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Declassify the docs. Reality Winner is a Patriot, Not a "Leaker"

Reality Leigh Winner, 25, a contractor with Pluribus International Corp., was arrested and accused of printing classified information and disseminating it to a media source. As Americans, we have a right to know when our democracy is under attack -- particularly when a hostile foreign power is involved. In her desire to inform Americans of Russia's attempts to compromise our election, Ms. Winner provided much-needed transparency to a situation that had been concealed unjustifiably from the American people. Ms. Winner is a true American patriot who was acting on behalf of, and in the best interest of her countrymen and women; not against us.  We petition the National Security Agency to retroactively declassify the information that Ms. Winner provided. While we acknowledge her actions were unlawful given the nature of the information, and the seriousness of the offense, we believe that the information provided should have already been in the public domain and not subject to criminal charges for its release. Criminalizing her actions with respect to the information would be a gross abuse of governmental power. We support the granting of amnesty to Ms. Winner for what we largely consider to be a victim-less crime. 

Citizens for Government Transparency
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Make telepathic communication for mind control a federal felony.

Telepathic communication (aka scripting and coding tools) for human mind control and influence may currently be the best kept secret program in America. When in the wrong hands, such systems have been proven to be an invisible, yet lethal force, responsible for accidents, behavioral changes, headaches, vision impairments, neurological disturbances, often resulting in fiscal losses and social degradation. The covert process (sometimes referred to as opto-hypnosis) delivered via sophisticated scripting/coding techniques, use of satellites, smart devices, insider apps is unethical, immoral, unconstitutional, and security network unaffiliated citizens are currently unprotected and are offered no shield from the potential harm. We are asking congress to act immediately to disclose the sealed programs (both federal and private) and make their unauthorized use a federal felony immediately, thus protecting American citizens' and our constitutional rights.

Wojciech Anuszkiewicz
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Petitioning National Security Agency, United States Supreme Court, Federal Bureau of Investigation

Arrest Richard Matthew John O'Neill aka Jo Cook

Richard Matthew John O'Neill also earlier known as Jo Cook. He has been in the online internet marketing for so many years. Multiple ventures started by him turned to scam. His last scam was which scammed millions from its users and now he is on the run. Please help to catch him this time so that he does not scam anyone anymore. His previous Email: Sources:

Marc De Koning
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