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Stop Supporters of 'Legal Rape' Roosh V Advocates meeting in Sydney/Entering Australia

Supporters of known 'legal rape' advocate and 'neo-masculinist' misogynist creator of 'Return of the Kings' Roosh V will congregate for the first time in Sydney this Saturday. According to the Australian - "Women, transgender men and homosexual men are banned from the meeting of “neomasculinist” supporters, who have been urged to travel in pairs or groups using indirect routes to avoid “green-haired female activists or male feminists” following them." The "tribal meetings" will occur on February 6 in Sydney as well as Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth, as well as in 43 other countries. Australia already has a widespread problem with rape, abuse and violence against women and does not need any more encouragement to harm women from people like Roosh V and his followers. What these men are advocating is, and should legally be considered, a hate-crime. Not only should the police stop this event from occurring - they also need to inspect the men attending this event. 1 in 5 women will get raped in their lifetime and the large majority of the perpetrators will be men that they know.  We need to send the message that rape is not ok, that supporting a misogynist like Roosh V is not ok and that violence against women is not ok! Sign the petition to let the NSW Police Force know that we are absolutely livid that this sort of misogynistic form of terrorism will occur this Saturday. It should not be allowed or acceptable in Sydney or Australia in general. We want this event to be cancelled.

Blair Williams
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Petitioning RSPCA NSW, NSW Police

RSPCA NSW: Save these hens from Lakesland farm

Skinny, starving and dying. Overcrowded. Covered in their own feces. Dead and rotting carcasses everywhere. Pecking desperately at empty food and water dispensers. This is what a passer-by found after coming across hens roaming lost near a farm in Lakesland, NSW. Since then undercover footage has been released and it confirmed everything she had already seen. Shawn Stone - who runs this cage-free egg farm - clearly shouldn’t have any animals under his care, certainly not thousands of hens. Despite the RSPCA first being notified of the situation on the 10th of June, and being sent the shocking footage of the hens starving and dying on the 20th of June, so far not a single hen has been rescued from the property. Not only is this a clear case of animal cruelty and negligence, it has also shocked the Australian public who trust and rely upon the RSPCA to protect vulnerable animals. We are calling on the RSPCA NSW to: Charge Shawn Stone for animal cruelty Ban Shawn Stone from owning any animals Rescue and rehome all hens Australians will not tolerate animal cruelty on live export ships and we certainly won’t tolerate animal cruelty in our own backyard.

Megan Parker
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Petitioning NSW Police

I Stand With Ben

  We Stand With Ben. As Christian mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters we are deeply hurt and alarmed at the increasing public displays of hate, vilification and mocking of our Christian faith. There is no tolerance and love in seeing our religious iconography, religious images and religious symbols attacked for no other reason than pure spite and hate. These murals are openly advocating for religious hatred, religious hostility and religious incitement against the Christian faith. No other faith group in Australia today experiences the same level of open and direct incitement and hate. We don't understand why there is this constant barrage of sustained attacks on Christianity in Australian society today. We Stand With Ben who was also hurt by these public acts of hate and aggression. We love this country, we love the free speech it nurtures and welcome an open and tolerant society, that encourages an exchange of ideas. Free speech is, however, being attacked and abused by these disgraceful murals that incite hate against the Christian community. As Christians, we don't believe anyone should be attacked for their faith or religious beliefs. We Stand With Ben who also does not want his faith attacked. Please sign this petition to make your feelings known and to have Australian society know we do not accept this continued and sustained incitement against the Christian faith or any faith in Australia. #IStandWithBen Explanation of why this image is inciting religious hatred: 1) same type of robed clothing used in Christian imagery.2) same colour clothing 3) use of a halo4) hands in the same position as that of the Sacred Heart5) the term "St George" who is a deeply revered Saint in the Christian faith          

Paul Bennett
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Petitioning Malcolm Turnbull, Annastacia Palaszczuk, NSW Police, Yvette D’Ath MP

There Is No Excuse For Domestic Abuse - Harsher Laws!

To the Hon Malcolm Turnbull, the Hon Yvette D'Ath Attorney-General - to any magistrates, politicians reading this that have ever dismissed domestic violence as minor offence. Your honour with all due respect,You weren't there for every argument.Every beating.Every time he put their hands around her throat.Everytime they had you pushed up against a wall with a knife.Everytime you were too scared to walk into your own home not knowing what mood they were in.Your honour, you have little idea of the physical, or how good we were at hiding it - but the mental and emotional I assure you, is much harder to live with - and will forever be etched into our brains. You can't forget it, you can only learn to live with it.Rebuilding trust, and some form of a life is hard - which should make your job easy. When someone assaults another within a relationship no less - one person is taking advantage of another's heart, that's the weakness. To hope they will change, get better, calm down - because they say they love you surely it's true? You have no idea what goes through the head of someone in that situation, so don't try to pretend you do - instead put legislation in place to protect victims, show the offenders there are consequences for their actions, and severe ones at that.If it was your daughter, son, mother, father, any part of your family - how would you respond? Australia needs a massive wake up call. You wonder why people like Tara Brown was killed in a DV relationship? You wonder why people like Tara Brown were killed in a DV relationship? How many more deaths will it take? How many more children will lose their parents? Siblings? Teresa Bradford thought the system would protect her when she had her husband charged with assaulting and choking her. Then he was granted bail and given the opportunity to take her life. She should have been safe. She wasn’t. Jessy Jess recently has gone through a traumatising ordeal when her ex partner belted her, put his hands around her throat (a red flag for homicidal attempts) taunted and emotionally abused her - she takes it to court, presses charges against someone so intimidating to the average person and he walks from court with a suspended sentence because "he seemed of good character" - in a court room he probably seemed like an angel because he was being reprimanded for commiting a violent act on his partner at the time...behind closed doors? Would not care - he got away with it, that's all he wanted - that's why he showed remorse in your courtroom as he winked and smiled at the press. My ex partner almost ended my life, physically, emotionally and mentally and the magistrate gave him 2.5 years suspended sentence...he then went and assaulted his new girlfriend 3 days after court for my assault and got only 9 months prison for assaulting her. He also has countless DVOs on him from all ex girlfriends and previous assault charges. The police do everything they can, they saved my life with there perseverance and persistence and support - they fill out days of endless paperwork and document every incident and make sure the arrest is handled and the DVOs are in place and affective yet when it comes to court, because the offender seems "remorseful and of good character" it's ok to let them walk free and not feel the gravity of the situation? This is what causes reoffending. Once again, if it was your family - what would you do? Let's put laws in place with the respective consequences to domestic violence - open communication so the victims are protected and so if the offender is incarcerated then the first victim can know when the offender will be released so that they have all security in place In case the offender attempts to reoffend. With all due respect - a DVO is simply a piece of paper in the offenders eyes, it's perceived as this because it's how the courts treat it when dealing with these cases. I can say this because I've been there, I've seen it first hand. The offender shows remorse - because he or she got caught - because they don't want prison time so they sit there and plead and beg they won't do it again and learnt their lesson...yet re offend time and time again. And yet as the victim you sit there, losing a little more hope every day, waiting for that person to walk through your door and just end your life because nothing more can be done. It took over 12 months for my ex to be prosecuted, 12 months of him breaching his DVO, trying to still control me, threaten to kill me, destroy me - it's no wonder people give up. But I'm asking you to re evaluate the process, the prosecutions and the outcomes. Keep. Your family safe. Only 30% of DV cases are reported so what's to say it's NOT your family being affected? Stand up and speak out, there is no excuse for domestic abuse! I'm calling the government and head magistrates of Australia to listen to us, to talk to us and do something and be proactive and take action!   

Nicole Blachut
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Petitioning David Leyonhjelm, Queensland Police, Victorian Police, Australian Border Force, NSW Police, Australian Federal Police

The Government Is Preventing The Importation Of Harmless Children's Toys!

Recently, Australian Customs, QLD police and NSW police have been in collusion to prevent ordinary Australian citizens from owning children's toys! They are preventing the import of Gel ball blasters, a product that is rapidly growing in popularity globally. The items in question are completely harmless and fall under the soft projectile toy category just like the popular NERF style gun that can be bought at a range of different retailers. They represent a more adult take on these popular children's toys. Customs have Seized an entire shipping container worth of these toys from retailers in QLD, who are honest hard working individuals that run local small businesses. The NSW police have even forced a retailer in Sydney to close his door pending investigation. These are TOYS for heavens sake!!!! Is this how we want our tax dollars spent, the government censoring our toys!? We believe the government has gone too far with their powers and need to be brought in to line with what Australians really want. What we are asking is not unreasonable, dangerous, immoral or unethical. We are simply asking for the right to import harmless children's toys. Please show support for our petition and forward to anyone who is sick to death of the government telling them what to do. If we don't take a stand somewhere, then what is next for them to decide we can't be trusted with.  

Mike R
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Petitioning NSW Police Force, NSW Police

Jail Matthew Atkins (Matthew Leveson body dumper) and make him attend the coronial inquest

Michael Atkins buried his then 'boyfriend', Matthew Leveson, in the NSW Royal National Park, leaving him to rot away, undiscovered, for nearly 10 years. Atkins got away with burying a dead body, acquitted by a jury who did not have all the evidence before them, and has since lied repeatedly under oath about Matt’s whereabouts, denying Matt’s family for years on end, the right to say goodbye to their baby boy who had the rest of his life ahead of him. Since when did our justice system let people get away with such a terrible act against another human being? Since when did our justice system for not telling the truth? And, since when did the public sit still and let this all happen without fighting back? As members of the community and public, we have a duty to protect the safety and wellbeing of each other. Recently, Deputy State Coroner, Elaine Truscott admitted, “Michael Atkins has no credibility as a witness,” and going on to say, it is “more likely than not” that Atkins had not told the truth in the last statement he made to police, in which he claimed he had woken to find Matt dead on the floor of their bedroom from a drug overdose. If this is the case, why doesn’t the coroner’s court subpoena Atkin’s to appear before the coroner’s court on 26 September 2017 and make him face Matt’s loved ones? If this is the case, why isn’t he charged with perjury? (I understand he was given immunity but only for the false statements he made before the coroner’s court, not for the information provided in his police statement). No family should have to go through the hell the Leveson’s family have been through! Atkins must be forced to face the music and the police should do their job and charge and arrest this animal. Justice for Matt Please share this on social media and let your friends know out of respect and support to Matt and his beautiful family.    

James Vasilic
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Petitioning NSW Police, Blacktown City Council

Justice for buddy

First of all you all must know and understand a little about Buddy. Buddy was my absolute best friend, he was so loyal and such an amazing companion. Not once in his very short(4 years young :( ) life time did he ever once bark at another dog or human, he was so well behaved and beautiful to every person or animal we ever met on our walks. He was amazing with children and wouldn't hurt a fly. on the 25th of June, 2017, on a normal beautiful Sunday afternoon walk in schofields, my sister and I decided to take buddy for an extra long walk. On our walk buddy walked close by our sides and his little eyes gleamed with such happiness until we turned a corner. As we turned the corner 2 big dogs were barking at their fence at buddy and I can only assume us, buddy wasn't even phased he just wanted to play with them but we tugged buddy a little so we could hurry past but, as we got further along the fence got shorter and all of a sudden one of the dog bounced over the fence and ripped my little baby boy to shreds right in front of our eyes. Just to name one of the horrendous injuries, They had ripped his lung out of his ribcage so it was punctured and sitting just under a layer of skin, which the dog bit a few more times. Buddy howled in pain, and as much as I kicked this dog off, he had locked his jaw and wouldn't let go. The dog turned on me at one point, in which buddy wriggled so the dog would come back for him.  We rushed buddy to the vet, he was in for 24 hours but, in surgery the next day, although we were told buddy would be okay and we could take him home on Tuesday, I got the phone call and 5.30pm. "I'm sorry but, buddy's heart stopped in surgery and although we resuscitated, we couldn't bring him back" the worst phone call I could of received. Ever since that day there has been a massive hole in mine and my family's heart and home, that can never be replaced. I have chased up with both NSW police and Blacktown city council but, both have taken no action to be done about my baby boys innocent life that was taken in front of our eyes!!! Please help me change their minds! Something needs to be done, better fencing, better behaviour training or whatever it may be. What if it had been a child? Do we want to take that risk? I have drove by this house numerous times, the fences are half falling over, sometimes the gates are even wide open. Please help me in filling in this petition!

Jessica Hodge
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Petitioning NSW Police, RSPCA NSW

Farmers and Hunters to be permitted to carry and use a .22cal handgun

Currently, the only genuine reasons for owning and using a handgun in NSW is for pistol clubs and law/security enforcement.However, it would be much cheaper and easier for farmers and hunters to put down animals such as livestock and/or vermin/pests if a .22cal pistol were permitted. A rifle is cumbersome, and carrying two rifles (a hunting rifle and a backup) is illogical. Any humane hunter would refuse to shoot an animal with a small calibre weapon from a distance, and thus they rely on larger calibres such as a .260rem, .223, .243, .308, 6.5mm creedmore, etc. However, anyone who has gone shooting will testify that even the most accurate shot will sometimes cause a slightly prolonged death, and thus will follow up with a shot to the head. However, this is done at close range, and is thus dangerous, since a large calibre bullet will very often ricochet if it hits the ground at close range.  To combat this, I would suggest that hunters and farmers be permitted to carry a small calibre (.22cal LR rimfire) pistol, since this is by far the best tool for putting down an animal at close range.

Panoptic Emu
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Petitioning Gladys Berejiklian, NSW Police

Plastic bag ban in NSW

The amount of plastic bags flailing around the world is absolutely horrible. These plastic bags when disposed are aerodynamic and lightweight, they're very easily picked up by the wind and can escape trash bins, recycle bins, garbage trucks, and landfills. After they escape those places that's where the real problem begins. When the plastic bags get carried by the wind they will end up in sorts of places : the sea, trees, and various other places. These plastic bags are a major problem in the sea, they get mistaken for jellyfishes by the turtles which leads them to eating them and getting strangled then causing them to die. But that isn't the only species it affects, when a plastic bag has been left untouched it breaks down into microplastics. These microplastics will get eaten by fishes and if they eat to much microplastics it will lead to death. So this is why we need to incorporate this ban into NSW and the rest of Australia. I think to start of this ban instead of banning them straight up, we should incorporate a hefty fee in all shops if their customers want to use plastic bags. This should push shoppers to use their renewable shopping bags instead of having to spend money to buy plastic bags, and progressively we can ban plastic bags as a whole. Interesting Facts about plastic bags In 2008, a sperm whale was found beached in California. It died due to the more than 22 kilos of plastic found in its stomach. Plastic will only start degrading after 700 years and will only fully degrade in 1000 years. This means that all the plastic that has ever been produced has not degraded yet. Only 1 to 3% of plastic bags are recycled worldwide. In conclusion help me save the animals and the environment. By signing this petition we will be one step closer at attaining our goal at a more healthy environment.   

Nathan Kangwan
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Petitioning Department of Education and Federal Government, NSW Police

More disciplinary action for minors due to bullying and assault at school

I stand for my daughter and other children to have either lost their battles due to bullying or the continuence battles faced everyday. Minors these days should be held accountable for their actions specially when they repeatedly offend. My daughter was assaulted on the school bus and her battle has continued with the friends of the girl have now got involved and still threaten to "kill" her. This has been proven through CTV footage at both the school and also on the bus. Why should she be so scared to walk around her school? Why should she have to face this battle constantly? Why does the act of minors not get looked at and taken into account to have no punishment? My daughter attends Tuggerah Lakes Secondary college where she is a valuable student, she always strives her hardest and it shines throughout her many achievements she has received.  So I ask you why does she have to stay at home and miss out on school when she has done nothkng wrong? A thousand and one thoughts run through my hwad daily and no matter how many times I ring and try protect my girl a new day proves that its completely out of anyones hands. Please stand by me to try stand to make a difference to try influence good behaviour and to those who face battles much broader then anyone can comprehend. I live through this with my daughter everyday, the tears and heartache. Something has to be done NOW!. I do not want my daughter another statistic on the news at the hands of a bully.

Melissa Scott
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Stop Supporters of 'Legal Rape' Roosh V Advocates meeting in Sydney/Entering Australia

To all petitioners, As you are aware, permission to enter into Australia is a Federal matter. NSW Police has a role regarding law and order in this state and that includes both preventing and solving crime. The issue at the moment is while there has been talk of an “event”, police are not aware of any planned or scheduled public assemblies or rallies associated with the Return of Kings cause. No forms for such events have been submitted by any party. That’s why police have said they will monitor. At the moment, there is no “event”. There is just talk coming from an individual in the United States. If a law is breached, then police will act. Violence against women is a major issue for NSW Police. It is an appalling crime with police putting thousands of people before the courts each year. Dealing with this type of crime is one of the most difficult that front line and specialist officers face. Anyone who viewed the “Hitting Home” program recently aired on ABC TV would have seen the dedicated work done by our officers in this area. Please don’t mistake what police have to say on this matter for concurrence with the obnoxious views of someone in the US. As it stands, there are no events scheduled or any obvious support for any event, and thus, nothing to shut down.

2 years ago