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Petitioning Roger Goodell, All 37 NFL Sponsors

#NoKaepernickNoNFL - Boycott NFL Games If Colin Kaepernick Doesn't Play This Season

The 2017 NFL Season has ended and Colin Kaepernick did not play in a single game. Share your thoughts on this season. On August 26, 2016, San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick sat down during the National Anthem before the 3rd preseason game of the upcoming 2016 NFL season. Right after the game, he told NFL Media why he sat during the anthem, prompting his now-famous statement: "I am not going to stand up to show pride in a flag for a country that oppresses black people and people of color. To me, this is bigger than football and it would be selfish on my part to look the other way. There are bodies in the street and people getting paid leave and getting away with murder." Never before, since the great Muhammad Ali's refusal to serve in Vietnam in 1967, has an athlete taken such a direct stance highlighting the injustices of people of color -- and just like Ali, the reaction to Kaepernick's stance has been met with passionate responses, often times divided by the color line. Since that statement, Kaepernick "upgraded" his protest to a knee, announced a plan to donate $1 million to the charities that focused on racial issues (which he followed through), had great support from some of his teammates, NFL colleagues, athletes from all sports levels (starting from junior high), and fans by taking a knee during anthems. Best of all, Kaepernick's protest made the conversation about "racial/police brutality" front-page for the large part of the NFL season, a feat never done before in its history. Because he needed to start, Kaepernick also restructured his contract during the 2016 season, taking away the final 4 years and reworking it into a 2-year deal (with a 1-year player option) -- allowing him to leave after the season if he chooses, which he did. Since then, no one has offered Colin Kaepernick, a Super Bowl QB just a few years ago, a NFL job despite cries from NFL Players and analysts, both black and white. He also has a better Total Quarterback Rating (QBR) than half the backup quarterbacks signed right now. This shows that the NFL Owners are not willing to bring Kaepernick into their team because -- according to many fans -- he is a "distraction". A man who protested because of injustices towards people of color is pretty much blackballed in a league that is 70% Black. If you are appalled by this, then show your power by boycotting the NFL until Kaepernick gets signed to a team. This means to not watch any games, no social media comments about your favorite team before/during/after the games, don't attend the stadiums, and don't buy any merchandise which represents the league or your favorite team. We understand the NFL is very important to you. We also understand the purpose of Colin Kaepernick's protest is FAR more important than any games you will ever watch. Simply put, if things stay the same for the way America -- where "all men are created equal" -- treats people of color, then your loved ones, friends, and children will eventually be affected as well. Finally, this situation really shines a light on how much the NFL really cares about its Black athletes. It's pretty much: Play for us, entertain us, make us money, and shut up. Here's a video of someone explaining the true meaning of the National Anthem: Click here --------------------- Since we reached our initial goal of 100,000 signatures, here's a pic of the 32 NFL Owners we already mailed.  Our new goal is 1 MILLION signatures by the start of the NFL Regular Season. Afterwards, we will mail every NFL Sponsor (all 37 of them) a letter asking them to reconsider their relationship with the league. NFL Sponsors are listed below (the CEOs) : Gatorade & Pepsi & Quaker - Indra K. Nooyi Anheuser-Busch - João Castro Neves USAA - Stuart Parker Bose - Bob Marseca Marriott - Arne M. Sorenson Xbox & Microsoft - Satya Nadella News America - Martin Garofalo SAP - Bill McDermott McDonalds - Steve Easterbrook New Era - Chris Koch Nike - Mark Parker Extreme Networks - Ed Meyercord Nationwide - Steve Rasmussen TD Ameritrade - Tim Hockey Zebra - Anders Gustafsson Dannon - Emmanuel Faber  Hyundai - Kyung Soo Lee EA Sports - Andrew Wilson VISA - Alfred F. Kelly Jr Campbell’s Soup - Denise M. Morrison FedEx - Frederick W. Smith Frito-Lay - Thomas R. Greco Mars Snackfood - Grant F. Reid Dairy Management, Inc. - Thomas Gallagher SiriusXM - James E. Meyer Under Armour - Kevin Plank Bridgestone - Gordon Knapp Ticketmaster - Michael Rapino Procter & Gamble - David S. Taylor Verizon - Lowell C. McAdam Barclays - Jes Staley Papa John’s - John Schnatter Castrol - Mandhir Singh Ford - James Hackett #NoKaepernickNoNFL  P.S.: If you already have a NFL package (Sunday ticket, etc.)...please cancel / unsubscribe. Also make this your new profile pic.

Unstripped Voice
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Petitioning Roger Goodell

Pete Morelli should be banned from refereeing Philadelphia Eagles games

NFL Referee Pete Morelli has a clear and statistically obvious bias against the Philadelphia Eagles. Over the last four games that he has officiated that the Eagles were playing in, the Eagles were flagged a total of 40 times for 396 yards, while the Eagles opponent in those games were flagged a mere 8 times for 74 yards. This is unacceptable and puts the Philadelphia Eagles at a disadvantage. Preventing Morelli from refereeing Eagles games will result in a more trustworthy and honest NFL. This will benefit the entire league and keep all claims of conspiracy to a normal level. 

Will Philbrick
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Petitioning Roger Goodell

Tell NFL not to take away players rights to free speech and expression

Dear NFL Commissioner: The National Anthem is supposedly symbolic of the land of the free and the home of the brave.  Are the NFL players not citizens of the "land of the free"?  Are the NFL players not "brave" as they have come together to protest the disproportionate abuse and deaths of African-Americans at the hands of police who go on to live their lives without impunity?  To ban players from using their visibility to inspire conversation about police brutality against anyone, but specifically, African-Americans, supports the idea that African-American lives have no value.  The protest is not an attempt to disrespect or dishonor our country or our armed forces especially since so many African-Americans have fought and died for this country.  The protest is not an attempt to disrespect honorable police.  The protest seeks to shed light on and bring to justice those entrusted with the badge but use it, without retribution, to bully, torture, beat, rape, and kill.  Not all NFL fans agree with forcing players to stand.  Support the players' right to free expression and demonstrate leadership in the face of adversity instead of siding with those who seek to silence the oppressed. Come up with a compromise and not an ultimatum.  

Freedom For All Americans
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Petitioning NFL, Roger Goodell

Petition to Cancel Lady Gaga from 2017 NFL Halftime Show

Make your voice heard! The NFL has become a leftist propaganda machine, and we are not buying it anymore! From Bob Costa's gun control propaganda, to supporting Beyonce's black supremacy agenda at the 2016 Superbowl, and Kaepernick's failing knees, the NFL has alienated millions of ordinary everyday Americans. Yet they still can't seem to get the message for why their ratings have tanked. They blame it on everyone and everything, except for where the blame clearly lies..with themselves! Tell them loud and clear...WE'RE NOT GOING TO TAKE IT ANYMORE! We will refuse to participate in celebrating with someone who expresses hate for those who disagree with her, or the hate she expresses for President-Elect Trump. If they do not change the propaganda halftime show with angry leftist agitator Lady Gaga, we will continue to boycott the NFL, including their 2017 Superbowl, and related sponsors. 

Jay Wellman
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Petitioning Roger Goodell, NFL, ABC, CNN, FOX News, Amy Klobuchar, Tom Wolf, Mark Dayton, NBC, Facebook, Twitter, Inc

Force a refund for traveling Vikings fans that were forced to leave Philly early.

During Sunday's NFC Championship and a possible once in a lifetime experience most traveling Vikings fans were subjected to unprovoked death threats, thrown objects, physical alercations and extreme levels of intimidation and violence.The Philly police and security did nothing in 99% of the instances to deescalate the violence and assaults that occurred. I have evidence on camera of the police disrespecting our tailgating group on motorcycles.Just myself personally I had bottles thrown at my head that struck our vehicle,witnessed a CHILD get blasted by a beer, and had my hands cut from glass.That doesn't even include what happened in the stands and restroom. The NFL and Eagles organization have a code of conduct and I think they should held accountable to their own standards. SHARE, SHARE, SHARE AND SIGN PLEASE!! THANK YOU,  Cody Jones

Justice for the Minnesota Nice
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Petitioning NFL, Roger Goodell, City of San Diego, Mayor Kevin Faulkner, San Diego City Attorney Mara Elliot, Adam Day Citizens Stadium Advisory Group Chairman

Keep the Chargers Brand in San Diego and force Dean Spanos to change team name.

The San Diego Chargers has been a part of America's Finest City for 56 years. After the Spanos Family has burned bridge after bridge - between his business and the city, the fans, his coaches, his players, or his staff, he finally has decided to leave town and move to LA. Good riddance. It is agreed by San Diegans and Charger fans that Spanos is no longer welcome in San Diego, however, the San Diego Chargers have a very rich history of records and intellectual property that belong to the city. The Chargers brand belongs in San Diego, just like the Browns belong in Cleveland. Dean Spanos should be free to move his team and his business to LA, but he should NOT be allowed to take our history and all the goes along with being a Charger and Fan with him. The Chargers name should stay and belong to San Diego should we ever form another team and Dean Spanos should be forced to find a new team name in LA. For Reference:

Steve Chang
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Petitioning Roger Goodell

Repeal Ezekiel Elliott's 6-game Suspension (He's Innocent)

After the judicial system (nearly a year ago) ruled Ezekiel Elliott not guilty of domestic violence against ex-girlfriend Tiffany Thompson, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell (in attempts to spur controversy after receiving pressure from other NFL owners to suspend Elliott) suspended Dallas Cowboys All-Pro RB Ezekiel Elliott 6 games nearly 13 months after a false domestic violence report was made on Elliott on July 22, 2016. Thompson has made threats to Elliott to ruin his career, and Elliott's defense team has provided substantial evidence of texts made to Elliott from Thompson wishing to falsely accuse him of domestic violence against her. While many fans (particularly of the Philadelphia Eagles and Washington Redskins) will laugh at this petition, I firmly believe that this was an effort made by Goodell that was extremely incorrect and unjust. Something needs to be done about it. Commissioner Goodell, I wish that you consider other suspensions you have issued (such as a 1-game suspension to Josh Brown) and realize that you were extremely pressured into making a significant mistake in suspending an innocent player.

Sydney Moore
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Petitioning NFL, Roger Goodell, Jeff Lurie, Philadelphia Eagles

NFL must allow Super Bowl Watch Parties in the hometown stadiums of competing teams

Each year, the Super Bowl is (usually) played in a "neutral" stadium, i.e., a stadium that is not the home stadium of either team competing for the title. This year, the Super Bowl will be played at U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis on Feb. 4, 2018. Hometown fans of the competing teams should be able to watch the televised 2018 Super Bowl in their teams' hometown stadiums or arenas. These gigantic "watch parties" would bring tens of thousands of fans together to share the thrill of watching their teams compete. But the National Football League has historically prohibited this unifying civic event to happen, and maintained that refusal to us recently.  We want that to change. It's time to #FreeTheSuperBowl ! (To read my column about this, click here.) The NFL, which owns the broadcast rights to all of its pre-season, regular season and post-season games, patently forbids "mass viewing" broadcasts in stadiums, arenas, movie theaters and other venues the NFL deems too big to host a viewing. The reason? The Nielsen system of TV ratings that is used to approximate the number of game viewers is allegedly not able to take into account viewers at these mass events. This matters because the Nielsen numbers determine how much television networks, which buy broadcast rights, can charge advertisers for commercials. Which determines how much the networks are willing to pay for the broadcast rights. Which determines how much team owners will bank. They bank a lot.  The National Football League distributed a record $7.8 billion to its 32 teams in 2016, a jump of almost 10%. This petition seeks to convince the NFL to suspend its prohibition on "mass viewing" for just one game a year - the Super Bowl - and in only two venues: the hometown stadiums of the two teams that compete for the Super Bowl title.  Major League Baseball, the National Basketball Association and the National Hockey League have happily hosted "watch parties" for hometown fans to view, inside their hometown stadiums or arenas, the away games of their teams during post-season play. The parties have been resounding successes. It's time the NFL allowed the same experience to be enjoyed by millions of fans who have helped team owners make billions of dollars.  Let's start with the 2018 Super Bowl. Please sign the petition and then share it with others. Let's #FreeTheSuperBowl. Thanks!         

ronnie polaneczky
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Petitioning Roger Goodell

Fire Pete Morelli

Pete Morelli has been officiating games as an NFL official since 1997. Earlier this season in October, Morelli and his crew enforced 10 penalties against the Philadelphia Eagles, and only enforced 1 penalty against the Eagles opponent, the Carolina Panthers. This statistic speaks for itself that there is obviously some sort of bias going on with Morelli's crew. On December 24th, Morelli and his crew have yet again taken complete control of a game and made it practically unwatchable. The Atlanta Falcons have had 8 penalties enforced against them that 95 percent of NFL officials would not have called. The Falcons and Saints (both members of the NFC South) are competing for a division title and Morelli has shown his blatant bias in favor of the Saints all game. The Atlanta Falcons (9-6) face playoff elimination in a must win week 17 matchup with the Carolina Panthers. As a Falcons fan, I have watched the NFL wrong our franchise for many years but more importantly as a fan of this league I believe that all of us could benefit from the immediate removal of Morelli and every one of his crew members to send a message to NFL officials that corruption within the officiating group will not be tolerated. Morelli has some sort of favoritism towards certain teams and has a personal vendetta against others. We have to do something about this to protect the game and to ultimately do away with corruption. If you feel compelled to sign this, I encourage you to do so. We must remove Pete Morelli. 

Blake Sorrell
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Petitioning NFL, Roger Goodell

Stop Blackballing Kaepernick!

Colin Kaepernick is being blackballed for exercising his First Amendment Rights and PEACEFULLY protesting police brutality. Fox News claims his current unemployment is completely due to ''football reasons''. However, according to his stats were better than Cam Newton, Eli Manning and Ryan Tannehill's. Another lame excuse they're using is Kaepernick's vegan diet. An executive unapologetically told Mike Freeman(Bleacher Report) that Kaepernick's protest were an embarrassment to football. This is the ONLY reason he has yet to be signed. Let's highlight some of Kaepernick's ''embarassing'' moments during this off-season: -Donated $25,000 to Black Youth Project, Urban Underground, Mothers Against Police Brutality, Causa Justa, Silicon Valley De-Bug, Gathering For Justice, Communities United for Police Reform, I Will Not Die Young Campaign, Black Veterans for Social Justice and, the Center for Reproductive Rights in New York, Coalition for Human Immigrant Rights of Los Angeles. He has also donated $50,000 to Meals On Wheels, which Trump made budget cuts to and the same amount to Love Army for Somalia campaign. He put his money where his mouth was as so many people urged him to. -Aside from financial assistance, he started the Know Your Rights Camp, donated 50 custom suits to the 100 Suits for 100 Men organization. He and his girlfriend Nessa Diab personally handed out suits to ex-prisoners outside of a New York probation office. He also donated his personal shoe collection to Bay Area homeless shelters and orphanages.  HOW EMBARRASSING RIGHT? NFL, ROGER GOODELL THIS PETITION WILL SERVE AS A WARNING TO HOW MANY LOYAL NFL FANS YOU WILL LOSE IF COLIN KAEPERNICK IS NOT SIGNED FOR THE 2017 SEASON. EACH NAME ON THIS PETITION VOWS TO BOYCOTT THE NFL UNTIL HE GETS HIS JOB BACK. WE WILL NOT TOLERATE A PLAYER BEING OSTRACIZED FOR SIMPLY BRINGING LIGHT TO THE MURDERS OF INNOCENT AMERICANS BY THE POLICE.         

Andrea @AYVEEGAN Diaz
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