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El pulmón del mundo, - la selva amazónica sudamericana -  se esta quemando totalmente y con él moriremos todos, fauna y flora silvestre y miles de hectáreas de bosques se queman en cuestión de horas o minutos. "....extinguirlo es imposible pero debemos hacer todos los esfuerzos por mitigarlo...". De esta manera se protegerá las vidas de millones de habitantes afectados en la amazonia, poblaciones enteras, fauna y flora son devastadas. Por lo anterior, este es un problema que requiere de soluciones internacionales para proteger la vida,  solicitamos a la ONU - Organización de las Naciones Unidas y la OEA  - organización de los Estados Americanos,  organizaciones ecológicas y países afectados directa e indirectamente una reunión de urgencia para evitar la destrucción masiva de la Amazonia, creando distintas estrategias de solución para toda esta problemática, desde por ejemplo: una cuenta bancaria mundial de solidaridad con las comunidades de la amazonia, enviando inmediatamente helicópteros, aviones cisterna y bomberos del mundo entero para apagar el incendio ahora mismo, médicos y veterinarios voluntarios. La comunidad aledaña a la zona incendiada clama por ayuda humanitaria y prontas soluciones. También, debemos evitar que esto vuelva a ocurrir en cualquier lugar del mundo. #PrayForAmazonia.

Alexander Rodrigo Viveros Palacios
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Losing U​.​S. University Admissions as a Result of Long Administrative Processing

--------------------------DISCLAIMER THE PURPOSE OF THIS PETITION IS TO SOLELY REPRESENT THE DIFFICULT SITUATION OF IRANIAN STUDENTS WHO ARE WAITING FOR THEIR U.S. VISAS TO ATTEND THEIR UNIVERSITIES INSIDE THE UNITED STATES (CAUSED BY COVID-19 PANDEMIC).NO POLITICAL OR OTHER PURPOSES IS BEING FOLLOWED. ANY MISUNDERSTANDING OR MISCONCEPTION OF THIS PETITION BY NEWS MEDIA OR OTHER ENTITIES AND INDIVIDUALS IS ON THEIR OWN RESPONSIBILITY. THE ADDRESSEES OF THIS PETITION ARE U.S. OFFICIALS AND RELEVANT DEPARTMENTS WHO ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE ISSUANCE OF VISAS.--------------------------For Iranian students, facing difficult situations during the visa process is not a new story. During the last two years, the COVID-19 Pandemic and cancellation of routine visa services made it even harder. Administrative Processing (AP) before the issuance of visas is a routine procedure for most Iranian nationals. However, there has never been a specific time frame for the conclusion of such processing and it can take as short as 40 days or as long as a couple of years. This year, like previous years, most of the applicants who attended visa interviews in the United States embassies in Armenia, Pakistan, United Arab Emirates, and Turkey, were subjected to AP. What is concerning is that until now, a large number of applicants are still waiting for the result of their AP. Many of us are currently waiting for over 120 days. Moreover, within the past few weeks, the embassies have not announced the result of any F and J cases at all. In comparison to previous years, this issue is so alarming. Looking at the statistics provided by the website of the United States embassy in Armenia, in July 2019 alone, the embassy concluded 450 F and J cases that all were related to Iranian nationals, while in July 2021, it only concluded 21 cases. With the start date of our programs approaching and hearing nothing from the embassies, this situation is becoming more and more stressful for us. It is also worth mentioning that as a result of the global Pandemic, most Iranian applicants for F and J categories have already deferred their admissions for at least two or three semesters. For these students, not hearing anything from the embassies means that they will lose their admissions, funding, and everything they have worked for tirelessly. In order to draw a vivid picture of the outcome of this long and slow AP, reviewing the statistics obtained from the website of the United States embassy in Armenia would be beneficial. According to the 2019 visa statistics, at least 30 percent of the applicants who were interviewed at the U.S. embassy in Yerevan before June 2019 were not able to obtain their visas before the start of the Fall 2019 semester; simply because of the long AP. Due to the limited consular activities in 2021, we are observing a more chaotic pattern that eventually would result in: Discrimination against Iranian students in comparison to students of other nations; Iranian students losing university admission and funding because of long AP;  Not admitting Iranian students by the United States faculty members in the future, simply on the basis of visa problems; Choosing other countries like Canada, Australia, and the European countries by elite Iranian students whose first choice for higher education was previously the prestigious institutions of the United States. For these reasons, we respectfully urge all relevant departments and services, specifically the United States Department of State, the United States Department of Homeland Security, and the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services to kindly take our concern into consideration and assist us with this matter and alleviate this burden for all Iranian students. We understand and respect the importance of taking into consideration the national interests of the United States in issuing visas and by no means do we ask for any intervention in this process. Our only request is to expedite this process so that we would be able to attend our classes on time. We humbly ask you to support us and hear our concerns. Respectfully submitted.

Iranian Students
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  The United Nations, Heads of Government, Heads of Parliament and other members of the International Community, We write to bring to your notice, the wanton killings, maiming and brazen violation of human rights of the citizens of Nigeria, particularly the people of Rivers State which enveloped the Gubernatorial Election held on March 9, 2019 by the Minister of Transportation, Mr. Rotimi Amaechi, using the Nigerian Military, a litany of security personnel and thugs loyal to the All Progressive Congress (APC). It is per the above ratio, that this petition is raised to save our democracy that is on the precipice. The world would recall that the Supreme Court of Nigeria, in exercising its constitutional functions while determining the suit filed by 22 aggrieved members of the party barred the candidate of the APC from contesting the Rivers Gubernatorial election. Following this judgement by the Supreme Court, Rotimi Amaechi, the leader of the party in Rivers State and his lieutenants have unleashed the most crude form of attack on the people of Rivers State. The media is awash with pictorial and video evidence of the mayhem caused by Rotimi Amechi, in the bid to cause anarchy and destroy Nigeria’s hard earned democracy. The militarization of Rivers State during this election, have been used to perpetrate the worst form of brigandage, tryanny and chaos known to the lexicon of human existence in recent times. Homes and Polling units have been invaded and opposition members shot in cold blood. The military have been used to cart away Electoral materials in an attempt to thwart and subdue the will of the people. The death toll has risen to an astronomical level owing to the desperation of a man whose party fielded no candidate in the election, but has sworn to make the state uninhabitable for the citizens. Suffice it to say, that the Rivers State government and the entire people of Rivers State have times without number, called on the President, the Inspector General of Police and the Chief of Army Staff to bring to an end to wit; the killings and inhuman treatment to no avail. The current federal government out of desperation has further empowered Mr Rotimi Amechi to enable him kill more people. It is vital to note, that the Independent Electoral Commission (INEC) working with the incumbent Federal Government suspended the election in Rivers State, after results have been announced at the various polling units, refused to collate same and announce the PDP candidate winner in an election that he had clearly won. This has further caused panic amongst the citizenry who now live in fear. It is against this backdrop, that we ask you to intervene and blacklist Rotimi Amechi who in our opinion has become a terrorist, bar his family members from traveling and withdraw their visas. The people of Rivers State should not die for choosing the path of prosperity and progress. The people must be allowed to elect a government of their choice. Anything to the contrary would be a recipe for anarchy. THANK YOU. 

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911 is Not Customer Service! Offenders Should be Penalized for Wasting 1st Responders Time

UPDATE!!  Since the inception of this petition, at least 4 MORE incidents took place!  ENOUGH! Newport Nancy, BBQ Becky, Burrito Bob, Larry Lawnman, Chemical Cathy, and Permit Patty, Poolside Pete, Hateful Hattie and too many others are a few good ole Americans that have wasted tax dollars and used our illustrious law enforcement as casual yet basic customer service reps to address their personal biases.  We all know that racial biases have been in existence for many decades and at one time, Police was the desired department to call from the 1800's and most if not all resulted in the death of the person of color.  Today, there have been instances where the Police were called KNOWING that a possibility of a mal result could happen; however, the Police instead recognized the bias and lack of evidence to result in an arrest. As per "Mapping Police Violence", Police killed 1,147 people in 2017. Black people were 25% of those killed despite being only 13% of the population. Is it that these 911 calls the new route of ridding those of color? Is this the new arrest of Universal thought--no one (race) is excluded. This Petition is demanding that people STOP using 911 as a customer service line to placate their own biases. Here are several cases that result in this petition, we need action NOW and our LAw Makers need to address this immediately if not sooner. Newport Nancy: This woman called 911 to report a black woman smoking a cigarette in an open area garage. There was no reported crime, just her smoking a Newport and giving a violent depiction of the recorded situation.  Parking lot Patty: This woman called 911 on an interracial man waiting for his white mother in a parking lot. Not only did she scream racial slurs while his kids were in the car! Again, no crime, he just started his car in a white area. Chemical Cathy: A Black man to whom was working on asphalt in a parking lot was berated by a white woman and was told that he was endangering the welfare of others because his truck had chemicals in it...his working materials--again, no crime. BBQ Becky: We remember the notorious 911 call and tragic daytime drama tear-jerking moment when the police arrived. Apparently, even after being proven that the area where a black man and his family were grilling allowed charcoal, Becky just couldn't resist in calling and complaining that a law was broken-- it really wasn't and she was burnt when the cop told her. Permit Patty: Yet another woman called the police (then found out that she was playing just to scare the 8-year-old little black girl) to report a black girl selling water in front of her property without a permit. Again, no crime. Burrito Bob: This man literally called 911 while talking to an officer on the same train to whom a hungry passenger was eating and complained of this Latino man eating a Burrito. After being dismissed and literally told to mind his business, he begrudgingly returned to his seat still mumbling and complaining about this meal--wait what?? no crime! Larry Lawnman: This man called 911 on a 12- year-old black child mowing lawns for his summer business. This young man found something that he enjoyed doing and was not getting into trouble. As a result of this 911 call and others mentioned, this young man not only was left alone by law enforcement, the actual police HELPED boost his business and 35k was raised to help his business!!!  Teeshirt Tammy: A woman called the police on a white man wearing a pro-gun teeshirt and claimed that she feared for her life--ignoring his weapon (in Texas open carry is legal). Not only did the police ignore the claim, they actually apologized to the man to whom was harassed. Poolside Pete:  One of the latest offenders of 911 abuse. This man called 911 on a fellow neighbor because she was black trying to swim with her child. Not only did he bluntly discriminate, he also refused to apologize we found wrong! Despite her having the pool card and giving her address, this man progressed  and claimed that she didn’t beling. Imagine a strange person asking for your ID when you have a small child with you, I’m pretty sure that you would not have given your ID as well. The police in this situation said that they will not be used as pawns to stroke somebody’s racial discrimination and ego.  Hateful Hattie: In Philadelphia, young men were selling fresh ice cold water in the sweltering heat to entering the Philadelphia zoo. Many patrons thank the young respectful men profusely as they enjoyed their ice cold water appreciating their delicious refreshing drink. One woman particular thought it was a great idea that these gentlemen were selling fresh ice cold water in the unrelenting heat to those that passing and or entering the Philadelphia zoo. With many patrons thanking them for their sale, one woman in particular thought it was a great idea to call 911 on these men for absolutely no reason at all. When she was asked WHY did she call the police, she answered “because I didn’t want them there”. We're pretty sure that there are way more situations like this, what concerns us are the number of false claims and calls made disrupting Law Enforcements job as they could be rescuing REAL lives in real CRIMINAL situations, not this foolishness that we are witnessing now daily. Stand with us demanding fines being imposed on those that frivolously using 911 or punish them with jail time as it is a crime to falsely claim. After research, it appears that every State has a misdemeanor penal code that has infractions for 911 abuse. This must be upheld by our Law Makers! Please sign and share!!!              

LaSean Rinique Shelton
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Pardon For Edward Snowden

Edward Snowden, an ex-NSA contractor and an American whistleblower who revealed the global mass surveillance being illegally conducted by the government and intelligence agencies at that time fled the United States in 2013. He has been living in Russia since then. The act of leaking out highly classified documents disclosing the mass surveillance being conducted the government's directives is in direct conflict with the United States government and its agencies. However, this did enlighten us, the public all around the globe, about the possibilities of misuse of these surveillance technologies. Some people may call this act unpatriotic, but I believe there isn't a bigger act of public service a government employee could have performed. As a government employee, your first and foremost duty is towards the public and Edward Snowden did just that by informing the public of the perils of the surveillance technology in detail while risking his life in the process. He has been living in exile away from his family, friends, job since then and he hasn't gained anything materialistically from this apart from having to completely uproot his life and livelihood just for performing his duty of informing the public about the ways the technology he helped build could be used to harm the very people and citizens of United States whose tax dollars paid for this technology. Since, this act was in direct conflict with the government and its agencies, the only way he could return to this country safely would be if he was pardoned by the President of the United States and the Supreme Court of Justice. If he were to return to the country without pardon, he risks being killed, which has been the primary discourse for most government whistleblowers. What he did was extremely brave and heroic and the treatment bestowed upon him was unjustified, inhuman and sad. What he did was the biggest act of public service. His act had a huge impact on surveillance technology, data management, and has brought awareness to people worldwide about the perils of the modern technology and the ways technology can be harmful when placed in the wrong hands and the ways one's data can be exposed forever. He should have been protected under the Whistleblower Protection Act. But he was not. He has already been living in exile since 2013 and I believe he has already paid the penance of performing his duty. In an effort to get some kind of justice for Edward Snowden, please sign this petition and help get the word out on social media.

Nivedita Naresh
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