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NFL Should Allow A "No Call" To Be Challenged By Coaches

The NFL owes it to their fans to provide them with fairly officiated football games.  Too often outcomes of games are decided by "Missed" or "No Calls" that clearly should have been called.  Why even have such a sophisticated Replay System to not be able to use it to make sure calls that need to be made are?  As lovers of the sport of football, we ask that you, Mr. Goodell, implement a rule where an NFL Head Coach would be allowed to challenge a missed or no-call on a "Helmet to Helmet" hit or a blatant "Pass Interference" and if the challenge is won, an appropriate penalty is rendered, thus correcting an outcome determining factor in realtime.  A prime example is the 2019 Championship Game in New Orleans where a New Orleans Saints player received a helmet to helmet hit, with a referee looking on, but no penalty was called, thus directly impacting the results and costing a team a shot in the Super Bowl.  In addition, allowing the opposing player to get away with a hit that could be life threatening to another player in a worse case scenario.  Occurances like this are an utter disrespect to the sport, and most of all to the fans who spend billions of dollars in support of our beloved teams.  There needs to be realtime checks and balances on referees, as they are running checks and balances in realtime on the game in progress.  Another option would be to have a referee off-field specifically using replay technology to oversee the calls and with the authority to relay a missed call to the refs on the ground who might not have caught it.  Mr. Goodell, please consider these changes.  The players and fans deserve it.

Latonya Williams
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Petitioning Roger Goodell


NFL: Make Washington's sexual misconduct investigation PUBLIC! CONGRESS:  Demand that the NFL releases to the PUBLIC in full the independent report of their investigation into the Washington Football Team's (WFT) decades-long pattern of sexual misconduct and abuse in the workplace. The NFL must do the right thing and hold Dan Snyder accountable for the history of serial sexual misconduct within his organization.  CALL TO ACTION:  It's time for  you to contact your Congressman or Congresswoman and demand that the NFL's report be released to the public. You can use this link to identify your Congressman and send them a letter. Let your voice be heard and support workplace fairness and rights for all employees.   This pattern of abuse by the WFT in the workplace can't be tolerated. Please help us make meaningful change in one of the most prominent workplaces in America.  *** The NFL must do the right thing and make the sexual misconduct investigation of the WFT public AND hold Dan Snyder accountable for the history of serial sexual harassment within his organization.  The NFL along with the WFT employees, fans, alumni, and cheerleaders should stand up and disallow him from being a part of this historic franchise any longer. Ticket sales are at an all-time low and the name change controversy continues. It's time to re-engage the fan base and create a winning game-day experience for everyone. This "rebranding" must include feedback and input from the women who have been on the sidelines supporting this team for more than a half-century. In addition, we should all be fighting for the immediate reinstatement of the WFT Cheerleaders (The First Ladies of Football). After a recent legal settlement (stemming from lewd videos that were made for front office staff), the almost 60-year long cheerleading program was canceled. These women aren't just on the literal sidelines. They support local charities, and visit veterans and sick children in local hospitals. They create incredible value through youth outreach programs and put their lives at risk on overseas military tours to engage with and honor our servicemen and women. This cannot and must not stand.  #NFLforwomensrights #WFTdotherightthing #evolvedontcancel

Melanie Coburn
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