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Netflix: Make your new show about a blind superhero accessible to blind viewers

Netflix’s new show Daredevil is about a blind lawyer turned superhero -- and it seems unfair that if he were a Netflix subscriber, he wouldn't even be able to enjoy his own show! That’s because important accessibility features for the blind and visually impaired are missing from Netflix productions. They rely on a “visual description” option that tells them what is happening on the screen, and Netflix doesn’t offer this feature for their original content. Netflix should add a “visual description” option for its original content, starting with Daredevil, so blind people and those with vision impairments can enjoy these shows too. I really like Daredevil, which I started watching the same weekend Netflix released it. But after I finished the first episode, I realized how unfair it is that blind and visually impaired people aren’t also able to experience this great storytelling about a blind crimefighter, especially when the problem is so easy to fix!   Netflix already has the ability to offer visual descriptions right now, but for some reason original shows like Daredevil, House of Cards, and Orange is the New Black don't have this simple feature. Starting by providing Daredevil with this feature would be a great step. Doesn't the blind community deserve to enjoy Netflix as much as everyone else does? Sign my petition to tell Netflix it should provide a “visual description” option for original content, starting with Daredevil, its new show about a blind superhero. If you sign be sure to share with our hashtag #dare2describe  Thank you all

Ryan Dyck
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