vegan Food Menu!

Starbucks was one of the first national coffee chains to offer soy milk, and in the past year, the company has also added coconut milk to its menu as well as announced the expansion of its Animal Welfare-Friendly Practices. In light of these positive steps forward, Starbucks should continue its progress by taking the next step: offer vegan food options!      Right now, a growing number of consumers looking for dairy-free coffee beverages can turn to Starbucks for soy milk or coconut milk – but that’s where Starbuck’s menu falls short.  Plant-based food options are limited to oatmeal and a few pre-packaged fruit-based snacks. By expanding its food menu to include hearty meat-, egg-, and dairy-free options such as vegan muffins or a protein-packed breakfast sandwich, Starbucks would give existing customers more choices while also reaching out to a new customer-base. This simple change will allow so many more customers to add a breakfast item with their coffee, stay for lunch, enjoy a pastry, or grab some food to go. Recent market trend research shows that vegan eating is hitting the mainstream. A recent restaurant industry journal noted that “Millennials are increasingly interested in vegan cuisine, and more than 60 percent consume meat alternatives.” Consumer interest in plant-based food and drink has become so widespread that Starbucks acknowledges that its decision to add coconut milk was based on customer requests – it was one of the “most popular My Starbucks Ideas of all time!” Other national chains similar to Starbucks are already responding to the consumer interest in plant-based options. For example, in addition to dairy-free milk for coffee, Le Pain Quotidien’s menu features several hearty vegan options from breakfast through dessert, Au Bon Pain has a daily vegan soup, and Einstein Bros Bagels offers hummus or peanut butter toppings for bagels. It is clear that consumer demand is shifting towards healthier and more humane foods, and Starbucks has taken the first steps to respond. Now it’s time for the company to take the next step -- and take the lead -- by offering a substantial plant-based food options.  Starbucks has already shown that it listens to consumer requests, so please sign this petition to let the company know that you appreciate the dairy-free milk options, and you’re ready for a vegan food menu!

Jane Velez-Mitchell and Compassion Over Killing
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Petitioning Starbucks

Que Starbucks no discrimine a madres trabajadoras

Durante el 2016, Starbucks discriminó a 15 mamás en el pago de un Bono por haber hecho uso de licencia médica de pre y postnatal. Pese a que la Dirección del Trabajo y el SERNAMEG presionaron para que la empresa se comprometiese a pagar retroactivamente lo adeudado, a casi un año todavía esto todavía no ocurre. Hoy, gran parte de estas jóvenes madres perjudicadas ha renunciado a la compañía producto de la rotación natural de la industria o la frustración de haberse visto discriminadas. Para nuestro sindicato, los temas de género son muy sensibles y hemos tenido que actuar fuertemente para corregir problemas con los derechos maternales. Hoy, queremos que estas 15 madres reciban lo que se les debe porque es lo justo y correcto. Tú puedes ayudarnos a hacerlo, firma y difunde. #StarbucksDebeALasMamás #PagaLoQueDebes

Sindicato Starbucks Coffee Chile S.A.
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Petitioning Starbucks, Jose Luis Portela, Francesca Faraggi, Federico Tejado, Howard Schultz (CEO Starbucks), Edmundo Garza Delgado, Fabián Gosselin

Que tod@s l@s trabajador@s de Starbucks Chile tengan colación, no sólo los Gerentes.

¿Sabías que tu café vale más que una hora de trabajo de los empleados de Starbucks? Desde hace 8 años que nos encontramos organizados en el Sindicato de Starbucks Coffee Chile por la defensa de nuestros derechos. Hoy, nuestro sueldo base como baristas es igual al mínimo legal y no nos alcanza para comprar comida. No recibimos colación, sólo dos cafés por turno que alimentan prácticamente nada. Sin embargo, hay trabajadores en cada local a los que la empresa sí les financia su comida a través de una asignación; Asistentes de Gerente, Gerentes de Tienda y hacia arriba, incluso nuestro Gerente General, todos ellos gozan de este beneficio. Sin embargo, hasta hoy, la empresa no nos ha escuchado. Hoy tú tienes la oportunidad de sumarte a nuestra voz. Si trabajas en Starbucks, si eres cliente, o un ciudadano conciente, dile a la compañía que es necesario mejorar justamente las condiciones laborales. Te pedimos que solidarices con tu firma, para que así Starbucks entienda que tú quieres un rico café, sin sabor a precariedad laboral. Para que baristas y supervisores tengan acceso a una colación, por favor, firma la petición. Sindicato Starbucks Chile

Sindicato Starbucks Coffee Chile S.A.
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Petitioning Starbucks, Howard Schultz

Stop the violence against dogs and cats in China

We are asking Starbucks, who has a major presence throughout China, to publicly condemn the dog and cat meat trade and the Yulin Dog Meat Festival scheduled for June 21, 2017. The festival, which has no traditional basis, is purely for profit and involves torturing dogs and cats to death. While still alive, dogs and cats are being burned, skinned, and boiled. Many dogs are staked to the ground and beaten to death. Dogs also endure having their paws cleaved off with dull butcher knives. As this occurs, other dogs are forced to watch the torture in terror as they await their cruel fate in overcrowded cages. We must protect and give a voice to these innocent animals, many of which are stolen pets! Starbucks has the power to help end this cruelty. Please sign this petition to urge Starbucks to publicly condemn the festival and the cat and meat trade in China. By publicly condemning these acts of cruelty, Starbucks will raise awareness about the festival and the cat and dog meat trade. In addition, they will send a clear message that this inhuman treatment of animals should not be tolerated.

Tim Moore
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Petitioning Starbucks

Sokak hayvanları için yardım edin

Hiç farkettiniz mi bilmiyorum ama kahve istediğimizde ya da hamburger siparişi verdiğimizde yiyecek ve içeceklerin çok büyük bir kısmı çöpe atılıyor. Neden sütü lavaboya dökmek yerine sokak hayvanlarını mutlu etmiyoruz? Neden artan yiyecekleri çöpe atmak yerine dışarıdaki masumlarımızı sevindirmiyoruz? Tüm gün boyunca bunlarla uğraşılsın demiyorum ama onların günlük ihtiyaçlarını karşılayabilecek miktarda yiyecek ve sütün ayırılmasını, ister gönüllü kişilerin yardımıyla isterlerse kendileri tarafından dışarıdaki hayvanlarla paylaşılmasını siz de ister misiniz? Boşa giden onca yiyecek ve içecek bir işe yarasın diyorsanız eğer sizleri de bekliyoruz. Onlar için en azından bu kadarını yapalım. Starbucks, Caffe Nero, Burger King, KFC gibi büyük kuruluşların ve sizlerin yardımlarıyla (bu düşüncede olup yardım yapan kuruluşlar varsa da teşekkürlerimizi sunarız) dünyayı güzelleştirelim. Haydi sen de destek ol :)

Özge Acun
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Petitioning Starbucks

Stop using bugs to color your strawberry flavored drinks

It was recently discovered that the Strawberries & Crème Frappuccino as well as the Strawberry Smoothies at Starbucks contain cochineal extract. So what is cochineal extract? Well, simply stated… bugs. Cochineal extract is a red dye made out of dried female cochineal insects. Reports indicate it takes 70,000 cochineal to produce 1 pound of the red dye. Known to cause a rare, but severe allergic reactions in some individuals, the FDA requires manufacturers to list the “cochineal” in the ingredient’s list. Once promoted as vegan-friendly drinks (when made with soy milk), the strawberry beverages at Starbucks are no longer an option to those following a plant-based diet. Additionally, the drinks are not safe for those following a kosher diet. In response to a recent article on This Dish is Veg that warned readers of the cochineal extract, Starbucks provided the following statement: “At Starbucks, we strive to carry products that meet a variety of dietary lifestyles and needs. We also have the goal to minimize artificial ingredients in our products. While the strawberry base isn’t a vegan product, it helps us move away from artificial dyes.” While it’s commendable to move away from artificial ingredients, there are other natural means to achieve the red coloring. Red beet, black carrot, purple sweet potato and paprika are all-natural alternatives to artificial dyes and safe for those with dietary restrictions. (And those who don’t want crushed bugs in their designer drink.) Please let Starbucks know, you don’t want bugs in your drink!

Daelyn Fortney
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