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Petitioning Renfrewshire council

Petition to Renfrewshire Council, to invest in Inchinnan Cemetery.

Petition to get Renfrewshire Council to invest in Inchinnan Cemetery, to make it fit for purpose. Renfrewshire Council has under invested in Inchinnan Cemetery for many years. Many families have complained directly to the council, citing many years of under investment, which has caused the original drainage to now be non existent. This has caused the cemetery to be a real health hazard, any sign of rain and the ground turns into a quagmire. Families visiting their loved ones and tending their graves have had accidents, disabled, elderly and the infirm are stopped from visiting and tending to their loved ones because of this under investment. Assistance has been sought from our community council, local councillors and MP's and MSP's, to no avail. Renfrewshire Council have lied to local families when arranging the burial of their loved ones; When offering available plots Renfrewshire Council have told families their preferred burial area has no plots left, only for the families to see new plots appear only weeks later. We believe this has come about because Renfrewshire Councils lack of investment has now been so bad that the available unused land within the cemetery, would make it more cost effective to close the cemetery rather than improve what is already there and to guarantee the cemetery for those now and in the future. Renfrewshire Council are treating those who are buried and their families with such disregard, that it is acceptable to them to have their ground staff vandalise the graves, headstones and floral and trinket tributes with excessive use of industrial strength weedkiller. The cemetery is now not only the local cemetery for Inchinnan, as the community now encompasses Erskine, where will we bury our loved ones going forward? There are very few, if any, plots available, Renfrewshire Council must take immediate action to bring our cemetery back to an acceptable standard. Please sign this petition to have Renfrewshire Council invest in Inchinnan Cemetery, to put it back into an acceptable standard, fit for purpose and where we have no worries about health and safety.

David Connell
1,080 supporters
Petitioning Renfrewshire council

Council Cut robs Erskine Kids of Popular Play Area

Council Cuts mean free exercise facility withdrawn! We need your support to reinstate a popular Multi Use Games Area (MUGA) facility for children in Erskine.   Throughout the planning process this facility was included in the new development.  When asked for specific details, the Council confirmed this resource WOULD be replaced as the new school 3G pitch would be unavailable for use by locals out of school hours.   At the very last planning meeting, the MUGA had been removed from the plans.  When this omission was identified, we requested clarification that an area within the boundary of the campus would be reinstated, like for like.  During regular updates the Council were confident that sufficient funds would be found within the budget to do so.  However, in the past few days, we have received notification from Gordon McKinlay, Head of Education, Renfrewshire Council that this much needed facility would NOT be replaced due to BUDGET CUTS.   This facility has been in use for a number of years, and was an integral part of the community, allowing families an area to socialise, exercise and have fun; whilst offering the kids a safe environment to gain some independence.  Streetstuff and other agencies also used the area to host regular FREE youth activities.  Other suitable facilities within the area come at a cost and are hugely oversubscribed; therefore their services have had to be withdrawn.   Families are now having to pay for safe, outdoor, exercise facilities because this free resource has been unfairly removed.   This campaign is supported and driven by Community Action for Erskine, your local Development Trust and Erskine Community Council. We thank Police Scotland, Erskine Youth Council, Bishopton Community Council and Development Trust for their offers of support but most of all we need YOU, the local residents to sign this petition to show Renfrewshire Council that we will not accept these cruel, unwarranted cuts to vital facilities and services in our community. Please sign our petition to reinstate the MUGA at Bargarran! 

Community Action for Erskine
732 supporters