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Keep the Chief, "Relief" of Rob Manfred

Throughout Rob Manfreds stent as commissioner of Major League Baseball he has "changed" the pace of the game, took away the intentional walk, put a time limit in between innings, and much more to come. The newest development by Manfred is limiting the number of relief pitchers per inning, taking away from the strategy of the game. Here is manfriend on relief pitchers, "Manfred feels like relievers “slow the game down” and “rob action out of the end of the game.” He suggested a potential rule change that would limit the amount of pitchers a manager can use in one inning." As a ex-college baseball player and a fan of the game this is just appalling to hear. That you do not want pitchers to do what they are trained to do...get outs?! Being from Cleveland and an avid Chief Wahoo supporter (biased on this topic) the chief must stay. This is a part of the culture in Cleveland. The Chief has gone through changes so it seems "not as offensive" but now they want rid of him all together. This is as important to Tribe fans in Cleveland! The fans will always wear the Chief and support our beloved Indians! So if you agree that Manfred is changing the game for the worse this is for you! Support us hear and let our voice be heard!

Tyler Jones
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