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The Natural History Museum in London is a museum exhibiting a vast range of specimens from various segments of natural history.

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Flinstone House Decoration Stays! Leave the home owners alone! It's part of history.

The Flintstone House is a free-form, single-family residence in Hillsborough, California overlooking and easily seen from the Doran Memorial Bridge carrying Interstate 280 over San Mateo Creek.  History The house was unpopular with some neighbors, and inspired the formation of a local architectural review board. In late 2017, new owners installed large oxidized steel sculptures of dinosaurs, a woolly mammoth, a giraffe, and Fred Flintstone in the yard. DesignThe house was designed by architect William Nicholson and built in 1976 as one of several experimental domed buildings using new materials. It was constructed by spraying shotcrete onto steel rebar and wire mesh frames over inflated aeronautical balloons. It has approximately 2,700 square feet of living space including three bedrooms, one accessed via a spiral staircase inspired by an icecream cone that at the top is the same diameter as the room, and two bathrooms, and has a two-car garage. All the interior surfaces are rounded, and the master bathroom has a floor of rocks instead of tiles. Originally off-white in color, the house was repainted deep orange in 2000 and one of the domes was later painted purple. NicknamesThe house is known popularly as "The Flintstone House", from The Flintstones, a Hanna-Barbera Productions animated cartoon series of the early 1960s about a Stone Agefamily. It is also known as the Dome House, the Gumby House, the Worm Casting House, the Bubble House, and "The Barbapapa House", from Barbapapa, a character and series of books created by Annette Tison and Talus Taylor in the 1970s. Disrepair, restoration and remodelingBy the mid-1980s the house had fallen into disrepair, as water runoff from higher on the mountainside damaged the foundation, causing the walls to crack. After failed attempts at sealing the cracks, it was extensively restored in 1987. NOW- City of Hillsborough Sues Owner An addition to one of the most unique homes in the Bay Area ruffled some feathers at a Hillsborough Town Hall Friday, March 14th, 2019, as a lawsuit has labeled the iconic "Flintstones House" a public nuisance. In keeping with the "Flintstones House" theme, a statue of Fred Flintstone is in the front yard as if he’s ready to welcome guests, and since the new owner purchased the property, large dinosaurs towering over the yard can be seen from Interstate Highway 280. According to the town’s lawsuit filed this week, "because the landscaping improvements create a highly visible eyesore and are out of keeping with community standards, the decision and order required that they be removed by Dec. 5, 2018." "I don’t mind, but I can imagine other neighbors may," said Donna Situ. The house is owned by Florence Fang, a prominent member of the Chinese-American community in the Bay Area. According to the lawsuit, she did show up to one of the permitting hearings, where inspectors told her she didn’t get permission to put up the dinosaurs and other yard decorations. "My grandmother hasn't even seen the papers yet. She only learned this from the news today. I'm sure she will fight to save the Flintstone House though. Stay tuned," her grandson Sean Fang said in a statement. "As a San Mateo County native, I think the dinosaurs are beautiful. They make everyone smile and should stay." Residents said dealing with Hillsborough Town Hall can be a challenge. Neighbor Situ learned that when she recently moved a tree. "You had to ask, what is the circumference and when do I have to file paperwork to chop down a tree. You do have a lot of paperwork that you have to deal with," she said. The permitting department already fined Fang $200, which she paid. The lawsuit is not demanding anything be changed on the house, only that the dinosaurs and other yard items need to be removed Personally I would fight to keep these statues up and leave these owners alone. As a child I would drive to San Fracisco with my family to see my grandmother. I would wait patiently until I was able to catch a glimpse at the Flintstones House. At that time it was just orange and round and it intrigued me.  Now when I drive my daughter up north, she waits to see the house and the steel statues that line the yard. She is a huge fan of the T-Rex. Removing the statues would devastate her and many of our childhood memories we have of this beautiful home. In a land of forest green there is a home where in our childhood imagination, Fred and Wilma greet each other and say, I'm Home. As the following Petitioners, we stand together saying that we love this set up, paint scheme, statues and all.   

Helen Garcia
32,429 supporters
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A New Curriculum for the History of Black People

For too long, the curriculum in the United States has turned a blind eye to the true history of black people. We would like to change that. This petition calls for a revision of the curriculum for the history of black people. A new curriculum should be written by black people using references created by black people. Education should be inclusive. In the words of Jim Golden: "It’s no accident that:You learned about Helen Keller instead of W.E.B, DuBoisYou learned about the Watts and L.A. Riots, but not Tulsa or Wilmington.You learned that George Washington’s dentures were made from wood, rather than the teeth from slaves.You learned about black ghettos, but not about Black Wall Street.You learned about the New Deal, but not “red lining.”You learned about Tommie Smith’s fist in the air at the 1968 Olympics, but not that he was sent home the next day and stripped of his medals.You learned about “black crime,” but white criminals were never lumped together and discussed in terms of their race.You learned about “states rights” as the cause of the Civil War, but not that slavery was mentioned 80 times in the articles of secession.Privilege is having history rewritten so that you don’t have to acknowledge uncomfortable facts.Racism is perpetuated by people who refuse to learn or acknowledge this reality.You have a choice."

K. Zook
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Federal Protection for Black/African Americans from Local Police Authorities

 My name is Thelma Ruth (Truth) Akins. I teach in a public community college in California. I teach the administration of justice and police community relations classes and it makes me so sad to see clear evidence of local police violence against African/Black Americans almost every day on social media across the nation. We want federal protection and oversight because local police have historically, and continually ignored Black/African American's constitutional rights, case law, and their own local policies. All over America, local police have violated individual's 4th Amendment rights , 5th Amendment rights, and 6th Amendment rights with unconstitutional police stops and home intrusions. The local police authorities, in almost every state, have trampled over the Bill of Rights to wage war on the Black/African American. I am a parent of two African American/Native American, young men and one beautiful daughter. We constantly live in fear of local militarized police because of the numerous videos on social media of murders and attempted murders of Black/African American men and women by unconstitutional, random police stops, and home intrusions. Since our ethnic group is a historically marginalized group in America, we demand federal protection and oversight of local police. We demand the demilitarization of local police and revert the funding back to the community in the form of non-profit rehabilitation and mental health programs. The police are supposed to be part of the community and are not supposed to be acting as a federal military at war with a foreigner. Black/African Americans should feel free to exercise their citizenship without fear of death in the public, or in their homes. We demand protection. I am a decendant of a former slave from the Cannon Farm in Mississippi. My family has faced injustices in this country for centuries. We have lived in fear for far too many generations. We demand help from the federal government in all of the United States of America. Truth Thelma Ruth Akins,  

Center of Truth
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Petitioning Natural History Museum

Protect Plants AND People: Stop the Natural History Museum's Expedition to Gran Chaco

Update: In a victory for indigenous rights, the Paraguayan government yesterday decided to formally suspended a mission to the remote Gran Chaco forests, until the Ayoreo Indians can grant their pemission for it to go forward. Thanks for signing this petition! As a next step, you can email Paraguay's Foreign Minister at to thank the government for this decision. Read more about the victory here. There's plenty of scientific work to support in the name of biodiversity of conservation. The Natural History Museum in London's upcoming expedition is not one of them. In the next few days, a 100-person scientific team plans to enter one of the most remote and inhospitable places on Earth: an extremely dry region in northern Paraguay called the Gran Chaco. It's an area that's home to one of the last remaining indigenous populations completely untouched by Western culture: the Ayoreo Indians shun contact and live in determined isolation. While the expedition says it has made precautions to avoid the likely presence of the tribe, anthropologists and indigenous advocates say the mission is destined to result in a "disaster" in the likely event of an accidental encounter. The journey brings risk of violent confrontation and disease introductions, and the trails that are forged will lead to inevitable cultural pollution, too. This expedition would basically repeat a mistake we should have learned more than enough about in 5th grade history class. The scientists say it is important to document the region's plant and animal species in the name of conservation for future generations. Here's a better idea: Why don't we leave these plants and these people alone.  

Jess Leber
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Encourage all public venues to provide gender-neutral bathrooms

 Wagamama recently announced that they are making all of their bathrooms gender neutral in support of London Trans Pride and have declared that at least 40% of their bathrooms will be by our event on September 14th. We are urging ALL restaurants, bars, museums, train stations and public spaces to follow in the footsteps of Wagamama, and make their bathrooms accessible to people of all gender identities. We are not trying to erase binary bathrooms, as we know that women's bathrooms can be necessary for safety, but we do need to be providing gender neutral bathrooms that are accessible to non-binary, trans, intersex and gender non-conforming people. For trans+ people, entering a public bathroom can be a horrific experience. We are often persecuted no matter which bathroom we enter, we can enter the women's toilets and be shamed, humiliated and demonized. We enter the men's toilets and are often faced with aggression, misogyny, violence and sexual assault.  We should also NOT be forcing non-binary people to choose a gender every time they need to use a bathroom. It's 2019 and times are changing, more and more young people are embracing their trans+ identities and need to be able to enter social spaces without experiencing deep anxiety about something as simple as going to a toilet.   

Lucia Blake
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