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Petitioning The Walt Disney Company

Save Agent Carter, bring her to NETFLIX Agent Carter connects many people around the world and has a united and devoted fanbase. Everyone especially loves Agent Peggy Carter herself; for her sense of self-value, for not needing anyone’s approval, for her toughness, and her spirit. The show is loved for being a high-quality production from its set design and costuming to its well-written, fully-realized characters and excellent cast.  The series may have been canceled - but we can bring it to NETFLIX!

Arnau S.
131,472 supporters
Petitioning Netflix

Bring Containment Season 2 to Netflix

Containment Season 2 was sadly cancelled by The CW.Many fans want to watch more of this great show, and think it deserves more than just one season. Netflix would be a good platform for Containment. It has good ratings on The CW but most of the people thinks this show didnt fit on that network.Lets make possible a second season of Containment on Netflix! -Iris, webmiss of @ChrisWoodSpain ( Special thanks to: Chris Wood Fans (@CWoodFans), Chris Wood France (@ChrisWoodFR), @ChrisWoodUnseen, @WoodImen & @KaufmanVane.

Chris Wood Spain
22,638 supporters
Petitioning Netflix, NBC, Hulu

Save & Renew The Exorcist Season 3

The Exorcist is an American anthology horror drama television series Created by Jeremy Slater. This was and still is an excellent show. We want it to come back. Bring it back for season 3. We have our hearts attached to this gem. Renew The Exorcist Season 3

The Exorcist Fan Club
8,674 supporters
Petitioning Netflix

Limitless Season 2

Limitless was cancelled earlier on this year but its getting extremely popular on Netflix! I think if Netflix renewed it they could do a great job with the series!!sPlease sign to help get #LimitlessSeason2

Eunan Murray
7,070 supporters
Petitioning Netflix

Netflix: Make your new show about a blind superhero accessible to blind viewers

Netflix’s new show Daredevil is about a blind lawyer turned superhero -- and it seems unfair that if he were a Netflix subscriber, he wouldn't even be able to enjoy his own show! That’s because important accessibility features for the blind and visually impaired are missing from Netflix productions. They rely on a “visual description” option that tells them what is happening on the screen, and Netflix doesn’t offer this feature for their original content. Netflix should add a “visual description” option for its original content, starting with Daredevil, so blind people and those with vision impairments can enjoy these shows too. I really like Daredevil, which I started watching the same weekend Netflix released it. But after I finished the first episode, I realized how unfair it is that blind and visually impaired people aren’t also able to experience this great storytelling about a blind crimefighter, especially when the problem is so easy to fix!   Netflix already has the ability to offer visual descriptions right now, but for some reason original shows like Daredevil, House of Cards, and Orange is the New Black don't have this simple feature. Starting by providing Daredevil with this feature would be a great step. Doesn't the blind community deserve to enjoy Netflix as much as everyone else does? Sign my petition to tell Netflix it should provide a “visual description” option for original content, starting with Daredevil, its new show about a blind superhero. If you sign be sure to share with our hashtag #dare2describe  Thank you all

Ryan Dyck
3,651 supporters
Petitioning Netflix

Drake y Josh en Netflix

Soy un usuario inconforme ya que DRAKE Y JOSH no se encuentra en la plataforma de películas Netflix, serie que anteriormente se encontraba allí. Me comunico por este medio ya que las sugerencias como que no se tienen en cuenta y si el servicio sube de costo.

María Camila Puentes Montaño
3,052 supporters
Petitioning ABC, The Walt Disney Company, Netflix

Revive Once Upon a Time

Since 2011, Once Upon a Time has touched the lives of thousands of people all over the world with its' strong message of hope, family and showing that it is never too late to strive to be a better person. Thanks to this magical show, so many people have been brought together through their love, commitment and passion for this truly unique show. Season seven paved the way for a new direction and a new book that felt cleverly old but new at the same time....When it was announced that season seven would be the last season, I created this petition. I ask that Once Upon a Time be revived, it has helped so many people over the years, it has taught people to have hope, to not give up when times get tough. For some that is a lifeline. Please revive this incredibly unique series with fantastic characters and a loyal and passionate fanbase.

Eve Hogan
2,142 supporters
Petitioning Netflix

Renew Insatiable season 2!

Insatiable has been called the following :  "insufferable hot mess" "worse then anyone could predict" "netflix worst original tv series, by far" But is it? Beyond episode one we can see faults that start a conversation, they open them up. Without that not so much controversy would have begun. The beginning of the end to fat shaming starts with a show like this. That recognizes the true elements of bullying with over the top satire. Its fun, vengeful & crazy. Its dark, witty and at times yes there will be reference to fat shaming, there will be reference to homophobic's and that is not ok... but that is why its in there to open up a conversation and get people talking. Patty is the sufferer here, not the enemy. Dont pull her out of the story, be in it with her. Empathize, be patient and be ready because this story is full of some crazy shit. With a hell good finale that has us going omg. So renew Insatiable for season 2, Netflix. ♡

1,363 supporters
Petitioning Netflix

Remove Chris Brown's documentary from Netflix

Netflix fired Kevin Spacey immediately amid allegations of sexual assault, and have confirmed they have dropped House of Cards after its 6th season.  Disturbingly, Netflix are still, however, playing host to and promoting the documentary of disgraced R&B star Chris Brown, "Welcome to my Life".  Not that you need reminding, but in February 2009, Brown was charged with battery, after he viciously disfigured and busted up then-girlfriend Rihanna's face during an argument. Two years later, when Brown was doing an interview on Good Morning America and was asked about the assault, he stormed off set and smashed a window in his dressing room. Since then, there have been many more allegations of violence perpetrated by Brown against women, a charge of robbery and stand off between Brown and the police after threatening a woman with a gun. This documentary should not be available via Netflix, nor promoted or supported by Netflix. It's deplorable that an entertainment company as large as Netflix, which also purports to have decent, fair and progressive views, a company that does not stand for those who perpetrate sexual violence, would give platform and a voice to a serial perpetrator of violence against women. The documentary should be removed by Netflix from all territories.

Amy Pes
1,108 supporters
Petitioning Netflix

Save Hannibal

Fannibals! We deserve better, and I believe in ourselves to Save Hannibal in this year. 

822 supporters