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As of December 13th, Netflix decided to cancel further seasons of Warrior Nun. We will not sit quiet about this. Over 1.3M tweets of the hashtag (#SaveWarriorNun) were accumulated within 3 days of this news. The hashtag now sits at over 8M+ tweets. This show was extremely important for representation (includes POC, female led cast, LGBTQ). Nevertheless, Warrior nun is truly a rare show. It flawlessly blends an interesting plot, punchy action sequences, complex characters you’ll easily love, AND includes commentary on the blurred line between science and religion together to create an incredible fantasy show. After the recent cancellations of other sapphic content (e.g. The Wilds, First Kill, I Am Not Okay With This…), lately more commonly canceled by Netflix, a renewal would be extremely meaningful to a community that feels constantly underrepresented, misrepresented, and undervalued in current television media. It is hard to not compare to other tropes similar to WLW romances, such as MLM, and ask why such a difference in treatment? No matter how well our numbers perform for these shows, no matter how much love we show for these shows, it’ll never be enough. It will always feel targeted, especially after they barely promote it, hold blooper reels hostage, and do not provide any cast interviews. Of course, we are happy for other representation successes to be promoted so freely by Netflix, but we just want the same. We hope you can stand with us and understand our frustration. Please help us to secure a season 3 by signing and spreading this petition to others. (Written by @SarahManning194 and @slutforpheeb on twitter)

Sarah Manning
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Get A Streaming Service To Pick Up Julie and the Phantoms S2

For those of you who've seen Julie and the Phantoms... it's marketed as a kids show. But what it isn't marketed as is the show that kept a lot of people sane through the COVID-19 pandemic, and brought people together, and made a bigger found family than I've ever been in for a show fandom. It's got accurate anxiety representation, which a lot of shows don't get right. It portrays grief well, and its never brushed over, never ignored just to focus on the plot! It has canonically LGBTQIA+ characters that make people feel represented and seen, where being gay isn't the only personality trait they've been written to have, it's just a part of who they are. And yeah, people are probably thinking 'all this over a show?' I get that, I do. But it's not just a show... JATP has brought people together, it's given people hope, it's helped people through grief, through hard times, and its brought music back into people's lives in the same way music is brought back into Julie's during Season 1.  Without this show, me and countless others wouldn't have the confidence to pursue our own music. Without this show, some of us wouldn't have met our closest friends. I'm in a better place because of this show, and I know I'm not alone in that. Actually, I'm not alone at all, because JATP has brought me to people I might never have met, and I'm that much more grateful for it. Season 1 was amazing, but if this show gets picked up for a second season, and possibly more? It's got a chance to make history, it's got a chance to bring happiness and music and light into people's lives when a hell of a lot of us are lacking that considering the current circumstances. Julie and the Phantoms means a lot more to us than you might initially realise. Please give us our show back. I can promise that you won't regret it. 

Lena A.
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