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Our right to keep and bear Arms was stolen, the Supreme Court can now give it back to us.

No longer can we allow the 'Progressive' politicians to enact unconstitutional Administrative de facto law that violates our unalienable Right (Second Amendment) to 'Keep and Bear Arms', to mean own and carry firearms outside our homes, wherein they have changed our Rights into a politically controlled privilege, that by Constitutional law, has no validity. With today's Progressive Left controlled organizations, such as the AntiFA and BLM, using violence to silence and interfere with the law abiding and faithful citizens of the United States, can we continue to allow politicians, who are not interested in the safety and Rights of the citizens, to interfere with our Right to defend ourselves by exercising our Constitutional Rights to keep and carry the tools needed to protect and defend ourselves and our loved ones?

Donald R Laster Jr
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Petitioning U.S. Senate, Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton, National Rifle Association

Make America Safe Again

We, the people of a generation victimized by tumultuous violence, need to put a tighter lock on firearm access. It is astonishing that in the year 2016 we have to live in fear of an unprovoked attack. Every day, 306 people in the United States are shot by a gun. A machine that was once created for protection has somehow morphed itself into a means for murder.  Gun violence is a major issue in America because accessibility to guns is way too easy due to a lack of proper background checks and thus many mentally unstable people own guns. People across the United States have different standards as to what they consider to be normal.  Guns are commonly accepted in areas in the south while in other parts of the country they are viewed as a threat. This puts the country at a major divide.  Many Americans believe that guns are not needed while others are used to using them in daily life.  Regardless, there is one thing that almost all Americans do agree on - stricter background checks.  This would increase the nation’s safety by ensuring that the people who are in possession of guns are not a harm to themselves or anyone around them.  The United States must become a country where access to guns isn’t as simple as it is now- a country where the general public can feel safe without the threat of an unknown attack. It is vital that New York City passes universal background checks on acquiring gun permits as access is the catalyst to violence. In New York City, citizens can purchase a gun by simply answering a few online questions.  The issue with this though, is that the questions do not focus on the important factors to consider.  The questions asked mainly focus on the assessee’s present life and his plans for the future rather than the past- a necessary viewpoint. Without learning anything about a person’s priors, how can their mental stability be evaluated? Even though 92% of Americans support the passage of a universal background check on those acquiring guns, nothing has been passed. A gun itself isn’t the sole weapon of violence as it does have protective benefits - as argued in the second amendment- it is the person who is holding the gun that is the true accomplice to destruction.  If a background check is necessary to join the military and to carry a weapon in Iraq, it should be required the same of people to carry a weapon in their home. Unfortunately, we live in a society where shooting has become a common ground. In fact, it seems that gun violence has become so common that the people of America have become numb to these horrors.  68% of murders in the US are caused by guns and in the past 10 years there have been seven mass shootings throughout America.  In 2007 a man brought a gun to Sandy Hook Elementary school and shot twenty six and seven year olds and six staff members.  Other examples of recent mass gun attacks include the Virginia Tech massacre and the Fort Hood shooting.  In this day in age, due to social media, more news is broadcasted and news is spread much faster.  This generation has been so exposed to shootings and the lack of help on the matter that hearing about gun violence has become far to normal.   Gun violence is a complicated issue that America is far from curing.  However, there are many steps that the United States must take in order to progress on the issue.  It is way too easy for citizens to purchase guns because background checks do not ensure that all people acquiring guns are mentally stable.  This must change - almost all Americans agree stricter background checks must be set in stone and yet nothing has been done.  The safety of American citizens is one of the priorities of this nation, which makes creating stricter background checks a no brainer.  

Skye Levy
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Petitioning Republican National Committee, National Rifle Association, Donald Trump, United States Supreme Court, President of the United States

Appoint President-Elect Donald J. Trump to the Presidency for a lifelong tenure.

Donald J. Trump has won the presidency of the United States with an overwhelming amount of positive support from almost every demographic. However, with political instability and changing tides causing for much disarray in the United States, we feel that it would be best to ensure that the president-elect serves as President of the United States for life. Trump has proven he's a great leader, a capable thinker, and a strategic and tactical commander-in-chief. By ensuring his tenure is lifelong the United States will be left in a state of stability, safety, and prosperity.

Ian Franchetti
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Petitioning National Rifle Association, Mitch McConnell, Charles Schumer, Mike Pence, Nancy Pelosi, Paul Ryan

Executive order temporarily banning sale of assault rifles

The individual responsible for at least 58 deaths in the worst mass shooting in US history had no history of mental illness. No notable criminal record. No affiliation with extremist groups. He defied our feeble filtering and warning systems intended to identify a "risk to society" and restrict access to guns. To put this in context, our president proposed a temporary but whole-sale shutdown of immigration from countries until we "figured out what's going on" with the nearly non-existent threat these people apparently posed to the US. Now we have a real threat with terrifyingly unknown causes. And with no way to identify this threat before it happens, we are almost certain to see yet another mass shooting in the near future.  Will more than 58 die a tragic, violent, and sudden death?  Who knows - but there is a way to prevent it. I challenge our president to issue an federal executive order temporarily closing sales of high-power rifles, high-capacity magazines, and any other gun or accessory that could contribute to mass shootings. This executive order should remain in effect until we "figure out what's going on" with mass shootings on our soil, and we can put a permanent solution in place that will prevent this from ever occurring again.

Greg P
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Petitioning Massachusetts Governor, Charlie Baker, Donald Trump, National Rifle Association, Govenor, Facebook, Jeb Bush, Ted Cruz, Wareham MA

Allow teachers to conceal carry, or have armed guards in our public schools.

As many of you already know, a few wareham public schools were on lockdown, due to threats of a gunman. I'm aware my kids have had drills, but nothing quite prepares you for the real deal. Now that it's over & my son and other kids are fast asleep, safely in their beds. I and many parents are at ease tonight.  After speaking to my son, I learned he and his kindergarten class were huddled in the corner, under a sink, with tables up against the door. Tables!! That was their only protection against the threat. Sure, emergency personal acted fast, but what if there was a gun man in the school? How would any teacher defend their classroom if a gunman gained access to the classroom? What if teachers didn't have time to wait for help to arrive?  I as a mother, would feel better sending my kids to school knowing teachers who have their LTC and proper training, or armed guards were placed in our public schools. If schools had armed personal they'd be less of a target & would be able to fight back with equal force in the event this was to happen again. I'm sure money can be raised to fund whatever is needed to do this & keep our kids safe. Tonight I'm thankful this turned out to be a safe them sorry situation and everything ended well. Parents were terrified! Not knowing what state my child was in & knowing there was nothing I could do to make my child safe was the most helpless feeling I've ever experienced. Arm our teachers, or have armed guards, or retired veterans to protect our schools and children.  I strongly believe that past acts of violence in schools, churches & other establishments that are known for not allowing firearms could of been avoided across our nation, had teachers, or other personal been armed. Times are changing and so should we. Please vote for this petition by clicking link below

Sheena Amaral
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Petitioning, Donald Trump, Mike Pence, Mike Huckabee, Dr. Ben Carson, Republican National Committee, National Rifle Association, FOX News, North Carolina State House, North Carolina State Senate, No...

Electoral College: Keep Donald Trump as our President-Elect and make him our President!

On December 19h, the electoral college will cast their ballots. It has come to my attention that the American left-wing hasn't come to terms with facing the reality that Donald J. Trump had won the United States election last Tuesday and are wishing to petition the United States Electoral College to recount the election numbers and elect Hillary R. Clinton as our President-elect. I want all of you to vote on this petition to make sure that doesn't happen. We are countering this petition: We have a similar petition that has recently been created on many of the same ideals that we have. I'd encourage all of you to sign this petition as well to double our efforts: As if the regressive Left-Wing hasn't been up to enough no-good with the mainstreme media and the social justice warrior influx on our society, they're out protesting, rioting and even threatening to sign other petitions for the States of California and Oregon to secede from the Union because of Donald Trumps Presidential win. I am asking all of you to sign this petition as another vote for you the American patriots who cast your votes the last time around for Mr. Trump, now, I ask that y'all do it again. Hillary Clinton mustn't get a second chance at having her power-hungry hands on the White House: She is a corrupt candidate who made speeches for private banks, took private prison money, praised TPP many times, has multiple investigations, and more. The TPP will drag the states into a corporate rule where labor rights, environmental rights, fair use (including video game modeling), and American jobs are eroded. There is something called a Faithless Elector and it's happened more than once. Which is why I kind of wanted to create this petition for the electoral college that states Trump should win and has the electoral college in his favor. Hillary Clinton may have won the popular vote but she didn't get the vote of the electoral college and thus she isn't our President. We must not let their ballots be submitted in favor of her over Mr. Trump, our President-elect! Please sign and share this petition, the fate of our the United States hangs in the balance of your signature.

Gregory Lambeth II
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Petitioning National Rifle Association, NBC, ABC, CNN, CBS, Washington Post, New York Times

Demand an All-Networks Televised National Town Hall on Guns

We need to have an exhaustive, three-hour-long nationally televised town hall on the shooting-related death crisis in this country. We need law enforcement, fact-based Congresspeople, and reliable journalists to give input and moderate this town hall. It needs to come together quickly and be televised soon to get and keep the attention of a nation that is suffering from the ongoing crisis of too many deaths relating to gun-related violence.

Andrew Flynn
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Petitioning National Rifle Association

Demand the NRA help the family of Philando Castile mount a legal defense.

It's imperative that every lawful gun owner be protected from egregious actions by law enforcement. We often see the term "law abiding gun owner" used, yet in the case of Philando Castile, a "law abiding gun owner" was killed by a police officer. Accord to accounts by Diamond Reynolds, Castile told Officer Jeronimo Yanez about his concealed carry permit, and also told Officer Yanez there was a firearm in the vehicle. This is exactly what anyone with a concealed carry permit is told to do during their safety classes. It's not enough to say, "Officer, I have a firearm." It is clear that Castile did what was appropriate in stating, "I have a concealed carry permit, this is my  permit, and there is a firearm in the vehicle." Yet, 72 seconds after their interaction began, Castile was shot.The National Rifle Association is meant to defend the Second Amendment, and everyone's legal right to carry a firearm -- especially those people who are responsible, law abiding, and forthcoming about any special permits they may have.In the case of Philando Castile, the National Rifle Association needs to assist the family of Philando Castile in mounting a legal defense and civil suit against the city of St. Anthony, MN. An affront to freedom in one city is an affront to freedom in every city.Gun owners and people with concealed carry permits should not have to live in fear of law enforcement. The "not guilty" verdict in favor of Officer Yanez sets a dangerous precedent in the battle for our Second Amendment rights. It is time for the National Rifle Association to stand up for gun owners, and do what is right for our Constitution.We the people demand the National Rifle Association defend Philando Castile's memory, by showing the city of St. Anthony that murdering lawful gun owners will never be tolerated.

Shane Morris
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Petitioning Donald Trump, National Rifle Association, Republican National Committee

Nation wide Constitutional carry. If you can legally own a gun you should be able to carry

Now more than ever the American people should have the right to defend themselves. We face threats on a daily basis from terrorism or mentally unstable individuals. This is about our God given right to freedom and our right to defend ourselves and loved ones from those who seek to harm us. If legal gun owners are allowed to always have a firearm and gun free zones are gone we will all be safer. If you look at statistics on national as well as international level you will see that gun free zones are a target rich environment for terrorism. The American people did not seek out this war with terrorism, but it is here. Our government can not always protect us. It your duty as an American citizen regardless of race or religion to protect yourself and family. Currently politicians (who all happen to have armed guards) are not allowing you to do so. Apparently their lives are more important than the working class American. It is time for Americans to unite again and let our government know that we will not be victims. Terroists, mentally insane and criminals do not care about a concealed carry permit or gun free zones. All these things do is make victims out of law abiding citizens and often times innocent children.  Children who were left unprotected because we have laws in America that bind the hands of those who wish  to protect them and give the power of life and death to killers. A concealed carry permit is a form of registration and gun control. The 2nd amendment should be the permit for law abiding citizens to carry not an unconstitutional state issued permit. Regardless of your religion or race if you love America, the Constitution and want us safe and secure you need to sign this.  During WWII Admiral Yamamoto of Japan advised against invading our mainland because "behind every blade of grass would be a rifle." That is what should always be said of America by our enemies!

James Daniel
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Petitioning United States Supreme Court, Donald Trump, National Rifle Association, U.S. Senate

Gun Law Change

Every American wants to feel safe and not face the fear of being shot while at a Church or at a Concert. Limiting access to guns to those who are mentally unfit can be the first step in reducing gun violence in America. The 2nd amendment should be protected, and anyone who can prove they are mentally capable of owning a gun should be able to. Limiting the amount of guns an indivdual can purchase is essential to creating a more peaceful environment for all. Assault weapons and products that create rapid fire should not be available for purchase. Background and mental wellness checks should be introduced and revisited periodically to all gun owners.    What Americans want: Background and Mental wellness checks for gun owners Ban on Automatic & Semi-Automatic Weapons and attachments Limit on the amount of guns one person can purchase   Everyone can agree we want to live in a society where we feel safe, these small changes can greatly impact your safety in a positive way. Everyone should have the right to own a gun, but we should also be responsible when we allow people to own weapons. America is great because of its diversity and our ability to come together for a common goal, no matter your party affiliations.  If one persons life could be saved by these small steps, why wouldn’t we?  

United America
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