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Thank you for reaching out to our CEO David Taylor. Crest and P&G firmly believes that ending animal research is the right thing to do. P&G has been working for more than 40 years and invested more than $460 million globally in developing alternatives to non-animal testing. We are working closely with the Humane Society and other NGOs such as PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animal to end animal testing. Today, we complete more than 99% of all safety evaluations without testing on animals. The remaining tiny percentage comes from studies required by law or in cases where there are no alternatives available. We appreciate your passion to this cause and support changes in laws and regulations around the world to reduce and eliminate unnecessary animal testing. For additional information please visit and more

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Mainstream period products can contain up to 90% plastic. They are made in their billions, are used for 4-8 hours, disposed of and then take over 500 years to break down. That's over 7 times the average lifetime of the person using them, meaning if Jane Austen had used them they would still be decomposing today! [1] The plastic pollution conversation is heavily dominated by items like bags and bottles , meaning period products don’t get spoken about, yet they are the fifth most common item found on Europe’s beaches. They are more commonly found than straws and coffee cups! [2] They contribute to the extraction of fossil fuels and after being used are incinerated, sent to landfill or pollute the environment. It is estimated that 50% of UK users wrongly dispose of tampons and pads down the toilet, resulting in a massive 1.5-2 billion being flushed each year. When this happens, they enter the sewerage system and if they are not captured, they end up in our rivers, flow into the sea and wash up on our beaches. [3] They contribute to ocean plastic pollution and overtime their plastic content breaks down into smaller pieces, known as micro-plastics and fibres. This poses a further threat to vital eco-systems where they can enter the food chain, even crabs in the River Thames have been found with period pad plastic in their stomachs. This use of plastic in menstrual products is totally unnecessary and their harmful environmental impacts are completely avoidable, which is why myself and over 247,000 supporters are calling on manufacturers and retailers to take responsibility and bring about change by removing plastic from their period products.With so many companies producing eco-friendly tampons and pads without plastic  - some since the 1980s - it is obvious that big brands can do the same, and there is no excuse for them not to. It is crucial that we bring about change so that these essential products are inflicting minimum damage.  This petition covers tampons, applicators, pads/towels, wrappers and packaging.  Campaign results to date:- Sainsbury's, Aldi, Superdrug , and Lil-Lets have stopped the production of their plastic tampon applicators, a move collectively saving over 28 tonnes of plastic annually!- Before the campaign there was no access to eco-friendly tampons, pads or reusable products in supermarkets, now they are available in most supermarkets and retailers, this is so important as it gives customers true access to choice.- Lil-Lets, Superdrug, and Morrisons have reacted to the campaign by launching and developing their own eco-friendly ranges!- Decision makers have stepped into the reusable market, Lil-Lets have launched a reusable applicator, and Bodyform have launched period pants, and their parent brand Essity also included Tena in the move with incontinence underwear. Please sign, share and together let's break the plastic cycle, period!  Thank you for supporting the campaign! Ella :) Campaign hashtag: #EndPeriodPlastic Twitter: @ella_daish Instagram: @elladaish Facebook: @elladaish1 When the campaign isn’t taking focused action on a decision maker, you can still get involved and support it! Here are some steps: Signing and sharing the campaign! Print off the campaign QR code and put it on notice boards at your schools, universities, and local shops.  Starting conversations with those around you. Many are still unaware that these products contain plastic; by speaking about it and spreading the word, you are raising much-needed awareness! Take direct action by opting for eco-friendly period products, this is a positive step and will show manufacturers through consumer demand that we don’t want them to contain plastic! Get in touch with your local shop and ask them to stock eco-friendly products and if they sell tampons with plastic applicators ask them to swap them for alternatives like cardboard applicators. If you find period plastic polluting the environment, please take a picture and post it on social media using the campaign hashtag #EndPeriodPlastic! Take a picture of yourself holding a sign in support of the campaign and post it online using the hashtag #EndPeriodPlastic. The campaign had a day of action doing this, there is more information here. Campaign features in date order:Marie Claire: Guardian: Ecologist: Observer (Lil-Lets Demo): (Year of the Plastic-free Period): USA: (Sainsbury's): Green Pod: Online:  Videos:Film about the campaign called 'The Making of an Activist' : References: [1] Plastic Periods:[2] European Commission (Page 11)  [3] Institution of Environmental Sciences (Page 19) more

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PLEASE SHARE AND SIGN THIS PETITION TO INFORM OTHERS ABOUT THIS ISSUE. This is something that is in our hands, so it's up to US to change it!  Pantene (Proctor and Gamble) and other companies such as L'oreal are working towards stopping the testing of their products on animals. However, by signing this petition, you can encourage them to take this to the next level. Animal welfare is extremely important, as many shampoo and cosmetic companies test their products on animals such as rabbits, and dogs. The dog shown in the cover image is a real-life scenario of what happens on an everyday basis. Unless the label on your shampoo or cosmetic product says "Not tested on animals," or "PETA approved," unfortunately, the shampoo you are about to use has been used tested several times on innocent creatures. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- EVIDENCE LETTER BELOW: Some of you have thought that there is not enough evidence to make these claims about animal testing. I disagree. While some of the products of P&G such as Herbal Essences, Aussie, and First Aid Beauty are labeled as cruelty-free, they are sold & developed in other countries which require animal testing. I would like you to read these articles if you still believe otherwise. One is from the FDA, an official government website, while the other is from the Ethical Elephant. Please read both. Here are the links:,required%20for%20all%20imported%20cosmetics The article states that "We also believe that prior to use of animals, consideration should be given to the use of scientifically valid alternative methods to whole-animal testing," and, "In some cases, after considering available alternatives, companies may determine that animal testing is necessary to assure the safety of a product or ingredient." This displays that the FDA is trying its best to improve this issue by using alternatives to animal testing. However, many companies do not follow this. The FDA also stated that if it is necessary, it's permitted to use animal testing in products. The source of the image below is P&G. This is an issue that we can control. You have the power to do so, simply by clicking a button! Remember that we can make a difference and that your click goes a long way!    ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- FOR EXTRA/FURTHER KNOWLEDGE: In 2019, a study showed that the failure rate for these products while being tested on animals was over 90%. This means that innocent animals had to suffer the consequences that these companies had administered due to testing and failure. For further knowledge, this link: from the FDA (Federal Drug Administration) will help educate you about how animal testing is used. The article quotes that, "In some cases, after considering available alternatives, companies may determine that animal testing is necessary to assure the safety of a product or ingredient," and "We also believe that prior to use of animals, consideration should be given to the use of scientifically valid alternative methods to whole-animal testing." This displays how the FDA is trying its best to use alternatives to animal testing. However, animal testing in most cases is still being used, as it states in the article. ' These companies hide these facts of animal abuse. By not testing products on animals, we can do our part to help these animals have a better life.  Thank you!Read more

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Procter & Gamble
My name is Grace Zhou. I am a 12-year-old young activist, and I possess a true passion for animals and nature. Over the past few years, I have been using Crest 3D White. However, I have discovered that Crest has been testing their products on animals, and I no longer feel it is right to use Crest. Over 100 million animals are poisoned, burned, crippled, abused, and even killed in U.S. labs each year due to animal testing. Crest is a popular teeth-whitening and gum health brand owned by P&G (Procter and Gamble). Popular for their flavored whitening-teeth toothpaste, Crest 3D White was ranked #1 most used toothpaste in the U.S. in 2019. The inhumane torture of animals who are treated like trash continues to live on… Yet has anybody stopped and taken time to think that animals are living beings too? Can someone come to their senses to realize that they are hurting an innocent being whose life matters no less than that person themself? Millions of poor lives get bathed in human products, then carelessly tossed back into a small and dirty cage. Knowing that we will not be able to stop all companies/brands that test on animals altogether at the same time, let us zoom in and focus on popular brands, such as Crest. And so I have one small request to make: please sign this petition and stop buying Crest until they agree to go Cruelty-Free, because the more you buy, the more they will make, and the more they will make, the more they will test on animals. I would also appreciate it if you could share it on social media and with friends and family! There are many other alternatives without harming innocent animals like computer modules, cell culture, and even human volunteers, who understand what they are doing. Together, we can save millions of lives! Thank you so much! CEO of P&G: David Scott Taylor Taylor's email address:  Read more

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Official campaign hashtag: #NOBOXTOOTHPASTE Why does toothpaste come in a box? Toothpaste is used by two-thirds of the world’s population on a daily basis. The box makes it more expensive for the makers and consumers, and the only thing we do with it is to throw it away. Then why? what's the point?! I did my research, and this is what I found: ¨Toothpaste comes in a box because it looks better¨. That’s right, and If we consider each person using an average of 3 tubes per year, that´s more thank 900,000,000 useless boxes a year only in the United States. But, there are places where this is done differently, for example, Iceland. The same brands that sell millions of boxed toothpaste tubes in the USA, sell their product's without the box in Iceland. This means that it is 100% doable Step1: Buy only Toothpaste that comes without a box, I know it´s hard, but if we all do it, it will be hard only for a short time. So stick to it. Step 2: Tag on this campaign anyone you know that works in the government or in the toothpaste industry Step 3: Spread the word, share this information so that in one year from today, we can buy toothpastes everywhere without generation billions of tons of unnecessary garbage Sometimes it feels like we live in a society that is out of our control, but the truth is that big changes, start with ideas and motivation. Here is an idea, let's get rid of the toothpaste boxes. Are you in? Alan's Theory ►Youtube: ►Support at Patreon: ►Facebook: ►Instagram: ►Twitter: ►TikTok: Alanstheory Read more

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David Scott Taylor
Companies including Pampers are launching "smart high tech diapers" with sensors attached to diapers to sense wetness and track urine. The sensors work in concert with a Wi-Fi baby monitor and an app that lets parents keep track of their baby's diaper situation indicating when the baby needs to be changed. Parents need to know about safety considerations from electromagnetic exposure when buying wireless tech devices. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends reducing exposure from wireless devices. "They’re not toys. They have radiation that is emitted from them and the more we can keep it off the body and use in other ways, it will be safer,” said Jennifer A. Lowry, M.D. Placing wireless tech devices next to developing infants’ genitals is SO WRONG! The World Health Organization also lists wireless radiation as a possible “carcinogen,” which means “cancer causing.” Children’s bone marrow absorbs significantly more energy due to their rapidly developing body. There are decades of peer-reviewed studies demonstrating serious biological health effects including immune dysfunction, sleep and memory disturbances, and potential risk of reproductive harm. We're asking for your support in letting Pampers know that we find the this product unacceptable. Wireless safety was NEVER tested on children, yet Pampers will be right next to a baby’s reproductive system. Experts advise that parents take precautions. "Until and unless we learn that radiation from portable electronic devices is safe, we should assume that it's harmful," says Hugh S. Taylor, M.D., chair of obstetrics and gynecology at Yale School of Medicine. Huggies also launched a smart diaper in Korea and is planning on bringing to the US soon.  Please help us send this message by signing our petition! Thanks in advance for your support.  For more information on how to keep our kids safe from common toxic exposures, please get the facts and take action at Families Advocating for Chemical & Toxics Safety (FACTS): To see upcoming Pampers products: To see upcoming Huggies products: Please see the Environmental Health Trust for other tech items to avoid: Safe Baby Health regarding health concerns regarding wireless devices around babies: more

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"Big Ed" has been adopted by TLC as their supposed break out star from their latest season of 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days. Sharp Media has taken him under their wing and promoted him and pushed him into the limelight.. He has been accused of many things including sexual assault and displays questionable online behavior. I will outline these allegations and considerations: A woman has come forward and alleged that she used to work with Big Ed. She also alleged that for 9 months, she was sexually harassed and assaulted by Ed while they worked together. She had to sign an NDA and admits she's been in therapy for years to get over it. He consistently chooses young girls to be on his Lives. His preference for inappropriately young women is also seen when he tells Rose he is old enough to be her dad. His trip on his season of Before the 90 Days was clearly sex tourism and to spin it as a love story promotes disgusting, predatory behavior that is a systemic global problem, especially in poverty-stricken Asian countries with very young women. The way he treated Rose on the show was degrading and misogynistic. For a channel that has such a large female following to champion a man who treats women like that, is ignorant and rude about her culture, living situation, and health seems counterintuitive. It seems unfathomable that advertisers such as those tagged in this petition would agree with and support the promotion of someone who sexually assaults, preys, and demeans women and bullies people online. Sources: more

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Please sign our petition to protect children from sexual abuse. In March of 2017 we appeared on CBS 60 Minutes and told the nation our very personal stories of physical, emotional and sexual abuse inflicted upon us by USA Gymnastics and their former National Team Doctor Larry Nassar. Since then more than 140 girls and women have come forward to report alleged incidents of sexual abuse that are strikingly similar to ours. The current leadership of USA Gymnastics failed in its responsibility to protect child athletes from sexual predators and failed to alert authorities to reports of sexual abuse as required by law. Olympic level gymnastics has become a big business funded by some of America’s largest corporations and overseen by the United States Olympic Committee (USOC). Change is being made in the leadership in major companies when sex abuse survivors step forward and say, “#Metoo,” but this hasn’t happened yet in USA Gymnastics. USA Gymnastics Chairman Paul Parilla, Vice Chairman Jay Binder and Treasurer Bitsy Kelley have focused their attention on money and medals while USA Gymnastics is attempting to cover up the largest child sex abuse scandal in the history of sports. They must be replaced by people who will put the health and safety of athletes first. Please sign this petition now. Demand a leadership change at USA Gymnastics. Jamie Dantzscher - 2000 Olympic Bronze Medalist, Artistic Gymnastic Jessica Howard - 3 Time National Champion, Rhythmic Gymnastics Jeanette Antolin - Former USA National Team Member, Artistic Gymnastics This petition will be delivered to: United States Olympic Committee USA Gymnastics Procter & Gamble AT&T Under Armour Hershey’s NBC Sports United AirlinesRead more

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I never thought about a used menstrual pad/napkin once it was in my dustbin; it was someone else’s burden. I never questioned the products I used, assuming they served the prime purpose of helping me during the difficult days; they had to be harmless. The rashes, itchiness, and a host of other lady-part issues were a small price to pay and were normalized. And yes, I am also guilty of looking down upon using traditional cloth instead of modern pads.  Now, I am angry, ashamed, and dismayed that it took me this long to realize that I have unknowingly been an accomplice to big corporates in causing tonnes of damage to my body and environment. My search for an alternative sustainable menstrual product, failing to use the holy menstrual cup successfully, and buying expensive bio-degradable alternatives; led me to realize just how deep, complex, multifaceted, and ignored are the issues surrounding menstruation in India.  I am dismayed because stakeholders across the board – governments and municipalities, menstrual product researchers and manufacturers, civil society organizations, and menstruators themselves- have failed to recognize the issues. Except perhaps our sanitation workers who have picked up mine and your bio-medical wastes with bare hands, transported them to the outskirts of my beloved cities; and dumped onto the majestic landfills, all while exposing themselves to pathogens. Right now, we are choking our landfills, water bodies, and their micro-plastics are entering our food chain, and non-biodegradable pads are playing a huge role. The oxo-biodegradable pads distributed by the Government of India under the Suvidha Scheme have not even cleared environmental safety standards! Under such circumstances, it is the responsibility of empowered and privileged citizens to bring change collectively.  In this medley of varying traditions, practices, policies, awareness, myths, and capital interests, health services and rights have become simple tools of manipulation and greed. Commercial manufactures have perfected the art of supplying convenient and faulty solutions and creating a permanent market for themselves. Menstruation has come to be synonymous with plastic and chemical-laden menstrual pads. It may then come as no surprise that the Feminine Hygiene industry is worth $70.2 billion in India. While we cannot make everything ‘right’, we can at least begin somewhere.  My petition is about a specific issue that has a tangible solution: All our menstrual products should be eco-friendly, and since the majority of the menstruating population (36% or 121 million people) uses commercial, non-biodegradable menstrual pads and dumps 12.3 billion worth of pads every year, it is incumbent upon to demand that the menstrual product manufactures step up, invest in research and development and produces biodegradable menstrual pads. Indeed, menstrual waste mismanagement cannot reverse just by making pads biodegradable. That would require a systemic overhaul, including but not limited to: An expansion in the range of affordable menstrual products – both traditional and modern, Information-Education-Communication training on menstrual health and hygiene management in schools, Unambiguous directives and implementation of health and environmental safety standards for products,  Country-wide implementation of waste segregation practices,  A change in policymakers’ orthodox mindset   I, Purnima Khandelwal, am 28, have been a menstruator for 18.5 years; and I need your help. I need your help in demanding these conglomerates to fulfill their social responsibility and commit to sustainable menstruation.  Sign my petition asking P&G to make pads under their brand, Whisper, biodegradable by 2023. ****** A short message for Procter & Gamble Hygiene and Health Care Limited ‘You have the wherewithal to make Whisper biodegradable. Please adapt to the changing times because today’s young menstruators are not afraid to exercise their right to choose and reject. So, do this for your current and future customer base and to step forward as a good corporate citizen.’ For more information, please read this: Why Are There Plastics & Chemicals In My Menstrual Pad?Read more

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Plastic is the number one trash problem we have been faced with in our generation. It is in our oceans, landfills, lakes, it blows around our land and is being found in almost all living creatures. It is nearly impossible to go shopping and not buy plastic of some sort. It is time for things to change on a corporate level, it is time for companies to start switching over to other alternatives. There is technology that exists that give us alternatives and it is time for these large companies to start utilizing these technologies. In signing this petition you are making a stand to demand that companies find new solutions and stop being part of the problem. You are also stating that you yourself are going to look for alternatives to plastic and try to work toward a solution as well. We are all affected by the over use of plastic in our world. In a study commissioned by data journalism outlet Orb, 83% of tap water samples collected from over a dozen countries on five continents tested positive for microplastic. In a US study they found microplastic in 94% of tap water.  There are about 300 million tons of plastic produced annually. There are studies that are researching the effect on marine life and birds like this one, Australia’s Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization. They said "So much plastic trash is flowing into the oceans that 90 percent of seabirds eat it now and virtually every one will be consuming it by 2050." In 1960 plastic was found in only 5% of birds. During this study the plastic found inside birds includes bags, bottle caps, synthetic fibers from clothing, and tiny rice-sized bits that have been broken down by the sun and waves. Tipa is an Israeli company that produce plastic alternative packaging. Nature works a company in Nebraska creates a plastic alternative made from corn. Biome Bioplastics is one of the UK’s leading developers of natural plastics. We are demanding change! Big companies, its time to get on board and ditch the plastic!  Read more

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The people of the United States provide NFL Players exorbitant lifestyles to play a game for our entertainment and enjoyment. However, they have decided to use their workplace to wage protest against the very symbols and practices that are at the backbone of the system that allows them such excess simply to play a game. Ordinary citizens that did the same in their workplace would suffer disciplinary actions up to, and including, termination of their employment. These are the people that buy the tickets and merchandise that allow for NFL players to live lives of excess that make the lives of their supporters seem like those of mere peasants. We are calling for a boycott of all companies and their subsidiaries that support the NFL Players Association until the organization institutes and enforces policies to force players to stand for our national anthem and national observances as well as enact disciplinary actions that are strictly enforced for those that continue to violate the trust of the country that provides their lifestyle. The people of this effort recognize and respect the value of our rights to protest for the changes we seek in our world but also recognize that the players of the NFL are no different, or better, than the rest of the society they entertain by playing a game. We simply ask that they do it on their time. We seek an immediate and unrelenting boycott of the following companies that support the NFL Players Association with further action to follow if our demands are not met. The NFLPA sponsors are: Anheuser-Busch Barclaycard US Bose Bridgestone Campbell's Soup Company Castrol Courtyard Marriott Dairy Management, Inc. (Fuel Up to Play 60) Dannon Extreme Networks FedEx Frito-Lay Gatorade Hyundai Motor America Mars Snackfood Microsoft Nationwide News America Papa John's Pepsi Procter & Gamble Quaker Verizon Visa USAA Join us as we refuse to spend our hard earned money on the products and services brought to market by these companies and their vast network of subsidiaries.For more information on our cause or to obtain a complete listing of the network of companies and subsidiaries responsible for supporting the NFL Players Association please visit our Facebook page at The Edge Radio.Read more

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