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A "Rich Piana" Tribute Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream Flavor

First off, who was Rich Piana? Better yet, who IS Rich Piana, for his legacy and message will be carried on long after sudden passing on August 25th, 2017. Rich Piana was born September 26, 1971 in California. From the time he was a young boy, he was inundated into the bodybuilding world. His mother competed in bodybuilding contests and through this, Rich essentially "grew up" in the gym. It was in the gym where he was inspired by other old school bodybuilders to start lifting weights. Rich Piana was a successful bodybuilder, some of his accolades include; NPC Mr. California Champion, 1st place in the Sacramento Pro Show, 1st place in the Border State Classic XXX bodybuilding show. He also competed in the NPC USA championships twice. But the reason Rich Piana is so famous today isn't for his titles won, its for who he was as a person, the message he spread to bodybuilding, nutrition and business enthusiasts all over the world. Rich Piana has starred in national commercials and TV shows and had gained an extremely large following in the social media world with over 1.2 million followers on Instagram and just under 1 million subscribers on Youtube. Being larger than life himself physically, Rich started his own supplement, nutrition and overall lifestyle business known as 5% Nutrition. With this business, he had since created many products and catch phrases known to gym goers everywhere, "One day you may", "Love it, Kill it", "Shake Time", "Bigger by the Day" and so forth. Rich Piana was watched daily on Youtube by millions of people who have had the opportunity to get a more intimate glance into his life. Thousands upon thousands of people lined up at fitness expos to be able to shake his hand, exchange a few words and take a picture with him. From his extreme love for his dogs to fast cars, sneakers, food and lifting, everyone who watched Rich Piana felt like they really knew him. And with that, anyone who knows of Rich Piana knows of his unequivocal love for Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream. His freezer would be stocked with a cascade of different flavors and what seemed like every other video, he would run out and have to go on a "Ben & Jerry's" run to pick up some new flavors. He once stated that he ate "a pint of ben & jerry's every night." He became so recognizable with loving Ben & Jerry's that countless memes were made of him having his own flavor, all of which can be found if googled.   With his love for Ben & Jerry's it is this Petition's intention and all those who sign it, to have a Ben and Jerry's Flavor made in honor or Rich Piana's Passing. Thank You

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