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On Wednesday August 5th 2020 Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) moved to enforce a court injunction (illegal raid) to the Six Nations of Grand River Reservation. They used rubber bullets and tazers on unarmed Haudenosaunee land defenders. They are a sovereign people and have the right and responsibility to occupy and defend their lands as they see fit. Demonstrators were occupying a residential development near Caledonia Ontario. Members of the Six Nations have occupied the site since July 19, 2020. Police reported to have arrested "under 10 people". Some background knowledge: Mackenzie Meadows is a residential development that has been taking place on originally Six Nations' land. Since 2013, the developmental site has been planning to build 218 detached homes and townhouses on land that does not belong to them. The citizens of the reserve have been fighting against Mackenzie Meadows, and the companies creating the site; Ballantry Homes and Losani Homes ever since they've announced the plan. In the wake of the police action, Six Nations demonstrators set up a blockade on Argyle Street south of the Town of Caledonia and on the Highway 6 bypass. Around 2 weeks ago, the Six Nations protesters took over the Mackenzie Meadows site, dubbing it "1492 Land Back Lane". They also created a Facebook page with the same name. On the page the protesters wrote "Mackenzie Meadows is one of several housing developments within the area that are directly violating the sovereignty of the Haudenosaunee. [The Haudenosaunee - a group that includes the Mohawk, Oneida, Onondaga, Cayuga, Seneca and Tuscarora First Nations - are also known as the Iroquois or the Six Nations] Collectively we remain firm in our stance that action must be taken to stop the ongoing development of our lands." (You can find more information and even videos on the fb page.) CBC News reported: "on July 24 the council said Ballantry Homes, which is one of the companies developing Mckenzie Meadows along with Losani Homes, transferred 42.3 acres to Six Nations in 2016. The builder also transferred $325,000 to the elected council, which was put into a land banking account for future purchases in 2019". Ballantry Homes, as a third party owner of the land, has no legal obligation to accommodate Six Nations but it did anyway because it is aware of the Claims by Six Nations against Crown Canada and Crown Ontario. Most of the land in Oneida Township went out of Six Nations possession in the 1850s, 60s and 70s. So really since the 19th Century the Six Nations Peoples have been fighting for their right to own their land again. "'The remedy for lands and money that were unlawfully taken back in the 1800's is against Crown Canada and Crown Ontario," reads the release, adding the claim is that the Crowns breached their fiduciary duty by unlawfully dispossessing Six Nations of all its land and money." - CBC News. When asked about this subject, representatives for Ballantry did not immediately respond to a request for comment. However William Liske, vice-president and chief legal officer for Losani, wrote the following in an email to CBC News: "'Our only comment is that today's events allow us to re-commence construction activities, and deliver our products to the 180 families patiently waiting for their homes,'". Basically as of right now, the company does not care about the feelings of the Indigenous peoples, they don't care how they are hurting us by stealing our land and doing whatever with it. We're Done!! Please join me and sign this petition. Think of something in your life that you treasure and value the most, then imagine that being stolen from you. Now imagine fighting to get that thing back for centuries, that burden is what we as Aboriginal people feel every single day. Knowing that the government can just take our land and do whatever they want with it, and we can't get it back because of racial injustice!

Mak Pauze
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10 years is beyond more than enough! Ban Travis B. Thomas from social media permanently!

Disclaimer: This is not a hate petition intended to target, harass or attack this user in any way, shape or form. As for the screencap that you see above, it is not intended to harass, attack or embarass this user in any way, shape or form. Travis B. Thomas (Or better known as DoubleTwithaB, YoItsTravis91, Travis_Draws, travis-is-drawing, double_comix, DoubleComix, double_comics, ComicsDouble, panic_comix, PanicComix, Panic_Comics, PanicComics, paniccomics, OMGHiDouble, KindStrangerPlatinum, user3916630377072, ViewDont, idrawstuff91, Pork_tapeworms, Hi Double#6857, DoubleNSFW, The Double Comics Dude, Double, Fun4FamilyProd, Double T, DoubleT B, ChihuahuaShitty and Life_is_fun_right on the internet.) is a Kentucky-based malicious, mentally disturbed, ableist, racist and hypocritical online user who happens to be an anti and that practices various forms of online abuse as well as promoting and glorifying such abusive activity, such as cyberbullying for example. It is possible that he might be a potential MAP ally, a potential zoophile and a potential necrophile. (A warning about the following links that I will provide: This user’s posts, mainly his hate “art”, that originate from his accounts will offer content that would be deemed offensive, graphic, upsetting and/or disturbing to some people. Some of his “art” may have sexual themes that would be deemed offensive and the worst of his sexual “art” happens to be drawings of penises and real life femboys drawn in a very distasteful manner and grotesque depictions of sexual abuse that be may be considered distressing to some people. It is not recommended to view these accounts at work, school or in public areas. The content is inappropriate for minors to look at. Viewer discretion is advised!) On deviantART, Travis is known as DoubleTwithaB (His original account that’s been banned as of September 2021.), OMGHiDouble (His second account that may be active again.) and PanicComics (His third account that may be active again.). Mostly on his original account, he had uploaded tons of hate “art” that is now gone. Some of his “art” had promoted and glorified various forms of online abuse, such as flaming on one's art, cyberbullying and the likes. His “art” had also negatively mocked various fandoms in a very biased manner. (e.g. Sonic, My Little Pony, furries in general, etc.) He had even mocked very serious issues such as autism and suicide by cyberabuse for examples. He had also harassed (Both directly and indirectly.) other users. (e.g. Flamed other user’s art that have nothing to do with him, made negative comments on what they post on the site, even supported trolls who have harassed other users.) People have blocked and/or reported this user, but he still remains on the site with his two other accounts. The deviantART admins may have banned his original account, but they need to ban his two other accounts. They also need to delete all his submissions and journal entries, no matter how offending they may be, since his hate “art” fails to comply with site guidelines. On Tumblr, Travis also goes by the name of DoubleTwithaB (His original account that may be inactive.) on that site. He is also known as travis-is-drawing (His current account that also might be inactive. This one has a Safe Mode filter.) on that site as well. Just like on his deviantART account, he submitted his hate “art” on Tumblr, mainly on his original account. His Tumblr activity shows that he is a cringe culture participant as well. He has reblogged “bad” art from various deviantART accounts to one of his Tumblr accounts, just for the sole purpose to harass the people who uploaded them. This reblogging activity would fall under the category of abuse. Tumblr users have blocked and/or reported this user, but he still remains on this as well. The Tumblr admins have failed to take action on him and this time, they need to review his activity, deem it unacceptable and to close both accounts and to delete all content from both blogs, regardless if was posted by Travis or not and regardless of how much activity has occurred on both blogs. On Twitter, Travis goes by the name of YoItsTravis91 (His original account that’s abandoned.), Travis_Draws (His second account that is suspended as of July 2020.), DoubleComix (His third and current account that he's using most of the time.), ComicsDouble (His fourth account that he closed shortly after his second account got suspended as of July 2020.), DoubleNSFW (Formerly known as ViewDont. His fifth account for tasteless NSFW content that was briefly active in January 2021, closed later in that month and got revived as of May 2021. Do not click on that link if at work, under 18, etc. for obvious reasons.), Fun4FamilyProd (His sixth account.) and ChihuahuaShitty (His seventh account that he closed on September 2021 shortly after his first deviantART account got banned.). He may seem like a harmless Twitter user at a glance, but if you look at some of tweets, some of them do not comply with the site’s guidelines. He has uploaded some of his hate “art” on his original Twitter account. On both of his original account and his second suspended account, he has made some questionable comics and posts that “parody” other users, such as League of Legends players that were defeated by him and his teammates and other Twitter users. Although, some of these people don’t mind being “parodied”, some of these tweets do not comply with Twitter’s guidelines. On his third account that he’s using most of the time, he uses it to upload/tweet content that would be deemed disturbing and/or sexual and that said content would be recommended for adult users. He did the same for his now-closed fourth account. On his fifth account, he uses it solely for NSFW art and at the same time, he wants to have NSFW banned and flames on NSFW content made by other users that he personally doesn’t like, which proves that he’s a hypocrite and an anti. So far, it seems that he has not posted any rule-breaking content on his third account and fifth account but he may use the former to post more hateful “art” in the future. On his sixth account, it may seem like a family-friendly Twitter account at a glance, but it’s operated by a mentally disturbed bully. On his seventh account, he has uploaded some hateful content guised as “edgy memes”. Regardless of how much rule-breaking activity that Travis has committed on Twitter, the Twitter admins need to review his activity, deem it unacceptable and to close his remaining four accounts, just like they did to his second account. In addition, to delete all of his tweets and posts, regardless of how obscene they are. On Instagram, Travis goes by the name of Pork_tapeworms (Formerly known as double_comix.) and this is his only Instagram account. At a glance, he may look like a harmless Instagram user, but he has migrated some of his “art” from his third Twitter account that does not comply with Twitter’s guidelines, meaning that some of his posts could not comply with Instagram’s guidelines. Regardless of how much rule-breaking activity that Travis has committed on Instagram, the Instagram admins, as well as the Facebook admins, need to review his activity, deem it unacceptable and to close his account. In addition, to delete his posts, regardless of how obscene they are. On ArtStation, Travis goes by the name of panic_comix (Probably abandoned?) and listed his real name as Travis T. In his only ArtStation account, it may look like a seemingly harmless ArtStation account, but it is owned and operated by a malicious user who broke the rules on other social media sites and thus, he should be not welcomed on ArtStation at all, especially when he would dare to upload his hate “art” there. Regardless of how much rule-breaking activity that Travis has committed on ArtStation, the ArtStation admins need to close his account due to his behavior on other social media sites. In addition, to delete the content he posted on ArtStation, regardless of how obscene they are. On Newgrounds, Travis goes by the name of PanicComix (Active again as of September 2021.) In his only Newgrounds account, he may look like a harmless user but in reality he is a malicious user who broke the rules on other sites meaning that he should not be welcomed on Newgrounds at all. He may upload his hate “art” to his Newgrounds account as well. Just because Newgrounds has been known to let people to post content that is deemed as “mature” or “adult” on their site doesn’t mean that should justify that Travis is welcome there. He shouldn’t be because of his rule-breaking activity on other sites that he may migrate to Newgrounds. Regardless of how much rule-breaking activity that Travis has committed on Newgrounds, the Newgrounds admins need to close his account due to his behavior on other social media sites. In addition, to delete the content he posted on Newgrounds, regardless of how obscene they are. On a forum named Too Spooky, Travis goes by the name of Panic_Comics (Probably abandoned?). At a glance, he may look like a harmless online forum user that would post questionable creepypasta stories, but this account is owned and operated by a malicious online user who has been known to cause trouble on other social media sites and he should not on that forum at all, regardless of anything and especially when he would dare to post links that would lead to his “hate” art. Regardless of what his activity is like on the Too Spooky forums, the staff of the forums needs to close his account and to take down his content due to his behavior on social media sites. On Reddit, Travis goes by the name of KindStrangerPlatinum At a glance, he may look a harmless Reddit user who would post creepypasta stories and such, but this account happens to be owned and operated by a malicious online user who happens to be a troublemaker on other sites, meaning that he should not be on Reddit at all. He is prone to post his hate “art” on specific subreddits. Regardless of what his activity is like on Reddit, the Reddit staff needs to not only to delete his content, but to ban him from Reddit completely as in banning him from all subreddits and closing his account. On TikTok, Travis goes by the name of double_comics/user3916630377072 and Life_is_fun_right. At a glance, he may look like a harmless TikTok user who would post horror-related content, but these accounts happen to be owned and operated by a mentally disturbed online user who has caused nefarious acts on other sites, meaning that he should not be on TikTok at all. He is prone to post his hate “art” on his accounts. Regardless of what his activity is like on TikTok, the TikTok staff needs to not only delete his content, but to ban him from TikTok by closing his accounts. On Snapchat, Travis goes by the name of paniccomics and idrawstuff91 He may look like a harmless Snapchat user at a glance, but this account is operated by a trouble-making user who has known to a problem on some sites. Regardless of what’s on his account, he should not be welcomed on Snapchat at all. His account needs to be closed to have whatever content that’s on it to be removed, regardless of how obscene they are. On Discord, he is known as Hi Double#6857. Travis has hinted that he might show his toxic attitude on Discord in these two tweets It might be best to block/mute him to prevent him from shoving down his toxic attitude down your throat. If he already has, do not hesitate to block/mute him and to report him. (Same applies to the other platforms that he’s on.) Regardless of how he uses his account, The Discord staff needs to remove it along with his other content that’s in it, no matter how obscene they are. On YouTube, he is known as DoubleTwithaB and Double (Formerly known as The Double Comics Dude.) On his first channel known as DoubleTwithaB, it appears to be inactive. On his second channel known as Double, it may look like a harmless channel with some content in it. Both channels are operated by a malicious user who has been known to hurt people on other sites. Regardless of what goes on these channels, the YouTube staff must take them down and to delete his content, regardless of what goes on at these channels. On, he is known as Double T and DoubleT B. On August 2021, he attacked this petition and myself with spam comments and bigoted commentary (Including but not limited to ableist comments.), clearly showing that he is here to abuse people on this site. Regardless of what goes on his account, the staff must ban him, regardless of what he does. As of the day I created the petition (5/17/19), it marked his 28th birthday. By now, he’s supposed to be a mature adult who should know better by now, to quit practicing such obscene, immature activity that can be damaging to others, and to shut down all his accounts. But he refuses to do any of those actions. This man is more than just a bad influence towards others; he is an abusive person that advocates abuse though “art” and social media and he shoves down unnecessary hate and pain down the throats of other users who are just minding their own business. Thus, he is not welcome on the internet. He has been causing trouble as early as 2011 and he should’ve been stopped years ago. This has gone for far too long. To all the staff members who work at deviantART, Tumblr, Twitter, Instagram, ArtStation, Newgrounds, Too Spooky, Facebook, Reddit, TikTok, Snapchat, Discord, YouTube and you need to ban Travis. Don’t just close all his accounts. Delete his “art”, journals, anything that has been posted by him. He has broken the rules too many times and he is long overdue to face the disciplinary action that he should’ve faced years back. Quick links to essential updates: Travis’ behavior:Taking joy out people complaining about toxic people.Hate art on his Instagram.Travis admitting the he came to deviantART to bully people.Is Travis a racist?Travis making fun of COVID-19 in a tasteless manner.What Travis plans to do later in life.Is Travis a hypocrite?Old screencap of Travis admitting that he would remake his creepy cartoon hate “art” someday.Travis using “autism” as insult & another time where he used that word as an insult & another time where he attacked autism.Possibility that Travis might be posting abusive comments on deviantART, which is why some people hide them.What influenced Travis’ toxic sense of humor.Travis doing toxic activity on one of his seemingly harmless Twitter accounts.Travis encouraging racism and abusing other users.Travis mocking autism.Travis finally being aware of this petition as of May 2021.Travis being an anti.A red flag for Travis’ anti-Semitic behavior.Travis being a hypocrite on banning porn and abusing other users & him making porn.Travis’ hypocrisy and abusing more users.More of his hypocrisy.Travis attacking a user for over a kid-friendly game that he has played from before.Travis making false accusations of pedophilia over drawings of fictional characters.Travis’ ableism.Travis’ nerve of hurting people over cartoons.“Autism”, he keeps using that word.Travis admitting that he was abusing people on his third Twitter account.Travis attacking horse fans.Travis’ hypocrisy on furries.Travis reacting to a meme that’s against him.Travis attacking The Loud House fandom.Travis not handling the truth about himself.Travis harassing minors and being potential MAP ally.Travis misusing words like “cancer” as an insult.Travis not respecting the wishes of another user.Travis attacking this petition again.Travis harassing another minor.Travis’ biased views on other countries.Travis being a threat to the mental health community.More of Travis’ biased views on other countries.Travis harassing a brony, again and again.Travis being a hypocrite on cartoons.Travis attacking this petition yet again.Travis’ edgy and hurtful attitude on all that is related to Sonic.A lot of hypocritical stuff from Travis.Travis being reported to the ADL.Travis mocking this petition in an abusive manner.Travis posting alt-right “memes”.Travis harassing another minor.Travis attacking this petition right on being in denial about being mentally disturbed. Travis attacking this petition right on by guising his actions as a “normal conversation”.Some of Travis’ hate comments on being removed.Travis refusing to get off his high horse. Travis’ accounts:Creation of his Instagram account. & The renaming of it along with the closure of his fifth Twitter account.Creation of his third Twitter account, an ArtStation account and a Newgrounds account.Creation of his Too Spooky account.Creation of his third deviantART account.Creation of his Reddit account.Creation of his fourth Twitter account. & The closure of that Twitter account.Creation of his TikTok account.Creation of his first Snapchat account.Creation of his fifth Twitter account, second Snapchat account and his Discord account.Creation of his sixth Twitter account.Travis’ first and second YouTube accounts. Possibility of a new TikTok account?Travis’ seventh Twitter account. Posts that Travis should see:Stamp about hate art on deviantART, even though the original stamp is deleted.Stamp against cringe culture.Tweet about judging people.Stamps on “bad art” blogs on Tumblr.Stamp about making fun of serious subject matters in distasteful manner.Open letter to Travis.The fact this petition has been around for a year as of May 2020.Stamp about attention seeking trolls, even though the original stamp is deleted.Stamp about using “autism” as an insult.A submission on deviantART to get him to change attitude.Another open letter to Travis. Misc:Petition to improve customer service at Instagram.The petition to get RealitySquared fired from deviantART.What the Twitter staff should to bad users just like they did to former president Trump.Petition to take down abuse sites.Donate money to fight against real cases of child sex abuse. The do’s and don’ts on sharing this petition and spreading the word about it: Chip in money towards this petition. (Most viable way to spread the word about it. If everyone who signed this petition were to chip in $3 towards it, it would get hundreds of supporters!) Send it directly towards other people by email, SMS, etc. (Second most viable way to spread the word on this. Post it on social media sites like Facebook. (IMPORTANT: Be careful about sharing this on deviantART, Twitter, Instagram, Newgrounds, Reddit, TikTok and YouTube. Travis is very active on the first three sites. Avoid posting this petition on his accounts since he has already discovered it as of May 2021.) If you’re going to post a comment towards this petition and/or its updates, please keep the commentary somehow relevant towards what the petition say and/or updates! Failure to do so will result me in deleting your comment without prior warning! The same goes for spam in general, harassing commentary, posts that have links that have little to no relevancy towards this petition’s aim (e.g. A link to a petition that is irrelevant towards this one.) and the likes.

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Put An End To Defamation And Slander Against Nahko Bear/ Reinstate All Ability to Perform!

I am establishing this counter petition to have more repercussion and accountability given to false and unsubstantiated accounts of defamation across ALL social media platforms; namely in this instance, the current petition being spread about in regards to sexual allegations against Nahko Bear. It is no secret that there is an ongoing, and growing Cancel Culture movement taking place. Social media has always thrived in the vein of what is trendy and popular for the moment. It's an extremely fast paced online environment where everything is "instant", and very little is followed up upon on the topic of public opinion and the freedom to literally say...anything. That having been said, in regards to the above affair at hand, this "Cancel" movement of simply "X'ing" out an individual by social outcry alone has grown grossly out of hand, with individuals manipulating the power of this social movement to tailor their own nefarious bullying, slander, and defamation. A line needs to be drawn betwixt substantiated FACT, and baseless allegations that offer forth no foundation to support the initial claim(s) beyond a typed out "I say it so it's true". This has been allowed for far too long, and it's damaging to the individuals out there who are in fact NOT guilty of the accusations being thrown their way. There is a current petition circulating out there that alleges vocalist Nahko Bear, of Nahko and Medicine For The People, of acts of rape and pedophilia, sexual indecency, 'child grooming', and sexual deviation that are all COMPLETELY unfounded, completely without merit, and completely lacking any solid substantiation and evidence, beyond online testimony, to back up these heinous accusations WHATSOEVER. These are SERIOUS allegations, with the ferocious power of swaying public view and opinion in many of those who may not be aware of ACCURATE circumstances. In just a matter of weeks, these online accusations have split social media down the middle, all while still offering up no evidence that would prove beyond a reasonable, let alone suggestive doubt, that Nahko Bear has committed any crime. To date...ZERO police reports for sexual deviancy on any level can be found on file. ZERO court actions have ever taken place against Nahko Bear in regard to sexual misconduct, or deviancy on ANY level..this includes rape..force..coersion..child grooming...all things in the list of offenses being unjustly alleged against him. There have been ZERO charges pressed, and Nahko has never been found guilty of anything above hearsay. Why? Because there is simply NO evidence to back up the claims being brought up against him. There never was. And my argument is this: If an online society can formulate an opinion and act as judge, jury, and executioner upon an individual based off of story telling and hearsay alone,..what does that truly say for the safety, the freedom, and the future of ANY of us...when WORDS alone, and nothing more, can be allowed to dictate who's guilty or innocent? I have spoken up across ALL social media platforms amidst backlash, profanity, and threats to myself and my family thrown at me. I've been called a 'rapist apologist', amongst other things, but I refuse to back down in the pursuit of what is fair and just. Of what is RIGHT. You CANNOT ultimately condemn a human being, or manipulate and influence a community to cast out ANY human being, male or female, on words alone. This just goes to show the power of the manipulation of words in online social media platforms. And "WE" as a community committed to appropriating correct change amongst ourselves and our people should not, and will not, allow this misuse to take place any longer without appropriate repercussion and accountability. Harper's Magazine published an open call letter calling to do away with cancel culture altogether, which was signed by more than 150 prominent public figures, denouncing the toxic movement as "censorious" And "an intolerance of opposing views,..a vogue for public shaming and ostracism,..and the tendency to dissolve complex policy issues in a blinding moral certainty". Link enclosed below: The opposition argues that their right to accuse and allege without substatiation, and their right to "cancel out" is an extension of their freedom of speech. But ANY speech meant to attack another person’s existence and human rights is NOT freedom, but outright oppression. It is for ALL of these reasons that today I initiate and I sign to not only reinstate Nahko's ability to perform, but to remove defamatory petitions lacking merit, and END the defamation loophole that comes with the "Cancel Culture" movement; and to reinstate his rightful legacy to his namesake, as well to his stance in today's much needed activist environment. Please sign today. ☮

Douglas Machado
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