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Petco Animal Supplies is a privately held pet retailer in the United States, with corporate offices in San Diego and San Antonio, that sells pets as well as pet products and services.

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Remove Michael Vick as a 2020 ProBowl Captain

As most of you know, Michael Vick was a wonderful football player, he was involved in horrible animal cruelty, went to prison, was released and was put right back into the spotlight. Vick returned to the NFL after his release from prison and played until 2017 when he retired. ESPN hired him as a sports analyst and he also has worked for FS1...recently he has been named a 2020 ProBowl Captain. This man is a monster, he is no one the youth should look up to or want to be anything like. If you don’t know what Vick did to these animals here’s and insight...   Jimmy Cummins: "For all of you that say Vick should be forgiven - give this a read. Most people are aware that Michael Vick was a dogfighter. They may even have illusions of what they think dogfighting is at its worst or the suspected actions that take place. However, what Vick did was not simple dogfighting. I have struggled real hard with trying not to hold a past against someone because I believe in forgiving and that people can change. I have come to the conclusion that some things are simply unforgivable for me. Some of those things are what he chose to do. Picture your dog or your friends dog tossed to a couple of animals trained to fight for humans. Imagine that animal screaming as it is being ripped apart and having its throat ripped out. Imagine the person that tossed that helpless animal to the other animals just laughing as it occurs and later admitting he thought it was funny. That person who tossed the animals to the others is Michael Vick. Imagine taking a bucket used to hold water, filling it with water, and holding a dogs head in it until it drowns while it stands on land. Have you ever thought of the image of hanging a dog? He did that too. He also picked them up over his head before slamming them downward on concrete at his full force over and over. As a bodybuilder, I know the strength of professional athletes. Imagine the blunt force trauma that dog felt as it hit concrete over and over from not dying the first time. He also attached jumper cables to their ears and tossed them in a pool to electrocute them. This is not about dogfighting. That has become a separate issue. The acts in dogfighting are disgusting and reprehensible. What Vick did was to take it one step further and find a way to legitimately torture dogs like a horror movie. I know that he went to prison (he was sentenced to 23 months under RICO), but that was not for the animal torture. In Virgina, he was charged with two class-6 felonies, which each carried a maximum of 5 years in prison. He submitted a guilty plea to a single Virginia felony charge for dogfighting, receiving a 3-year prison sentence suspended on condition of good behavior, and a $2,500 fine. In return for the plea agreement, the other charge was dropped. Everyone else, but animal advocates, seem unaware of what he truly did and most are probably unaware of the time he actually served and for what basis. Upon exiting prison for RICO: He received a sponsorship from Nike and he went back to playing in the NFL. Now, he is an analyst on TV for football and he was just selected as a legends captain for the 2020 NFL Pro Bowl. All because the man could run fast with a football. And the general public does not seem to mind one bit about any of it.

Hannah Parker
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Stop The Selling Of Parrots

Parrots, Macaws, and Cockatoos are wonderful animals. There intelligent, beautiful and one of the most trafficked animal on the planet. Annually there are millions of parrots and other birds that are poached and transported. Fueled by the demand of the pet trade. The truth of the matter is parrots and macaws are wild animals, not pets. They belong in the wild, not in a cage. A majority of the birds being sold are the result of illegal poaching. The birds are smuggled in the most horrific of way. They have been stuffed in tooth paste tubes, stockings, and toilet paper tubes to glove compartments, tire wells, and hubcaps. And that is after they have been injured and maimed by nets and sticky traps that glue the legs of the bird to a branch. The birds that are breed fair no better. They are kept in rows of cages, in unsanitary conditions with hardly any room to move. The conditions are not unlike those of puppy mills. The factories will breed the birds to death, just so they can keep pumping out more birds to meet the demand of the pet trade. Images: Birds are beautiful creatures that are meant to be free, not caged. A famous saying goes "if you love something, set it free". The reality is not everyone who owns a parrot or macaw has the means to care for it. This results in many of the poor birds been neglected. Pet stores like Petco, Petsmart and Petland are contributing to the suffering of these beautiful birds. They are fueling the demand for the exotic birds. Pet Stores can make a difference by not selling the birds. 

World Animal Rescue
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Ayuda! Más de 400 perros y gatos rescatados podrían quedar sin hogar en menos de un mes

La Fundación Ángeles Sanando Huellitas, ubicada en Chia (Cundinamarca - Colombia), ha ayudado en los últimos 2 años a más de 1.000 perros y gatos abandonados, maltratados, abusados. En el 2018 tiene a más de 400 perros y gatos en la Fundación. Actualmente hay deudas por arriendo (por el lugar donde está la Fundación), servicios públicos, comida (diariamente se consumen 7 bultos de comida), etc. La Fundación ha recibido orden de desalojar a final de agosto y además debe readecuar las instalaciones (casa y terreno) en su totalidad, antes de entregar. Se necesitan con urgencia donaciones para cubrir la deuda de arriendo principalmente y que así estos perros y gatos puedan permanecer en su hogar. Mudar la fundación de lugar actualmente es inviable por los altos costos que implica desmontar la infraestructura ya construida, transportar lo que pueda quedar sirviendo y reconstruir todo en el posible nuevo sitio que se consiguiera. Por ahora los esfuerzos  se orientan a pagar los arriendos atrasados y mejorar las condiciones actuales de la Fundación. Para esto se necesitan con urgencia donaciones voluntarias en dinero, mano de obra, materiales, voluntariado. También su buscan  personas/familias adoptantes de perros y gatos de la Fundación, así como padrinos que se comprometan con la manutención del o de los perro/s y/o gato/s que apadrinen.

Fundacion Angeles Sanando Huellitas
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Stop Puppy Mills

You may be wondering, “What is a puppy mill?” According to, a puppy mill is basically a dog factory farm. In these mills, female dogs are over bred, dogs are usually kept in the minimum legal size cage (six inches around the body on all sides), and on top of these cruel things, most pet stores sell dogs from puppy mills! Pet stores usually don’t care where they come from, the just want to make money! In these stores, more than 4,100 potential pets are slaughtered every day! When you think about it, pet stores are supporting puppy mills! The Humane Society tells how puppy mill owners might say to a customer, “My place is hard to find. I will meet you at the parking lot.” because they don’t want you to see their dogs and the bad things they do to them. There are already multiple things being done to try and stop this issue. There are incredible organizations like Peta, The Humane Society, and Best Friends Animal Society. They have been writing articles about why you should adopt instead of buying a pet. They also raise awareness and help animals. If you adopt, you are automatically not supporting puppy mills, which is great news. Social media users and celebrities like Lisa Vanderpump have spoken out and are in the fight to stop these awful things. I would like to take a stand as an individual and fight for this cause. Dogs deserve a life, just like every other creature in this world. Think for a moment about all the small dogs, being trapped in cages only inches around them. Go in the dog’s shoes. Think what it would be like if that was you. I want to take a stand. I would like to make an impact. I have made a small instagram account called @helptheanimals234 that exposes the cruel world and conditions that small animals have to go through every day, that a human probably couldn’t last a week in. I will be protesting with my friends that support my cause and agree with me. I will possibly make a go fund me account so we can raise money and make a large donation to multiple animal societies such as the ones I listed earlier. I also want to volunteer at my local dog shelter, not store. There are always going to be negative people that think this problem is ever-lasting, but there are always the positive people in return. All we have to do, is use our voices. If we speak out, we can fix this. But I can’t stand as an individual, what difference would that make? We have to stand together to make an impact. I hope you will all do the right thing and stand with me. I am Maggie Hayes, and I fight for the end of puppy mills.      

Maggie Messer
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Stop Advertising Guinea Pigs as Holiday Gifts

Guinea pigs make wonderful companions and pets. Children especially love them. They can be very personable, cute and fun to be around. However, guinea pigs are being surrendered to shelters and rescues across the country.  Any pet is a big responsibility. Guinea pigs require special care unlike other pets. They need a very large cage, a diet high in vitamin C and fresh foods, unlimited hay and of course regular cleaning. This major responsibility cannot fall solely on the shoulders of a young child. Instead, guinea pigs are the responsibility of an entire family! Furthermore, these unique creatures need constant companionship from other GPs to prevent depression. After all, these critters are herd animals and buying just one as a gift is surely going to end in a very unhappy pig and child. Instead of encouraging families to purchase a guinea pig as a gift for the child in their family, encourage them to adopt a GP that is in need of a home! Adopting provides a much needed home and love to a GP that was abandoned and unwanted. By offering a forever home, a family can save the lives of the pet species of their choice and make a real difference in their communities! Rescues and sanctuaries receive the unwanted guinea pigs that are not adopted, unadoptable or abandoned. Prevent this by telling families that adoption is an option, too! To help provide a successful adoption, Petco can advertise their large selection of supplies for new guinea pig owners! This means that Petco will not lose out on holiday gift purchases, and in fact can better create a lasting relationship with customers who keep coming back to buy hay, food, toys and litter for their newly adopted rescue piggies. Petco, please remove advertising of purchasing a guinea pig as a gift. Encourage adoption instead!  This way, everyone wins!  

Kimberly LeMaster
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End the selling of hermit crabs

Pledge to never buy a hermit crab from a pet store. This petition is in memory of my beloved hermit crab, Kermit. It’s important to know that hermit crabs do not breed in captivity, they are captured and stolen from their homes in the wild, shipped across thousands of miles and often forced to take toxic painted shells. Upon arrival to the pet stores, they are often traumatized, sick with mites, missing limbs, if they have survived at all. I will forever regret feeding into this cruel and unfair industry. By pledging, you are apart of ending the demand for hermit crabs in pet stores. They belong in the wild where they can roam, thrive and live to be 30 years old.  Below is my facebook post regarding the passing of Kermit and our attempt to rehome our surviving hermit crab, Dude: "It is with a heavy heart that we surrendered Dude this morning to the ARL. After Kermit passed away, he searched the whole tank for her. We could tell he was sad as hermit crabs are very social animals. So, while bawling my eyes out, filling out adoption paperwork and Joshua comforting me, we gave him and many supplies to the south side ARL location where we hope he will be adopted by a loving family who already has knowledge and practice caring for hermit crabs. Of course, I will always cherish my time with these amazing creatures, my first mistake was purchasing hermit crabs in the first place. It’s important to know that hermit crabs do not breed in captivity, they are captured and stolen from their homes in the wild, shipped across thousands of miles and often forced to take toxic painted shells. Upon arrival to the pet stores, they are often traumatized, sick with mites, missing limbs, if they have survived at all. Many times, I have entered a pet store and happen to peek at the hermit crabs and found them dead— and many times the workers do not know what to do or think it is not a big deal. I will forever regret feeding into this cruel and unfair industry. Furthermore, if two adults who endlessly researched hermit crab care, had a 25 gallon tank with plenty of good substrate, climbing toys, fresh food and water, heat lamps and constant attempts to keep in the humidity (which they need to breathe) could not keep a proper environment, it goes to show that hermit crabs ARE NOT TOYS. They require time, supplies, large enclosures, multiple friends and expertise. I urge all of you, do not buy hermit crabs from pet stores, and if you don’t already have them, do not buy them at all. Even buying supplies fuels the selling of hermit crabs. If this has not deterred you from purchasing a hermit crab, please please, do not:Buy painted shells for your hermit crabs. Use wire or plastic enclosures without adequate substrate. Use only sand as your substrate. Only feed them hermit crab pellets Or, buy as a “temporary” pet for your children. There are many other things that should be added to this list. We had our hermit crabs for a year before anything went wrong, but they probably suffered in silence because we appeared to be doing everything right. Basically, what I am saying is that you can do your research and be 100% committed and you will still never make a good enough home for such beautiful animals, so just keep them in the wild."

Brianna Brawley
4,347 supporters
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Train point of sale employees to ask customers "Would you like a bag?"

I understand the problem of single use plastic bags.  I also understand that sometimes they are necessary.  This petition is advocating for the use of small, inexpensive steps to reduce their use in commerce by training point of sale employees to simply ask customers, "Would you like a bag?"  This would prompt the consumer to check other options.  I often have a reusable tote in my purse that I forget about until bagging has begun.  If the item is small, I may just want to throw it into my purse.  If I'm already carrying several shopping bags, I may just combine it into another bag.  And if none of these options are available, I can say "sure, I'd like a bag today."  If people were hearing this question at every retailer, it may create a shift in their thinking regarding bag use; it goes from "of course I'm getting a bag" to "do I really need one?" or "should I bring my own today?" It could make employees more aware of bag use and less on "autopilot" when bagging.  I sometimes find that employees are annoyed when I say I have my own because it throws off their bagging process.  If they've already bagged something, they will just take the item out of the bag and THROW THE BAG INTO THE TRASH rather than try to use it with the next customer.  I understand that once the bag is off the dispenser, it becomes more difficult to work with, so by simply asking a customer first if they need a bag, rather than assuming, they could save themselves this hassle. As leaders in the retail field, I hope you'll seriously consider this proposition.  It requires minor retraining of your employees on your part, but may ultimately lead to your company saving on plastic bags, while positioning you as a responsive leader in the area of environmental concerns.  Thank you for reading and sharing.

Angie Wegner
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Reverse PETCO's Discriminatory and Illegal Policies Against Service Dogs and Individuals With Disabilities.

At Petco, we celebrate the human-animal bond and our ultimate goal is to be pet parents’ trusted partner of choice in all that we do. In our grooming salons across the country, we do our very best, each and every day, to ensure the health, safety and well-being of the pets in our care. From our 7-point check-in to the groom itself, we work closely with pet parents to ensure that every pet gets the best service possible. And the large viewing windows in our salons make it possible to watch the groom every step of the way. At the same time, in order to protect the safety of the pets being groomed, their pet parents, and our grooming salon partners, Petco policy provides that we restrict access to our grooming salons (which are non-public areas) for customers and other members of the public. However, in certain circumstances, we recognize that human and animal welfare may be better served when limited exceptions are made, even while there is no legal duty to do so. We think this specific situation merits an exception. Therefore, Petco will welcome Mr. Honick to be present in the grooming salon while Pico is being groomed. It is important to note that we reserve the right to decide this issue on a case-by-case basis, dependent on the varying circumstances related to any such request.

4 years ago