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Renfrewshire Council is the local government authority for the county of Renfrewshire in Scotland. It is responsible for a wide range of public services such as education, health and social care, environmental protection, cultural services, and infrastructure. The council is dedicated to fostering economic development, boosting local employment, and improving the quality of life for its nearly 175,000 residents. It also plays a key role in supporting local communities, businesses and non-profit organizations and ensures a democratic and transparent process via its elected council members.

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I have received your petition. Petitions to Renfrewshire Council are considered by the Council's Audit, Scrutiny & Petitions Board. Can the lead petitoner please contact me on and I will explain the Board procedure. Thanks Lilian Belshaw Democratic Services ManagerRead more

8 years ago
Renfrewshire council, police scotland
As everyone in the Glenburn and Paisley community know, a beautiful young girl was tragically knocked down and killed on Glenburn Road near to the Mormon Church on Sunday 7th July. This stretch of road has no speed camera and is often used as a race track at night with people speeding up and down racing each other.  It's too late to save Robyn Fryar's life but this is when installing a speed camera could save the next persons life! Anyone who uses this road will be aware of the speeds that some drivers reach and a speed camera will help to reduce this, especially at night when the road is clearer and the cars reach dangerous speeds.Read more

Barbara MuirPaisley, United Kingdom
Boris Johnson MP, Environmental Protection Agency, Oxford City Council, Hackney Council, Camden Council, East Sussex County Council, Renfrewshire council, Department for Environment, Food and Rural...
Wherever you see plastic grass installed you will find evidence of a damaged ecosystem. Insects, birds and small mammals all suffer. And we suffer too.Living grass/turf plays a vital role in absorbing heavy rainfall, capturing CO2, removing air pollutants, releasing tonnes of oxygen, lowering temperatures and maintaining biodiversity. Even the best fake grass cannot EVER do this.It’s out of control. Currently there is no regulation to control the proliferation of plastic grass in schools, sports pitches and public spaces. This poses massive threats to the environment and to our health.Fake grass does not even withstand flooding! Artificial football pitches have been washed away by floods in the past. And because it can’t be recycled, that’s yet more unnecessary and potentially toxic landfill.Where industry leads the public and their gardens follow; so this dangerous trend must be regulated to prevent catastrophic environmental destruction on a national scale. Just Say #NoToFakeRead more

David Hedges GowerUnited Kingdom
Renfrewshire council, Renfrewshire House, Mark Macmillan
Despite the fact that the amenity sites placed in Renfrew, Linwood, Erskine and Johnstone being well used by the communities they are placed in, the Renfrewshire Council administration have chosen instead to :-  Leave the amenity sites unmanned, and instead make them self service recycling centres No longer accept white Goods and larger items, as well as electrical goods, scrap, wood and household items Re-direct items previously accepted in all amenity sites to Underwood Road, Paisley  This petition asks that the administration in Renfrewshire Council listen to the views of our communities, who ask that changes to the operation of all 4 amenity centres, which were discussed at the Leadership Board at the meeting on the 2nd of December 2015 and then passed at a full council meeting be reversed, instead of being put into operation on the 30th of June 2016.Read more

Callum ReidRenfrew, United Kingdom
Renfrewshire council
So due to renfrewshire  council retracting their funding from childcare first (hillview and rainbow nursery) the company have had to look at all options and weighing up that they physically can't afford to run without the funding as they are a non profit local chairty who help support and provide an amazing childcare service to local families within renfrewshire they are now having to close hillview nursery as of march 2019.    There will be over 30 families without childcare and numerous amount of staff made redundant. The pain, stress and heart ache this is going to cause is terrible and the council are not considering all these people and families that depend and value this service.... we are asking for the funding to be reinstated!! Help us fight this ....Read more

Kayleigh MorrisonUnited Kingdom
9/4/18 , Renfrewshire council
Opened in 1894, Thomas Coats Memorial Baptist Church is a building of national significance. Built by the famous Thread Makers, in scale it is of cathedral proportions, in design it is an unparalleled example of Victorian Gothic Architecture. Internally is an abundance of marble, alabaster and oak, all ornately carved. Wherever the eye falls there is beauty and detail, whether it is the mosaic flooring, the painted ceilings or carved grotesques. There can be few buildings in the country more stimulating to view or more worthy of sensitive restoration. Surely it must remain a vital part of Paisley’s Heritage and a focus for pride in the future.Read more

Debbie MacDonaldGlasgow, SCT, United Kingdom
Renfrewshire council, Scottish Parliament
Sign the petition and ban fireworks, starting in Renfrewshire and expanded to all of Scotland.  All our pets are suffering, fireworks are causing our animals (dogs, cats, rabbits, horses, birds) immense stress and fear for weeks, some of which are leading to hospitalisation, heart attacks and loss of lives.  Likewise, the elderly (especially those with health conditions) are deeply impacted with emotional strain and experiencing adverse reactions. Lastly, the Child Burns Trust are reporting an increase of under 16's taken to A&E due to firework burns which has resulted in the lost lives or life time scaring of beautiful young children. Please join the campaign, sign the petition, then check your email box and click again on the email to the email address your registered to verify your signature and let's ban fireworks and put a stop to unnecessary adverse pain and loss of lives. 1) Sign the petition via this link 2) Verify your signature via the link sent to you by email. Thanks for your support  N.B. Petition started in Renfrewshire and was updated to all of Scotland as it requires Scottish Parliament's decision. Read more

Ban Fireworks RenfrewshireUnited Kingdom
Renfrewshire council
Petition to get Renfrewshire Council to invest in Inchinnan Cemetery, to make it fit for purpose. Renfrewshire Council has under invested in Inchinnan Cemetery for many years. Many families have complained directly to the council, citing many years of under investment, which has caused the original drainage to now be non existent. This has caused the cemetery to be a real health hazard, any sign of rain and the ground turns into a quagmire. Families visiting their loved ones and tending their graves have had accidents, disabled, elderly and the infirm are stopped from visiting and tending to their loved ones because of this under investment. Assistance has been sought from our community council, local councillors and MP's and MSP's, to no avail. Renfrewshire Council have lied to local families when arranging the burial of their loved ones; When offering available plots Renfrewshire Council have told families their preferred burial area has no plots left, only for the families to see new plots appear only weeks later. We believe this has come about because Renfrewshire Councils lack of investment has now been so bad that the available unused land within the cemetery, would make it more cost effective to close the cemetery rather than improve what is already there and to guarantee the cemetery for those now and in the future. Renfrewshire Council are treating those who are buried and their families with such disregard, that it is acceptable to them to have their ground staff vandalise the graves, headstones and floral and trinket tributes with excessive use of industrial strength weedkiller. The cemetery is now not only the local cemetery for Inchinnan, as the community now encompasses Erskine, where will we bury our loved ones going forward? There are very few, if any, plots available, Renfrewshire Council must take immediate action to bring our cemetery back to an acceptable standard. Please sign this petition to have Renfrewshire Council invest in Inchinnan Cemetery, to put it back into an acceptable standard, fit for purpose and where we have no worries about health and safety.Read more

David ConnellInchinnan, SCT, United Kingdom
Renfrewshire council
Parents are struggling with school holidays and playschemes ran by capability scotland have now been cut .There is little provision for children with additional support needs as it is but plenty of facilities for children with no disabilities.Read more

Siobhan BlairJohnstone, SCT, United Kingdom
Renfrewshire council
Marks and Spencer has announce on Friday the 17th of July 2020 that it intends to close its M&S outlet store on the High Street in Paisley Scotland we cannot allow this to happen.this M&S store is vital to the people of Paisley and to the people within the surrounding areas who work in Paisley and Travel through the town please sign and show your support to get this decision overturned. Thanks Stuart McCabe Read more

Stuart McCabeRenfrew, SCT, United Kingdom
Renfrewshire council
Council Cuts mean free exercise facility withdrawn! We need your support to reinstate a popular Multi Use Games Area (MUGA) facility for children in Erskine.   Throughout the planning process this facility was included in the new development.  When asked for specific details, the Council confirmed this resource WOULD be replaced as the new school 3G pitch would be unavailable for use by locals out of school hours.   At the very last planning meeting, the MUGA had been removed from the plans.  When this omission was identified, we requested clarification that an area within the boundary of the campus would be reinstated, like for like.  During regular updates the Council were confident that sufficient funds would be found within the budget to do so.  However, in the past few days, we have received notification from Gordon McKinlay, Head of Education, Renfrewshire Council that this much needed facility would NOT be replaced due to BUDGET CUTS.   This facility has been in use for a number of years, and was an integral part of the community, allowing families an area to socialise, exercise and have fun; whilst offering the kids a safe environment to gain some independence.  Streetstuff and other agencies also used the area to host regular FREE youth activities.  Other suitable facilities within the area come at a cost and are hugely oversubscribed; therefore their services have had to be withdrawn.   Families are now having to pay for safe, outdoor, exercise facilities because this free resource has been unfairly removed.   This campaign is supported and driven by Community Action for Erskine, your local Development Trust and Erskine Community Council. We thank Police Scotland, Erskine Youth Council, Bishopton Community Council and Development Trust for their offers of support but most of all we need YOU, the local residents to sign this petition to show Renfrewshire Council that we will not accept these cruel, unwarranted cuts to vital facilities and services in our community. Please sign our petition to reinstate the MUGA at Bargarran! Read more

Community Action for ErskineERSKINE, SCT, United Kingdom