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Declassify the docs. Reality Winner is a Patriot, Not a "Leaker"

Reality Leigh Winner, 25, a contractor with Pluribus International Corp., was arrested and accused of printing classified information and disseminating it to a media source. As Americans, we have a right to know when our democracy is under attack -- particularly when a hostile foreign power is involved. In her desire to inform Americans of Russia's attempts to compromise our election, Ms. Winner provided much-needed transparency to a situation that had been concealed unjustifiably from the American people. Ms. Winner is a true American patriot who was acting on behalf of, and in the best interest of her countrymen and women; not against us.  We petition the National Security Agency to retroactively declassify the information that Ms. Winner provided. While we acknowledge her actions were unlawful given the nature of the information, and the seriousness of the offense, we believe that the information provided should have already been in the public domain and not subject to criminal charges for its release. Criminalizing her actions with respect to the information would be a gross abuse of governmental power. We support the granting of amnesty to Ms. Winner for what we largely consider to be a victim-less crime. 

Citizens for Government Transparency
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911 is Not Customer Service! Offenders Should be Penalized for Wasting 1st Responders Time

UPDATE!!  Since the inception of this petition, at least 4 MORE incidents took place!  ENOUGH! Newport Nancy, BBQ Becky, Burrito Bob, Larry Lawnman, Chemical Cathy, and Permit Patty, Poolside Pete, Hateful Hattie and too many others are a few good ole Americans that have wasted tax dollars and used our illustrious law enforcement as casual yet basic customer service reps to address their personal biases.  We all know that racial biases have been in existence for many decades and at one time, Police was the desired department to call from the 1800's and most if not all resulted in the death of the person of color.  Today, there have been instances where the Police were called KNOWING that a possibility of a mal result could happen; however, the Police instead recognized the bias and lack of evidence to result in an arrest. As per "Mapping Police Violence", Police killed 1,147 people in 2017. Black people were 25% of those killed despite being only 13% of the population. Is it that these 911 calls the new route of ridding those of color? Is this the new arrest of Universal thought--no one (race) is excluded. This Petition is demanding that people STOP using 911 as a customer service line to placate their own biases. Here are several cases that result in this petition, we need action NOW and our LAw Makers need to address this immediately if not sooner. Newport Nancy: This woman called 911 to report a black woman smoking a cigarette in an open area garage. There was no reported crime, just her smoking a Newport and giving a violent depiction of the recorded situation.  Parking lot Patty: This woman called 911 on an interracial man waiting for his white mother in a parking lot. Not only did she scream racial slurs while his kids were in the car! Again, no crime, he just started his car in a white area. Chemical Cathy: A Black man to whom was working on asphalt in a parking lot was berated by a white woman and was told that he was endangering the welfare of others because his truck had chemicals in it...his working materials--again, no crime. BBQ Becky: We remember the notorious 911 call and tragic daytime drama tear-jerking moment when the police arrived. Apparently, even after being proven that the area where a black man and his family were grilling allowed charcoal, Becky just couldn't resist in calling and complaining that a law was broken-- it really wasn't and she was burnt when the cop told her. Permit Patty: Yet another woman called the police (then found out that she was playing just to scare the 8-year-old little black girl) to report a black girl selling water in front of her property without a permit. Again, no crime. Burrito Bob: This man literally called 911 while talking to an officer on the same train to whom a hungry passenger was eating and complained of this Latino man eating a Burrito. After being dismissed and literally told to mind his business, he begrudgingly returned to his seat still mumbling and complaining about this meal--wait what?? no crime! Larry Lawnman: This man called 911 on a 12- year-old black child mowing lawns for his summer business. This young man found something that he enjoyed doing and was not getting into trouble. As a result of this 911 call and others mentioned, this young man not only was left alone by law enforcement, the actual police HELPED boost his business and 35k was raised to help his business!!!  Teeshirt Tammy: A woman called the police on a white man wearing a pro-gun teeshirt and claimed that she feared for her life--ignoring his weapon (in Texas open carry is legal). Not only did the police ignore the claim, they actually apologized to the man to whom was harassed. Poolside Pete:  One of the latest offenders of 911 abuse. This man called 911 on a fellow neighbor because she was black trying to swim with her child. Not only did he bluntly discriminate, he also refused to apologize we found wrong! Despite her having the pool card and giving her address, this man progressed  and claimed that she didn’t beling. Imagine a strange person asking for your ID when you have a small child with you, I’m pretty sure that you would not have given your ID as well. The police in this situation said that they will not be used as pawns to stroke somebody’s racial discrimination and ego.  Hateful Hattie: In Philadelphia, young men were selling fresh ice cold water in the sweltering heat to entering the Philadelphia zoo. Many patrons thank the young respectful men profusely as they enjoyed their ice cold water appreciating their delicious refreshing drink. One woman particular thought it was a great idea that these gentlemen were selling fresh ice cold water in the unrelenting heat to those that passing and or entering the Philadelphia zoo. With many patrons thanking them for their sale, one woman in particular thought it was a great idea to call 911 on these men for absolutely no reason at all. When she was asked WHY did she call the police, she answered “because I didn’t want them there”. We're pretty sure that there are way more situations like this, what concerns us are the number of false claims and calls made disrupting Law Enforcements job as they could be rescuing REAL lives in real CRIMINAL situations, not this foolishness that we are witnessing now daily. Stand with us demanding fines being imposed on those that frivolously using 911 or punish them with jail time as it is a crime to falsely claim. After research, it appears that every State has a misdemeanor penal code that has infractions for 911 abuse. This must be upheld by our Law Makers! Please sign and share!!!              

LaSean-Rinique Shelton
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Make telepathic communication for mind control a federal felony.

Telepathic communication (aka scripting and coding tools) for human mind control and influence may currently be the best kept secret program in America. When in the wrong hands, such systems have been proven to be an invisible, yet lethal force, responsible for accidents, behavioral changes, headaches, vision impairments, neurological disturbances, often resulting in fiscal losses and social degradation. The covert process (sometimes referred to as opto-hypnosis) delivered via sophisticated scripting/coding techniques, use of satellites, smart devices, insider apps is unethical, immoral, unconstitutional, and security network unaffiliated citizens are currently unprotected and are offered no shield from the potential harm. We are asking congress to act immediately to disclose the sealed programs (both federal and private) and make their unauthorized use a federal felony immediately, thus protecting American citizens' and our constitutional rights.

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Investigate/Audit usage of Invasive Technologies Used by Police and Government Personnel

Dear President Trump & Virginia Governor and State Representatives, On behalf of myself, husband and our 6 children, and my community, I hereby humbly request and plead that a thorough investigation and audit of how investigative tools such as Stingray and other privacy invasive technologies are being accessed and utilized within our government, law enforcement and communities, as well as how individuals are selected for 'targeting' under COINTEL Pro and psychological warfare programs. As in my case, I was added simply because 3 particular government personnel were carrying out personal vendettas for personal gain to have me removed as competition.    CYBER HACKING, SMEAR CAMPAIGNS & GANG STALKING As a result of running for a Presidency seat with a local recreational volunteer organization, my life, career, reputation and family were endanger and destroyed due to being personally setup and attacked by a gentleman who is a government contractor (Q), a female who works for the Department of Justice, and her spouse who works in the Pentagon. They collectively launched a horribly malicious smear campaign and a falsified justification to place my name on the 'targeted individual' kill list (referred to as being "44'd" by some, 'Obama's Kill List' of people who are "rather white and Christian"). My cell phones, laptops, home security cameras, bank accounts, emails, vehicles, hotel tvs, television and all my smart devices were and continue to be hacked, tracked and constantly monitored since 2014. My conversations, photos, videos, emails, private and personal data, as well as raw private footage were stolen, live streamed and publicly shared in a private Facebook and internet arena that led to a very humiliating smear campaign that included the sexual exploitation of me, my spouse and possibly my minor children for which I will never be able to recover from personally, professionally, financially or emotionally. My children and I have been taunted and stalked throughout our community, even on travels and have our food tampered with while dining at local establishments (bleach added to OJ, spit, poisoning, etc.). As if the slander, taunting and tormenting and loss of career and opportunities was not bad enough, I was also added to the 'Targeted Individual' kill list simply because these 3 specific government personnel involved not only cheating to steal the election from me, but a lucrative business opportunity to be featured in a upcoming reality show was stolen as well. They intercepted my offer by hacking my personal devices and email and then running a full on character assassination to ensure I would never recover from their attack.  ENTRAPMENT They have been monitoring, accessing and manipulating my social media accounts, emails, even this petition as I typed it-they edited the document when I stepped away from my laptop. They have entrapped me into situations leading me to believe me or my children were in danger and threatened to use these staged circumstances against me should I ever come forward about their criminal acts, theft and attempts on my and my family's life. ABUSE OF AUTHORITY & PRIVACY INVASIVE TECHNOLOGY, CHILD ENDANGERMENT, ATTEMPTED MURDER, FINANCIAL RUIN, WRONGFUL ARREST  They did all of this with no regard or concern of how this endangered my life and my family members simply because they could abuse their technological capabilities and positions with the confidence and assurance that they could get away with this overreach and abuse of authority because of their clearances and credentials and lack of accountability, consequences or repercussions. They are being relentless in constantly trying to entrap and endanger me and the members of my family. They entrapped both my son and step son, as well as a family friend on false charges or arrests made without probable cause simply to use as an excuse to invade my home.  I would go so far as to say they have even attempted to kill me, my children, my son and husband multiple times staging it as if it were accidental by tampering with my vehicles despite the possibility of traveling with my small children. They have been trying to entrap me and my spouse to arrange for our arrest and it has been implied that once I am in jail I will be murdered. I was a former public figure (which they sabotaged beyond repair), but otherwise, I'm simply a housewife and loving Mother, and I am being treated as if I were the domestic terrorist criminals who are illegally terrorizing and attacking me that are employed by our own government. How can this be happening? They are trying to kill me to ensure their criminal and very un-American treasonous acts go undiscovered and unreported, as I believe the reality show they hijacked from my email is possibly scheduled to release soon. I am being told they are staging a false case against me and I should expect to be killed once I am jailed.  UNLAWFUL BREAKING & ENTERING They have broken into my home 2 times, stolen all my evidence and legal documentation. Police have been instructed not to investigate my case or help me or my children at any given time. Though I've had police officers blatantly tell me to stop calling them about my situation, I have also had police officers randomly apologize to me when I'm out in public as they too are very discontent with what is happening to me and my family simply so 3 corrupt government personnel can get away with their criminal acts of destroying my life and that of my family as well. How can this be happening in America I ask? I've done my best to walk away from the situation despite the unethical violation of my and my family's civil rights and privacy, scrupulous slander, the terrible physical and mental anguish my family and I have endured, food poisoning, terrorizing stalking and sexual exploitation they did against me and my children. However, even after trying to remain silent and walking away from the dangers and terrorism my family and I endured for 4 long years, they refuse to stop harassing me and my children until I am jailed, loose everything I have or I am murdered. It was not good enough that they stole the election and reality show opportunity, sexually violated and cyber raped me for the world to see, they want me dead and my children to go back into the custody of the very same abusive family members we fought to get away from all (whom are participating in this horrific crime against me) so that their crimes could go untold.  Anyone I come in contact with, they rope into this smear campaign or terrorize as well to ensure I remain isolated and silent. This has been going on for over 4 years now and it needs to stop. I can only speak of my personal experience, however there are thousands, if not millions of other instances of this occurring in our nation and globally. I provided just a small portion of supporting documents, other petitions, just a few of the hundreds of testimonies by other TIs, news reports and articles, etc. below for referencing.  Hate Crime Against Women, Whites & Christians This character assassination and covert 'death sentence' has led me to being terrorized, 'gang stalked' both electronically and in person, and falsely accused as being a pedophile, child abuser, embezzler, fraud, racist (even as a multiracial minority female, that is how ludicrous these allegations are) and a slew of other falsified, distorted and over exaggerated allegations that has spread like wild fire throughout my entire family, circle of friends, business associates, professional colleagues, community, neighborhood and children's school. The irreparable character assassination was not only done against me, but my husband and children as well. This abuse of authority and overreach needs to be addressed immediately, as I believe there is an intentional yet covert focus on discrediting, dis-employing and 'discarding' Christians and whites specifically. I say this because I received a subliminally encrypted message implying as much from one of the many 'gang stalkers' who terrorized me electronically for the past 4 years that apparently does not end until you are either killed, commit suicide or wrongfully jailed. It was implied that I was targeted for being "rather white and Christian". The majority of individual who participated in my attack were Hispanic and Black.  It was implied that certain people were having their illegal status waived and citizenship granted for participating in my assault on the grounds I was perceived a 'racist' for addressing how my own fellow Hispanics and black community assaulted me and my family. I am afro-Dominican, Guatemalan, Italian and Irish. Again, every aspect of justification for targeting me was all fictitious to vilify me and assassinate my character beyond repair. All in retaliation for me having an opinion about being sexually violated, wrongfully accused, setup for murder and imprisonment thereby loosing my family, kids and home, sabotage of my career and reputation,etc. We are living in a bullying police state where victims are blamed and criminals are being protected.  There are hundreds of testimonies all throughout social media and YouTube, and I cannot help but notice the majority of victims seem to be white. There are a few African American and Hispanic victims, but there are also lots of individuals falsifying being a 'targeted individual' possibly to mask the intention to specifically target whites and Christians. An investigation and full audit of 'targeted individuals' should be conducted as a matter of national security and to prevent further cover up of the intentional hate crimes against white and Christian Americans. I find all the race baiting and implications of Americans being 'racist' a projection and deflection tactic to mask what's really going on in our nations/world.  I am actually a terrible Christian who has followed religion very loosely my entire life. Another example of how falsified my selection and smear campaign has been.  Also, it is estimated that 65% of the Targeted Individuals are women! This is also a hate crime against me as a women, and could potentially be perceived as a war against women. The mistreatment and sexual harassment of women must stop!  Targeted Individual Again, in closing, I was completely discredited and slandered beyond repair, so the competing candidates who was a gentleman that worked as a government contractor that specialized in iCloud security services, and a female who now works for Department of Justice (DOJ) and whose spouse works in the Pentagon who  intentionally added my name to the 'targeted individual' list so they could remove me and steal my hard earned positions and business opportunities. Community Policing Family, neighbors and friends are encouraged to join in on the harassing, terrorizing, humiliating, antagonizing and entrapment as they are given falsified information and manipulated to believe they are being a good Samaritan by participating in helping setup for an arrest a dangerous criminal based on all the falsified information by engaging in 'community policing'. Police should not be encouraging people to stalk, harass and entrap members of their community based off of false allegations. This is so damaging to the American public and only encourages bullying and narcissistic behaviors. It contributes to the divide in our nation and also sets citizens up for erroneous criminal charges as well, as most citizens are not knowledgeable enough about laws or are going off of the false data provided about the person(s) being targeted. Gang stalking also endangers innocent citizens that may be mistaken for stalkers as these practices foster paranoia and mental duress which is driving such a huge divide in our communities.   CyberRape, Sextortion, and Revenge Porn As a result of having my phone hacked, not only was the election and business opportunity stolen from me, I was cyber raped and humiliated as well. On top of that, they threaten to use child pornography charges against me when they in fact are the ones who possibly sexually exploited my children.  It is estimated that 65% of Targeted Individuals are women!  US Government Employees and Law Enforcement Being Domestic Terrorists In my opinion, a full scope investigation and audit should be conducted of all surveillance records to identify how many cases were a result of personal vendettas. Those who abuse their authority and access to these technologies without being subjected to audits can easily carry out and target personal enemies or competitors and subject them to harassment, gang stalking, fictitious smear campaigns, electronic harassment, etc. As depicted in the movie Snowden, IT, Enemy of the State and others. The government and law enforcement personnel are in fact being criminals and domestic terrorists themselves, committing far worse crimes than the individuals being targeted and they endanger the safety and security of our nation and citizens alike. This is an act of treason as these invasive technologies are to be used to protect our nation, not used against citizens wrongfully for personal gain or on personal enemies. Abuse of these technologies will lead to revocation of national security measures which in turn will make our nation vulnerable to real international and domestic terrorist as currently it seems these technologies are being used against US Citizens instead of protecting them or our nation's security. Here we have law enforcement and government personnel using these tools and acting a domestic terrorist themselves against US citizens. This is very un-American. Police officers with gang affiliations are sharing Stingray and other invasive technologies with gangs, drug dealers and human traffickers. Street Gangs with Access and Usage Capability to Privacy Invasive Technologies Police and Government Officials with gang affiliations is a conflict of interest and should not be permissible for obvious reasons such as this. This situation derived from a biker gang that has members who are police and government employees. Much as nepotism laws, the potential of criminals and gang members accessing such invasive tools is too great a risk. My situation is proof of this.     Dear State Representatives and President Donald Trump, please help me get justice and push to expose the corruption, overreach and abuse of invasive technologies on American citizens. The crimes committed to setup and frame people as targeted individuals or domestic terrorists far succeed any of the fictitious crimes being implied to destroy and discredit other fellow Americans. It is out of control.  My family and I did not deserve this. My Grandfather served in WW2, I've served in my community as PTO, Scout Troop Leader, church and youth volunteer, I've raised funds for various charity organization including several veterans programs, police Auxiliary and Coast Guard Auxiliary. My son, who was arrested without probable cause back in September (more than likely a ploy to hurt me and search and break into my home while I was away on travel). That same son of mine was presented with a neighborhood community hero award served by the very same Prince William County Police Department whom I am now being targeted by as a result of corrupt government officials who supersede their jurisdiction and gave false justification.  This isnt right, none of this right. What has happened to our nation? I am merely one person in a sea of thousands, if not millions of other victims/survivors of this silent genocide of American citizens. I will have a personal video testimony up on my YouTube Channel:  I can be found on Facebook at: Here are just a few of the hundreds of source documents, testimonies, news reports and articles and other petitions on this subject matter. As Trey Gowdy said, we the American people gave powers to our government to keep us safe, but those powers are being misused.  Targeted Individuals - FISA - James Comey Testimony NSA Whistleblower William Binney: The Future of FREEDOM: FSU Shooter Myron May: FSU Shooter Myron May: Targeted Individual Doctor Daniel Lebowitz MD: Targeted Individual Michael Barden: Informational Videos by Dr Eric Karlstrom & Others: Informational Websites: Other Petitions: Additional Sources & Information:  

Beverly Cuellar
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2nd Ammendment - Rubber Bullets

The second ammendment is clearly outlined in the constitution to allow citizens of this country to "bear arms" We've since interpreted this constitutional ammendment to mean that firearms, regardless of the type are a right written by the forefathers. The Problem: this country is unique to others in that far more gun-related homocides (sometimes accidental) occur in this country than any on the world.  The Solution: Preserve the second ammendment and gun ownership by permitting sale of only non-lethal rounds (rubber bullets, shotgun bags, etc.)

Kelton Jones
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Prove it: Demand Competency Evaluation for "Stable Genius" Donald Trump

Despite his bizarre assertions of being a "stable genius," the majority of Americans and our allies believe that the President of the United States is mentally unfit and an imminent threat to domestic and global stability and peace. Fifty Republican security experts warned us before he ever took office and his erratic behavior is only worsening rapidly. He appears to be a serious danger to himself or others (ALL of us others). Therefore we demand that Donald Trump submit himself to a mental competency evaluation by a licensed psychiatrist immediately.  If not then he should have his authority as Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces suspended and Articles of Impeachment under the 25th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution must begin. 

Solutions for Change
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Arrest Richard Matthew John O'Neill aka Jo Cook

Richard Matthew John O'Neill also earlier known as Jo Cook. He has been in the online internet marketing for so many years. Multiple ventures started by him turned to scam. His last scam was which scammed millions from its users and now he is on the run. Please help to catch him this time so that he does not scam anyone anymore. His previous Email: Sources:

Marc De Koning
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No more Exams: Let us preserve our forest and Help Our Mother Earth

Reduce cutting down trees for better environment. 4 billion trees or 35% of total trees cut around the world are used in paper industries on every continent. That equates to about 2.47 million trees cut down around the World.  People should stop cutting down trees because trees take in Co2 which causes global warming. Another reason people should stop cutting down trees is because trees exhale oxygen which is what humans breathe, and if we run out of oxygen then no one would be able to breathe. Trees are vital,  As the biggest plants on the planet, they give us oxygen, store carbon, stabilise the soil and give life to the world's wildlife. They also provide us with the materials for tools and shelter. Let us Help Mother Earth. Let us help ourselves for better future no more Exams!

Joshua Abliter
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Demand the FCC investigates false comments on their website in favor of repealing Title 2.

During the days leading up to the repealing of Title II, the Federal Communications Commission opened a public forum on their website for citizens to voice their concerns over protecting net neutrality. While an overwhelming majority of citizens voted in favor of retaining existing regulations stipulated in Title II of the Communications Act of 1934, a not-yet determined amount of social media accounts have been hijacked to comment in favor of the repeal. Some of these comments include deceased relatives, and forged comments from people who did not make these comments themselves. The purpose of a public forum is to decide how the American people truly feel about an issue, and by ignoring the integrity of our cyber security, we are willfully diminishing the value of discussion between the public and government organizations. Please investigate these matters so that we can identify the source of this information infiltration.

Quinn Dang
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Sadly enough so many under age children but NOT limited to any and all ages who, indeed on a daily basis have become victims by being tricked into thinking there is a better life other than where they came from! Our Story;  The Life Of Whats Known As, "The Big Money Maker" AKA "HUMAN SEX TRAFFICKING" To this day I'm in NO WAY comprehending how the State Of NY and or any State can legitimately clear any child that has, been legally documented with psychological issues into Society thinking this is safe to do so. When it's been Documented that they are in danger to others as well as themselves! These children are continually left behind Only, To Break Free In-To "The Life Of The Unimaginable" My Niece Was Forced Into Human Sex Trafficking And The State Of NY Is NOT Helping Her! They keep placing this every so, un-stable child who is indeed in danger of herself into "MULTI" Un- Secure Group Homes throughout NY State! Which this child Keeps escaping from, "MIND YOU" Each And Every Group Home!" They are NOT providing the treatment needed to help this 14 year old who has, been running a muck Carelessly without having any common sense. Due to the very fact she has been brainwashed into thinking she is, owned by but NOT limited to "Gang Members!" She as well as, many other children have been told this is the only life that's best for them! The State Of NY NEEDS TO properly place NOT ONLY THIS CHILD BUT SO MANY OTHER CHILDREN WHO ARE "LOST IN THE SHADOWS" Within a Secured LOCKED DOWN Facility "NOT A JAIL LIKE SETTING EITHER!" Placed Somewhere they can be natured back into civilization and understood so, they can better express themselves freely without being rejected for their opinions as well valued as a human beings. They need to be taught with strategy and given tools to better understand that they are, NOT SEX OBJECT'S NOR DO THEY NEED TO BE SUBJECTED INTO THE LIFE OF BEING ABUSED AND OR USED BY ANYONE FOR ANYTHING! If These "LOST Innocent Children" are NOT HEARD and OR HELPED With the correct management needed to bring them back in the real world safely they will NEVER understand THERE IS, "A BETTER LIFE" Outside of "Human Sex Trafficking!" These Children have been conditioned into the Street Life Of "Human Sex Trafficking!" They have been trained to think this life is normal, they have been trained to call their Johns they're boyfriends AND NOT THEIR PIMPS! WE PLEASE ARE BEGGING FOR YOUR HELP TO STOP HUMAN SEX TRAFFICKING. " Our Children Are Our Future "

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