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We call on PM Scott Morrison to meet immediately with emergency leaders #attnscottmorrison

Right now across Australia, widespread fires and extreme weather are endangering our people, homes and ecosystems. Nationwide, people’s feelings of fear and anxiety about the future of our country are reaching boiling point. It’s time to get PM Scott Morrison’s attention! Our message is clear: “Dear Prime Minister, we call on you to meet immediately with emergency leaders including Greg Mullins (former Fire & Rescue Chief)”. You can add your voice to this message by taking two simple steps: 1) Sign this petition and hit 'Share' 2) Use the hashtag #attnscottmorrison when you post images of the current fire emergencies across Australian states, along with the petition link. This is how you can tell your Prime Minister that you want him to meet with emergency experts to discuss firefighting resources, climate action and a national emergency summit!  We understand that the priority right now for many Australians is, and must be, to remain vigilant and safe. So this call out is for those of us who have capacity to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with affected communities.  As Hon. Jacinda Arden says, “we have to start moving beyond signs of hope, and deliver signs of action”.  Please sign and share today! #attnscottmorrison ----------------------------------- Suggested short Social Media post to accompany images of fire affected areas:  #attnscottmorrison Right now our country is burning. Our home is on fire and only action will put out the flames. As an Australian, I call on you @scottmorrisonmp to meet immediately with emergency leaders, including Greg Mullins. It’s time for leadership and action to keep Australia safe.   -------------------------------------   An additional note on donations made via   The purpose of this campaign is to raise awareness and communicate a call to action, not to raise funds. As campaign organisers, we are not collecting funds donated through this portal. We appreciate your support to date and if you're eager to make a financial contribution to affected communities, we suggest that you donate directly to a cause via their website.Below are links to the organisations that we've prioritised throughout the campaign. Read on to find what you're most aligned with as an individual: - Donate to the Emergency Leaders for Climate Action    - Donate Blood to the Australian Red Cross - there is an urgent need due to the fires - Donate to the NSW & QLD fires at the Australia Red Cross - Donate to Koalas In Care - Donate to the Koala Hospital - Donate to the WIRES Emergency Fund - Become a Wildlife Carer  Additional Resources: - Read the Climate Council’s Bushfire Briefing Paper here - Stay up to date on the NSW Fires Near Me site & app and the QLD Rural Fire Service site - Find loved ones at Register.Find.Reunite  - You can talk to someone at any time at Lifeline on 13 11 14 - Resources for Teachers and Parents on how we can talk about emergencies with children and young people are up on the Australian Red Cross site here. A note on campaign privacy:  Your support and your privacy is invaluable to us. We will not share any names of supporters or signatories without your proactive consent and confirmation of your permission. On the campaign website, will share your name and that you have signed if you tick the box allowing them to do so. We welcome you to stand alongside us in putting your name to this call to action. We also are so grateful for the meaningful and personal words people have shared with us and the community within the Reasons For Signing section.    Thank you, we're hearing you...  

Maree Lowes
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Petitioning Scott Morrison, Josh Frydenberg, Mathias Cormann, Daniel Andrews, Simon Birmingham, Greg Hunt, Michaelia Cash, Anne Ruston

Save the Australian Hospitality Industry by signing #SaveHospo

We all know it’s of paramount importance for the Australian public to self-isolate so we can flatten the curve and avoid an exponential growth in Covid-19 cases. But with Australians staying home in self-isolation, restaurants have seen a sharp decline in dine-in customers, forcing them to shutdown because there is no money coming in to pay wages & rent.  With the threat of the pandemic growing everyday restaurants are facing an existential threat. Restaurant owners, who have poured their life savings, blood, sweat and tears into their businesses, are now at the brink of collapse. The hospitality and tourism sectors are together worth over $100 billion dollars, and their demise would be catastrophic for the country. But at this time of crisis, they are struggling like never before. As you know, the hospitality industry can’t work from home or in isolation. It largely consists of casual and part-time employees, the majority of whom are now being plunged into poverty since they can no longer go in to work or employers can no longer afford to pay their salaries, due to their restaurants no longer being operational.  The hospitality industry would like to respectfully urge the Australian Federal and State level governments to look into this matter urgently. We are staring down the barrel at what will be the end of the hospitality industry in Australia as we know it, unless the government steps up and provides the industry with a stimulus package, which will help us pay staff wages and rent until the Covid-19 pandemic has run its course. Please sign the petition and spread the word so we don’t lose Australia’s famous restaurant culture, which is very much a part of the fabric of this great nation. #SaveHospo #SupportSmallBusinesses   

Ganeev Bains
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Petitioning Simon Birmingham

No taxpayer funded $700M religious National School Chaplaincy Programme beyond 2018

Note: The movie above contains an example of a student being water baptised by a Commonwealth funded chaplain, having been been recruited for conversion via a chaplain organised church 'self esteem' programme at a public school. As plaintiff in Williams v Commonwealth I & II, I direct this petition to Federal Education Minister Simon Birmingham on behalf of Australian parents, caregivers, and concerned citizens who believe that the nation’s public schools should be completely secular. Furthermore, we consider the presence in public schools of the exclusively religious Commonwealth-funded National School Chaplaincy Programme to be extremely inappropriate, and a blatant breach of the separation of church and state. Although Commonwealth funding for the controversial National School Chaplaincy Programme will cease at the close of 2018, Fairfax reported in March 2018 that Liberal MPs had petitioned Federal Education Minister Simon Birmingham to extend the National School Chaplaincy Programme permanently beyond 2018 at an increased cost of $75 million per year. Mr Birmingham, we strongly suggest that more funding be directed toward states and territories to provide an urgently needed boost to the number of professional education department employed social workers, school counsellors, school psychologists, and student guidance staff working tirelessly in our public schools. Since its introduction by John Howard in 2006, the National School Chaplaincy Programme has cost Australian taxpayers almost $700 million. John Howard: $160M, Kevin Rudd: $50M, Julia Gillard: $222M, and Tony Abbott: $244M. The National School Chaplaincy Programme has never demonstrated, or ever been required to demonstrate any measurable outcomes whatsoever. The June 2014 High Court decision in my favour ruled that: “Providing at a school the services of a chaplain or welfare worker for the objective described in the FMA Regulations is not a provision of "benefits to students" within the meaning of s 51(xxiiiA) of the Constitution.” This ruling prohibited direct payment by the commonwealth to religious chaplain employers including Scripture Union, Access ministries, and Generate ministries. However, not to be outdone, In August 2014 the Abbott government announced that the High Court’s June section 51 ruling would be circumvented by laundering prohibited direct commonwealth payments to the church ministry employers of chaplains via individual states and territories. This would be the same constitutionally “of no benefit to students" chaplain programme as before, except for two disturbing points. Commencing in 2015, employment of non-religious secular youth workers would cease. The commonwealth would completely abandon all previous responsibility for administration and oversight of the National School Chaplaincy Program. Consequently, since January 2015, at a cost of $60M per year, the federally funded National School Chaplaincy Program has exclusively employed religious chaplains and can regularly be observed operating as a fully functional evangelical ministry within Australian public schools. The programme has been allowed to operate completely unfettered by state or federal legislation, without any enforceable constraints, disciplinary procedures, or any form of central guidelines, code of conduct, or complaints process. All responsibility for the administration and oversight of this federally funded and conceived religious programme, has been left to Australia’s individual states and territories, each with their own, often ambiguous policies. And here is the problem. Under the post 2014 arrangement, where individual state and territory chaplain complaint processes exist, schools are encouraged to resolve all grievances at school level, suggesting that resolution be sought between the principal and the school’s chaplaincy employer such as Scripture Union or Access ministries. It is almost impossible for complaints to go beyond this closed loop. This was confirmed in April 2018, when the Guardian reported that since the commonwealth abandoned, apart from funding it, all responsibility for the National School Chaplaincy Programme in 2015: No state has kept records of chaplaincy complaints. No state records the faith or denomination of the thousands of federally funded religious chaplains across Australia. Describing how the current National School Chaplaincy Programme would operate, then Federal Education Minister Christopher Pyne said on ABC JJJ: “Well, the chaplaincy programme was established under the Howard government as a chaplaincy programme, and Julia Gillard changed it to chaplaincy and social workers or school counsellors. Our view is that school counsellors or social workers should be provided by state and territory governments should they choose to do so, but we want to return the chaplaincy programme to its original intention, which is one that involves a religious element. We think that school counsellors and social workers are properly the responsibility of state governments, and our chaplaincy programme should be exactly what it was supposed to be, which is a chaplaincy programme.” Therefore, if the roles of ‘school counsellor’ and ‘social worker’ are not duties of federally funded religious chaplains, the majority of whom are provided by evangelical church ministry organisations, it could reasonably be concluded that their sole purpose is to be messengers of their faith. Mr Birmingham, as stated above, we strongly suggest that more funding be directed toward states and territories to provide an urgently needed boost to the number of professional *education department-employed social workers, school counsellors, school psychologists, and student guidance staff working tirelessly in our public schools. Surely our children deserve no less.     *Typical mandatory requirements for professional education department employed social workers, school counsellors, psychologists, and student guidance staff: Current full registration or current provisional registration with eligibility for full registration, as a teacher in Queensland.  Information on registration requirements is available at  A minimum of two (2) years full-time, supervised experience working with children and young people in an education, child protection or counselling environment; AND one of the following: One year (minimum) full-time (or part-time equivalent) coursework Masters, majoring in guidance and counselling. OR Full registration as a psychologist through the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA) Psychology Board or a fourth year qualification in psychology that will enable general registration as a psychologist through the AHPRA Psychology Board following completion of the board approved internship or accredited sequence of study. 

Ron Williams
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Petitioning Greg Hunt MP, Simon Birmingham MP, Malcolm Turnbull

Make Scoliosis screening compulsory in all Australian schools

Please join me in encouraging the Health and Education Ministers in introducing mandatory scoliosis screening in schools. My name is Leilah, I am 22 and I suffer from scoliosis. Scoliosis is an abnormal curvature of the spine, and has various degrees of severity. It’s a condition that affects approximately 4% of the population, or 1 in every 25 people. Some people can lead normal lives with scoliosis, but others require alternative treatments like bracing, monitoring and in severe cases - surgery (spinal fusion). This condition particularly develops between the ages of 9 and 16, and females are 10 times more likely to develop the condition. School screening should be made mandatory because early detection has been shown to increase the effectiveness of treatment. This would incur only a small cost to train a staff member at each school to be able to carry out the basic "Forward Bend" test. This condition has affected my life significantly. I feel pain and discomfort every day, and I know many others who have pain associated with the condition. I believe that early intervention would have improved my quality of life. I created this petition to raise awareness and ensure that students are educated about this in the early stages. Having mandatory screening in schools is the perfect solution to target scoliosis at a point in time where treatment is most effective. Currently, there is nothing in place that will educate young people about the signs of scoliosis and what to look out for. This is troublesome because if the condition goes undetected, early treatments, such as back bracing, can be deemed ineffective. Once a young person reaches around 15/16 years of age their spine is often judged to have matured too much for bracing. This happened to me. By the time I was aware of the condition and went to see a specialist, I was told that I brace would not help me as I was too old. This highlights why detecting the condition early is so important. Early detection allows the condition to be properly monitored, and for action to be taken fast if the curve is progressing. Severe curve progression can cause lung and heart damage, as the rib cage is displaced. Surgery is more effective in adolescents as the healing time is reduced, alleviating problems they may face later in life. Please join me in encouraging the Health and Education Ministers in introducing mandatory scoliosis screening in schools.

Leilah Daniel
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Petitioning Marise Payne, Scott Morrison, Simon Birmingham, Peter Dutton, Zali steggall

Open The International Borders Australia

As Australians we are blessed to live in a country with many freedoms. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, International borders have closed and a strict travel ban has been imposed. This greatly impedes on our freedom of movement. A basic human right we have been denied since March 2020. We aren't able to travel to see family and attend important events globally. Many families have been separated for months on end and desperately seeking return to their homes. Exemptions are stringent and sometimes too late. Travel bans are loosening worldwide yet Australia has remained stagnant.  We acknowledge the importance of infection control and willingly agree to undergo testing, abide by safety measures and quarantine arrangements, however, we request that our human right to freedom of movement be reinstated. This has caused a great deal of anguish for many Australians and citizens abroad. We ask that you consider our plea to open the borders.  We ask that our concerns be addressed. We urge discussion regarding solutions that can be undertaken to restore our travel liberties in a safe manner for all.  Our aim at the very least, is to gain awareness and momentum to open up constructive dialogue. Let's extend our compassion not only to health concerns but also to those facing hardship due to restriction of movement. Australia, we can do better ❤️. 

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