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Petitioning Theresa May MP

Make animal cruelty illegal in China.

China is one of if not the worst country when it comes to animal cruelty, each year thousands of animals are brutally killed and in front of each other. Did you know regularly in China dogs are stuffed into small cages before being hanged up by their paws and skinned alive, this happens in front of other dogs and those dogs see what's going to happen to them and they start barking and wailing in fear and for what so some rich people can wear fur clothing? This has to stop every animal can feel pain people need to stop thinking that because they can't speak they can't feel either and that means we control them but we don't! Animals were here first this is their world not ours we need to respect them! In the photo attached to this petition you can see a dog very much still alive having a leg sawn off and there's more to come for that terrified dog and many other animals. Pets are actually stolen off of the street, taken from their loving homes and killed in the most painful ways possible. I am absolutely disgraced to be human if that's what other humans will do for no good reason. Some of us clearly have no humanity in us if we can do this to poor defenceless animals or just sit back and pretend it's not happening because it is happening... right now! So please be the right kind of human and have humanity, sign the petition do these animals good and pass it on so we have a greater chance of stopping this. Please help them, because they need you to care.

Animal Rights
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Petitioning RSPCA, RSPCA NSW, MAGISTRATE RODNEY BRENDER, World Animal Protection

Justice for Ruby & Benji. Left Starved & Without Water For Weeks & Died Painful Deaths.

Maximum penalties for Ms Atwell’s actions need to be enforced. We need the RSPCA to appeal the Magistrates decision and enforce the penalties to set an example and get the message out, that it is ILLEGAL let alone inhumane to starve & abuse animals. These dogs died locked up in a laundry in their own vomit, urines and faeces without ANY food or water for 3 Weeks. Ms Atwell is a murderer and her actions have struck the entire nation with utter disgust, shame and sadness.  “Kelpie puppy Ruby and two-year-old staffy cross Benji were found dead without food and water in a home in Albury near the Victorian border. Their owner, Kimberly Thi-My Atwell, was on Thursday fined $144, ordered to complete 80 hours of community service and banned from owning animals for five years by Magistrate Rodney Brender.  Both dogs were rated one out of nine for health and were deemed to have died from a combination of dehydration and starvation.” “She displayed no concern whatsoever and noted the dogs could easily be replaced”. These laws need to be taken seriously & maximum penalties applied to offenders, our leaders nationwide need to open their eyes up about Animal WELFARE.  In NSW, the offence of committing an aggravated act of cruelty upon an animal carries a maximum penalty of 200 penalty units (each unit is $110 so $22000)  and/or two years imprisonment for an individual. A charge under this section can be brought by the Police, or privately prosecuted by bodies such as the RSPCA or Animal Welfare League (AWL).In NSW, a court can impose any of the following penalties for a charge of aggravated cruelty to an animal. Home Detention, Prison Sentence Intensive Corrections Order (ICO),Suspended Sentence, Community Service Order (CSO), Community Corrections Orders (CCO), Good Behaviour Bond, Fines,Section 10A, Conditional Release Order (CRO).  News Report-    

Rani Shankar
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Petitioning Alan Joyce

Stop animal neglect by Qantas airlines

My beautiful Boxer dog Duke died when flying with Qantas from Sydney to Brisbane. Duke suffered a terrible death- on a day that was extremely hot, he was left in a crate, out on the tarmac, with no shade for at least an hour. Qantas baggage handlers thought it was ok to leave Duke on the tarmac while they loaded all the passengers' luggage, and then continued to leave him out there after the flight was delayed. I became increasingly distressed as I watched him sitting out on the tarmac and each time I alerted Qantas staff of my fears for Duke's safety, they assured me Duke was fine. Qantas investigated Duke's death and have told me they accept no liability for what happened. Their response is that they followed standard animal handling procedures and then continued with their standard statement on 'snub nosed' breeds being at higher risk when flying. I want everyone to know Duke's death had NOTHING to do with the flying, he travelled from WA to NSW two weeks prior, a much longer flight without issue. Qantas, Duke died because you neglected your duty of care and left him out in the heat for so long, he became overheated. An extremely dangerous condition for any dog regardless of breed. If you left a dog in a car you would face prosecution. To me, this is no different. I know I can't bring Duke back, but I want to make sure no-one else loses their beloved pet this way. Sadly, since losing my beautiful Boxer, a Bulldog puppy has also died under the same circumstances on a Qantas flight from Sydney to Melbourne. I have also heard of other tragic stories pets going missing, pets being given to the wrong person, pets collapsing on arrival and needing medical attention and others that haven't survived. If this is Qantas' standard, we need change! Beloved pets cannot continue to lose their lives through Qantas neglect. That's why I'm calling on the airline to undertake a full review of their policies and procedures to ensure this doesn't happen again. Please, sign and share my petition and let Qantas know that our pets are precious cargo! You can read the full story here.

Kay Newman
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Petitioning Christian Porter

Ban Abusive Dog Trainer - Jeff Gellman - Australia

Ban Abusive Dog Trainer Jeff Gellman - Australia We call on Peter Dutton, Minister for Home Affairs, asking he consider cancelling Mr Gellman's working VISA.  We ask the Government to investigate why Australia is allowing dog trainer - Jeff Gellman - access to a Visa to Australia to be able to train dogs and their owners using abusive tools, cruelty and purposely cause fear and pain to the dogs he is training. In Australia, we recognise that animals are sentient beings as written in the animal welfare act 1999.An Act—(a) to reform the law relating to the welfare of animals and the prevention of their ill-treatment; and, in particular,—       (i) to recognise that animals are sentient:       (ii) to require owners of animals, and persons in charge of animals, to attend properly to the welfare of those animals: Therefore, we ask that you prevent Jeff Gellmans abuse of dogs and stop him being able to enter Australia to train using physical harm by hitting dogs on the head, using electronic shock collars - which he openly promotes and is asking participants to purchase for the seminar - as well as using other forms of cruelty to abuse dogs in the name of training. Jeff Gellman, owner of Solid K9 Training has been engaging in and teaching dog training techniques that are scientifically unproven and harmful to dogs - oftentimes using tools that are banned in many countries, including some parts of Australia such as electric shock collars and prong collars. He promotes "techniques" that includes hitting (Bonking) and kicking dogs as punishment. In a recent video, Jeff can be seen hitting a dog in the head, causing it to yelp. A clip can be found HERE: This is where we draw the line between what training is - and what abuse is. We, the people of Australia, call on Attorney-General and Minister for Industrial Relations, The Hon Christian Porter, to investigate Solid K9 Training and these abusive practices including hitting, choking, shocking dogs. Our dog owners and dogs deserve better. They deserve humane and scientifically backed training approaches. We encourage the general public to think carefully about the welfare of their dog before attending this mans seminars. We encourage dog owners to seek help using modern science based rehabilitation via a qualified VET behaviourist rather than attend this abusive training.Animal welfare laws in Queensland:Animal welfare in Queensland is regulated and enforced to ensure animals are treated humanely.The Queensland Government's animal welfare program has 4 main aims:(i) promote the responsible care and use of animals(ii) provide standards for animal care and use that (iii) balance the welfare of animals and the interests of people whose livelihood depends on animals(iv) allow for the advancements in scientific knowledge and allow for changes in community expectations about practices involving animals We need to protect animals from unjustifiable, unnecessary or unreasonable painand ensure that the use of animals for scientific purposes is accountable, open and responsible.The Animal Care and Protection Act 2001 sets regulations for animal welfare standards. These regulations are the basis for the Animal Care and Protection Regulation 2012.This guide covers laws that protect animals in Queensland and how these are enforced. Video: Solid K9 "trainer" Jeff Gellman, admits to & endorses animal abuse for 19 minutes This is a clear breach of the QLD animal welfare code - to protect animals from unjustifiable, unnecessary or unreasonable pain. His training methods are outdated, archaic and painfully abusive.If anyone signing wishes to write independently, please see the links below. Thank you. Hon Christian Porter:  The Australian and New Zealand College of Veterinary  Barbara Hodel - President Pet Professional Guild  Ms McMillan - local PM sitting member Mount Gravatt:  Much to our disappointment - Mount Gravett showgrounds are continuing to support this event: Hon Mark Furner : (hasre-directed us to the Department of Home Affairs to petition):

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