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Mandate Liability Insurance for Gun Ownership

As a mom I refuse to wait any longer for congress to take action. The school shootings must stop. There are now so many guns in circulation in this country that banning or restricting guns sales is almost futile, so let’s try a different path entirely. One that stops demonizing gun owners and allows everyone to get what they want. Make it illegal to own or possess a firearm without LIABILITY INSURANCE. We should let the actuarial tables determine how much of a risk an individual’s gun or arsenal poses to the community at large to determine fair premiums. Discounts for steps taken to secure weapons and keep them out of the hands of people (big and small) who could cause harm. Let the insurance company decide on appropriate qualifications (trust me, the necessary data exist) and monitor the mental health of their customers, safety of their homes, and to impose guidelines for storage. Then allow them to deny coverage for people who do not adhere to adequate standards resulting in injury or death. Bottom line, if you own a gun you should keep it safe and be financially responsible for it in the event it kills someone. This is not unreasonable. We insure cars because they can be dangerous and we can figure out exactly how much a person should pay for life insurance based on factors in their life and health choices. So let’s run the numbers and create a boatload of American jobs in the new gun insurance industry and put an end to mass shootings every week. If you can afford a gun and you can keep it safely, you can afford insurance. If you can’t do those things, isn’t it fair to say you shouldn’t have a gun?  But what about illegal weapons? Make it a separate crime with severe financial consequences to be in possession of any gun without insurance and start cracking down while offering amnesty.  Use this money to provide grants to lower income individuals who would qualify but can not afford the insurance or adequate safeguards as well as educating young people about gun safety in a meaningful way. Of course there will always be illegal gun violence and people will fall through the cracks but if we have an insurance industry to hold accountable, I believe we will see a decrease in preventable gun violence.  I am furious that no American student is safe in school anymore and that our so called leaders sit on their hands. I demand action. No more lock down drills. No more students stuck in school after a shooting for hours only to be paraded out arms up and searched. Enough. Enough. Enough. Tell your representatives you want gun insurance now.  #insuregunsnow #momsdemandguninsurance 

Jacqueline Braunstein
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Gun Control for Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School

To whom this may concern, we desire for a safer America. Due to recent events, we find it critical to alter the current legislature in the state of Florida today. This petition, if signed, acts as support for congressmen and politicians to modify the gun control situation as of current standing. Support for this petition is meant for a vote or decision to be made on the behalf of gun control in the Florida Legislature, however, signing does NOT entail support of one stance over the other. Said congressmen and politicians are urged to get a ballet or decision out, but this document and your signature do not suggest partisan affiliation. If the signer of this document wishes the issue to receive congressional attention, whether the signer agrees to the full detail of these stated contentions or not, a signature simply means support of the issue to be argued at length in Florida Legislature, effective immediately after recognition. To the congressmen and politicians that this concerns, any reasonable amendments are permitted. This document is directly tied to the legal procedures affiliated with legal purchasing, possession, and concealed carrying of firearms in the public and private sectors (defined below). Such private sectors include gun shows and private unlicensed vendors. Open carry laws as per 2017 Florida statutes are to remain in effect. This document impose change upon the laws pertaining to the purchasing, selling, possession, and concealed carrying possession of firearms. Physical examination is to be performed by a licensed and certified medical doctor to ensure no presence of “physical infirmity which prevents the safe handling of a weapon or firearm (790.06).” If the individual is physically able to properly conceal and carry a legal firearm, they will thus proceed to the next evaluation by a licensed and certified psychologist. The following licensed and certified psychology or psychiatrist will conduct a thorough examination. Furthermore, this individual must directly support and/or prove a cause for ownership, such as self defense and/or legal hunting. Both these state licensed professional must unanimous agree that the individual processes no history of physical violence, abuse, suicidal tendencies, homicidal tendencies, and/or violent criminal activity. If said individual fails to pass any one of these criteria and or fails psychological evaluations, he or she may not be deemed eligible for the possession of any firearm until next application. Firearms and related objects are defined in the 2017 Florida Statutes, Title XLVI CRIMES, Chapter 790, clauses 1 through 19. See the following quote for verbatim definition. (6) “Firearm” means any weapon (including a starter gun) which will, is designed to, or may readily be converted to expel a projectile by the action of an explosive; the frame or receiver of any such weapon; any firearm muffler or firearm silencer; any destructive device; or any machine gun. The term “firearm” does not include an antique firearm unless the antique firearm is used in the commission of a crime (790.001). (2) “Concealed firearm” means any firearm, as defined in subsection (6), which is carried on or about a person in such a manner as to conceal the firearm from the ordinary sight of another person. This document supports the implication of a strike-point system. There is a set maximum of three applications allowed a single lifetime related to the discussed concealed carrying and possession of firearms. Refer to the outlined strike-point system of application for Florida residents to apply for concealed carrying and possession. If missing any or all criteria, the temporary ban must follow that day of professional rejection in sequential order, starting from the lowest ban. After each new application process, the individual must completely start over from the medical examination, advancing to the psychological examination. Doctors are required to make digital and physical copies of notes, criteria, and concerns to act as evidence if investigation is later required. This may be present of medical record servers or in an physical filing system at the medical facility.  This decision ban may be repealed in the Florida court system if proof of medical and/or psychological abilities are directly shown and appointed judge approves of this change. One strike - 1 year ban from further applicationTwo strikes -  10 years ban from further applicationThree strikes -  lifetime ban from further application These histories and activities pose a threat to the lives and safety to the said individual and or others through direct action. For the stated rationale, interested individuals are banned according to point-strike system, as conducted by both appointed medical and psychological professionals. Further laws supporting licensing for hunting and possession of firearm are to remain intact, following the medical and psychological professional evaluations.   Thank you for your support. Resources and contact: Email any related questions, comments, and/or concerns to  

Logan Luczek
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End Mass Shootings

Currently in 2018, the United States of America is averaging one mass shooting every 60 hours. We are barely two monthis into 2018. This needs to change, for we are the only country on this Earth where this happens. I’m calling on our government to stop sending their thoughts and prayers and to enact policy and change. Pass laws that will help control and ultimately stop these mass shootings. Stop putting an end to bills that restrict who may buy guns. On the same day of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting, Trump took away a bill that restricted the sale of guns to people with mental illnesses. This is a step in the wrong direction. This country needs to follow the lead of Australia and the U.K. to put an end to the loss of life in these mass shootings. The students killed in mass shootings had their whole lives ahead of them, and that was all taken away in the blink of an eye thanks to the lack of gun control in this country. We need to put an end to this once and for all. 

Riley Williams
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Call on Local Officials and NRA Leadership to Keep Our Children Safe

Stand with David Wheeler, father of Ben, age 6, killed in his first-grade classroom along with 19 other children and 6 of their educators at Sandy Hook Elementary School on 12/14/12. As the 5th-year marker approaches, join us in signing David's (abridged) letter below to NRA President Pete Brownell (and CEO of Brownells, world’s leading supplier of gun parts) to call on local officials and NRA leadership to keep our children safe. Together with the concerned citizens of Grinnell and are proposing three calls to action: Call on your local officials to ask for universal background checks and let them know your opposition to the proposed Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act. Call on NRA President, Peter Brownell, to engage with the public in a fruitful dialogue around the public’s concerns regarding violent marketing videos as well as marketing products such as bump stocks. Call for increased federal funding for gun violence research which will help save lives. We welcome all to stand with David, gun-owners and gun-reform advocates alike. _________ November 27, 2017 Dear Mr. Brownell, We haven't met, but like you, I’m the father of three. Also like you, I go to an office to work each morning. And like me, you might agree that our real job is being a dad: preparing our children, guiding them, and keeping them safe.  If you're like me, at times you feel like you've failed. These last five years I feel I’ve failed. Because I have another son—one I could not keep safe.  As capable and curious and as sparklingly wonderful as his brothers, he was killed in his first-grade classroom at Sandy Hook Elementary School when he was six. I had one job and couldn't do it. I couldn't do it because no dad can. No dad can promise his child that he won't be murdered in his classroom, at the movies, a concert, or shopping center. Perhaps we can’t absolutely eliminate gun violence, but we can diminish it and I have a hard time believing that all dads wouldn’t agree on that. A few years ago my family took part in the making of a nonpartisan documentary, NEWTOWN, that showed our town as is like now—after the events of December 14, 2012. I invite you, as my guest, to the local screening. I also welcome you to a post-screening discussion as several of my friends from Newtown join members of your community including gun owners, clergy, doctors, teachers, law enforcement, and dads—like you and me—as an example of positive civil dialogue. One dad’s sense of failure--when sincerely joined by dissimilar voices--may help lessen the failure felt by all dads; past, present, and future. Sincerely, David Wheeler _________ We welcome all to stand with David, and it is particularly important to hear from fellow-fathers, gun-owners and gun-reform advocates alike. Thank you.  

Newtown Documentary
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Our right to keep and bear Arms was stolen, the Supreme Court can now give it back to us.

No longer can we allow the 'Progressive' politicians to enact unconstitutional Administrative de facto law that violates our unalienable Right (Second Amendment) to 'Keep and Bear Arms', to mean own and carry firearms outside our homes, wherein they have changed our Rights into a politically controlled privilege, that by Constitutional law, has no validity. With today's Progressive Left controlled organizations, such as the AntiFA and BLM, using violence to silence and interfere with the law abiding and faithful citizens of the United States, can we continue to allow politicians, who are not interested in the safety and Rights of the citizens, to interfere with our Right to defend ourselves by exercising our Constitutional Rights to keep and carry the tools needed to protect and defend ourselves and our loved ones?

Donald R Laster Jr
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Petitioning United States Department of Education, National Rifle Association

Students, Parents, and Teachers United for Safe Schools: Let’s Prevent Another Parkland

Hello, My name is Mitchell Schwartz, and I am writing this petition as a concerned High School student. What occurred yesterday, 2-14-18, in Parkland, Florida, is disgusting, horrifying and tragic. Yet, it is not inevitable. This shooting could have been easily prevented.        As a sophomore and student activist in High School, I feel like we need better security in schools and to have some restrictions on guns.     We need restrictions on buying certain firearms, specifically the semi and fully automatic rifles used by the military, such as the AR-15. The AR-15 was used in yesterday’s shooting. Such powerful weapons should only be used in the military, and should not be in the hands of private citizens. With that said, I am kindly, but firmly requesting that the National Rifle Association ban such weapons from the use of private Americans.     I will also be requesting a response from the United States Department of Education, in regards to ways of making educational facilities nationwide safer places. Some such ways this can be achieved would be: mental health awareness, more emotional support and training from school social workers, guidance counselors and psychologists, more school security personnel, locking all unmanned doors, locking all doors, which could only able to be unlocked by students and school/district personnel by use of student/teacher ID chips and/or from school security guards, in addition to opening further studies and discussions on how to make schools safer. If a tragedy caused by someone, specifically by a troubled young adult, happened in Parkland, Florida, which was recently declared as the safest city in Florida, then it can happen anywhere.     I am calling for all concerned students, teachers, parents, and anyone else out there to sign this petition for safer schools and better student support services. Please share this with your friends and family and tell them to sign and share, and so on and so forth. Let’s try to get as many signatures as we possibly can. We must take a stand and make a change! Let’s do this thing!#prayforparklandflorida-Mitchell M. Schwartz

Mitchell Schwartz
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Petitioning U.S. Senate, Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton, National Rifle Association

Make America Safe Again

We, the people of a generation victimized by tumultuous violence, need to put a tighter lock on firearm access. It is astonishing that in the year 2016 we have to live in fear of an unprovoked attack. Every day, 306 people in the United States are shot by a gun. A machine that was once created for protection has somehow morphed itself into a means for murder.  Gun violence is a major issue in America because accessibility to guns is way too easy due to a lack of proper background checks and thus many mentally unstable people own guns. People across the United States have different standards as to what they consider to be normal.  Guns are commonly accepted in areas in the south while in other parts of the country they are viewed as a threat. This puts the country at a major divide.  Many Americans believe that guns are not needed while others are used to using them in daily life.  Regardless, there is one thing that almost all Americans do agree on - stricter background checks.  This would increase the nation’s safety by ensuring that the people who are in possession of guns are not a harm to themselves or anyone around them.  The United States must become a country where access to guns isn’t as simple as it is now- a country where the general public can feel safe without the threat of an unknown attack. It is vital that New York City passes universal background checks on acquiring gun permits as access is the catalyst to violence. In New York City, citizens can purchase a gun by simply answering a few online questions.  The issue with this though, is that the questions do not focus on the important factors to consider.  The questions asked mainly focus on the assessee’s present life and his plans for the future rather than the past- a necessary viewpoint. Without learning anything about a person’s priors, how can their mental stability be evaluated? Even though 92% of Americans support the passage of a universal background check on those acquiring guns, nothing has been passed. A gun itself isn’t the sole weapon of violence as it does have protective benefits - as argued in the second amendment- it is the person who is holding the gun that is the true accomplice to destruction.  If a background check is necessary to join the military and to carry a weapon in Iraq, it should be required the same of people to carry a weapon in their home. Unfortunately, we live in a society where shooting has become a common ground. In fact, it seems that gun violence has become so common that the people of America have become numb to these horrors.  68% of murders in the US are caused by guns and in the past 10 years there have been seven mass shootings throughout America.  In 2007 a man brought a gun to Sandy Hook Elementary school and shot twenty six and seven year olds and six staff members.  Other examples of recent mass gun attacks include the Virginia Tech massacre and the Fort Hood shooting.  In this day in age, due to social media, more news is broadcasted and news is spread much faster.  This generation has been so exposed to shootings and the lack of help on the matter that hearing about gun violence has become far to normal.   Gun violence is a complicated issue that America is far from curing.  However, there are many steps that the United States must take in order to progress on the issue.  It is way too easy for citizens to purchase guns because background checks do not ensure that all people acquiring guns are mentally stable.  This must change - almost all Americans agree stricter background checks must be set in stone and yet nothing has been done.  The safety of American citizens is one of the priorities of this nation, which makes creating stricter background checks a no brainer.  

Skye Levy
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Appoint President-Elect Donald J. Trump to the Presidency for a lifelong tenure.

Donald J. Trump has won the presidency of the United States with an overwhelming amount of positive support from almost every demographic. However, with political instability and changing tides causing for much disarray in the United States, we feel that it would be best to ensure that the president-elect serves as President of the United States for life. Trump has proven he's a great leader, a capable thinker, and a strategic and tactical commander-in-chief. By ensuring his tenure is lifelong the United States will be left in a state of stability, safety, and prosperity.

Ian Franchetti
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Executive order temporarily banning sale of assault rifles

The individual responsible for at least 58 deaths in the worst mass shooting in US history had no history of mental illness. No notable criminal record. No affiliation with extremist groups. He defied our feeble filtering and warning systems intended to identify a "risk to society" and restrict access to guns. To put this in context, our president proposed a temporary but whole-sale shutdown of immigration from countries until we "figured out what's going on" with the nearly non-existent threat these people apparently posed to the US. Now we have a real threat with terrifyingly unknown causes. And with no way to identify this threat before it happens, we are almost certain to see yet another mass shooting in the near future.  Will more than 58 die a tragic, violent, and sudden death?  Who knows - but there is a way to prevent it. I challenge our president to issue an federal executive order temporarily closing sales of high-power rifles, high-capacity magazines, and any other gun or accessory that could contribute to mass shootings. This executive order should remain in effect until we "figure out what's going on" with mass shootings on our soil, and we can put a permanent solution in place that will prevent this from ever occurring again.

Greg P
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Allow teachers to conceal carry, or have armed guards in our public schools.

As many of you already know, a few wareham public schools were on lockdown, due to threats of a gunman. I'm aware my kids have had drills, but nothing quite prepares you for the real deal. Now that it's over & my son and other kids are fast asleep, safely in their beds. I and many parents are at ease tonight.  After speaking to my son, I learned he and his kindergarten class were huddled in the corner, under a sink, with tables up against the door. Tables!! That was their only protection against the threat. Sure, emergency personal acted fast, but what if there was a gun man in the school? How would any teacher defend their classroom if a gunman gained access to the classroom? What if teachers didn't have time to wait for help to arrive?  I as a mother, would feel better sending my kids to school knowing teachers who have their LTC and proper training, or armed guards were placed in our public schools. If schools had armed personal they'd be less of a target & would be able to fight back with equal force in the event this was to happen again. I'm sure money can be raised to fund whatever is needed to do this & keep our kids safe. Tonight I'm thankful this turned out to be a safe them sorry situation and everything ended well. Parents were terrified! Not knowing what state my child was in & knowing there was nothing I could do to make my child safe was the most helpless feeling I've ever experienced. Arm our teachers, or have armed guards, or retired veterans to protect our schools and children.  I strongly believe that past acts of violence in schools, churches & other establishments that are known for not allowing firearms could of been avoided across our nation, had teachers, or other personal been armed. Times are changing and so should we. Please vote for this petition by clicking link below

Sheena Amaral
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