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Southwest Airlines Co. is a major U.S. airline and the world's largest low-cost carrier.

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STOP BREED BANS-Airlines Must Create An Expert Animal Health And Care Advisory Board

**UPDATE*** The Airlines NEED expert animal counsel BAD. More HORRIBLE decisions coming down. Delta recently announced a ban on Pit Bull type dogs, including service dogs and emotional support dogs effective on July 10th, 2018.  This will be extremely damaging for Veterans, those with disabilities and all anyone who relies on their dog's for physical and emotional support.  We need these airlines to get their ACT TOGETHER. All of these issues can be avoided if they would listen to advocates, animal professionals and owners alike.  Sign our petition to get the airlines to recognize they need our help NOW.    -------------------Trending Recent News- Dog Dies In Airline Bin Dog Mistakenly Flown To Japan The recent news of this dog dying due to poor advice from airline staff just solidifies that airlines need expert advice in how to handle and care for the pets that fly with them. Airlines need expert advice on how to handle pets, where they need to stay, how they need to be cared for and more.  Our proposal is to create a travel coalition of the top leaders in the world on pet health and safety. We will then work directly with the airlines to create safe environments for pets that travel so that there are NO MORE DEATHS. is volunteering to start and spearhead this coalition for the well being of all our pets. Sign the petition below to show the airlines that they MUST have better protocols in place to ensure the health and safety of our pets.
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Southwest Airlines: Stop Promoting SeaWorld Animal Cruelty

If you've seen the film Blackfish, you already know that SeaWorld has a long history of abusing animals and covering up injuries sustained by trainers. Southwest Airlines has been a cheerleader for this cruelty by partnering with SeaWorld for 25 years -- offering deals on flights and promotions to customers who attend SeaWorld. Now that SeaWorld's inhumane practices are in the spotlight, I'm asking the airline to stop partnering with SeaWorld immediately.There are so many problems including abuse of Tilikum, the main breeding male orca, who was caught in the wild when he was just 2 years old and has since been stressed out, isolated, and pushed to the point of eventually killing a trainer. Orcas in captivity live miserable lives which are much shorter than those in the wild. Nakai, an orca at SeaWorld in San Diego had "a dinner plate-sized chunk" injury that many believe came from an attack from another orca at the facility. Another example is that orcas at SeaWorld have collapsed dorsal fins which does not happen in the wild where they belong. It's a sign of being physically and mentally unhealthy. In all, The Orca Project reports that "37 orcas have died in captivity at SeaWorld's 3 parks."The New York Times describes some of the footage from Blackfish as: "bleeding whales, flanks raked by the teeth of their fellow captives; a trainer crushed between two gigantic beasts with only his wet suit holding him together; another trainer dragged repeatedly to the bottom of a pool until he manages to escape."On top of all this, SeaWorld is currently waging a battle to bring wild caught beluga whales into the US from Russia even though the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) denied the permit due to concerns of the animals' welfare. More than a dozen belugas have already prematurely died in SeaWorld's 'care' but they still want to capture more wild animals. The shameful list of SeaWorld's unethical treatment of animals can go on and on.I have flown on Southwest as recently as this year and was even considering getting one of those Southwest Airlines mileage credit cards, but no more -- Southwest needs to understand that they are promoting animal cruelty seen in Blackfish if they continue to partner with SeaWorld as they have done for the last 25 years. They do promotional deals, sent out joint-press releases patting each other on the back, and are working hand in hand to profit from the misery of animals exploited for SeaWorld.Tilikum and the other animals at SeaWorld deserve better, and that will start to happen when SeaWorld feels wide public action. We have the awareness, now let's get active!Southwest Airlines has a choice. Will it support the animal cruelty at SeaWorld or make a compassionate choice to end this partnership of cruelty?Please sign my petition.

Robin Merritt
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Ask Airlines to Ban Transport of Elephant Trophies

With the devastating reversal on the ban to import trophies of elephants, it is up to the airlines to come together and ban transport of any such trophies. Lest we forget, elephants remain threatened under the Endangered Species Act (ESA). By lifting this ban, the already dwindling elephant population will experience catastrophic devastation. Please help save these majestic creatures.

Nic Pierce
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Boycott Against Southwest Airlines For Violent Removal of Anila Daulatzai

On the evening of September 26th, a pregnant Professor Anila Daulatzai was violently removed from Southwest airlines Flight 1525. The following is a statement on behalf of Anila Daulatzai: “October 4, 2017. Anila Daulatzai was violently removed from a Southwest Airlines flight on Tuesday, September 26 at Thurgood Marshall Airport in Baltimore, Maryland. She survived sexism, racial profiling, and police brutality that fateful day. Her mistreatment was particularly distressing because she is presently pregnant with her first child. Professor Daulatzai's story has gone untold. She discussed her non-life threatening allergies to dogs with Southwest representatives upon entering the aircraft, and together they decided that she could manage by sitting away from the dogs towards the rear of the plane. Southwest allows for passengers to choose their own seats, and Professor Daulatzai found a seat comfortably distant from the animals. Contrary to the Southwest statement and various media reports, Professor Daulatzai never asked for the dogs to be removed from the plane, did not request an EpiPen, nor did she ever claim that her allergies were life-threatening. Professor Daulatzai buckled her seat belt, turned on the overhead light, and started grading student papers. She was then approached by a series of Southwest representatives, and answered every question asked of her. She was never asked for medical certification, nor would she have needed to carry that, because her allergies are not life threatening. Despite trying to convince the crew that she would be completely fine on the plane, she was asked by another Southwest representative to leave the plane. Shortly thereafter the Maryland Transportation Authority Police pulled her from her seat by her belt loop, dragged her through the aisle exposed with torn pants, and humiliated her for the world to see in a now viral video. The Maryland Transportation Authority Police later disparaged her, accused her of lying about her pregnancy, and made racist remarks about immigrants. They also handed her a list of criminal charges, which have no merit. Professor Daulatzai suffered physical injuries and mental trauma, required emergency care at a local hospital, including for her pregnancy, and is under continuing medical care. Professor Daulatzai has also received hate mail, including racist messages and threats of further violence. There was an attempted break in into her home. She has since left her home, fearing for her safety. Anila Daulatzai, who previously taught at Brown University, Harvard Divinity School as well as internationally, presently holds a faculty appointment at the Maryland Institute College of Art. She is a Southwest frequent flier and is currently travelling to California weekly to take care of her hospitalized father. Her removal from the flight had nothing to do with allergies or safety concerns. Professor Daulatzai was profiled, abused, interrogated, detained, and subjected to false reporting and the trauma of racist, vitriolic public shaming precisely because she is a woman, a person of color, and a Muslim. This endangered the physical and emotional well-being of a pregnant woman, researcher, and teacher. Professor Daulatzai and her family express gratitude to everyone who suspended judgment about what happened until hearing her account of the events that unfolded that evening.” The full statement can be found here.  Southwest Airline’s forcible removal of Anila from the airplane reeks of racism and Islamophobia. Ironically, one of the myriad of topics that Anila teaches about is institutionalized Islamophobia and the ways in which Muslims have been criminalized during the War on Terror. Watching a pregnant Anila being grabbed from her seat, so violently that her pants had completely ripped open, was painfully emblematic of the systems of oppression that Anila teaches her pupils. We demand that Southwest Airlines issue an official apology, not some staged cover-up, to Daulatzai, acknowledging the Islamophobic and racist roots of this horrible incident. We demand that Southwest Airlines implement anti-Islamophobia, anti-racism, and implicit biases trainings for all of its employees working on its aircrafts. We demand that Southwest Airlines condemn police brutality. We demand justice for Anila Daulatzai. We demand justice for passengers of color, Muslims passengers, and passengers racialized as Muslims that are subject to this form of institutionalized Islamophobia and racism. Until these demands are met, we refuse to fly on an airline that treats people of color and Muslims in this way. We refuse to be profiled. We refuse to be complicit in and happy consumers of institutionalized racism and Islamophobia: systems of oppression that result in violence against Muslim, black, and persons of color bodies. Please sign the petition to express your opposition to Southwest Airlines’ removal of Anila Daulatzai, and to pledge your intention to boycott the airline until the demands are met. #BoycottSouthwest #JusticeForAnila #FlyingWhileBrown   Amara is a former student of Anila Daulatzai, studying at Brown University. 

Amara Majeed
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Let Hedgehogs and other Small Exotic Pets Fly Secured in Pet Carriers

Overview: Hedgehogs, along with several other exotic animals were recently banned from being allowed as service or emotional support animals (ESAs) onboard major US airlines including American Airlines and United Airlines because they are considered to be a "safety and/or public health risk."  Moreover, these animals and any other animal that is basically not a cat or dog will not be permitted onboard even if they are secured in a pet carrier at all times.  Although, some airlines will permit small domesticated birds or bunnies/rabbits and American Airlines still allows miniature horses onboard as service animals.  My Mission: To convince major airlines to lift the ban on hedgehogs and other certain small exotic animals, regardless if they are an ESA or simply just a beloved pet, and allow them onboard with their owners as a carry-on as long as 1) they are secured safely in a pet carrier at all times during the flight, 2) they don't need to be taken out of the carrier to be given food or water or otherwise cared for during the flight, 3) they are not smelly, noisy or otherwise disruptive to other passengers and crewmembers, and 4) they are healthy, parasite free and safe to fly with as documented by a recent letter or affidavit from a licensed veterinarian.  Please read on and sign this petition if you would like to help me urge major airlines to allow small exotic animals/pets, that meet the 4 guidelines above, onboard with their owners instead of just banning them entirely.  #LetHedgiesFly **The carrier must comply with all airline safety and size restrictions but be large enough for the comfort of the animal and small enough to be either held in the owner's lap or placed safely under the passenger seat in front of the owner. **Animals that are venomous, poisonous, diseased or illegal within the US should obviously not be allowed onboard at all. Background:ESA laws allow people to have "any animal" onboard airlines outside of a pet carrier at no extra charge as long as the owner has the proper paperwork or documentation including, but not limited to, a letter from a licensed mental health professional stating that the animal is needed for the emotional and/or psychological well-being of its owner.  According to the US Department of Transportation, airlines are able to exclude certain animals if they are deemed to be too large, too heavy, a direct threat to the health and/or safety of others, or a disruption.  Additionally, "airlines are never required to accept snakes, reptiles, ferrets, rodents, sugar gliders, and spiders."  Some exotic animals do not fall into any of these categories, so airlines have been allowing them onboard as ESAs in the past and, not surprisingly, this has led to a huge increase in animal related "incidents" because, unlike service animals such as seeing-eye dogs that receive years of specific behavioral training before being matched with their owners, ESAs "are not trained to perform tasks or recognize particular signs or symptoms" and are not required to have special training in order to be classified as an ESA which basically makes them not much more than pets.  Although, some airlines specify that ESAs must be "trained" to behave properly in a public setting and follow the owner's direction upon command.  However, they do not require documented proof of this training except merely a signed form on which the owner confirms that their ESA is "trained."  Airlines also state that if the animal shows aggressive or disruptive behavior in any way, then they will not be permitted onboard or will be removed from the aircraft entirely, but this policy doesn't exactly help other passengers and crewmembers if the animal misbehaves after the aircraft has already taken off. Obviously, allowing any animal, exotic or otherwise, onboard any type of public transportation outside of a pet carrier is a potential "safety and/or public health risk" and will cause problems one way or another because animals perceive their environment differently than humans and will act upon their instincts to protect themselves and/or their owners as evidenced by a news article published last year about a man who was "mauled" by an emotional support dog on a Delta airline flight.   Furthermore, most cat and dog breeds produce a lot of dander and are therefore more of a "public health risk" to passengers with allergies than a hypoallergenic pet that produces little or no dander.  And yet cats and dogs (with certain breed restrictions of course) are still permitted onboard most airlines as a pet or ESA.  Even some larger dog breeds are permitted onboard as ESAs without having to be muzzled or made to wear booties to cover their claws as a safety precaution. My Experience: I personally love all types of animals but am unfortunately allergic to cats and I'm not permitted to have a dog in my small apartment, so I decided to adopt an African Pygmy Hedgehog not just because they are extremely adorable and compact in size but especially because they are hypoallergenic, nonaggressive and very low maintenance.  My hedgehog's name is Peter Quill (Instagram: @littlestarlord_quill) and he is a sweet little fur baby that sleeps all day, because hedgehogs are nocturnal, but when he is active, he makes very little noise except for the sound his tiny paws make while running on his exercise wheel.  I was hoping to visit my best friend this year in Louisiana, which is only a 3 1/2 hour direct flight from JFK to MSY, so I emailed several airlines (Delta, JetBlue, Southwest, United and American) requesting permission to bring him with me onboard so long as he was secured in a pet carrier but they all denied my request.  Extremely disappointed, I even considered taking Quill with me on a 30+ hour train ride instead, so I emailed Amtrak the same request, but was again denied. Conclusion: Responsible exotic pet owners should be able to travel with their pets on airlines, especially if they are clearly less of a "safety and/or public health risk" than a cat or dog.   I wholeheartedly and sincerely hope that major airlines will take this petition under consideration and realize that lifting the ban and permitting certain small exotic animals onboard their aircrafts secured in a proper pet carrier would make a lot of their customers extremely happy and most importantly, it would also greatly reduce the number of animal related "incidents" that they are experiencing, especially if they also require that small emotional support dogs and cats be safely secured in pet carriers and larger emotional support dog breeds be required to wear a muzzle and paw booties, not just for the safety of others but for the safety of the animal and its owner as well. Disclaimer:  The beliefs and/or opinions stated in this petition, including those listed below, are solely mine and were not influenced or solicited by any outside parties, groups or organizations. **All animal/pet owners are responsible for ensuring that their animal is legal to have wherever they are travelling to or from.

Heather Luti
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Southwest Airlines, bring back NON-STOP flights between Birmingham & New Orleans!

Southwest Airlines used to have several daily non-stop flights between Birmingham and New Orleans, but they were all discontinued in 2013. Atlanta now gets these non-stop flights, but I'm hoping Southwest Airlines will consider bringing back at least one daily each way between Birmingham and New Orleans.With the non-stop flights eliminated, the most efficient way to get between the cities has been driving.With New Orleans being such a tourist attraction (and Birmingham silently becoming one) I'm hoping Southwest Airlines will rethink its decision, the current economy, and the renewed need for this route. A morning flight leaving Birmingham and an afternoon/evening return from New Orleans, in my mind, would garner enough demand.Thank you for taking the time to read. Please pass along, and let's hope Southwest Airlines listens!

Will Sheppard
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Petitioning Southwest Airlines, JACKSON EVERS INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT, CITY OF JACKSON, MS, State of mississippi

Bring Southwest Airlines back to Jackson, MS (JAN)

The State of Mississippi needs Southwest Airlines back at the Jackson International Airport, to provide convenient affordable flights across the US and around the world.    Please sign to support this petition.

R. Phillips
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Airlines: consider breast pump/milk as a medical device

I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl on August 1, 2017. Like many American moms, I returned to work after 6 weeks leave (and my job requires air travel). I did not want to compromise my job or breastfeeding my daughter, so I wanted to do my best to make both work! I quickly realized with American Airlines and Southwest that this would be difficult because a breast pump and milk is not viewed as "medically necessary" by these companies. I want this petition to change their minds and allow breastfeeding moms to bring on their medical device in addition to their carry on and personal item...because being a working, breastfeeding mom away from her baby is difficult as is. It is distasteful to profit from a breastfeeding mother because we are not traveling with our babies. Here are some facts about the legitimate MEDICAL benefits of breast milk: Breast milk boosts the baby's immune system, fighting various infections. Breast milk reduces the risk of disease for the baby later in life. Breast milk can be used to treat many ailments (skin rash/cuts, cradle cap, eye infections..) Breastfeeding can reduce the mother's risk of getting ovarian and breast cancer.  Breastfeeding lowers the risk of SIDS. If a mother is unable to pump or breastfeed, she risks becoming engorged which can lead to mastitis. Mastitis can cause symptoms such as an ill feeling, fever of 101+, pain/burning sensation in breast. Please sign this petition to encourage airlines to include breast pumps & breast milk in their list of medical devices not counted as a passenger's 2 item limit. And for the airlines that claim to recognize breast pumps as medical devices, please do regular sensitivity trainings so your employees no longer misinform mothers carrying these devices. Thank you for supporting new mom's ambitions to breastfeed and have a career/travel!

Christa Whitten
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Perritos grandes viajen en cabinas de aviones y no en bodega

Los animalitos son partes de nuestras vidas, son nuestros seres queridos. Viajar en bodega los estresa, algunas veces o varias mueren por el calor o frío o la soledad de estar. Queremos que ellos sean aceptados también aunque sea en un vuelo diario de cada aerolíneas. Ellos no son objetos como para viajar con las valijas, son seres que sienten, piensan y aman. Pedimos por favor. Las aerolíneas teniendo esa posibilidad sería innovador e incluso ganarían más dinero, ya que muchos queremos llevar a nuestros peludos con nosotros en cabina. Les pedimos por favor la consideración a todas las aerolíneas del mundo

Seamos Animales
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Getting peanuts off airplanes

So many people, and the numbers continue to grow, in the United States who have deadly peanut allergies. My mom recently flew and was told by an airline there wouldn’t be any peanuts on the flight. Well guess what there was and my mom got deathly sick. People who have severe peanut allergies can not touch, smell, have someone who just ate or touched peanuts touch or be close to them let alone eat them. Flying can be such a quick way for people to get from point A to point B in less time and less wear and tear on a persons vehicle yet those who have severe peanut allergies prefer not to fly to be on the safe side. Please sign so my mom and others can fly without taking the chance on either getting sick and/or possibly death. 

Tara Roach
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