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PetSmart, Inc. is a retail chain operating in the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico engaged in the sale of specialty pet supplies and services such as grooming and dog training, cat and dog boarding facilities, and daycare.

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Make Petsmart develop humane, safe cages for small animals

THE MAIN PROBLEMPetsmart recently introduced their Tiny Tales line of cages and accessories. There are several problems with the cages in particular. Firstly, they are just too small. Hamster cages need to meet or exceed 450 square inches of unbroken floorspace. This means that the length and width of the base of the cage, when multiplied, need to meet or exceed 450. This is a minumum endorsed by both the California Hamster Association and the Ontario Hamster Club. This area is needed not only to provide space for the hamster to run and play, but also for all of their accessories. The largest Tiny Tales cage measures in at 320 square inches at its largest points, but it is oddly shaped. The liveable area of the cage is much, much smaller. The other cages of the line range from about 150 square inches to 250 square inches of liveable area. Take a look at one of the cages set up with just the basics. ​We then need to consider the fact that these cages do not allow space for necessary "extras," like a properly sized wheel, extra hides, or toys--all vital for both physical and cognitive health of the animal.​ Focusing strictly on wheels, the Tiny Tales cage provides a 6 inch wheel, despite the fact that the cage is marketed for hamsters of all species. This is incredibly dangerous. For larger hamsters, such as Syrians and most dwarves, a 6 inch wheel forces them to run with an arched back, if they are able to run at all. This leads to spinal damage over time. Take a look at the Tiny Tales wheel compared to a small Syrian hamster. Unfortunately, it's also impossible to fit a properly sized wheel in the Tiny Tales cage. Remember, a Syrian hamster needs a 10 inch wheel or larger. Dwarves benefit from wheels 8 inches or larger as well! We tried to fit a mid sized wheel in the cage. See how that turned out below. THE OTHER DANGERSMesh WheelsPetsmart still uses and sells mesh wheels. Mesh wheels are frequently used in store displays, serving to put the animals at risk of injury in addition to providing an awful example for prospective pet parents. Petsmart also sells these wheels, despite there being adequate research showing mesh wheels exacerbate conditions such as bumblefoot. These wheels also put animals at risk of toe and foot injury as tiny feet can easily be caught in the mesh while running. When multiple animals are in the cage, injury is even more likely, as seen in this video taken in a Petsmart store: CLICK ME.. BeddingPetsmart officially recommends only recommends providing 2 inches of bedding in their in-store hamster care guides. Hamsters are burrowing animals by nature, and they thrive on having extremely deep bedding. Indeed, they will form elaborate burrows if given the opportunity. Allowing them to engage in this natural behavior is imperative for their cognitive health. 2 inches of bedding simply is not enough. Even if the customer wanted to provide deeper bedding than recommended, the Tiny Tales basins do not allow for more than 3 inches, nor do any of the hamster cages sold in Petsmart stores. ​ Additionally, Petsmart still markets pine bedding as a safe option for small animals, and cedar beddings are sold in the same vicinity (although more clearly labeled as for larger animals). This is despite the fact that pine, kiln-dried pine, and cedar beddings are all known to be toxic to small animals. Cotton or "fluff" beddings are also sold at Petsmart, despite the fact that these, time and time again, have been found to be incredibly dangerous. It's common for the fibers to twist themselves around limbs, causing injury. It's also common for hamsters to suffocate using these products. Dangerous ProductsWithout diving into the specifics, it's important to note that the products listed here are not the only products of issue sold at Petsmart stores, but merely the most concerning. We would like to work with Petsmart to find alternatives to these as well! ALL OF THIS IS IN DIRECT CONTRADICTION TO RESEARCHRead more, including scientific research, on our website.  

Ontario Hamster Club
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Petitioning PetSmart

Replace Betta holding cups with 1 gallon tanks, inform buyers of proper Betta care

Keeping Betta fish trapped inside tiny cups is cruel and inhumane. All living creatures deserve to live in adequate conditions, free from suffering at all times. Keeping fish in a cup doesn’t allow them to swim properly, and they can often be seen lying wilted on the bottom. These conditions affect the health of the Betta in many ways: increasing stress, lowering immunity, fin rot, loss of colour and often causing disease or premature death. In many cases, the poor Bettas die in their cups before they can be moved to a proper aquarium. When someone does take them home, they have brought home an animal that is likely sick and that will have a lower life expectancy. As a lucrative establishment that is responsible for a large number of animals, PetSmart has an ethical obligation to keep all of them in proper conditions, including the Bettas. It is certainly within their power to install proper holding tanks, of a minimum of 1 gallon, with gravel and a plant. Many other pet stores use this system, and as a chain establishment, it’s disgraceful that PetSmart continues to be negligent. Click here to see an adequate pet store Betta set up. PetSmart also needs to outline for customers the proper care guidelines for Betta fish. Many wonderful employees do make a point to inform buyers that Bettas require a minimum of 5 gallons and a filter and heater, but PetSmart as a company needs to create a mandatory policy with informative signage etc, to let people know that keeping a Betta Fish in a small bowl significantly reduces their quality of life and life expectancy. PetSmart needs to take action against the extremely common misconceptions the general public has about Betta Fish care, and informative signage as well as verbally reminding buyers about proper tank requirements would help change this problem.  I will personally no longer shop at PetSmart until the conditions for Betta fish are corrected. I encourage you to reflect on these helpless, trapped animals, and make the decision to stop supporting this practice as well.  To PetSmart, please do the right thing, and invest in a proper set up for your Betta fish.  

Sarah Gilbertson
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Call on PetSmart to stop selling animals

I live in Columbia, South Carolina, where we recently experienced historic flooding. During that flooding, a local PetSmart left most of its live animals in the store, only evacuating the dogs and cats they had up for adoption. 25 small animals died at the store because they were not a part of PetSmart's evacuation plan. This incident in my hometown was upsetting, and I wanted to do something. Not only were the animals at this store not treated right in an emergency situation, PetSmart has no ability to monitor how responsible its customers will be when they buy its live animals. The incident here in Columbia highlights that it is time for PetSmart to stop the sale of live animals.    I’m asking PetSmart to stop treating animals like another product. Stop selling all live animals at your stores. I know PetSmart does care about animals, and that’s why I believe it will do the right thing. PetSmart charities have found homes for over 6 million rescue animals since 1994, have donated tons of food to animals in need after natural disasters, and should be commended for not selling puppy mill puppies or rabbits. It is time for PetSmart to take the next step. Animal sales represent less than 3% of PetSmart’s overall revenue. I know lots of people who would shop there more if it didn’t sell live animals. The sale of live animals alienates many potential customers and blemishes the good work they do. It's time for PetSmart to stop selling ALL animals.

Leisha Eastergard
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Stop the buying and selling of animals on social media!

My aim is to try and stop people from buying and selling animals on social media and other sites such as Gumtree, Ebay, Preloved and Shpock. When you buy an animal from one of these sites you don't know that the animal is healthy and up to date with all injections and flee and worm treatment. You could be purchasing an animal that you fall in love with only to discover that it's very sick due to breeding conditions and not having regular check ups. When you give away or sell an animal to a stranger on one of these sites without doing a home check you cannot be sure that the animal is going to be looked after. It is well known that animals sold on these sites end up being part of dog fighting, abuse, neglect, sick pranks, cruelty, pain and used in puppy farms to excessively breed more pets (half of which will be abused or neglected.) Please help me to stop this from happening and give animals the life and love they deserve. Rescue centers are overflowing with pets that need rehoming and when you get a pet from a rescue center you can be sure that you will be given all the information you need to take care of the animal in the best way possible. When adopting an animal from a rescue you can be sure that they are in good health and are up to date with injections, flee and worm treatment. As well as rehoming from a rescue center means that they can now rescue another animal in need. Unfortunately animals don't have a voice so we need to speak up for them. Please help by signing this petition. 

Vicky jarvis
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