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PepsiCo Inc. is an American multinational food and beverage corporation headquartered in Purchase, New York, United States, with interests in the manufacturing, marketing and distribution of grain-based snack foods, beverages, and other products.

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Petitioning National Football League, PepsiCo, CBS

Ask Metallica to be the musical act for the halftime of Super Bowl 55

For nearly 38 years Metallica has broken down walls and led from the front in the heavy metal/hard rock genre. They are the undisputed kings of heavy metal and responsible for bringing the art form into the homes of millions around the world. Nobody sought them out, they forced their way in and continue to be an unstoppable monster of sound and energy to this day. Their songs are anthems in NFL and major sports stadiums across the country.  They've won Grammy's, they've headlined every festival around the globe from Glastonbury to Lollapalooza. They've sold over 115 million records worldwide and have a consecutive streak of #1 chart debuting albums that spans their last six full length releases. They were first ballot Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductees. Quite frankly, there's nothing they haven't done or accomplished which is why it is with zero trepidation that I make the bold statement that it is absolutely stupefying that these American pioneers of rock have not been involved with a Super Bowl halftime to date and it is time for that to change. "The Night Before" for Super Bowl 50 was great, but now it's time to headline halftime and it needs to happen at Super Bowl 55! It's time. It's time for the sugar-pop and candy artists to step aside in favor of real American metal. It's time to put a band (you know, one that actually plays instruments and does it well) on the field and let them plug in and do their thing. We don't need pop-tarts on mechanical tigers giving us flash and no substance, we need amps and drums cranked up and played with power and emotion. We don't need wannabe "rockers" ripping of their shirts. It's time. Give America what it wants and needs. Metallica will not let you down. I guarantee it.  

Jason Long
69,930 supporters
Petitioning PepsiCo, Nintendo, Nintendo Ibérica, S​.​A., Pokemon , LAYS , Grefusa , Tosfrit , ThePokémonCompany

¡Que vuelvan los tazos Pokémon!

Coleccionar es un pasatiempo de lo más entretenido, que además puede ayudar a que nos relacionemos con los demás. Encontrar gente que comparte nuestros mismos gustos y aficiones nunca está de más, y los tazos pueden ser una buena excusa para ello. ¿Quién recuerda la alegría que sentía al abrir la bolsa de patatas y ver que le había salido Mewtwo? ¿Y qué hay de las batallas en el patio del colegio? Es algo que se ha echado a perder. Prácticamente a penas hay niños jugando en la calle hoy en día. En mi opinión, con la ayuda de los tazos y demás actividades de colección, se podrían fomentar las relaciones sociales. Es por ello que, en voz de todos los que apoyamos y firmamos este escrito, les rogamos que reconsideren traer de vuelta los tazos Pokémon. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Collecting is a pretty entertaining hobby, which can help you make bonds with others. To find people with the same interests as you is an awesome thing, and collecting caps is an old and nostalgic amusement. Who remembers the happiness you felt after opening a potato chips bag and see that you were given a Mewtwo? What about the battles at the playground? It's something that nowadays is been spoiled. In my opinion, with the return of the Pokémon caps social relations could be promoted. Therefore, on behalf of all who we support and signed this writing, please reconsider bringing back the Pokémon caps.

Mika Cookies
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Petitioning PepsiCo e ABF

PepsiCo e ABF: basta con le espropriazioni di terra #ScopriilMarchio

Cosa hanno a che fare le più grandi aziende alimentari del mondo con le espropriazioni di terra? Più di quanto si possa pensare. Aziende come Coca-Cola, PepsiCo e Associated British Foods (ABF, che produce ad esempio Ovomaltina) acquistano e producono enormi quantità di zucchero in tutto il mondo. La domanda mondiale di zucchero cresce, e cresce anche la corsa alla terra per coltivarlo. In Brasile e in Cambogia, abbiamo scoperto che le imprese che riforniscono di zucchero Coca-Cola e Pepsi hanno derubato gli agricoltori della loro terra, privandoli dei loro diritti. Il nome di ABF - il più grande produttore di zucchero in Africa - ricorre invece in una lunga serie di dispute territoriali irrisolte, con le quali intere comunità hanno perso la loro principale fonte di cibo e di reddito. Aziende come Coca-Cola, Pepsi e ABF possono avere una grande influenza sull'industria dello zucchero, ma le loro politiche sull'uso della terra sono così deboli che non sanno nemmeno se il loro zucchero è coltivato su terreni espropriati. Per fortuna cambiare tutto questo è possibile, e puoi farlo TU! Sei un consumatore: le più grandi aziende alimentari al mondo tengono a quello che pensi. Grazie alla tua pressione, Coca-Cola ha già deciso di agire, dichiarando tolleranza zero al land grabbing nella sua filiera e impegnandosi a migliorare le proprie politiche per garantire che i suoi podotti non provengano da espropri di terra. Chiedi allora a Pepsi e ABF di fare in modo che lo zucchero che usano non porti alla espropriazione di terre altrui.

Oxfam Italia
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Petitioning NIKE, Adidas, Coca-Cola, PepsiCo, Costco Wholesale, Lululemon Athletica, Taco Bell

Giving Alberta High School Athletes extra year of eligibility due to COVID19.

As Covid-19 struck in March 2020 there was 1000’s of Alberta High School athletes that had their high school athletic careers abruptly ended. Initially, it was thought to only end last years grade 12’s careers. Unfortunately this current school years grade 12 student athletes have had no high school sporting experience to speak of. In short, it’s been a year of shattered dreams. No ‘Friday Night Lights’. No tournaments. No prep rallies. No home game in a packed house. No heated rivalries. No road trips. No team parties. No fun. No participation. Being eligible, with nothing to participate in. No Zones. No Provincials. ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! Except for the bean bag toss! I guess it’s a sport now? Who knew? Now, imagine for a minute if this was your high school experience? The greatly anticipated ‘best year’ of your young life. Can you remember the fun you and your teammates had? Imagine the memories that would have never been made. The lifelong friendships and team bonding that you would have missed out on. The big wins and tough losses. The life lessons in dedication and perseverance and teamwork and togetherness. The striving and reaching personal and team goals. Now imagine you didn’t have ANY of these lessons or memories. Our Alberta grade 12 kids don’t have to imagine this, because it’s their heartbreaking reality. Their sports dreams will never see daylight. If they had College or University dreams, those are effectively gone too as the Alberta College Athletic Association, Canadian University Sports, and the National College Athletic Association HAVE ALL done the right thing and granted their student athletes an additional year of eligibility. For Alberta grade 12 kids, they’ll never get these experiences and memories. Ever. Unless we do something to support them and show them they’re important. Their goals and dreams DO matter! Now is your chance. Parents, supporters, friends and especially Alberta Student Athletes, please sign and comment and share this petition to as many people as you can - across all of Alberta. I think it’s time the Alberta School’s Athletic Association does the right thing for the kids as well. Don’t you? They can end this nightmare! Again PLEASE sign and share this petition with as many people as possible. It will be presented to the Alberta School’s Athletic Association by April 1st, 2021. Thank you, Skouson Harker Former Alberta high school student athlete       

Skouson and Jodi Harker
354 supporters